Sierra was a heavily forested world but not like some of the others like Addison. What it did have were lots and lots of mountain ranges with lots of streams. My home was isolate and between two ranges with several rivers running through it. My great grandfather had been a real nut when it came to big trees.

He had gotten permission to import some from Addison when he had first settled. A hundred years later two hundred soared above all the others as well as a thousand others from a dozen different worlds. I had been smart and joined the fleet when I was only sixteen. Four years later I did something really dumb that almost cost me my life.

I was awarded one of the highest medals for valor before they let me leave fleet and come home to heal. Almost a year later I received a small stasis box. It was from one of the federation representatives I had saved.

Inside were three eggs and a note that said, “I can’t thank you enough. I saw a picture of your home and the trees from Addison. These eggs are from three chamaeleon dwarf dragon nests. They are a new species found on the tip of a peninsula we are watching and doing research on.”

I looked at the eggs before doing research on dwarf dragons. The images and everything I read made me smile. They were predators that grew to about twenty kilograms. I shut the stasis down before putting the eggs in an incubator. I collected fire and spice leaves and spent my time watching the eggs.

The first to break was male and small. I had him breath fire and spice leaf smoke before I fed him. The eggs must have been laid at different times because the next to hatch was two days later. It was a female and cute as a button. The third hatched four days later and almost stepped from the egg like a queen.

I fed them small meals twice a day as I walked the forest. It took a month before Sam, the male first flew and two more weeks before Chloe and Ash joined him. I had lost both parents and my grand parents right after I went into the service. Our large lodge was almost empty since I was the only one here.

Three months later I looked at Sam and stopped cleaning the Neo Leopard hide. I turned to follow his look before hearing the flyer. I grinned, “just supplies.”

I stood and the other two stretched as I started walking around the lodge. I watched the flyer land with the three half hiding behind my legs. The large man that stepped out smiled but the two teenage girls that followed him made the dragons shift. I smiled back, “hey doc.”

He started towards me as the girls began unloading boxes, “Cody.”

He almost stopped in mid step when Sam moved forward with a growl, “what... what is that?”

I grinned, “that is a chamaeleon dwarf dragon who thinks he is bigger than he is.”

I bent and gave Sam and rub, “no.”

He looked at me and then at the doc before laying down. Chloe and Ash moved and laid down and he looked at them, “three?”

He looked around as if he expected more and I grinned, “only three.”

He walked closer and we shook before he bent to give Sam a rub behind his ear, “we brought your supplies since I wanted to check you. The outfitter wanted me to ask if you would take in a couple of families.”

I looked at him and he shrugged, “tourists. The men want to fish and your valley hasn’t been touched in a few years.”

I snorted as I went to help the girls, “more like a couple of decades.”

After I put the supplies away the doc pulled me up to my room while the girls coaxed the three dragons outside. I buttoned my shirt when we were done and looked out at the girls chasing Chloe, “the girls are almost grown.”

Doc snorted, “the horny little bitches are constantly jilling and want...”

I waited and turned to look at him, “want what?”

He grinned, “sex with a man and I think I am giving you to them.”

I blinked, “what?”

He headed for the door, “their mother has been begging me for months. I’m sending those tourist out too.”

I followed him out and down before he walked outside, “Paige? Ella?”

The girls turned as I stopped, “But doc...”

He ignored me, “you horny bitches are staying here. Cody needs to exercise so I want each of you to fuck him at least three times each and every day. Don’t let him put it off and spread it out during the day. You are also to make him walk around outside and not stay in the lodge.”

I was stunned and stared at him as he looked at me, “see you in three months.”

I stammered as he walked to the flyer and the two girls walked towards me with a sway to their hips and a gleam in their eyes. Paige, the oldest of the two caught my hand, “you heard the doctor.”

Ella turned me and started pushing, “three times each and each day.”

I looked back as the flyer lifted before letting a sigh out and stopped fighting it. I started walking towards the stairs, “you are in for a lot of sperm.”

They laughed as they caught up and I went to my room. When I walked in they stopped and Paige whispered, “wow.”

I grinned, “the floor fur is from a twenty meter sea mammal that was killed by a predator. Each of the walls has a different fur cut to fit. They are from large herd animals from different planets. The bed fur is from a giant scarlet insect called a Scarlet King. The dark green fur nest above the bed is from a large carnivorous lizard.”

I began undressing again and backed to the bed, “friends have sent them after I was wounded.”

