This is a short fiction story about one of my experiences in the school toilets at an early age. I am 19 now, but I was 13 when this happened, and I will tell it from my 13 year old point of view. I hope you enjoy.
My name is Lewis, and I am 13 years old. I am bisexual, but only out to a few of my friends. Some others in the year at school know, but I was surprised at how well and normally my friends accept me.
I am not the best looking of boys my age, in my own opinion. I have a few spots on my face, long dirty blonde hair and am quite short for my age. Standing at 5 foot 3 inches, I am hardly going to be a basketball player in later life.

My friends – the ones that know I’m bi - have sometimes joked with me about getting raped in the toilets, asking if I would enjoy it. At the time I obviously said no with alarm at the subject, but I sometimes wonder what someone would do to me in a situation like that, and if I would like what they did to me. I didn’t realise I’d have a short wait to find out.

At lunch, I was bursting for a pee, so after my pizza we went back to school and I used the first toilet I could find. It was in the older of the two buildings that makes up my school, and is separate from the newer, busier building. This old building is pretty much dead. The cafeteria is not in use, and the only classes taught there are French and German. I was alone as I entered the building, and nobody was in the toilet.

I was doing my pee – what a relief – when an older boy came in. His name was Aaron, and he was 17 years old. Aaron was quite a good looking boy whom I only knew in passing, but every time I saw him around school, he seemed to be quite a douche to people. He often would push people into walls if they were in his way, and even some girls too. He went for a pee at the urinals too, and as I was finishing up, I glanced over to him. I didn’t have to look hard to find what I was looking for. There was plenty of penis to gawp at. It was a huuuuge one, and it was still soft! This made me slightly hard, looking at his big dick, and I must have forgotten where I was. The next thing I knew he was walking towards me.

‘Were you looking at my dick, you little gay?’ Aaron asked with anger in his voice.

I didn’t know what to say. ‘Uhhh, well yes I thought that was obvious’ was my response.

The problem with being a small 13 year old boy is that everyone seems intimidating. I was about to leave, but he grabbed me by the arm.
‘Not so fast gay boy. I’m not finished with you. Did you like my dick then?’

‘Eugh, no!’ was my immediate response, even though I liked his dick and wanted to see more of it.

‘Don’t lie you little gay!’ He shouted. He gave me a quick smack on the face to let me know he was serious. I suddenly felt like I was being interrogated for a bomb plot.

‘Yes, I liked it!’ I said, getting quite scared as to what he would do now.

‘Okay then gay, you’ll want to see more of it won’t you. Kneel down.’

I did as Aaron instructed and knelt by his feet.

‘Pull down my trousers and underwear’ he commanded. I was hesitant to begin with, but I did it anyway to see what was underneath. As I pulled down his loose underwear, the horrible stink of pee haunted my nose. I persevered, however, because if I had come this far then I was going to at least see the apparent beast underneath his boxers.

I pulled them down, and boy was I in for a shock. He was completely soft, but it was already much bigger than my full boner. My penis size is no different to my body size; pathetically small. My erect penis is only 4 inches long, and not very thick. I had seen a fair few dicks already, but none of them were as big as this. If I had to guess, I’d say his soft was at least 5 inches long.

I raised my hand to stroke it, but he slapped me again.

‘Hey! Did I say you could touch it, bitch? Well?!’

‘No’ I replied.

He waited a few seconds and said, ‘Okay, stroke it now. Wank me off and make it good you little slut’

I did Aaron’s bidding, and began to wank him off. I took it slow to begin with, but eventually I had a good rhythm going. I looked up and he had his eyes closed, so I can only assume he was enjoying my milking. He slowly got harder and bigger. After a few minutes, the head of his dick was almost touching my face, yet I still felt a little softness. I continued up and down, stroking his lovely big dick until he told me to stop.

About five minutes had passed, but my hand was getting sore. I wanted to stop, but I was scared he might do worse than slap me. I tugged at his hot meat for a few more minutes before he told me to stop. Without even skipping a beat, he pushed me over to the wall and shoved his big cock in my mouth. I was so shocked that I nearly bit him!

‘Suck my meat bitch’ he said. I obeyed, secretly gladly. I had sucked some dicks before. My first one was when I was 11 years old, and my friend asked me to suck him for money. I had done a few older boys too, so I was no stranger to having a lollipop in my mouth; it was just so big! I began to slide my warm, wet mouth over the head of his penis. I slowly got further down, until his head was touching the back of my throat. I did this a few times, and tried to push it down my throat. I gagged slightly, but Aaron didn’t care. He held my head against the toilet wall, grabbed me by my face and started thrusting his big cock further into my mouth.

I gagged, I choked and I probably spewed a bit too, but eventually, through tears and pain, his cock slid down my throat with ease. I did not gag much after that; I just let him throatfuck me. The warmth of my mouth and tongue must have pleased him because he was moaning in pleasure, while I made gagging noises with every thrust into my mouth.

