Guarding barges
The Trindal was a wide slow moving river that stretched from the Ocerman ocean to the eastern mountain range of Pinar. The company was spread out on the dozen huge connected barges as guards. I had set up my tent on the lead barge. It was on very large cut stone blocks of granite which made up one quarter of each barge’s cargo.

The rest was large bales of wool, grain, wine and animals which were on the last few barges. Ash, Sara and Nancy were enjoying our time on the water. Of course so were Jason and Samuel who came by at least once a day to visit them. I sat watching the river ahead as it went around a bend.

I shifted when I saw dozens of boats on one banks that almost seemed empty except I saw a hint of movement in a couple. So far it had just been a long peaceful trip. I gestured and the girls turned and started moving towards me. I straightened and turned to yell, “Jason!”

He looked up and I turned to look towards the boats. He yelled and men started rushing to their posts and I watched as a lot of men sat up in the boats and pushed out. Even as we drew closer and they came out to meet us I started to chant and murmur as I drew runes in the air. Only a couple of men in each boat rowed and others stood with bows.

That was enough for Jason and he barked the command to fire. Arrows began headed for us and then were suddenly swept straight down into the river beside the barge. The bandits weren’t as lucky and turned to flee. I looked around and growled when I saw several boats almost to the rear of the last barge.

I murmured and gestured as boarding hooks were thrown over the side of the last barge. The rope flared red before turning to ash and several men turned to see the bandits. They yelled and started shooting arrows as I chanted and suddenly the smaller boats lifted and rolled over. The men fell into the water and began struggling but one by one they were pulled under.

It quieted as all the barges finally went past where the first group of bandits had come from. The barge captain walked to me grinning, “this is the beginning of their territory.”

I checked the river ahead and it was a long straight stretch. I turned and walked back to my tent where the girls were peeking out. I smiled as they moved into the tent and when I reached them I reached out to catch Sara. She grinned as she began backing to the bed while I removed her summer dress and dropped my robe.

Ash and Nancy laughed and followed to sit while I stalked after and then onto Sara. I kissed her and she wiggled as I lifted so she could roll over and lift her hips. I laughed and shifted before slowly thrusting into her. She shivered and pushed back as I began to fuck her with deep strokes.

I kept kissing her bare shoulder as she moaned and writhed around while her slick pussy constantly tightened. Each time I pulled back her pussy clenched and grasped my cock. A few minutes and she began to jerk and spasm while her pussy constantly grasped my cock. I pushed into her and started to grind and hump and slowly jab.

Sara shuddered and kept humping while her pussy became slick, “ooohhh!”

Ash and Nancy giggled and I pulled back to start fucking Sara harder. I continued to fuck her as she wailed and howled while wiggling and struggling. After several minutes she began to thrash and buck while her pussy constantly tightened. She had her hips tilted more so I was fucking down into her and she began to kick the bed and howl, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I finally shoved into her and pushed as I began to gush spurts of cum. She jerked and her pussy clenched and gripped my cock while I continued to pump my seed into her, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I pulled out and rolled over while Ash and Nancy laughed and pulled on Sara and rolled her over. I moved off the bed and began to dress, “thank you Sara.”

There was only moaning when I left as they licked each other. I walked to Jason while he was talking to the captain. He grinned, “from the wails it sounded like Sara.”

I smiled and nodded as I looked at the captain, “would you mind if I borrowed one of your stone blocks?”

He shook his head, “no. I was just telling your commander the river pirates sometimes hide in brush until we pass and then they follow and attack, normally at night.”

I nodded as I looked ahead and moved to the bow. I thought before beginning a chant and drew runes and glyphs that almost looked like water or vapor in the air. The barge slowed slightly and just ahead of it the water gradually began to rise. The river ahead sank as if it had less water.

The barge and river continued to rise in tiny bits until it was five paces above where it had started. I turned and walked back, “any bandits will not enjoy it when we pass.”

The water was a lot higher on the banks and the captain grinned as Jason shook his head, “if only the bandits were the only thing we have to worry about.”

I looked at him and he gestured to the captain who was nodding. He told me about a portion of the river infested with Saling. Saling were like shocking eels but with two front legs that had claws. They could climb the side of a boat... or barge and if they bit or touched someone the shock could kill.

He said there were huge Saling along these stretches of river. The crew would have to keep a constant watch and use long poles to push the Saling back into the river instead of trying to kill them. I smiled as I thought and then grinned, “bring me a couple of those large blocks of wood.”

The captain looked at Jason who shrugged. I turned and looked ahead when I heard yells from the river bank, “I will mold the wood into long spears to kill the Saling. Once dead you can clean them and eat the meat, it is very tasty.”

I pointed to men rushing away from the brush that would soon be underwater. Jason turned to give orders and the company archers got ready. The wave of water rushed over the bushes on the banks and the hidden boats. They were tossed around and most were broken or sunk, after we went past the men stood looking after us.