Paige grinned as she stalked towards me and stripped. Ella laughed as she undressed slower and followed. Paige pushed me onto my back and straddled me, “you heard dad, six times a day.”

I pulled her down and rolled, “I have news for you tart, if you want me to fuck you it will be as many times as I want.”

I lifted and pushed and she grunted while trying to spread her legs more, “oh!”

I pushed my cock into her and stretched her pussy as it sank deeper. She shivered as I humped and pressed before pulling back. I fucked her slowly but with deep thrusts so I could enjoy her tight pussy. She clutched me a few minutes later and shuddered hard as her pussy contracted and grasped my cock, “ooohhhh!”

I smiled as her sister giggled and buried my cock before I began to hump and press and jab. I kissed her as she wiggled and squirmed while her tight pussy grasped my cock. I pulled back and fucked her long and deep, planting my cock with each thrust. It wasn’t long before Paige wailed and thrashed around while I continued to fuck her firmly.

It wasn’t much longer before I pushed into her and kissed her hard as I gushed and spewed and pumped warm cum. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy clenched around my cock, “mmmm!”

When I stopped she was still panting as her pussy kept squeezing. I pulled out and turned to Ella, “you I will bend over and fuck in one hour. No clothes while you are here.”

She grinned as I moved out of the bed and walked out. I went back to cleaning the hide before the girls found me and that was because Ash led them around the lodge. I set the small tanning bots on the hide and grinned at the girls before catching Ella, “you girls are Jilling a lot?”

She pressed and rubbed her breasts against me, “it feels good.”

Paige grinned as she sat to watch the bots and I pulled her sister down onto her knees. She grinned as she turned away and put her head and shoulders down. I took a minute to just feel her pussy before finally moving and slowly pushing into her. She pushed back as I held her hips and began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

Her pussy squeezed my cock each time I buried it. It wasn’t long before she began to shudder and shove back harder. Her pussy became a lot slipperier and she started to wail. I held her hips up as I continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts. A few more minutes and she began to howl and jerk while her pussy clenched and held my cock.

She twisted and spasmed as I humped and tried to push into her cervix. It was awhile before I just fucked her hard as my balls churned and my cock throbbed. I finally shoved all the way into her and began to spew thick gushing spurts. She screamed and slammed back when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I held her as she wiggled and squirmed while her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped cumming I let her go and she laid forward with a sigh. I stared at her slightly gaping pussy with cum leaking out and her sister laughed, “slimy bitch.”

Ella glanced at her and grinned, “yeah.”

I shook my head as I turned back to the hide and finished tanning it. I cleaned the bots and carried the hide around to one of the outside chairs on the porch. I went in and grabbed my belt and pistol. I walked out and glanced around as I tried to find the dragons. Chloe stood from under a tree and stretched and I grinned, “find the others girl.”

I started towards the south and into the forest, “Paige! Ella!”

It was a few moments before they caught up and Paige grabbed my hand, “what are you doing?”

I smiled, “the Neo leopard actually tried to attack me while I was collecting wood. We are hunting supper.”

I glanced back as the three dragons flew through the trees playing tag, “Ash?”

She turned away from chasing Sam and flew to me and landed and walked beside me. I smiled down at her, “what do you want? It is your day. Scurrier?”

She looked around and shook her head as we kept walking. I smiled, this was our game, I knew what they each liked, “tree rodents?”

She shook her head and I grinned at Paige and Ella, “what about a bird?”

She nodded and I glanced around, “Chloe it is your turn to hunt.”

She flew ahead and went higher as she began to stalk. I slowed but kept watch and almost didn’t see when she pounced. I had trained them well and she took the large bird’s head in her rear claws and yanked as she flared her wings and landed. If her claws didn’t kill the bird the yank had.

It was still spasming when I reached it and knelt, “very nice.”

I rubbed her face before cutting the bird’s throat and lifting it by its feet, “Sam? Your turn.”

I turned around while trying to spot him and Ash patted my leg and pointed. I smiled, “thanks sweetie.”

I started walking and the girls giggled, “they are really smart.”

I smiled at Ash walking beside me, “very smart.”

I shook my head when I saw Sam gliding, “he never learns.”

It was a slow lazy glade as he dropped. At the last minute he had to beat his wings as the large bird tried to take off and fly. His back feet grabbed the wings as he flared his and he dropped. At the last second he let go and landed on his back feet while both front feet struck. One grabbed the bird’s head and the other ripped its claws through the bird’s throat.

I walked up as he preened and knelt, “show off.”

I still rubbed his face before grabbing the bird’s feet, “one more. Your turn Ash.”

