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WARNING: if you don't like incest, gay, or bestiality porn do not read. Thank. Now this message has been said. Please, no hate. STOP READING!!!!

My little friend: part 1??

Hi, my names Tom, I'm 14 years old and I live in New York, I studio flat in Brooklyn. I live with my mom and little brother James, James is 11 years old and I end up looking after him most of the time. You see my mother is not the brightest lightbulb there is, she works in a whore house and fucks guys for little money, her occupation is tiring and she works 18 hour shifts, leaving with looking after James.

I'm not sure what sexuality I am, I'd like to think I'm straight but I think I might be bi, I hate the thought of hairy cocks, if all cocks were shaven and small then I would be gay but size does matter, I hate big dicks, I just do. I love the thought of little, post pubescent cocks, like me brothers. He hasn't hit it properly yet but his balls are dropping and he's getting a couple more centimetres down there. I

I know this because as I said, I live in a studio apartment, and there a little small, so that means you could see the others in the shower. But we don't mind that, despite my moms horrific job and long hours we all still love each other, more than anything in the world.

My story begins one day when my mom had just left the apartment for her shift, she would be out until 6 am so that left James and I alone for the Saturday. I made him lunch and then locked up the apartment to take a walk. If we feel bored and have nothing to do, about 70% of the time, we would go visit uncle Jim on his ranch. That is what we decided to do. We caught the bus and left to the ranch. I had called ahead so when we disembarked Jim was there sitting on the end of his pick up truck.

"How's you today ma boys?" He said in a twangy, cliched voice.
"Ugh, we're bored, can we stay here for the weekend. I've left a note for mom when she gets in" I replied.
"Sure thing! C'mon in then fellas".

When at Jims me and my bro got separate beds, unlike in Brooklyn where the three if us shared a collapsible bed. On the ranch Jim had a little lagoon, embedded in the trees behind the farm. James and I walked there and lay down our towels. There was no one around so we stripped off and jumped in. As I said, we're not embarrassed about seeing each other in the nude. We climbed onto the highest rock and held hands and counted to three. On three we jumped in.

The water was so refreshing, it cooled everywhere down from the heat. There was a feeling in my balls that was incredible, feeling the water swirling around them, my brother had the same expression on his face. He then asked me a question that was like a slap in the face.
"Have you ever played with a guy's pee pee?"
"Umm, no, why? I replied.
"We'll I was wondering what it felt like to be touched and touching someone down there"
"We'll, have you played with yourself down there?" I asked.
"Yes but it doesn't feel normal, I heard of the other boys in my class that its better if someone else does it for you"
"Ohh, okay, and you want someone to touch you down there?, and if yes who?" I queried.
"Well yes I do, and your the only person I know and can trust"
"So your asking me to feel you up?" I questioned.
"Yes Tom, I want you to play with my pee pee"
"I dunno" I said.
"Please, whatever you do to me ill do to you!". Now your talking I thought to myself.
"Fine, but you can't tell anyone!" I said.
"YAY! Okay then" he said happily.

We climbed out of the cool pool and dried off, when I'd finished I got dressed and turned around. James had accidentally dropped his clothes in. Then I had to dry him with my towel. I did his face and upper body then his legs and feet. He looked at me with plead. "Fine" I said then got on my knees and started drying his crotchety and ass. I squeezed his ass as I dried it and he giggled. I bent him over forward and told him to spread his cheeks, he did so revealing a tight puckered asshole. I dried out the area near the rim then told him to suck on my finger. I pushed the index finger in and let him suckle on it, I pulled it out and traced his little hole with my finger. I put a little pressure on it and my index finger started to enter him. He gasped and tried to escape.

"Shh, just relax your muscles" I said in a soothing tone. He stopped moving and I felt him relax. I pushed in a bit further, and penetrated through the sphincter. Sighed in pleasure at this. For a couple minutes I slowly entered his Virgin ass. Soon I was knuckle deep in there. I pulled my finger back and forth slowly, letting him get used to it. He moaned and asked for it to be faster. So I pulled and retracted my finger until my arm ached almost unbearably. I pulled out and let him suckle on my finger again.

When my finger was clean again I turned him round and went on my knees. Eyes focused on James little manhood. It was erect and about 3 inches long with not a single hair in site. It looked glorious. I asked him em what first, hand or mouth? He replied "hand first", so with one hand I cupped his little balls, all wrinkly from the cool water. With the other I grabbed his penis between my index finger and thumb and started slowly vibrating my hand. He moaned and writhed over me, begging for more. I let go of his balls and focused on his little dick. I slowly pulled back the foreskin and then let go.

"Yesss" he groaned. I did it again a little harder, "ughhh" he groaned again. I set a slow rhythm of jerking him off, there was no way he would cum so I could just keep on going. He was really moaning know, "ohh yes, ahhh, Hogg, god yess" were his common words. When it god a bit boring I let go and said, "ready for my mouth?"' He said in a high pitch voice, "yes", so I lent forward and let just the tin past my lips, he groaned and forced his whole penis in my mouth, it wasn't trouble but it was ark ward having a 3 inch sausage in my mouth, I pulled all the way back before throwing my self forward, even enveloping his little ball sack. He grabbed my head and pulled me back and forward.

My 11 year old brother was face fucking me. It felt good to be honest. Back and forth I went, his tasty meet in my mouth, I would like the tip when it was far and his shrivelled balls when I was drawn in. This lasted for 5 minutes before he stopped. Because he was young he couldn't cum so he gmwould get bored soon.
"Your turn" he said. I took off my shirt and trousers, only leaving my boxers on. "Take them off with your teeth" I barked.

He crawled over and dug his teeth into the elastic of my waistband, pulling them down slowly only to get smacked in the face by my 5 and a half inch prick. When they were off he asked my, "mouth or hand", just like I did. I wanted to see clearly the expression on his face as I came so I chose mouth then hand. He moved in close and kissed the head of my prick. He opened his mouth and ate up the head, 1 quarter of my dick was now in and I could already feel the back of his throat.

"Do you want me to face fuck you?" I asked. He nodded yes so I slowly retrieved my penis and then pushed it back in, slowly but gently. "Should I try to do it hard and fast now?" I said. Again, he nodded, so I grabbed the side of his head and forced my way into his throat, it slid in easily and cleanly, he could still breath so I could hold it there for a while. For the next minute or two I rapidly face fucked my brother. In, out, in, out, I had a steady rhythm going now.

I felt my balls slapping his chin then my cock started twitching so I pulled out. He caught his breath for 20 seconds or so before he placed to firm, little hands around my shaft, I nodded and he started stroking it. He got faster and faster until he was pumping like crazy, up down, up, down, it felt amazing, like lighting bolts zapping my body, over and other again, I was going to cum so hard. James hadn't been sex educated yet so didn't know what cum was so I was going to surprise him with a milky treat. My penis was know spasming out of control. Then I came, I blew a load of cum all over his face, the first squirt covered his face, when I'd finished his face was as cream coloured as limestone, it looked fantastic. He didn't move but had a very surprised look in his face. He licked his lips then drew a finger along his face and tasted my cum. His face lit up, he loved my cum! He lapped it up then looked at me with pleading eyes....

Thanx for reading, like the cliff hanger?? I think that insured a part 2 don't you think, please leave ideas in the comments so that I have something to use next, if your signed in I will give you a mention if its used. Thank you also for all the comments about my friends problem, if not look at it and leave a comment for me to relay back to him,

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