It was time for me to start moving my cattle to keep them fed. I loaded the chow wagon and set the auto follow program before checking the equipment wagon. I looked at the small transport as it landed and walked towards it and stopped when the girls started climbing out. I blinked as eight climbed out before a stunning brunette.

I moved to help with the bags as they were unloaded and finally turned to the woman, “all girls?”

She grinned, “you did say you would accept students that wanted to learn.”

I looked at the girls, at least they were dressed properly. I sighed, “put the bags in the equipment wagon and split up into two groups.”

I put the two groups in the two hover jeeps and explain where they were to drive. I climbed onto the all terrain hover quad before heading out towards the milling herd. I sent the code for the herding and sentry drones and started to chase the few stragglers back into the herd. It took a few hours to reach the green valley and I sent the sentry drones out.

I moved the herding drones back so the herd would settle. I went by each jeep and sent them up river where the two large wagons were waiting. I made a check of the herd before heading to the wagons. I shut the quad down and swung off before striding to the equipment wagon, “gather round.”

I waited until they were around me, “okay there are tarps, air mattresses and bedrolls in the equipment wagon. You can put the tarps together off this side of either wagon. Two of you pull the incinerating toilet out and set it on the other side on this wagon. There are four more quads in the wagon and you will each be tested before you ride them solo.”

I looked at them, “you will each ride in two hour shifts during the night.”

One of the girls was watching the distant herd, “one of the cows is attacking another.”

I stopped to look and smiled, “that is a bull breeding a cow.”


I shook my head, “it is sex and normal. I’m sure you girls know what it is.”

One grinned, “more than you know cowboy.”

I looked at her as the other girls giggled and smiled, “anytime you are feeling horny and need breeding you just climb into my bedroll.”

She grinned, “I will.”

I shook myself and looked at the grinning woman, “breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the chow wagon. Each day one of you gets to look at what meals we have and decide on what we will eat.”

I turned and started moving the other quads out and then checking each girl and Anglia as the teacher asked me to call her. As it grew dark the girls ate and laid out their bed rolls. I set the schedule for those riding guard and told the girls what they were to do. I unrolled my bedroll and stripped and walked into the river and started to wash.

I heard the girls whispering and giggling as they watched me and ignored them. I walked out and dry off before dressing and pulling one of the girls to a quad, “time to start the guard patrols.”

I waited for her and started a wide patrol around the outer edge of the herd while explaining about the sentry drones. I let her go and turned to go around the other way. We passed each other several times before my watched beeped and I turned to head back to the camp. I glanced at Tasha on the other quad and she was topless.

I shook my head as I stopped and swung off. Two girls walked towards us and I made sure they knew what to do before heading towards my bedroll. Tasha was laid back on my bedroll naked and fingering her pussy. I stood and looked at Anglia in her bedroll next to mine and she giggled, “breed her.”

I undressed as the other girls sat up and laid between Tasha’s legs before licking her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her while she shivered and shuddered and captured her clit to suck and nibble. She started humping and moaning as she shuddered harder. When she finally jerked and half rolled away I moved up her body.

I pushed into her tight hole and started to fuck her slowly. She clutched me when my cock sank all the way into her and pressed against the back of her pussy. Her tight pussy clenched as she humped and bucked, “yyyeeessss!”

I buried my cock and kissed her before pulling almost out and fucking her long and deep. I kept it up as she bucked and squirmed and thrashed while wailing. I continued to fuck her warm pussy as it became slicker and she lifted and spread her legs, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

She started convulsing as I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and finally buried my cock to gush large spurts of cum. Tasha clutched me as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock while I pump cum into her. When I stopped cumming I gave her a kiss, “that was a good start.”

I pulled out and rolled her onto her knees before pushing back into her pussy. She groaned as she put her head and shoulders down, “ooohhh!”

I fucked her for a couple of hours before I held her as we slept. Each time a new set of girls went out I got up and made sure they knew what to do. I woke to the predawn and glanced at the naked girl against me. I caressed her shoulder before slipping away. I went to wash and knelt to wake Anglia.

She opened her eyes and smiled, “my turn?”

I smiled, “after I check the herd if you want. Pick one of the girls to select the meals and get them up.”

I stood and went to one of the quads and headed out. I sent the two girls riding guard in and checked the sentry drones. When I rode into camp all the girls were either naked or half naked. I smiled as I got off and headed to the chow wagon, “one hour before we move.”

Anglia caught my hand, “now?”

I laughed and pulled her back to the quad and bent her over the seat. I rubbed between her legs to feel her warm pussy before opening my pants to push into her and slowly bury my cock. I enjoyed her warm grasping pussy for a moment before pulling back and fucking her with long thrusts. She shuddered and tried to push back as I continued to fuck her steadily.

