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Hey, a teenage friend asked me to post this so I will, could you please help him out and solve his problem. And here they are.

Hi guys, I'm confused what sexuality I am. As in I think in straight. There is no putting a number on how much I love wanking to the thought of women getting fucked and doing each other. In fact, I sometimes fantasise about being a woman and a lesbian.

Another of my fantasies are about doing older women. I love the thought of getting naked infront of a mature woman and letting her seduce me. It feels great but wrong at the same time. When I'm felling down I go online and look at pictures of nude mature women and just stare. Is that wrong?

And for sure I do live hot girls, movie stars from films, hot college girls on porn sites, eye boggingly sexy girls on google and attractive girls in my class and year at school. I know this isn't news to most people when they were my age.

And now for the other side. I sometimes have gay fantasies. There's this young boy I'm friends with that called, well, lets call him Charles. He's a pre-teen boy, almost 13, he has a small penis that is just starting to hit puberty and for some reason I feel really drawn to it. He is curious about his sexuality too, we sometimes end up playing with each other naked, giving out hj's and bj's. it feels amazing, his small pumping my shaft up and down and I love the feeling inside my mouth when his penis is in, I feel like I can never let go.

But the thing is I hate the thought of being gay. The thought if hairy penises and cum flying everywhere and gay anal sex, it creeps the hell out if me. I feel disgusted by gay sex. But once I had this gay dream where I was strapped to a rack if some sort while being analed and having hundreds of men cum down my throat. I didn't mention it but there were hundreds of men there, all fucking my face and mouth. I woke up in the morning feeling disgusted but having to make a new bed, if you know what I mean.

So what does this make me, Gay, Straight, Bi, I really don't know myself, I'd like to have some second opinions though, so please leave a comment so my friend Carnage can get back to me. Thank you, it would really mean a lot to me if you left a comment, thank you.

Oh and one last thing, this is going to feel really cheesy and rehearsed but believe me or not, I really like carnage's stories. She's one of my closest "girlfriends" and one of the best writers in New Jersey. Go Girl!!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So yeh, if you could please get back to me so I can relay the information back to my friend it would mean a lot to me and my friend. Thank, seeing I still have 2219 characters left to write here is my latest story, "my bitchy mom"

My bitchy mom

Hello, this may be the start if a new series and I would like your feedback on it to see if it is worth while, thank you and hopefully you will enjoy it.

My bitchy mom

Hey, my name is Sophia, I am 14 years old and petit for my age. I have not developed the breasts I would have liked yet but there still growing slowly and steadily. My father past away years ago to a bear attack. He worked for the channel National Geographic, he was doing a documentary of the wild life in Canada. He was sleeping in his tent and the bear quite literally just forced his way in and tore him limb from limb. I was upset but not hysterical. You see, my mom was a bit of a slut, she worked at a strip club called the lusty leopard and was paid minimal wage. But she was happy showing of her body to absolute strangers and my dad would get jealous and beat her around in jealousy. She was going to divorce him when he was de-limbed.

My mom, Quinn, or Jasmin as the stage called her, was, to be honest, a bitch. She was arrogant and selfish, two of the reasons this whole story began I think to myself.

Now, to the story.

It was a cold winter night up in the Great White North, the temperature reaching -15 degrees Celsius. We lived in a small wood cabin that was almost constant under heated. We were both bored and were waiting for something interesting to happen on the the black and white TV, when my mom said, "I've got a game".
I thought to myself "Oh god", most of her games involved, nudity, sex and alcohol. She had tried to have sex with me multiple times but I had stood my ground.
"We have to undress and go outside and whoever stays out there the longest wins!", it wasn't her worst game but she gave me a fierce look, defying me to do anything else but agree. I solemnly bowed my head and nodded.

Last time I defied her she told everyone that I was a little whore and tried to fuck her. I died of embarrassment and self loathing for disagreeing. "The loser has to be the others bitch for the upcoming holiday to Spain. ( we were going on a holiday to Malaga that my mom had won for a week and staying in a fancy hotel on the sea front), "she must do everything the victor asks without questions, and I mean anything or the loser will have to face a huge punishment" she continued.
"As long as no one else is involved" I said firmly, "fine, but animals are allowed, are we clear?"
"Yes" I said quietly.

I was not embarrassed to be naked infront of my mom, we were family, and to be truthful, I liked the way she looked at my slender body. My mom's body though was a different story. She had huge boobs, Double D's and a warm, soft bubble but that I couldn't resist but to stare at.

We looked at each other and then in unison headed outside. The cold was mind numbingly cold, like an ice hand slapping you across the face. It was intense pain. I felt my body groan and my little nipples immediately swell and harden. My mom though looked as cool as a cucumber, not shivering but playing with her tits while whistling. My body was now shutting down. I needed warmth, I forgot about the bet and stumbled back inside and collapsed onto the floor in a shivering heap. Quinn strode in behind me, shut the door and hopped onto the couch but naked and resumed watching her show on TV, though every minute she'd turn around and smile at me.

"Oh god" I thought to myself, she gonna kill me by humiliating me for a week, that is why my moms such a bitch.

The next week went past to quickly. The trip to Spain looming up the road. As soon as I left the house I would be all hers, there was a minute feeling of mystery to what she would make me do but most of my brain was focused on being in total fear.

The dreaded sunday arrived when we would take the cab to the airport and then a plane straight to Malaga. I brought down my back only to meet my mother at the doorway. I lugged my bag to the taxi when at the last minute my mom grabbed it and hurled it back into the house, then swiftly locking the sort and bundling me into the cab. "I've already packed for you sweetie", she said in a sickeningly sweet voice with dry smile. My brain was screaming "Nooooooooooo", my mom was gonna torture me by forcing me to wear ridiculous clothes.

We rode to the airport in silent. The Erie sound of the meter in the front echoing through the car. We pulled over outside and Quinn paid while I unloaded the luggage. We checked in and waited for the flight. Before we boarded Mom grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom. She then ripped of my clothes with her finger nails and started to molest my body. Grabbing my developing boobs and pulling and stretching them. It hurt but at the same time it felt oddly good. She pushed me back onto the toilet and forced my legs open. She then licked her fingers and rubbed my inner thighs. Caressing them softly, she placed the palm if her hand on my vagina and vibrated it, sending me into spasm. The inserted 4 fingers in my petite body and began pumping, I was crying now, not loudly but solemnly and quietly. She took her hand out and bunched up her fist, I braced my self for intense pain but then the announcement for boarding to begin broke out, she growled, "wait till we're on board honey and then flushed my bra and pants down the toilet. She handed me a dress that was way to small for me and that you could easily see under if you tried. I knew better than to complain and pulled the dress down as far as it would go. Just before we walked out my mother pulled me round and threw an ice cold cup of water at my chest. My nipples immediately began to grow and become incredibly visible through my tight dress, I sobbed again as my mum put her and on my ass and marshalled me to the boarding area, it was going to be a week of hell.

Hello, this may be the start if a new series and I would like your feedback on it to see if it is worth while, thank you and hopefully you will enjoy it. Please rate and leave comments, thank you.

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