At first, I hated Aaron for it, but I thanked him now. He had loosened up my mouth and throat so that I could take bigger dicks. I felt more confident now. I placed my hands gently on his hips, and he stopped thrusting his dick down my throat. I swallowed the saliva that had previously been flowing like a tap onto my own lower body.

At this point, I finally got a glimpse of his fully hard cock. By my reckoning, it was at least 9 inches long, and it both looked and tasted amazing. I looked up at him, gave a mischievous smile and began to suck him again. I knew what to do this time, and I took his whole cock in my mouth. It touched the back of my throat, I pushed harder, and it slid right down into me.

He was close to cumming by now, because I saw him begin to shake, and he withdrew his cock from deep inside my lungs. He pulled me up from the pissy ground, being gentler with me than before. He brought his face close to mine and whispered ‘That was amazing.’ He kissed me softly on my lips.

‘But you’re not getting my cum yet, little sucking machine’ he said as he stood up to his full height. He led me by the shoulders into one of the stalls, and locked the door. He knelt down in front of me, unzipped my trousers and pulled them down to expose my boxers and smooth, hairless legs. I was already hard, but he ignored my dick and started kissing and licking my legs and around my groin. He then pulled down my boxers with his mouth, which I thought was quite a cute touch.
He exposed my dick and balls. I had a few pubes that covered the very bottom of my dick, but nothing on my balls or anywhere else apart from my head. He kissed and licked the tip of my dick, but did nothing else. He them took one of my balls into his mouth and sucked on it. This felt surprisingly nice, and I played with my cock while he did this to me.

‘Turn round’ he said to me. I knelt down with my chest hanging over the dirty toilet seat. I hoped the last person who used this toilet flushed, because I had a feeling I would be here for the rest of lunchtime.

Aaron’s dick was still very wet and slimy from being in my mouth. I felt the head of it press up against my tight, hairless ass. He pushed it in slowly, and could not get it in without making me scream. He shoved his fingers in my mouth and down my throat. With his wet fingers, he slid one inside my ass. I moaned as he slid it in and out for a minute. He then added a second finger, and it was a bit tight but felt nice after a few thrusts into me. He put his other hand on my back, and suddenly I felt three fingers enter me. I moaned a bit, but there was no pain this time. I was secretly pleading him to fuck me with that huge monster of his.

He banged me faster and faster with his three fingers. The faster he went the more I moaned. He stopped, and without a word, he lowered his head to my ass.

‘You have a cute butt’ he said to me.

‘Uh thanks’ was the only thing I could say.

He kissed my right butt cheek softly, before moving his moist lips to my hole. He began licking and rimming the outside of my cute, hairless bum, while squeezing both my cheeks with his two hands. The tongue felt amazing on the edge of my hole, and I was currently really enjoying my lunchtime. He suddenly slid his tongue inside my hole, and began thrusting it in and out just like with his fingers.
I was in heaven; I moaned quite loudly as Aaron’s hot, wet tongue penetrated me deeper and deeper.

Once he had finished cleaning me out, he partially got up again, and once again placed his wet helmet on my hole. After the quick fingering session, he managed to slide half of his head inside my tight ass, before I was gasping in pain. He withdrew his offer from my hole, stopped for a minute as if pondering whether or not he should continue with the deed.

All of a sudden, he said ‘what the hell, you’re just a little slut anyway.’ With that, he jammed his hand in my mouth and sank his dick deep inside me. The pain was comparable to a violent form of torture, used in the middle east or something. I tried to scream and bite his hand but he held strong and continued to fuck me.

Eventually, the pain subsided and I was left with just the feeling of his big dick sliding in and out of my butt. Slowly, but surely, it began to feel good again. It slid in and out now with ease, and I let him thrust his massive cock deep inside my 13 year old butt.
I heard him groan, and he went faster.

And faster.

Aaaand faster.

The pace at which he fucked me had just quickened by about tenfold, when he moaned ‘I’m gonna cum, open your mouth mate!’

I did so, and with that, he withdrew his dick from deep inside my ass, and stuck it inside my mouth. He shot his hot creamy load down my throat and into my mouth. 7 long, hard squirts inside my mouth.

‘You gonna swallow that load?’ He asked me, as his dick was pulled out of my mouth.

It took me three gulps to swallow all of his tasty cum, but I managed. I then answered his question.

‘Gone.’ I said with a sheepish smile. He dragged me to my feet, bent down and pulled up my underwear and trousers for me. Then out of nowhere, he pulled me in close and kissed me passionately.

I wasn’t particularly attracted to Aaron, but he certainly knew how to kiss, how to fuck, and… how to abuse.
He then broke our kiss, picked up his schoolbag and left without saying a word.

I thought about what had just happened, and decided it was not rape, because I wanted it. And now, I was no longer a virgin. A boy with a massive cock had stolen my virginity from me on the floor of the school toilets. Classy!
Whether what Aaron did was for better or for worse, I knew one thing for sure after that experience.

I Love Big Dicks! <3


Please let me know in the comments what you thought of it below. Should I continue writing stories?

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