She leaped into the air and I lifted the two heavy birds and followed. Ella cleared her throat, “isn’t that enough?”

I smiled, “one is ours. They will eat one tonight and the other tomorrow morning.”

She grinned, “makes sense.”

Sam had started walking beside me and I saw Chloe above and to the side as she glided and flew from tree to tree. She screamed a minute later and I stopped and pulled my pistol as Sam leaped into the air, “stay close.”

The short wide body of a Gremlin crashed through a bush as Chloe hovered and Ash stalked after it. It was making a growling coughing sound as it faced them and tried to back away. I was ready to shoot it when Sam flew past and his claws raked its back. It was rolled over a couple of times before getting to its feet and turning to run.

I grinned as Chloe landed and Ash went to press against her and rub. Sam returned a moment later and flared to a landing close to the other two as he chirped. They answered and he flipped his wings back. I put my pistol away, “okay lets try another direction.”

It was another ten minutes before Ash snatched a large bird by the head and yanked as she beat her wings and tried to fly towards me. She made it halfway before landing and I came to cut its throat and pick it up after giving her a caress, “very nice.”

She purred and walked beside me all the way home. I sent the girls in as I started to clean the Chucklers. I didn’t bother plucking them, I used a knife to slice the skin and it was easy to pull off. I kept the organs because they were like a special treat for the dragons. I carried the birds into the kitchen where the girls were looking around.

I put one in the stasis box and set another on the counter before carefully deboning the third. I divided the organs and put everything on three plates. I set one at each spot on the table and moved the chairs out. Paige and Ella stared as the three dragons climbed into the chairs and sat up to start eating.

I grinned and turned to start roasting the other Chuckler. I woke to naked girls on me and the distant sound of a flyer. I glanced at the three dragons looking over the edge of their nest, “don’t look at me, I don’t know who it is.”

I shifted the girls off me as they leaped and glided towards the door. Paige and Ella sat up as I grabbed pants and a shirt and followed, “we have company.”

I had forgotten all about the doc saying he was sending the tourists out. I walked onto the porch as people climbed out of the large flyer and unloaded packs. There were two large men with a couple of women, a couple of teenage girls that didn’t look happy and a teenage boy who grumbled.

They started towards me and one man stuck out his hand, “the doctor said you were recovering and needed company.”

I glanced down at the dragons as they growled, “quiet.”

I shook his hand, “Cody.”

He looked up from the dragons and grinned, “protective little things. I’m Charles and my wife is Maddie and my daughter is Trish...”

He stopped and I turned to follow his gaze to see Paige and Ella walking towards me naked. Ella grinned, “visitors cool.”

I shook my head and Paige slipped an arm in mine, “we have to stay naked remember?”

I grinned, “I forgot.”

The man was blushing but his wife smiled and waved at the girls. I looked at the other man and he cleared his throat, “I’m Peter. My wife is Ellen and my daughter is Ashley and my son is William.”

I turned, “I’ll show you to rooms.”

The boy stared at the girls the whole time I led them up. It made me a little jealous but the girls ignored it. I was in the kitchen while the girls showered, the dragons were at the table eating as I drank a cup of coffee. Charles walked in and stopped to stare, “that’s something I have never seen before.”

I smiled, “did you bring a fishing pole?”

He blinked and looked at me before grinning, “yes.”

I nodded and glanced at his wife and daughter when they walked in naked and blinked, “as soon as the others return I need to talk to everyone.”

The girl, Trish turned and strutted towards the stairs, “I’ll tell them.”

I looked after her and then looked at her mother who was grinning, “I think she wants to show off to that boy.”

Her husband laughed and I smiled before I finished my coffee. I removed the three empty plates and looked at the dragons, “no playing this morning. We are going to the river.”

They climbed down and I pushed the chairs in as everyone returned. They were naked and blushing as I looked at them, “first the water is going to be very cold so if you fly fish wear pants and waders. Second there are predators so either stay close or carry a weapon. Third, if you brought it with you, take it away.”

I looked at them and turned to point to each dragon, “that is Sam and she is Chloe and she is Ash. They will be watching you and the forest. They are young but watch them because they know what the predators are.”

I gestured, “I will be leaving for the river in a few minutes.”

The men looked at each other before heading back to their rooms. Paige and Ella slipped up and Ella took my hand, “dad said you were supposed to have sex...”

I grinned, “horny girl.”

I pulled her against me, “it can wait a little while. I was thinking of doing you beside the river in a nice grassy meadow.”

