Robin is the lovely wife of a dear friend and this story is completely fictitious. Enjoy!
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Robin - Her Story

Hi! My name is Robin and I want to tell you all about myself.

It is “NOT” necessary for you to read the previous story but feel free to do so if you wish.

I was always a little heavy and that caused me to get my boobs before the other girls and to get my periods sooner too. Now the boob part was great because I got a lot of attention from both sexes as well as young and old alike. All of the boys in my class wanted to touch them and all of the girls wanted to see them. Almost every day I would pull up my shirt in the girl’s bathroom to show them off. Almost every day I would let one of the boys feel me up when no one else was around. I liked the tingling in her pussy when they did.

As to the older people, sales women were always offering to help me try on a new bra. Of course they told my father that it was just to make sure of the fit. However, they really made sure of the fit and they would measure me, rub my breasts to get them to their fullest size, and then help me into and out of several bras to find the correct fit.

Men would stare at my chest and make little comments about their size. It was my father that I wanted to impress the most. I loved my father and I loved the way that he treated my mother. He worshiped the ground that she walked on. I knew that I could not compete with my mother for his affection but I knew that he loved me. As I grew older and developed more I would become less modest.

By the time that I was fifteen I would come out of the bathroom naked. Mom would scold me but Dad would smile. Then Dad would take Mom into their bedroom for sex. Afterwards my mother would stop by my bedroom and thank me for getting my father excited. It was all my pleasure because I would masturbate as I listened to her crying out to God on the other side of the wall.

I had no trouble getting a boyfriend and changing him for another one whenever I wanted too. Basically because I put out. That’s right, I was a slut. I loved sex and I loved the feel of a cock in my pussy. By the time I graduated from high school I had had sex with almost every boy in my class as well as most of the boys in the grade above and below mine. I had made out with my share of girls too.

So then I was off to college, just a two-year community college but at least I went. That pleased my parents. I partied and drank a lot and of course I went to bed with anyone that would go to bed with me.

That was when I discovered that the skinnier the girl the more she liked my fat juicy pussy.

I had a job and met my future husband. I thought that I had put my past as a slut behind me. I settled down and did my best to keep him happy in bed and it worked very well…for him at least. I on the other hand needed more.

I found that the less clothing that I wore and the more skin that I showed the more attention that I got. My husband really enjoyed it when other men would look at me with lust in their eyes. Most of my tops showed cleavage but it was my light colored denim miniskirt that was made out of stretchy material that I liked the best. It hugged my full hips and ass and it was short enough so that I could bend slightly and show off all of the panty that I wanted too. I had a great collection of sexy underwear but I almost always tucked the front part up into my pussy slit. I loved the way that it would rub my clit and cause me to have orgasms from just walking. Of course I kept a full bush down there. Sometimes I would trim it short but I always had hair down there. After all I wanted the men to know that it was there and that I was a woman fully grown. Let those skinny bitches shave their pussies and look like little girls. Me, I wanted to be a woman.

So anyway at twenty-eight I was hired by the man that owned the company that my husband worked for. His wife Theresa hired me to be the nanny to their baby boy Billy.

For the next two years I kept my husband happy and I took excellent care of that little boy but something was still missing. I knew about the surveillance camera in the master bedroom so I walked in and looked through Theresa’s jewelry box and picked out a very nice diamond bracelet. I tucked it into my bra and went out to the living room and sat on the couch to wait.

In about twenty minutes Theresa’s husband came in. I had been expecting him but he surprised me by sitting across my lap facing me. He lifted my tight sweater up just above my head and then he forced my bra up over my breasts and the bracelet fell between us.

He talked to me softly, he gently threatened me, and then he as much as called me his sex slave. I actually had an orgasm at that thought. Things were going better than I had expected.

Theresa had told me that she didn’t like sex with men, especially her husband. In fact it was her that put me up to seducing him. She didn’t mind him fucking me because it let her off the hook so to speak.

Whenever Theresa had had enough of old Mrs. Peabody’s pussy she would come to me. I may have to obey her when it comes to her son but in bed she obeyed me. She liked my pussy dirty. It didn’t matter if I hadn’t cleaned it out for a week or if I had leftover cum in me from one of our husbands. It didn’t matter if my bulldog Gus had fucked me that morning either. Theresa was almost as good at cleaning out my pussy as Gus was, only her tongue was not quite long enough to give me that extra thrill. It wasn’t just her either, no man could give me that thrill that Gus’ knot would give me when we hooked up.

