A man separated from his sister by divorce years before finally travels to the US after flirting with her online.
The plane landed at JFK International Airport. The security to exit the airport was far worse than the security had been to get on the plane on the other side of the large pond they had just flown over.

Nathan and Karen along with what felt like half the population of US scurried around the airport batting in a civil way to get to loved ones, luggage, and cabs that were waiting for them.

Nathan and his wife were on their own as his mother had to work, leaving his 14 year old sister Katrina at home, or Kat for short.

Nathan procured a cab for them easily without having to make any calls as it was the practice of several cab companies to swarm the airport with their units looking for customers like sharks in shallow water looking for swimmers.

A cab immediately found the curb in their vicinity when the driver noticed Karen with that "what do we do now" look on her face. The driver who goes by the name of Roger, a balding man in his fifties had also noticed the long legs she wore accompanied by a short dress which got Roger's attention a lot faster than Nathan waving his hand in the air.

It was decided that they would stay in a small sub level apartment under a main dwelling just a few blocks from DC itself as they didn't want to crowd Nathan's family that already lived here.

The small apartment which was an accurate enough name for it was down some steps from street level and consisted of a small living area, small bathroom, very small kitchen, and a small bedroom that barely had room enough for anything else but the bed in it.

The first several days of Nathan and Karens trip were spent zooming around under the city on the tram, and riding more cabs, and buses on the surface, taking in all the sights you read about in the history books that the US is known for.

A big family dinner was planned for later in the week, but what the couple was looking forward to most is that had came upon the night when Kat was going to spend the night with them in their apartment, just as a kind of sibling bonding time with Nathan and she never gets to see her sis in law either, so it seemed like a good idea.


Nathan and Karen had another reason to feel excited about her visit, a guilty pleasure like no other that they practiced in the bedroom.

Karen had noticed early in their marriage how Nathan enjoyed talking about his sister, and as she became older and started her slight change into a woman from a gangly little girl, Nathan began taking more notice of her, a fact that Karen enjoyed teasing him about.

Even though Kat lived very far away most of her life, through pictures and short videos just to say hi that she sent her brother, Nathan noticed that somewhere between Kat's twilight of her girlhood and dawn of her woman hood, she had became a rare creature of capturing beauty in both face and form.

Through the media his sister sent him, Nathan could see her fingers as fine as bone china with the beauty that only youth can bestow. Her hair was a silken brown that you could go to sleep running your fingers through. Her face was thoughtful and poised. Taking it in as a whole was like finding your piece of serenity in a very still pond.

Nathan who had always been an admirer of young female forms found the World Cup of young ladies in his own sister.

The silhouette of her curves and the curves of many other young girls had lived in his mind for a long time, but her image found the heaviest rotation among his daily cloud of thoughts.

It wasn't just her frozen image on all the pictures he cherished and lusted after that he possessed. It was her movements, her voice and her facial expressions in the short videos she sent him.

Nathan had by no means married an unobservant woman as she sprang on his fascination with Kat during one of their more intimate times.

The bedroom had been a symphony of sounds strung out by the handsome couple who verbally pushed forth every article of taboo upon each other to run sex at its most dangerous velocity.

As Karen lay beneath him writhing her hips so Nathan could bury his cock deeper and plant his seed when the time came she realized a line that couldn't be crossed in her verbal assault, but promptly crossed over it anyway on a wild whim.

Her wetness increased before she could ever utter the words. Her next moan came almost as a growl as her mouth formed a small smile on her lips while she leaned up and in to her husbands ear and whispered "call me Kat."

Nathan stopped. His thrust ceased as Karen lay her head down underneath him again and stared placidly into his face. Her body still ached and raged with the cock inside her that had stopped using her pussy to strangle the sexual rage and frustration out of Nathan that that woman under him was none of the young girls that took up his constant obsessive thought.

"What did you just say?" he said breathing each word out slowly as his own lower body commanded a continuance of the current events.

"Call me Kat."

"Why...who are you talking about..."

"Nathan baby, shut up and listen and do what I say. Call me by your sisters name and enjoy the fuck out of it. Close your fucking eyes and pretend I'm her.

Nathan knew that the thing to do according to polite society was to refuse, to laugh it off, to deny it with a fierceness that said he had never had such a thought before. Denying this though felt like denying life at this moment.

He closed his eyes and like a man going to jump into a body of water to far below him, he took a dangerous plunge toward his most secret fascination and spat out her name in his wife's face as his hips drove his cock home and resumed an off the chart intercourse.

"Oh fuck me, fuck your sister Nathan, I know how bad you have wanted to," she said enjoying the feeling of just being used like he would use the younger girl, putting everything that was in him into each stroke.

"Kat," he hissed experiencing the the smallest reality of why incest could be the ultimate sexual encounter. Being with someone you not only loved but shared an intimacy with that that went beyond getting to know each other. It was something just beneath the surface to be peeled back and enjoyed for those who dared to make the attempt.

Karens moans were almost background noise now as all the things Nathan had felt for his sister had spilled from his soul.