She grinned as Paige laughed and rubbed my shoulder. I gave them a kiss before going to get my belt and rifle. I waited for the two men before I led them out and started for the river. The three dragons flew above us and went from tree to tree as they kept watch. We reached the river and I walked upriver to a meadow before stopping.

I whispered as I told the two men the best spots to try while their wives spread blankets out in the tall grass. I watched as they separated and waded into the river and began fishing. I glanced at Paige and Ella sitting in the grass before looking around. I grinned when I saw the two daughters whispering together with the boy William, “don’t leave the meadow.”

They looked at me and blushed before looking at each other and grinning. I walked to Ella and stripped as she went to her hands and knees. She grinned back at me as I knelt behind her and felt her pussy before pushing into her. She groaned and wiggled while her tight pussy squeezed. Paige stood on her knees to hug me as I fucked Ella slowly with long strokes.

Maddie cleared her throat and I buried my cock and looked at her. She grinned, “the doctor ordered you to have sex?”

I blushed and realized Ellen and the other girls and William were looking at me. Paige grinned, “six times a day.”

Maddie grinned as the girls giggled and Ella pushed back, “get back to work.”

They laughed as I looked at her and held her waist before I started fucking her again, “bossy witch.”

Everyone laughed as Ella sighed and wiggled and I began to fuck her firmly. I kept glancing around and Paige pushed on me when Ella slowly sagged to the ground and I followed and lay on her. I fucked her with long deep strokes as she spread her legs and tilted her hips while grunting and groaning.

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and shuddered as I began to pump cum. She spasmed as her pussy gripped my cock, “mmmm!”

When I was done I kissed her bare shoulder before pulling out and standing. I grinned when I saw William between Trish’s legs as he fucked her and Ashley beside them fingering her pussy. I checked around us as I dressed and picked up my rifle and walked back to the river. Charles and Peter were having the time of their lives.

They were both fighting to bring in a fish. Their wives had gotten up and were using vid cameras to record the fight and the fish. By noon they were both exhausted and ready to quit for the day. I think William had fucked the two girls at least three times each. I grinned at the girls before whistling as I started for the forest, “Sam!”

I saw him when he suddenly leaped and flew towards me. He turned on a wingtip and flared to land and walk beside me, “your turn. Do you want a nice bird for dinner?”

He shook his head as we continued to walk with everyone behind us. I smiled as my eyes scanned the forest, “how about tree rodents?”

He shook his head and I smiled again, “Scurrier?”

He nodded and I grinned, “Ash! Hunt scurrier.”

She crossed our path and I turned to follow. It was a few minutes before I saw her dive and pushed through between two bushes to see her holding a scurrier pinned to the ground. I knelt and grabbed the animal as I used my sonic cutter to kill it. I put it in my pack and stood, “Chloe hunt.”

The two families followed and Paige and Ella whispered to them to whole time. When Sam made his kill he had two, one gripped in his back claws and another pinned under one front paw. On the way back to the lodge they caught or killed four more. Behind the lodge I set my pack down while the women and girls went inside.

I began showing the two men how to clean the fish they had caught. I left them to it and started skinning and cleaning the scurriers. I left the hides for later and went inside with the men and put the scurriers into the stasis unit before filleting the fish. I went to wash and turned as Paige walked into the shower with me, “you are late.”

I smiled and reached for her and pulled her naked body against mine to kiss her. She smiled and gave my cock a stroke before turning and spreading her legs as she bent forward. I grinned as I spread my legs and slowly pushed into her. I held her waist as she sighed and shivered and began to fuck her with deep strokes.

She was pushing back from the start and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and moaning. A few minutes and she began to sink to the floor of the shower. I went with her and held her on her knees as I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her pussy kept grasping and tightened as she shoved back and started to howl.

A couple more minutes and she was shaking and spasming while her pussy constantly squeezed. I was fucking her harder with deep thrusts and finally shoved into her and stopped. She jerked and stiffened as my cock throbbed and then she screamed and began convulsing as I pumped cum into her.

She kept shoving back as I tried to hold her while spurting and spewing. When I was done I let her go and she went to the shower floor and kept jerking. I grinned and bent to rub her butt, “stand up so I can finger your pussy and wash the cum out.”

She giggled as she looked at me before holding out her hand. Paige and Ella became a permanent part of my life. After the two families left another couple came. Sam has gotten Choe and Ash pregnant a couple of times. The girls each took a couple of babies but the others we gave to friends so there are a lot more Addison chamaeleon dwarf dragons.
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