Who would have believed that the chunky little girl next door would grow up to be a beautiful young woman.
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Robin The Young girl Next Door

I have known Robin for many years. I have watched her grow up. I was especially pleased when she hit puberty. Her breasts grew and her clothing certainly got sexier. She never seemed to outgrow her baby fat. Of course that just made her more beautiful to me. I made sure to complement her at ever opportunity. I always complimented her mother too, but it was Robin that I kept my eyes on.

At thirteen she let me look up her short skirts all summer long. She would come over to my house and we would sit on my porch and drink iced tea while watching the world pass by our houses. She would turn her chair in my direction and sit with one leg under her. In that position I could easily see up her skirt, between her legs, and see what color panties that she was wearing that day. Robin knew it and did it on purpose. She would spread her legs and watch my eyes go down to her crotch. She enjoyed the attention as much I enjoyed the view.

The summer that she turned fourteen I saw her almost every day in her bikini top with shorts. Since I couldn’t see her panties she let me see her bigger breasts. She would come over with everything in place like a good little girl. Then after a few minutes she would complain that her top was too tight for her size boobs. I would just smile as she untied the string around her back and loosen it before retying it. Then she would untie the top string around her neck and just let the thin strings hang over her shoulders. As if that would keep her top in place. She would play it cool for a while teasing the hell out of me. Finally, when she saw a few cars cruising past she would deliberately let her top fall away from her breasts and expose herself to the traffic. Little Robin was an exhibitionist and I could tell that it excited her. After a couple of minutes she would face me, apologize for her exposure, and then take her time covering up, readjusting the strings, and then kiss me on the lips before she went home to her mother.

Of course when it happened day after day I knew the truth. She knew that I knew the truth. Together we just pretended that it was an accident…every single day…all summer long.

When Robin turned fifteen, sex became the topic of our discussion every day. She would tell me about masturbating in her own bed, at the breakfast table sitting across from her mother, and then just openly masturbate right there in front of me.

She told me all about her girlfriends. Three of them had let her lick their pussies and she had enjoyed it. She had friends that were letting boys fuck them. She herself had given a boy a blowjob but apparently she had gotten excited and nipped the head with her teeth. He wouldn’t let her suck his cock after that and he cautioned his friends not to let her suck theirs either.

So when Robin asked if she could practice on my cock, I said sure. However, I insisted that she be totally naked when doing it. Of course I also insisted that it take place in my house and not on the front porch.

She eagerly stripped for me and I got my very first view of her nude body. Her breasts had swollen and her belly was sticking out, but I found that very sexy. Her pussy had some hair on it and it looked puffy. Her ass was quite full too. However, I enjoyed looking at her sweet face, her luscious lips, and her constant smile. She was always happy, especially around me.

I undressed and lay back on my bed. Robin climbed up and just started sucking my cock as hard and as fast as she could. I told her to stop. Then I told her to look at my cock, to touch it, and to kiss it lovingly. I told her to lick the head, try to poke her tongue into the tiny slit, and then to suck on it as if it were a lollypop. That was all she needed. Even when I warned her that I was going to cum, she never pulled her head back. She struggled to hold it all until I had stopped and she had the chance to swallow.

Robin looked up at me and asked, “Did I do it right?”

I smiled and told her that it was the best that I had ever had. She was pleased. So was I. So for the rest of the summer Robin and I practice oral sex until she would have been called a master in her trade. I also got to perform oral sex on her. That chunky girl tasted like sweet strawberries. No, it was not a douche, it was her natural flavor. Her mother should have called her Strawberry Shortcake.

When Robin finally turned sixteen she gave me her virginity.

What a precious gift to give an old man.

To answer the age old question of how many times does sixty-five go into sixteen? Only once a day. It wants to go in a second or third time but it just can’t. However, if sixteen tries very hard it is possible to go in for a second time but only after a well-deserved break.

I will always remember seeing my sweet little dream girl lying on my bed on her back with her legs spread out wide and my knees up close to her wonderful pussy. I had eaten enough to know her likes and dislikes down there so I slipped my erection into her slowly then with more force. I leaned over her and moved up toward my headboard. That caused my hard cock to pull her up with me. She loved the tightness, the extra pressure against her pubic bone, and possibly the slight rubbing of her G-spot in the process. She went absolutely crazy thrashing around on my cock. She got so violent that first time that I let her get on top. Wow! Cowboys ride bucking broncos but I had one riding me. The eight-second ride became eight minutes, eighteen minutes, and finally twenty-eight minutes before she made me cum inside of her wonderful love tunnel.

Robin had managed to get herself off seven times. That was more orgasms in one day than she had ever had in the past, even with me eating her out.

I was pleased that she had done all of the work because I certainly would not have lasted that long. Our first time having sex was so good that we repeated it every day, all summer long.

I just loved looking up at her amazing hanging titties. They stretched to their limits from their weight. She would see me looking at them and give her shoulders a little shake for me. Then she would move a nipple over my face and into my mouth. I loved her long hard nipples as much as I loved the rest of her wonderful full figured body.

We did not stop just because summer had ended. Robin’s mother could not understand why she wanted to move in with me. Even after Robin told her mother how great sex was with me and how much that she loved me. She just refused to understand.

As a last resort, Robin brought her mother into one of our love making sessions. She made her mother strip naked and sit right next to us in such a way as to allow me to stick two of my fingers inside of her pussy. Then as Robin started her ride her mother realized her excitement. The more excited that Robin got the more excited that her mother got. Which in turn made me more excited. It was a vicious circle that kept getting us all more excited. The two girls had multiple orgasms while I just kept building up steam until I too explode. It was amazing. It was spectacular!

Robin was allowed to move into my bed with her mother’s blessing.

A few months later the jealousy started to set in. Robin’s mother wanted to feel the same euphoric feeling that Robin felt.

Eventually Robin asked me to fuck her mother and I refused.

Robin moved out and lived at home, graduated from high school, and then went off to college. The last I heard she had married a very nice guy and had settled down in San Diego, California.

A year later Robin’s mother moved into my bed.

The End
Robin The Young girl Next Door
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