My wife made the appointment but I had to take her to her physical.
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Dad Takes Me For My Physical

Mom decided that I needed a complete physical because I had started to develop and I had been having irregular periods. She thought it was better to check things out and to get me on birth control pills to help regulate my periods. Not that she wanted me to have sex or anything. In fact I had to endure another ‘sex talk’ from her.

On Thursday, the day before my appointment Mom got a call from Grandma asking her to come and help out at her yard sale. It was going to be a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday affair so Mom told Dad that he would have to go with me to my OBGYN appointment. She even had to tell him where to go.

When we got there the receptionist asked Dad to come back to an office. I thought that it was funny but then again I had never been there before.

When Dad came out he said, “Honey, I had to sign several forms, being your parent or legal guardian and all.”

So I asked, “What were they for?”

Then Daddy said, “One for examining you of course. Another was so that I would not leave your side. They are a short handed today and a woman nurse can not be present.”

In a harsh whisper Emily said, “So you get to see me naked!”

I smiled and said, “It gets even better…or worse…depending on your viewpoint. There are four student doctors here taking their intern and I gave permission for them to be present and to examine you too.”

In a very harsh whisper that distorted her voice like a woman possessed she asked, “Are any of them girls?”

I tried to smile, as I said, “No, I don’t think so.”

She held her breath, her face turned beet red, and I was sure that I saw steam escaping from her ears. Her eyes glowed pink. I was scared.

Then in a very calm voice Emily said, “Let me get this straight…a doctor, four student doctors, and you get to see me naked…and all of them get to feel me up.”

All I could do was nod my head and at that point the nurse called, “Emily.”

She rose and I followed her as she followed the nurse all the way down the hall and around a corner. The nurse said, “I figured that you would need the biggest examining room.” Then she turned and walked out.

About two minutes later the doctor popped his head in and asked if she was Emily. She said yes and then he asked if it was still okay to bring in his interns. Again she said, okay and in walked four rather young men dressed in white coats.

For the first time in the last few minutes Emily actually smiled and, “Hi” to the men.

When the doctor asked Emily to get undressed I thought that she would complain but she didn’t. She didn’t ask for privacy or even a paper gown to wear. I guess she had just resigned herself to the fact that the men were going to see her completely naked and feel her up, so what was the sense in pretending to have any modesty.

So with six grown men watching this cute as hell thirteen-year-old girl undress, she did it in a very slow and sensual way. It was sexy as hell but she wasn’t at all trying to be sexy, she was just simply undressing as if she were in her own bedroom. The more Emily took off the more the young doctors stared at her. I myself was taking in all of her beauty.

When Emily was completely naked I noticed how nice her titties had developed, that she had a nice fur covering on her pussy, and that she was no longer shy and nervous about her nudity. I got the distinct impression that Emily was enjoying it as much as us men were.

She smiled and gave us a slow turn before saying, “That’s it! There ain’t no more.” Then she giggled to remind us all of how young she really was.

The doctor took her blood pressure and her temperature, measured her height, and recorded her weight. She was four feet nine inches tall and eighty pounds putting her at the low end of the national average growth chart.

He asked Emily what her bra size was, to which she replied, “30-B.”

He asked her when her last period was, “Two weeks ago.”

He asked her if she was sexually active. I held my breath for a moment, then Emily asked, “Does my mother’s dildo count?”

That got a few snickers from us men and she seemed to like it so she added, “Well I do masturbate myself to sleep every night, and I like to fool around with two of my best friends during sleepovers.”

The doctor asked, “Girls?” To which Emily just smiled and said, “Yes.”

Then the doctor asked her to get up on the examining table and started to play with her breasts. When he was done the other four men took their turns.

Upon their completion Emily said, “You might just as well feel me up too Daddy.”

The doctor started to hand me a box of gloves but Emily said, “My Daddy doesn’t need to wear them.”

She had called me Daddy more times in the last few minutes that she had in the last few years. So I played with her breasts and squeezed them and tweaked her nipples as I had seen the other men do to her. As I felt my daughter up they openly discussed her breasts in doctor’s talk. Then while I was still holding one of her breasts the doctor said, “Your breasts are fine. Now lay back and put your feet in the stirrups.”

He pulled out two arms from under the tabletop and helped her get her feet in them. Then he spread then out to the side and pulled her butt down just over the edge of the padded tabletop. Her pussy lips opened right up and her pink insides were on full display. I always liked that view on her mother too. That was when I noticed that I had an erection. Hell, I had a full-blown hard-on. I felt like I could pound ten-penny nails in with it. Then I realized that my wife was going to be gone for three whole days, damn it.

The doctor got on a stool with his face just inches from her open pussy lips. I saw his nostrils flare as he inhaled her sexy musky aroma. I was anxiously waiting my turn for that privilege.

The doctor pulled at her outer and inner pussy lips, he poked around in her hole, and then he stuck a plastic device inside of her and clicked it to really get her open. He looked inside of my little girl with a tiny light, and then he took out a long Q-tip and swabbed her uterus. Before he moved away from her he used some lubricant and shoved his finger up her ass. She smiled over at me and mouthed the words, “I like that. I love you Daddy” then she smiled some more.

