I had a dream...

I asked you if you wanted a fuck
For no certain amount,
So you gave no buck.

We french kissed,
And stripped,
But didnt get pissed
Cause the housekeeper got tipped,
And caught us in the act.

I tweaked your tit,
You moaned,
You grabbed my bit,
I groaned.

We yanked the other,
In the tit and dick,
And grew bothered,
For we could really tick
Each other off.

I grabbed your hips,
And swung you around,
Mashing your tits,
To the ground.

My member in yours,
Had not yet happened,
I like tours,they arent bores,
So I stuck my dick in your cunt,
And pushed it far in,
We gave a grunt.

You were a virgin,
But I popped your cherry,
You almost called a sergeon,
But no worry,
I am not a Bloody Mary.

I pumped and pushed,
You swirled those hips,
I wooshed,
And smacked my lips,
To your smell.

I pulled out,
And you cried,
We cleaned all about,
I wont lie.

I love you,I do!
This was a dream come true,
For me and you.

To Elihh

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2013-08-22 12:42:29
after reading all your stories if you can do better please leavr writing to other better writers.

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2013-08-19 04:51:17
9 01:59:32

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2013-08-19 03:00:01
Please tell me if there is anything wrong or what you think,thank you.

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