Her wiggling grew more erratic and her pussy was clenching my cock almost constantly. She was a lot slicker and slumped onto the quad a little later as she began to wail. I held her hips and fucked her long, hard and deep. She howled and squirted while her pussy spasmed around my cock, “fuck!”

It was a little while before I buried my cock. Anglia was incoherent by then as I held her hips and began spewing strong gushing spurts of cum. Her pussy contracted and grasped my cock as I pumped sperm into her and she jerked and screamed, “yyyeeesss!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and rubbed her slit, “nice.”

The girls laughed as Anglia sighed and I pulled my pants up and fastened them, “okay four of you take the other quads and move along beside the herd. The rest of you pack and get in the jeeps and set the wagons to follow and move to site two. We are only moving a few kilometers up river before stopping to let the cows graze.”

I watched as they split up before helping Anglia, “thanks.”

She grinned, “my pleasure.”

An hour later the new camp was set up as I moved the sentry drones out further and gave the girls instructions. Two rode guard around the herd as they spread out and started grazing. I moved around and through the herd to check the animals and the calves before returning to the camp. The girls were naked and laid out by the river listening to music.

I smiled as I stopped, “nice girls but keep the music low and soft so it doesn’t spook the cows.”

One stood and walked towards me, “I’m horny cowboy.”

I got off the quad and started undoing my pants, “well cowgirl lets find a spot to breed you.”

She laughed as the other girls snickered. She went around me and laid back on the quad and lifted her legs into the air, “like this?”

Her pussy was pretty and wet and opened as I looked. I moved between her legs to feel her before slipping my cock into her and forcing it deeper. She shuddered as it sank all the way in and I bent to kiss her before I began to fuck her. I did it with long thrusts and she started to moan as her wet pussy tightened.

She felt real nice and my cock slipped in and out easily. It wasn’t long before she started shuddering as her pussy tightened. She humped and then bucked and writhed around and I had to hold her to keep her from falling. I continued to fuck her firmly and planted my cock to press and grind. She was tossing her head and wailing as her pussy worked at milking my cock.

I finally pushed all the way into her and held her waist as I flooded her with cum. She tilted her hips and jerked when she felt the eruption of warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

When I was done I rubbed her pelvis, “and that is how you get bred.”

She grinned and then giggled as I pulled out of her and stood her up. I rubbed her butt before looking at the girls. I called them as I pulled up my pants and then began to lead them to the herd to begin classes. It didn’t take long and then I released the girls to explored with a reminder of the herd guard.

After lunch they were back to listening to soft music and sunbathing. Anglia came to sit beside me as I recharged the quads not in use. I glanced at her when she sat on one and she grinned, “the girls want to start a schedule to sleep with you.”

I grinned and glanced at the girls before shaking my head, “I think I am going to need a lot of rest when the summer is over.”

She laughed and stood to rub my chest, “there is something about you cowboy.”

I cupped a breast and rubbed the nipple, “I’m just a horny male.”

She kissed me and went back to lay down with the girls. I was called by one of the girls for a cow having a calf and ended up taking all the girls to watch. After it was up and on its feet nursing I sent the girls back and followed to eat dinner. I went to wash and ignored the girls and came back to my bedroll to find Candy, one of the girls, laying back with her legs spread.

I set my clothes aside and laid beside her, “your turn tonight?”

She grinned as I bent to suck on a nipple, “yeah.”

She shivered as my hand caressed down her body to rub her pussy mound. I moved over her and gave her a kiss before sliding down. I stopped to lick and then suck on her nipples before kissing the rest of the way down her body. She groaned as she spread her legs wider and I licked through her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her before sucking on her clit and teasing it.

I continued to wiggle my tongue on her clit and suck while she started to shudder harder and buck gently. It was several minutes before I moved up and pushed into her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She jerked and humped while spreading and lifting her legs. Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as I continued to fuck her.

She wailed and howled as she began to thrashed and buck, “fffuuuccckkk!”

I heard the other girls giggling as I kept fucking her and planting my cock to push deeper. She jerked and spasmed and squirmed and convulsed and all while clinging to me and howling. Her pussy constantly grasped my cock and squeezed as I kept fucking her. It was awhile before I thrust into her and kissed her as I began to pump thick spurts of cum.

She clutched me as her pussy tightened, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped and spewed and gushed before dribbling and finishing. I let her relax and drop her legs before rolling her over and fucking her from behind. It was awhile before I let her sleep and she slept soundly and didn’t even stir. I woke before the sun came up and glanced at the sleeping girl before moving out of bed and getting dressed.