She was a lot like her mother, in that she too liked my finger up her butt…and my cock occasionally too.

The doctor took his plastic device out and let one of the interns sit down. He did the same vaginal inspection that the doctor had and then he too used a new sterile plastic device to look inside of her before he swabbed her uterus. He finished by fingering her ass before moving out of the way.

One by one the rest continued to probe my little girl until it was finally my turn.

I smiled at Emily and she smiled at me. I played around with her pussy lips and I stroked her small sensitive clitoris while I did so. Emily liked that so I kept it up as I examined her pussy. Soon she was thrashing around on the table and having one hell of an incredible orgasm. She cried out, “Oh God, thank you Daddy, I really needed that.”

Behind me the doctor said, “That was what I was hoping for…an orgasm tells me that you are perfectly normal and a young woman on the verge of sexual fulfillment.”

He ushered the other men out and said, “You can get dressed now…no hurry…we hardly every use this examining room. Oh, and thanks again for letting my inters have a crack at you.”

I started to push myself away when Emily said, “Daddy, you haven’t finished down there yet.”

I looked up at her as she said, “Use one of those plastic things and get a real good look in there. Don’t forget to finger my ass.”

So I got another plastic device out of the drawer and stuck it inside of her very used hole and clicked it open. God was she beautiful inside. Her insides were full of little pink wave pieces of skin that absolutely excited me. She enjoyed it too.

I started to lubricate my finger when Emily said, “I don’t think I need anymore of that stuff in there. When I poop it’s going to slip right out easily.”

So I inserted my bare finger into my daughter’s rectum and felt around. Emily would coo when it felt good. I liked to hear her coo so I kept it up until she had another orgasm.

Then Emily said, “Daddy…poke your cock in me there…please.”

I gave her a look and Emily said, “Anal isn’t real sex…I’ll still be a virgin…ask the doctor.”

I was in no condition to protest or even argue with her. I unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants, and lowered them and my underwear to my knees. I got closer to her slimy asshole and pushed myself into her.

Emily said, “Oh Daddy, I like that.”

So did I, kid. So did I. I fucked my man size cock into my little girl’s virgin asshole and enjoyed the tightness and the slickness of her rectum. As super horny as I was, the lubricant slowed my release down considerably. It was amazing when I finally felt cum climbing my shaft and spitting deep inside of her.

Emily said, “Oh Daddy, I can feel it…it’s warm…I love it and I love you…now…do my pussy.”

I looked down at Emily lying there on the padded table with her feet still in the stirrups. I saw that I was still hard. How could that be? I wasn’t some horny teenager anymore.

I pulled my cock out of her asshole and put it into her pussy.

Emily said, “Oh Daddy, I like your cock a lot more than I like Mommy’s dildo. I just might have to give it back to her after this.”

Her pussy was wet but it was all natural, unlike her rectum, so I got more feeling. Soon I was cumming in her second virgin hole.

Emily said, “I still have one more virgin hole for you later” then she opened her mouth up for me.

I helped her down, found her some wipes, and watched as she cleaned up and got dressed. Then I smiled as Emily stuck three of the plastic devices into her purse. I guess the rest wouldn’t fit.

On our way out the receptionist handed me a prescription for birth control pills, one for the morning after pill, and a DVD in a sleeve. As she handed them to me one at a time she said, “Have her take these, one a day, but they won’t be ninety-nine percent effective for four weeks. So use some other form of birth control until then.” “Have all of the fun that you want to today and then have her take this in the morning.” “That examining room has surveillance cameras in there and I didn’t think that you wanted this getting into the wrong hands.”

As I turned to go she said, “Oh yes, the doctor wants to see you and her in here in six weeks for a follow up. And don’t you dare send your wife in. Hear?”

As we walked to the car we held hands. Emily was proud to be seen with her father, which was a pleasant surprise from being totally embarrassed by me.

That night she gave me her very first blowjob. Caulk up one more virgin hole. I even got to use her pussy one more time that night before we fell asleep in my bed together. In the morning I made another deposit in her wonderful young pussy before having her take the morning after pill. Then I watched her take her second birth control pill. Just twenty-six more to go.

By the time my wife returned I had used up the six condoms that I had bought fucking her tight pussy. That was in addition to two more blowjobs and three times up her ass.

For the very first time in our marriage, I was sorry to see my wife come home.

She asked Emily if everything had gone well at the doctors and if I had behaved myself.

Emily replied, “I liked the doctor and Daddy was very bad so I punished him.”

They both laughed that one off.

Fortunately, Emily helped to get me hard again so that I could fuck my wife and prove to her just how much I had missed her. Since I was just about fucked out it took an extra long time for me to come. My wife really enjoyed it though.

She said, “Maybe I should go away more often.”

My sentiments exactly.

The End
Dad Takes Me For My Physical
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