this is Chapter to the Final chapter
Chapter two

A Day at work at the Drive-In
from Memory From Years ago

I went back and opened the stand it was a half hour before the crew was coming in. I wished I had her alone for myself I sure would have fucked her hard.
I waited for the crew to come in then we opened the stand it was not too busy because of the rain on and off this evening.

We received a phone call the on duty officer for this eve would not be here due to the rain and not a large crowd. the movie started that same girl I watched have sex with her boyfriend came in and asked for me.

Is joe avaible yes miss what for I need to ask him a question I am his friend I am right here . can speak to you a munite please. What seems to be the trouble can you please help us we can not seem to get a clear station .
we do not know whats wrong alright I will try I will help you I will be back gang.

the movie started Gina asked please come over to the ladies room with me alright but what is this all about not the radio . Thant was an excuse to get you out of the building oh I see.
Well what did you want me for . I wanted to let you know my boyfriends an asshole and I heard what you said. I heard you mumbling you wanted to fuck me good and hard .

Well jack you may have your chance I may need a ride home because he told me next time his load is going in my pussy and I am not on the pill. So fuck him I am not getting knocked up cause some asshole will not wear a condom. Will you Be available and will your girlfriend Mind.

I do not mind and no I do not have a present girlfriend that’s wonderful now lets see your cock .Hugh I asked Gina What did you say you heard me here she took and unbuttoned my pants and dropped them.

Gina started sucking on my cock but had to stop because we hears someone walking up. I am sorry miss I can try to get your ring out of the drain after I have to go get my tools alright sir thanks so much your welcome.

Wow that was close The boyfriend had walked up to where we were . What are you two doing Hugh .come on you little slut time to fuck I am going to fill you full of cum it will drip out like a Faucett running. He grabbed her arm and started pulling her I yelled hey let go of her now get your hands off her no way to treat her..

Why shes not your girl she my little slut he then took a swing at her hitting her face . she broke away and came and stood by me fuck you Joe you asshole.

Gina was in tears Listen Joe your going to have to restrain yourself your drunk . Gina whose car did you come in joes she said . I am eighteen and I have my license I don’t drive if i am going to drink .That’s good well apparently Joe had too much to drink and can’t drive you home.

Gina go inside say this code red I will retrain joe thanks she said and called joe a no good asshole again he tried to swing . I restrained him Gina went in side
The manger call for a patrol car. A little while later an unmarked pulled up

Hi jack is there trouble yes Tom there is this guy took a swing at her at her and hit her . How old are you young lady I’m eighteen I am Jacks friend we went to school together. Has your date been drinking yes officer and by his breath way to much.

look so you want him in custody Gina yes please officer and assault charge filed yes officer I do please. He hit me the asshole I never ever want you joe to come near me again.The office ordered him stay away from her Gina I will get you home safely I have your back Thanks jack the officer said your a good man.

Just doing my duty Gina you can stay with me inside if you wish its raining a bit heaver now I will thanks. The crew was asked if anyone wanted to go home they could the manger said I could handle with one other employee.

Becky will you stay and help jack sure and help Gina she’s been through a lot this eve please sure john thanks. Well Gina and becky went to talking I was helping few customers that came in making food putting out etc.

I over heard them so tell me becky does jack have a big you know yes he does.
We had sex off and on a few times dam hes think too he may stretch you out if your not careful. Gina I think you should call your parents jack I think you mean Parent . It is just mom and I at home dad left when I was twelve I am sorry don’t be dad was an asshole .

He was always screwing different woman from his office got one knocked up and took off with her so mom dad got a divorced. she called her mom how is you date going honey Gina’s mom asked he was arrested he hit me mom. Dam that joe he was no good I never liked him from the beginning.
Whom are you with honey Mom I am with becky and jack here let me talk to your mom alright jack here is mom.

Hello Mrs jones this is Jack Gina is alright I work her as security and concession stand employee. If you feel you should come down if you want to Jack I am actually at work now she called my cell. I working the over night double shift this weekend I will not be home Monday morning.

I am a nurse at the hospital would you mind bring Gina home of course not alright thanks so much jack. Then we hung up what did mom say jack to bring you home she will see you on Monday alright I forgot this is moms double shift weekend at the hospital.

Becky we have to close up everyone leaving because of the heavy rain now alright. I am going to lock the doors would you mind helping me becky no problem thanks much. Gina comes over to me Jack Fuck me now I am so horny Gina you surprised me after all you been through this eve .

Becky says jack if she wants to Fuck you should fuck you I may even join in if I feel I am up to it. Sure if you want to Becky make it a threesome. Gina suggests we go back to her house Becky says I have to be home by one thirty the latest well it is ten now. We had intermission were all locked ill set the alarm and were good to go.

We all get into my car we drive to Gina’s place about fifteen munites away well were here. Let me undo the alarm and we can go in then we can go to my bedroom and get naked . We all started getting naked wow I seen becky nude and I saw Gina nude but up close wow.

A very nice butt and a shaved clean pussy and a set of 38D MMMM Yummy I licked my lips you like jack yes Gina I do very much. Well go on the suck on them
I started to suck and lick her beautiful tits.

Becky started sucking my cock and licking my balls o god she knew how to please me.after a while i started on Gina’s hot we pussy. I sucked her clit my tongue licking in side her vagina just what ever I did drove her over the edge.

Oh ah your good jack I’m going to cum Gina screamed Oh God I;m Cuming oh baby yes o god yes oh ah ooh feels so good. I did not know she was a squirter
Wow juices flowing out every where soaking my face and her bed. put a rubber I entered Gina wet dripping pussy .

Ooh god your huge bigger than Joe Gina said I told you so Becky said Oh ah your o h god ah it so big it’s filling me up.

My dick slid in out slow and deep at first then a bit harder and faster each time sending Gina into orgasm after orgasm. Becky and I was making out as I pounded Gina’s tight eighteen year old vagina. I am going to cum I said after about fifteen munites Im going to O I am there Gins pull out jack I want to suck it alright

She sat up and took my hard cock in her mouth and started sucking on it as I was now ready to explode. I’m Cuming oh ah Gina Im cuming baby stroking my dick sucking trying to get every last drop from me. Oh that was awesome

Becky My turn now fuck me well get me hard again and I will so Gina and Becky went to work on me and after about twenty munites I was hard again. Spread Becky and she did oh boy was she ever ready wet.

I stuffed it in her and slammed my hard cock deeper harder faster like I use to when we had made love. This was sending Becky into a major orgasm once again her eyes rolled back in her head. She was screaming fuck me jack fuck my hot pussy . she was ready to cum again I’m cuming oh ah im cuming.

I thrusted harder deeper my balls slapping her ass. I’m going to cum Becky well Cum in me remember I’m on the pill Oh Becky I’m cuming oh ah oh ah harder thrusting pounding her as deep as I could go. I feel it jack I feel it so deep in me H Oh feels so good your hot load in me o fuck me oh ah oh it feels so good.

We collapsed together me on her then I rolled off her and Gina wanted to try again . Dam In no on the pill yet you just wait Jack wait until I get on the pill.
Gina does this mean you want me as your boyfriend well a lover any way
Good Becky then said this way we can share him he can satisfy us both at the same time.

Well fall came around Gina went to a local collage and lived at home Becky went
Out of state and well years later Gina found a guy and married him he was wealthy.

The End

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