"Oh Kat, I've wanted you for so long. I wanted to cum in your fucking pussy, and spray all over your face." Nathan said become wilder and more uninhibited with his wild movements pounding himself into his wife as hard and fast as he could. Forcing his body weight into her and he imagined her moans as Kat's moans. He wanted to destroy the little bitch beneath him that had teased him for long, the image of Kat in the front of his mind and his physical wife taking a back seat to it.

Karen lets out sounds of intense pleasure mixed with a tinge of pain at the way Nathan seems to want to crush her with his hips and gain further access deep inside of her.

Nathan let out a guttural cry that was all about Kat and not about Karen. His wife grinned with amazement as her husbands body shook in a way from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet that told her who he had really just came in...his fourteen year old sister.

The high didn't wear off for either of them for a while, but when it did, it was like someone coming waking up after heavy drinking the night before and realizing they had done something horrible.

The awkwardness was there. It wasn't one big pink elephant in the room, but a whole herd. Karen had no anger and really there was no regret between them except a guilt pushed on them by a society that would never know.

Nathan assumed sex might take a while to occur again at that point and maybe Karen did too a little. If that was the case, they were both proven wrong before the day was out as Nathan's wife saw a small opening in conversation as Nathan accidentally knocked a small framed pic of Kat over and set it back up.

He stared at it for a moment and then noticed Karen was staring at him just as intently.

"Ummm I just knocked it over by accident," he said.

Karen barely heard the words as she remembered the change in her own sex drive when she had taken on her role as Nathan's sister. Without giving herself time to think it over or chicken out, she approached Nathan and said "if you want to see Kat, she's in the bedroom waiting for you."

Karen quickly turned and walked toward the bedroom and Nathan was following before he even remembered telling his feet to move.

This became their new guilty pleasure. Karen felt like a woman who enjoyed sex more than any other being, willing to transform herself into a 14 year old girl for her husband. It got her going and got her off in the worst and best way.

Although as much as this role-play got her wet, she could never reach the level of pure fuckery that her husband seemed to enjoy like satisfying some kind of animal instinct suppressed by evolution.

The awkwardness always followed but never quite as bad and both knew it was never and could never be sever enough to stop. Sometimes it was even a reminder to get things started when Kat was bought up in the most casual way, it often led to the most incredible sex.


In the weeks leading to their visit to the US they had planned to lay off the Kat role play in bed but it always seemed to rear up like horse that could not be tamed, and neither one of them tried to hard to stop it.

During their increased libidos, fantasy begin to slip into reality as messages, pics, vids were being exchanged between Nathan and Kat, flirting slipped in as it has a way of doing in the most innocent situations. Kat seemed not only receptive to this but reciprocative as well.

Both Nathan and his sister became bolder and bolder slowly bypassing one taboo after another and having an online meeting of their minds featuring their hidden feelings and urges for each other.

Karen was unaware of the more intimate correspondences and especially of the short videos Kat sent her husband, which were perfectly innocent unless you could pick up the subtle hints and nuances in Kat's face as she spoke and the and every now and then the young girl were mumble a quiet and true expression of her want for Nathan.

Nathan had immensely enjoyed all the online time with his sister, but now with the actual day that they were set to meet each other staring him in the face, he wondered if it had all been a mistake. How awkward would this visit be? For him? For her? Even for Karen who only knew of role play in the bedroom.

A lot of fears rolled through Nathan's mind. He thought that she might not want to come at all. Did his mother set it up for her to come and spend the night or was it Kat's idea? He couldn't remember how it had all come about. Was she being forced to come here, would she be terrified? He had a beer to calm himself down and convinced himself that she would probably just act normal if not a little off and he could chalk any awkwardness up to not seeing her in a while if his wife did happen to notice.

His paced around their little rented apartment now below street level in a country he did not live in and his thoughts were interrupted by Karen who said "hey, just got a text, your mother and Kat are on street level, she is just dropping her off."

Nathan stood frozen until Karen gave him and amused look and said "well don't keep them waiting."

He didn't say anything, but went out what passed for the front door and ascended the steps. As usual, all the parallel parking was taken on the street and he was thankful they didn't have to put up with a car while they were here and that public transportation was so available.

His mom was simply parked in the road and already standing next to the car was Kat. She seemed to be struggling with a huge duffel bag and one smaller bag, and then a purse. She looked like she had packed for a week, and didn't notice Nathan until he was in the process of relieving her of her large bag.

She said nothing but smiled her thanks instead up at her big brother with a look of anticipation in her eyes that made Nathan forget all his previous worries and relax.

He quickly went to the side of his moms car and exchanged greetings and a hug through the window, promising to see her soon at the family dinner that had been planned later in the week.

His mom left in a hurry as traffic was already having to go around her and waved as she drove away so that she no longer blocked the street.

Kat turned and beamed at Nathan the way young teenagers do when they are finally able to get away from parents for a little while. To Nathan the look on Kat's face seemed like more than simple obligatory happiness to her brother that you show family you haven't seen in a while.

