I was fifteen and designed and made small figurines. Most were fantasy characters or cute animals or little girls or boys playing nice. I had my own kiln and workshop built onto the back of the garage. I normally sold them at the city open air market and they more than paid for themselves.

I was just finishing unloading supplies my dad had brought home when I saw Mary pull in. She was a single mom and a real MILF. She had a very short boy haircut for her bright red hair. She had firm breasts and a nice looking body. She and her daughters always wore skirts, hers were very short today.

I smiled as she walked around the car, “hey Ms M.”

She grinned, “hi Greg, want to help me with my stuff?”

I grinned as I started towards her car, “sure.”

She opened the back door and reached in for a bag of groceries. I waited and then reached in to grab two from the middle, leaving a last one on the other side of the seat. We carried them in and came back out together. She was telling me Dawn and Candy were at a friends and wouldn’t be home until later.

She opened the back door and looked in before crawling onto the seat on her knees. Her tiny skirt rode up over her ass and I was suddenly staring at her bald pussy and ass. It was a minute before I heard her giggle and looked up to see her looking back, “like it?”

I grinned as I reached out and slipped my thumb into her and slid the side of my finger through her slit to rub against her clit. I kept my thumb buried as I continued to rub her clit and Mary shuddered and pushed back as she put her head down and moaned, “mmmm!”

She spread her legs more and started rocking as her pussy squeezed my thumb. She continued to shudder and spasm as she moaned into the seat. I used my thumb to fuck her and the side on my finger to rub her clit. Her legs slipped back off the seat when she laid down. She spread her legs wider and I fumbled to open my pants and push them down.

She was constantly moaning as I pulled my thumb out and then pushed my long, thick cock in. It stretched her pussy as it sank into her and I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. I didn’t care if anyone saw, her warm pussy was the best thing I had ever felt. I kept using long strokes and she started grunting as I hit and kept pushing against the back of her pussy.

It was only five minutes before I shoved in and pushed harder as my cock erupted. I gushed a torrent of warm sperm through her cervix as she jerked and screamed into the seat while spasming. Her pussy was clenched tight around my cock as I spewed and spurted until I was finished.

I sighed and relaxed as I held her with my cock buried and she looked back and grinned, “very nice Greg.”

I pulled out reluctantly, “very nice Ms M.”

She grabbed the last bag and wiggled out before standing and turning. She caressed my face, “feel free to do it again some time.”

I grinned, “what about the girls?”

She turned and closed the car door as I fixed my pants, “they go commando too so if you want or need it fuck them.”

I watched her walk around the car and then into her house before giving myself a shake. I turned and went to my workshop with the memory of her wonderful pussy stuck in my head. I used my imagination to make a small figurine of Mary. It was just before dinner when I saw Dawn walking home.

She had a tempting sway to her hips and I smiled, “hey Dawn.”

She smiled and turned to walk into the garage and followed me into my small workshop. She looked around with her beautiful smile, “I always like looking at your stuff.”

I touched the unpainted figurine of her mother, “your mother said you go commando and would let me... fuck you.”

She grinned as she looked at the figurine, “Candy and I would both let you do us anytime. Is this mom?”

I smiled as I looked at the figurine, “yes, I need to paint it now that it is cool.”

She turned and bent over the bench before pulling her skirt up, “want to feel?”

I reached out to feel her warm pussy and slipped a finger into her. She shuddered and her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

I shifted and rubbed through her slit before opening my pants and rubbing the head of my cock in her pussy. I pushed and she shoved back to sink my cock into her. I held her hips and pushed to drive my cock deeper before pulling back and starting to fuck her. She moaned and kept pushing back as I fucked her and pushed all the way into her.

I held her on my cock as her warm pussy spasmed and squeezed repeatedly. She shook and looked back with a smile, “like it?”

I smiled, “yes.”

She wiggled and pushed me back before pulling off my cock and turning as she stood, “come over later and I will sit on it until it goes off.”

I pulled her close, “I want to put it in deep.”

She grinned and kissed me, “Candy too.”

I laughed, “and your mom.”

She kissed me again and turned to walk out and all I could think about was her warm pussy. I finished the work I had for the day and went inside. My mother met me in the kitchen and rubbed my back as I washed my hands, “I saw you with Mary.”

I blushed and she grinned, “do her and the girls good and don’t come home until tomorrow.”

I turned and she patted my chest, “she needs it and I’m sure the girls have been watching you.”

I grinned and headed for the door. I went across and knocked on Mary’s front door and heard running feet before Candy pulled the door open, “Greg!”

I walked in and closed the door before reaching down and lifting her skirt to see her shaven pussy, “can I have some candy little girl?”

She grinned and Mary laughed from the kitchen doorway, “as much as you want.”

Dawn walked out and to me, “I get his first load.”

Candy reached out to rub her breast, “and then he can lick my pussy before he fucks it.”

I caught Dawn as she pressed against me, “and then your mother.”