The rest of the day was easy since the wave did all the work. After dinner I sat outside to watch the river and Nancy grinned as she knelt between my legs. Ash and Sara giggled as she opened my robe. She straddled me while lifting her dress out of the way and slowly sat on my cock. I held her and enjoyed her pussy as it squeezed and massaged my cock.

I looked at Jason and Samuel when they walked up and smiled, “Ash?”

She moved closer, “Master?”

I gestured to Jason and Samuel, “you and Sara take care of them.”

She grinned as she reached for Jason while Sara quickly caught Samuel’s hand to pull him after her and into the tent. Nancy was shuddering and wiggling as she thrust back and forth while her pussy tightened. She began to rock harder and bounce a few minutes later. She wailed and twisted and rolled her hips, “ooohhh!”

I could hear both Ash and Sara wailing from inside the tent. Nancy was spasming and thrashing erratically while her wet and slippery pussy clenched, “yyyeeessss!”

I closed my eyes and started lifting my hips and she began to shove down harder. I held her hips a moment later and she shook and looked at me as my cock throbbed. She jerked and yelled as a geyser of cum was suddenly gushing up in her. She fell against me as I pumped and spurted until I was done.

I hugged her while her slimy pussy tried to milk more cum out of my cock. She sighed and I gave her butt a put, “go help Ash and Sara.”

She grinned and kissed me, “yes master.”

She stood slowly and shivered before turning to walk towards the tent. I fixed my robe and turned to watch the river ahead. When the blocks of wood were brought to me I began to chant and mold them into long spears. Runes and glyphs appeared going from the point to the hilt of the shaft. The spears were taken away as it began to grow dark.

Lanterns were lit along the sides of the barges as the captain called for the night crews. It was a couple of hours before I went to bed. The girls were all asleep and holding each other. I undressed and laid back on the edge of the bed. I woke to a yell and rolled out of bed and summoned my robe as I walked out.

I had to jump to the next barge and moved to the small group around a large Saling. No one was even trying to kill it and I shook my head and took one of the spears from a crewman. I shifted and stabbed down and into the back of the head. Sparkling lightning crackled around the head of the spear as the Saling spasmed and thrashed.

I held it pinned until it stopped moving and pulled the tip and blade out. I tossed the spear back to the man and knelt, “do you want me to clean it for you too?”

The captain barked an order and one of the crew knelt, “I will do it sir.”

I glanced at him after looking at the Saling and stood. A man yelled from another barge and I followed the captain to see another large Saling. He snatched the spear from a man, “you are supposed to kill them!”

He stabbed into the head like I had and sparkling lightning whirled up around the point as the creature thrashed around. Once it was dead he pulled out the spear and tossed it back to the man, “now clean it and get it to the cook.”

It wasn’t long before there were more yells on all the barges. Jason was moving back and forth as I returned to the front barge and sat down. Ash slipped out of the tent and looked around before crossing to me, “master?”

I smiled and opened my robe, “horny girl.”

She grinned as she straddled me, “all the yelling woke me.”

She sat slowly and my cock pushed up into her as she sighed and wiggled. She rocked and rubbed her pussy on me and kept sighing. It wasn’t long before she was panting and jerking while her pussy kept tightening and squeezing. She kissed me and moaned into my mouth as she began to bounce and rock harder.

She was pulling off my cock and then shoving on and impaling her pussy hard. She wiggled and squirmed as she began to spasm and jerk. She wet me a few times while shaking and shuddering. I rubbed her back as she continued to fuck me and cum. She twisted and rolled her hips and bounced and rubbed against me hard.

She was breathing hard and panting as I leaned back and cupped her breasts. Ash began to convulse and jerk while she became erratic. It was awhile before I dropped my hands to her hips and held her as I thrust up and into her. She stiffened and looked into my face with a fierce grin as I pumped a geyser of cum into her.

She twitched and jerked with each huge spurt while her pussy massaged my cock for as much sperm as it could get. When I stopped and relaxed she fell against me panting and shuddering. She gave me a kiss, “thank you master.”

She wiggled back and stood before turning to head into the tent. I watched her and then closed my robe and stood. Jason chuckled from the darkness and walked away. I went to see the cook and stared at the huge pile of Saling. I looked around until I found a large crate and began chanting a spell.

I pulled the crate back to the cook and start putting the meat into the very cold crate. I woke to yells and glanced at the girls as I climbed out of bed. I dressed and walked out and looked at the banks of the river. Several dozen small boats floated amid men in the water. Most of the boats were broken and overturned.

Samuel chuckled beside me and I glanced at him and then at the captain as he walked up. He grinned and slapped me on the shoulder, “as much as I enjoy seeing that we arrive in Sangor in a few leagues.”

I nodded and murmured as he walked away. The wave we rode on slowly lowered and lessened until it was back to normal. The trip back up river was very slow and long but the river pirates had learned a lesson and stayed away.
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