I checked the other girls and then the girls patrolling the herd before making my own patrol. The sun was up when I got back and Honey, one of the girls was already programming the chow wagon. The girls were up and moving around as they washed and packed up. After everyone had eaten we moved the herd another few kilometers before setting up camp.

This time the girls went exploring as I watched the cattle. When I called everyone in it was to watch as another cow had a calf. That had the girls talking for the rest of the day until dinner time. After my evening bath I found another girl in my bedroll but Anglia was with her and grinned at me, “we decided to take turns.”

I laid between them and caressed Lynn before sliding down as she spread her legs. I started to lick through her pussy and turned as Anglia joined me. I grinned and moved and she licked and sucked on Lynn’s clit. She moved and I pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her labia.

We went back and forth as she shuddered and jerked and moaned until finally covering her pussy. I moved up and over her before pushing into her. I buried my cock as her tight pussy spasmed and grasped my cock. Lynn clutched me and jerked, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her with long strokes and she kept lifting her hips to meet each one. She continued to shake as I fucked her and Anglia started to kiss her. I buried my cock again to press, hump, jab and grind. Lynn spasmed and wet me as she wailed and lifted her legs, “aaaahhhhh!”

She humped and thrust up as her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed. I pulled back to fuck her firmly with long thrusts and she clutched me and wailed, “mmmm!”

I continued to fuck her while she wiggled and struggled and her slick pussy kept squeezing. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and kissed her while pumping spurts of cum. Her pussy tightened and she hugged me, “YES!”

I gushed and spewed six large jets of cum before I was finished. I waited as she slowly sagged to the bedroll and tried to catch her breath. I pulled out and rolled and Anglia laughed as she straddled me, “my turn for a ride cowboy.”

The other girls laughed and Lynn turned her head to grin as I reached up to cup Anglia’s breasts. She lifted and reached under her to position my cock before pushing down to get it into her. She wiggled and then began to rock back and forth. She was almost pulling my cock out before shoving back and down to bury it.

It was a few minutes before she began to shudder and moan. Her pussy was slick and kept trying to grasp my cock as she started to twist and roll her hips. A couple more minutes and she was wailing as she rubbed her pussy on me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She jerked and shuddered as she wet me and almost fell off. The girls giggled as I pulled her down and rolled before I began to fuck her with deep grinding thrusts. She held her legs up while her pussy rippled and clenched, “fuck me!”

I kissed her and fucked her long, hard and deep. She howled and clutched me as I kept it up for several minutes. She thrashed around and started bucking and I finally shoved into her. I tried to push deeper as I began spurting cum. She screamed and shook when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I humped and jabbed and she jerked and spasmed, “ooohhh!”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and moving towards Lynn who was on her stomach giggling. It was awhile before we slept and I woke each time the girls got up and went to ride herd. When Honey walked to me it was predawn and I was just thinking of getting up. She was naked and put her feet on each side of my hips and squatted.

She reached under her for my cock which was hard as I looked at her pussy in the pre dawn light. She slowly impaled herself as I reached for her hips. Anglia was beside us snuggling with Lynn who was asleep. Honey wiggled and I pulled her down and she grinned before going to her knees.

I began feeling her breasts as she started to rock while her pussy kept squeezing. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shuddering. Her slick pussy constantly tightened and squeezed as she became erratic and began twisting. She rolled her hips and kept grinding her pussy on me while spasming.

She covered her mouth to quiet her moans as she jerked and almost fell. I grinned and tugged on her nipples before pulling her down. I rolled away from Anglia and Lynn and began to fuck Honey with deep thrusts. She grunted and clutched me as she kept thrusting up while her pussy grabbed and squeezed.

She put her feet over my thighs as I kept fucking her. Her pussy was very slick as my cock slipped through it to hit her cervix with each stroke. It was a few minutes before she began to wail. She bucked and thrashed as I suddenly fucked her hard and deep. A couple more minutes and I was almost ready.

She yelled and lifted and spread her legs wide as I shoved into her and buried my cock. I kissed her and grunted as I began to pump gushing jets of cum. Honey jerked and shook when she felt the warm sperm spurting into her. She shuddered and moaned while her pussy massaged my cock and kept squeezing to milk the cum out.

When I was done I relaxed and gave her a kiss before pulling out. Several girls laughed as Honey shuddered and wiggled. I looked around and stood before pulling her and then Anglia and Lynn up. First it was a quick wash in the river and then we moved the cattle. It was a long summer but one I enjoyed.

When Anglia and the girls left it became very lonely. At least until they returned a few weeks later. They never left after that, the girls call themselves my herd. There have been a few arguments but the girls have the freedom they love and can spend their time with their friends. When they get horny they always come to me.
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