She smiled and turned to pull me to the kitchen and the table, “your mother called and said she would send you over.”

I grinned as Mary brought dinner to the table and Dawn opened my pants to pull my hard cock out. She sat me down and then straddled me and lifted her skirt to look as she positioned her pussy and slowly sat. Her pussy was just as warm as I remembered as she settled and sighed. I held her as it rippled and began to squeeze my cock.

She wiggled as her mother and sister sat on each side of us. I picked up a fork and fed her a bite and then myself as she slowly rocked. Candy reached out to open her sister’s blouse and tugged on a nipple. I grinned as Dawn jerked and her pussy tightened. I cupped her exposed breast and rubbed the nipple as I fed her and myself.

She slowly became incoherent and erratic and her pussy was a lot slipperier and she was almost bouncing on me. It was a minute before she started convulsing as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. I groaned as I tried to hold her while her warm pussy worked magic on my cock.

Dawn twisted and jerked and rubbed her pussy and bounced and after a couple of minutes I couldn’t hold it. I shuddered as my cock erupted and I gushed a geyser of warm sperm into her. She looked at me in shock and kept jerking as I pumped more spurts of cum. When I stopped she fell against me and the world started up again.

She shivered as her slimy pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

Mary laughed and reached out to rub her daughter’s back, “nice?”

Dawn nodded and leaned back to look at me before kissing me and standing. Candy slipped out of her chair and knelt beside me as Dawn moved to sit in another chair. Candy started licking and cleaning up the cum around and on my cock. I shuddered and she giggled before I pulled her up and onto my lap with her pussy against my cock.

She wiggled and then stopped to let me eat. I moved her off my lap after we finished and pushed the three into the other room as I did the dishes and cleaned up. I walked out and Candy looked at me as she leaned back on the couch, “my turn?”

I grinned as I stripped and walked around in front of her. I knelt and lifted her skirt before sticking my head under and started licking her pussy. She shuddered and spread her legs more while humping up. I nibbled on her inner lips and clit before pushing my tongue into her. I sucked on her clit and teased it as she jerked and shook.

It was awhile before she tried to pushed my face away. I moved back and lifted her skirt up onto her hips before pushing my pants down. I moved closer and pushed into her very tight pussy and began to fuck her slowly. She groaned and lifted her hips as I continued to sink my cock deeper. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and jerked while her pussy tightened.

I caressed her hips as I continued to fuck her and it wasn’t long before she was bucking and screaming. I buried my cock and started rubbing her clit while her warm pussy gripped and squeezed my cock. She twisted and jerked and spasmed as her pussy became slipperier. I pulled back and began to fuck her long, hard and deep.

Candy bucked and her pussy tightened as I shoved into her a few minutes later. She shuddered and moaned as I spewed and pumped spurts of cum. She smiled as she looked at me, “mmmm!”

I grinned and bent to give her a kiss before I stopped cumming and pulled out. Dawn pulled me up and Mary helped Candy while I was pulled through the house and into Mary’s bedroom. Dawn grinned at me as I turned her at the bed and stripped her before she crawled on. I turned to Mary and Candy and undressed them before I stripped.

I followed them onto the bed and turned Mary onto her back before moving between her legs. I kissed her and pushed into her warm pussy. She felt as nice as the first time and I started to fuck her slowly. I fucked them each once more and then went from one to another until cumming the last time in Dawn. I rolled and held her on me as we fell asleep.

I woke up to the phone and Mary rolling to the side of the bed. She answered the phone before looking at me, “I’ll tell him.”

She hung up and turned to rub Dawn’s bare butt, “Greg has to go.”

She smiled at me as Dawn sighed and started moving off me, “your mom said to remind you that you had to set up the booth at the market.”

I sighed and let Dawn go and rubbed Candy’s nipple before starting to move off the bed, “I forgot.”

Candy laughed, “we could go with you.”

I hesitated as I glanced back, “and sit on my lap when I’m not busy?”

They laughed and I grinned and I went to get dressed. I left and started loading the trailer before dad came out drinking coffee, “have a nice night?”

I grinned as I closed the trailer, “yes.”

He smiled the whole way to the market and then helped me unload, “see you at six.”

I nodded as I began setting up and finally sat back in the chair to wait for the public to arrive. At first business was good and then around nine everything slowed. I saw Mary carrying two chairs and grinned as I stood, “hey?”

She saw me and smiled, “hey, we thought we would spend the day.”

I looked past her and she grinned, “the girls are carrying the cooler.”

I moved to make room in the booth and she set up the other chairs. Candy and Dawn appeared carrying the cooler and waved. They set it behind the chairs and came to kiss me before starting to look everything over. I turned a figurine over, “the price is on the bottom.”

I nodded to a box on a small TV tray, “that is the cash box.”

Dawn looked around as she moved in front of me and opened my pants, “sit down.”