So anyway for the next three years Theresa and her husband took me to bed, most of the time it was the two of them together. Theresa even started to enjoy having her husband’s cock inside of her. I know I did.

The better that I treated Theresa and her husband in bed the more promotions that my husband kept getting. Eventually Theresa’s husband was elected Mayor of San Diego, California. My husband practically ran his business for him. Billy was in school full time so my job ended.

However, having a husband at the top of a company got us an invitation to join the Country Club. Theresa and her husband sponsored us. While Theresa kept up her work kissing up the lady’s and licking them up too…I was kissing up to the men. More exactly I sucked their cocks and let them fuck my holes. Surprisingly none of those high and mighty women would take it up the ass. That gave me the edge that I needed to assure that my husband’s business kept growing.

He was not really aware of all of my efforts, so one day I made it perfectly clear to him that I wanted to fuck his customers and entice them to place bigger orders.

At first he was not impressed with his wife wanting to become the company prostitute. In fact he was not impressed to know that I wanted other men to fuck me. He wanted to think that he was capable of keeping me happy in bed. I convinced him that I had just grown tired of only having one man in my bed and that I needed to sow my wild oats. He had no clue as to my complete sexual past so he understood my desire.

The first few times that he hooked me up with a prospective customer he was nervous as all get out. Upon my return he wanted to hear all the details. Soon he realized that he really didn’t want to know all of those intimate details after all. He just accepted the fact that he was not only allowing other men to fuck me but that he himself was setting it up.

At least twice a week he would give me a hotel, room number, and the customer’s name. Each man would place an order for more than my husband had expected. That was when he realized just how good I was at my new job.

A month or so later the customer’s name was Gwendolyn. She was the head buyer for one of the biggest companies in Pennsylvania and could boost my husband’s sales tremendously. All I had to do was satisfy her in bed.

Well that was not as easy as it sounds. You see this was a new city for her and no one knew her so everything was fair game to her. She wanted me to stay by her side for a whole week plus both weekends. She called it ten days in hell…but I called it heavenly. She made me do every disgusting thing that she could think of and I loved every minute of it.

She had me meet her for the very first time in a fancy restaurant. I asked the Maître d' for Miss Edwards’ table. He had a young woman take me to her corner. Miss Edwards stood to greet me with a full contact kiss on the mouth, her hands on my ass, and her pulling my skirt hem up to my waist as she pushed me down onto my chair.

Then she said, “Remove those panties and place them on the center of the table.”

I did then she said, “Not wadded up you ninny, spread them out nicely.”

So I picked them up and fluffed them as I would upon removal from my dryer. I then laid them down neatly as she had requested.

She smiled at seeing a wet spot in the thin gusset and asked, “Did you get excited coming here or when you saw me?”

The answer was both but I said, “Upon seeing you Mistress.”

The waitress came over to see what I wanted to drink. She looked at the panties lying on the table and said, “Oh, I like those.”

Miss Edwards said, “I’ll trade you for the ones that you have on.”

The girl thought about it and then asked, “May I go into the bathroom?”

Before Miss Edwards could say a thing I replied, “No dear, you may not.” Then I reached up under her skirt, hooked my fingers into her waistband, and pulled them down her legs. She stepped out of them and I picked them up. I handed the girl my panties off the table and then placed her panties on it…neatly. Her panties were wetter than mine were.

After our salads arrived Miss Edwards said, “See that man in the brown suit going into the restroom? Follow him in and come back with a mouth full of his cum.”

I pushed my chair back and went to the men’s room door. I did not even look around to see if the coast was clear. I didn’t think that Miss Edwards would want me to.

The man was standing in front of the urinal and asked me what I wanted. He smiled when I told him that I wanted a mouthful of his cum. After he had finished peeing he simply turned toward me. I squatted down spreading my legs and showing him my fuzzy pussy. I sucked his cock into my mouth and then I sucked the last few drops of piss from the shaft. He grabbed the back of my head, intertwining his fingers in my hair and then he literally fucked my face. He was no different than most of the men that had fucked my face in the past few weeks.

I returned to Miss Edwards’ table, opened my mouth to show her the puddle of cum, and then I waited for her to tell me to swallow it. I waited for approximately three full minutes. Then I was allowed to swallow it. By then the man had rejoined his friends and was pointing in my direction.

Miss Edwards said, “I like you, you will do nicely. I may even extend my stay so that I can keep playing with you.”

That first hour was just the start of the most intense three weeks of my entire life.

The End
Robin - Her Story
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