I found a used pregnancy teaser and then things got exciting.
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The Pregnancy Test

It was my job to empty the wastebaskets in the house twice a week and to take the trashcans out to the curb every Tuesday. That and washing the dishes on Wednesday and Thursday after dinner got me my allowance for the week.

I found a pregnancy tester in my sister’s wastebasket and it was negative. She was not pregnant. But why was she even concerned? I was older than she was and I was still a virgin. She was supposed to be too. Apparently she was not.

Amelia was just thirteen years old. She was positively cute and had a superior set of breasts for a girl her age. She had a delightful rounded butt too. Her skinny jeans made her legs a thing of interest, especially where they met.

I was a year and a half older than Amelia was but I was still only fourteen years old.

I waited until I could get her alone in her bedroom. Her door was open. I walked in and closed the door behind me.

I asked, “Why did you need to take a pregnancy test?”

Amelia went white as a ghost. I assumed that she would come up with some plausible lie but instead she said, “Because I was afraid that I might be pregnant. Fortunately I am not.”

I asked, “Who is the guy?”

Amelia replied, “Jimmy Hill.”

Shocked I said, “That scumbag! He’s screwing Heather Norton.”

Amelia said, “No he isn’t. He broke that off two months ago.”

I replied, “No he didn’t. I saw him feeling her up in the hall this week. I saw him feeling up Diane Gibbs too.”

Amelia asked, “Really?”

I said, “Really! I told you that he is a scumbag.”

She was silent as she was thinking.

I asked, “When did it start and how many times have you done it?”

Amelia said softly, “About three months ago but I wouldn’t let him screw me until he broke it off with Heather. So the first time I let him do it was about two months ago.”

I asked, “So why the pregnancy test? Didn’t he use a condom?”

She replied, “No, we are both good Catholics. He won’t use condoms and Mom won’t let me get birth control. So we used the rhythm method.”

I asked once again, “So why the pregnancy test?”

Amelia looked down at the floor and said, “When I wouldn’t let him in my pussy, I would let him in my mouth. This month he insisted so I let him in my pussy. He picked absolutely the worst day too. I was at my peek.”

I asked, “Was he trying to get you pregnant on purpose?”

She said, “I think so. That’s why I got the early pregnancy test. But I’ll have to get another one for this week just to be sure.”

The next day at school I made up an excuse to get both Heather and Diane to come to my house on Saturday. I told each one of them, separately of course, that I needed a model for my art class and that I would gladly give them fifty dollars if they would sit for me for two hours while I sketched their faces.

When they arrived I confronted them with what I knew and with what I suspected. They were pissed at Jimmy. Neither of them knew about the other or about my sister.

Soon they were talking about Jimmy and their sex lives openly, including Amelia.

He was having sex with all three of them. After he found out about their first period he knew exactly when to force them into sex.

Then Heather said, “I wouldn’t let him the first two times he tried to do it during my fertile days. But then he brought his sister along. Bobbie talked me into a sixty-nine. I haven’t admitted it before but I like girls. I saw him enter his sister’s pussy just an inch from my eyes while I licked her clit. She had an orgasm. Then she got me so horny that I couldn’t say no when he entered me and cum inside of me. Then that bitch pushed my feet up next to my head while she licked my asshole and kissed my thighs. I was in that position for a long time, maybe fifteen or twenty minutes.”

Heather started crying and said, “Now…I’m pregnant.”

Amelia and Diane hugged her and cried with her.

It took them over an hour to calm down.

I asked my sister to call Jimmy’s sister and invite her to come over. We all listened her half of the conversation. She said that Jimmy had mentioned a possibly threesome with her and said that first she wanted to try a one on one with her.

Bobbie Hill arrived about an hour later. The other two girls were in my bedroom hiding with me. I saw Bobbie walk by my door on her way to my sister’s bedroom. I caught a glimpse through a very small crack. She was dressed to seduce. Her top was cut low and her skirt was very short.

Very quietly we crept down the hall to Amelia’s bedroom door and listened. She had left it open just a crack.

We were supposed to burst in when she got to her bra and panties but that wasn’t going to happen. She wasn’t wearing any. She kicked off her shoes, tossed her top, and dropped her skirt before my sister even got her shirt halfway up.

We burst in and shocked the hell of Bobbie.

She was very willing to tell us every thing that she knew. She didn’t even try to cover up her nudity. She sat on the edge of Amelia’s bed and started in.

It seems that Jimmy had been having sex with her for the past two years. Now that she was fifteen she knew better than to let him do it during her fertile days. The only thing that she could do to stop him was to cooperate fully with him. It was her job to help him seduce girls that would not otherwise let him.

Then she stared to list eight other girls that we had not known about. They all went or had gone to our Catholic high school the Immaculate Conception.

Now that I think of it, it was the perfect name for our school.

Five of those girls still go to our school. The three that did not had been rumored to have gotten pregnant. Bobbie confirmed that fact. It was a tradition to send pregnant girls off to a home for unwed mothers. After all sex was only to be for reproduction.

Then Bobbie looked right at me, spread her legs wide, and said, “I am so horny right now. Will you have sex with me?”

I said, “I’m a virgin.”

Bobbie said, “So was your sister until my brother talked his way into her sweet little pussy. If you want to get even with him, screw his sister. I don’t mind.”

Surprisingly the other three girls told me to go for it. They started telling me how great sex was and that I shouldn’t pass up a chance like that.

Bobbie walked me down to my bedroom and asked me if I wanted to do it with my door open so the other girls could watch.


The door was closed and locked by her. She walked to me and started to undress me. She kissed me first and boy was that ever exciting. She lifted my shirt and I raised my arms. She unbuttoned and unzipped my blue jeans and pushed them to my ankles. She just pushed me backwards, onto my bed and then pulled them off. I had removed my shoes when we snuck down to my sister’s bedroom to surprise them. I almost panicked when she grabbed my underwear. My cock was so hard that she had to tug twice to get them down.

Bobbie said, “Wow! That is nice. My brother is small compared to you.”

I asked, “Have you been with other boys?”

Bobbie replied, “No, just my brother. He won’t let me date other boys.”

She pushed me to the center of my bed and then climbed up on top of me. She rubbed her pussy a few times and then eased herself down onto me. It felt so good. She rode me for several minutes. She kissed me, she put my hands on her breasts, and she put a nipple in my mouth. It all felt so good that I just couldn’t take it any more. I shot my cum into her pussy.

I got another kiss and she rolled to my side and we cuddled.

I don’t know why but I asked, “Are you on birth control?”

She said, “No way. My parents would never let me.”

Then I asked, “Are you safe now?”

She smiled then got very serious. “No I’m on my optimum fertile day.”

I panicked and asked, “And you let me cum inside of you?”

Bobbie replied with a nice kiss and asked, “Do you want to do it again. It won’t change the odds by much. I’ll let you be on top this time.”

I came in her three times that Saturday. We told my mother that she was my girlfriend. Mom was very pleased.

That Monday morning the five of us went into the Principle’s office and told her what Jimmy had been doing.

She already knew and told us that he had been on probation. However, in light of this new information he would be expelled for his actions.

Fortunately, my sister and Diane got their periods, Heather had a miscarriage, and the school nurse helped get Bobbie on birth control.

Things were very interesting. Amelia would join Bobbie and I in bed one time a month, just before her period. A few days later we all knew that things were fine.

The End
The Pregnancy Test
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