I held her hips and glanced around before sitting and she turned away and sat. She lifted the skirt in back as she shifted and lifted a little and then I felt her hand on my cock before she pushed down. My cock pushed into her warm pussy and she wiggled and leaned back as if she were just sitting on my lap.

She thrust back and forth slowly with just her hips as her tight hole grasped and squeezed my cock. I glanced at a customer that stopped to look but Mary smiled as she moved to help her. I shivered at Dawn’s pussy rippling around my cock as she began to wiggle. When the customer left she grinned at Dawn, “have fun.”

I watched her walk away as they giggled and Dawn bounced and rocked. She twisted and rolled her hips as her breathing changed. A few minutes and she was spasming and jerking as Mary and Candy moved to block everyone’s view. Dawn did that every couple of minutes as I started thrusting up and finally pulled her down and held her.

Her pussy clenched as she shook and I grunted while pumping a fountain of cum up into her. I put a half dozen spurts in her before I stopped and sighed and she slowly relaxed, “yummy.”

Mary and Candy laughed as they turned and helped her stand and block me as I closed my pants. I sold a few small figurines and a couple of chess sets before Candy started rubbing on me. Mary grinned and nodded to the chair, “have a some Candy.”

Dawn laughed as her sister stood in front of me and opened my pants before pulling my hard cock out. I sat and she turned and sat as I lifted her skirt. She wiggled down my cock with a sigh that made her mother and sister giggle. She leaned back against me for a couple of minutes as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock.

She felt really good before she started to thrust back and forth and then she felt amazing. I shuddered and humped as her tight pussy gripped my cock. She shivered and glanced back, “sit still.”

I glanced around before reaching around and pulling her back as I cupped her breasts, “that is hard when I want to pound your tight pussy.”

She grinned as Dawn and her mother laughed. She wiggled and began slowly rolling her hips and thrusting back and forth. She would push down and wait if someone came close. Her pussy constantly squeezed my cock as I tried to hold still. It was awhile before she shuddered and spasmed and turned to kiss me as Mary and Dawn moved to block everyone from seeing.

I shook with her as I humped and we both jerked before I finally gushed cum. Candy shuddered while her pussy clenched and I pumped spurt after spurt until I was done. She leaned against me panting and we kissed again before she grinned, “nice.”

She stood and pulled me up before I closed my pants. We flirted as we sold a few more things and Mary whispered to the girls before she walked out. A few minutes and she was back with a set of sheets. She winked as she and the girls hung one up a couple of feet in front of the curtain in the back.

She moved a chair and grinned as she caught my hand and pulled me into the tiny inclosed area. She opened my pants and pushed them down before sitting me on the chair. She straddled me and slowly impaled her pussy before giving me a kiss, “this is better.”

I grinned as I held her and she began to rub her pussy on me while it kept grasping my cock. I caressed her hips under her skirt as she fucked me and began to roll her hips. Each time she lifted or moved back her pussy would tighten and squeeze. It felt like her pussy was milking my cock as she began to pant and shudder.

Each time she started to yell she would kiss me and her pussy would clench. She wiggled and bounced and rubbed on me harder and a few minutes later she began to spasm. She kissed me hard as she wet me and her pussy gripped my cock once more. I don’t know how many times she came but finally I pulled her hips down and in.

I held her as I kissed her and pumped a geyser up into her. She jerked and pushed down as I spurted cum up against her cervix. When I stopped she sagged and I hugged her and rubbed her back, “thanks Mary.”

She leaned back and gave me a kiss, “you’re welcome.”

She slowly stood and let her skirt drop and I stood to pull up and close my pants. When we came out Dawn and Candy were with a customer who was buying a set of figurines. After she left they grinned and said she had heard noises and thought we had a pet behind the sheet. Mary giggled, “yeah I was feeding it.”

They laughed as I blushed and then grinned. We spent the whole day and I fucked them each twice. We sold almost everything and I bought them lunch and then dinner before my dad arrived. Mary and the girls had just left and waved at him on the way past. He looked at me as I started carrying containers out to the trailer.

He sniffed as we drove home and grinned, “how did you manage to have sex?”

I smiled as I looked out the window, “they go commando.”

He laughed and reached over to squeeze my shoulder. When we got home I unloaded and put everything away. I glanced next door when I finished and went to knock. Candy answered and grinned as she stepped back and I came in, “good we wanted another fuck.”

I grinned as she closed the door and caught her hand, “on a bed so I can fuck you hard and deep.”

She laughed and her mother chuckled from the kitchen doorway, “Dawn is already in my bedroom fingering her cummy pussy.”

Candy pulled me after her and Mary followed while stripping. When we walked into the bedroom Dawn was laid back on the bed naked. She had two fingers in her pussy while her other hand rubbed her clit. I grinned as I let Candy go and began stripping. I went back and forth as I fucked them for over an hour before we stopped and fell asleep.

Since that day I pretty much live with them. Even now that years have passed they still go commando and love it when I manage to fuck them while they are dressed.
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