He felt nervous looking at her, finally being in her presence again after all this time, and after all the flirtations, both the harmless ones, and the ones that crossed way over the line that separated them as brother and sister.

Nathan suddenly felt a desperate need to give his sister a hug as she stood on the side of the street holding her small bag and a purse, but decided against it being unsure of how much his secret desires might be broadcast in public so he simply told her to follow him inside.

He led the way and wished he could have been the one watching her from behind but felt her eyes on him just the same.

They made it in, Kat threw down her stuff and Nathan dropped the duffel. Kat ran to Karen and they exchanged an over exaggerated hug as girls of any age can do. He felt a pang of jealousy and then Kat turned around in her tank top and short shorts and smiled at him from across the room, a look of determination on her face.

Her little flip flops covering the bottoms of her petite feet slapped against the floor as she ran to Nathan with a grin spread wide on her face. She collided with her brother full force as if she was still 7 instead of 14 and gave him a hug so tight that the one with Karen definitely came in 2nd place. Kat felt bony because of the way she held tightly, but also soft, and could have been very soft with a gentler hug.

She parted from her brother after to long and not long enough depending on who you ask.

"So where do I put my stuff?" Kat asked.

I motioned to the small living area directly around us and bags were tossed down marking her territory.

Kat looked puzzled for a moment scanning the small dwelling herself and asked "Where do I sleep?"

Karen cut in this time as the question caught Nathan off guard, mostly because his immediate thought was Kat in their bed and as if Karen could read his mind she said "well you can sleep on the couch and if you get scared you can come sleep in the bed with us," she teased.

This particular tease had not only been directed at Kat because at that moment Karen gave Nathan a sly smile that made him turn away from the girls so he could blush furiously without being noticed. And if Karen could, she would point it out for her amusement and watch Nathan squirm as he tried to explain.

The small kitchen in the rented apartment was no place to prepare even a modest meal in Karen's opinion so they simply ordered pizza.

Kat unpacked while she waiting for the pizza, it was another kind of girl thing to somewhat unpack you bags when you are simply staying somewhere for a night.

Karen took her extra clothes she had bought with her that seemed impossibly small for someones even Kat's age and size to wear. I even glimpsed extra bra and panties and wondered if I would get the opportunity to examine them closely since her clothes were going in with Karens.

The pizza boy came, more of a guy in his forties who looked like he enjoyed his job as much as a good kick in the ass. He droned out the order and the cost as he stood there, but new life dawned in his eyes as he saw cat. He could barely perform the pizza/money exchange for admiring the young lady in the room. And when finished, he tried to start jovial small talk, a task he was way out of practice at in a vain attempt to prolong his presence in the doorway.

Nathan said thank you and basically had to shut the door on him to get him to leave. Were all people in the US this rude he wondered, or at least the delivery ones? He thought not, and part of Nathan couldn't blame him for standing there, but most of him was just glad to see the guy go.

The pizza went over well. Watching Kat eat was a pleasure as she would purse his lips together in a hard grin after most bites and say mmmmmmm, while closing her eyes.

The gesture got a laugh out of me and Karen and Kat then giggled so hard she almost lost the food out of her mouth that has caused the enjoyment in the first place. This just bought more, harder giggles from everyone.

The rest of the evening they sat and talked for hours with the TV going in the background. Kat and Karen filled most of the conversation and Nathan listened, interjecting an opinion or something simply funny every now and then.

Eventually they all decided to go to the parks in the morning so it was decided to go on to bed so all of them could get there and get up before it got to hot.

Nathan and Karen settled Kat onto the couch after she went into the bathroom and changed into some pj's and kept on the tank she was already wearing.

The couple retreated to their bedroom. Nathan knew that sex featuring his wife playing the role of Kat tonight would have been the hottest night of his life having just spent time with his sister and her still being so close, but there was no way that she would not hear them and probably run away from embarrassment.

The couple laid in their bed which was not really theirs for about twenty minutes talking quietly of the nights events. Karen started teasing Nathan to no end asking him things like if he had seen his sister bend over, or had seen down her shirt, or wouldn't her tiny hands feel good on her husbands balls...

Nathan had a fierce erection at the thought of his sister in the other room and thought he would never get to sleep.

Both Karen and Nathan however had just started slowly drifting when three slight taps sounded at their bedroom door. Both of them sprung back fully awake, Nathan erection had settled down and so he was able to get up just wearing his pj bottoms and move to the door.

He opened it and even knowing Kat would be standing there, he still felt a rush.

She didn't say anything for a moment, but then said "Can I just sleep in here with you guys, I can here the traffic from the street and it makes me nervous?" She asked almost sounding embarrassed.

"Sure," Karen said chiming in behind Nathan and Kat rushed past him and flung herself into the bed with the energy of youth that was awkward and graceful.

Before Nathan returned to the bed, he caught the look Karen shot him of "dream come true right" as she sported her devilish grin.

Nathan climbed back into bed with Kat between them.

Nathan got the surprise of his life as soon as he was under the covers again and Kat whispered to him asking "Does Karen know about us?"

Before he could respond, Kat got a worried, and wild look on her face almost as she was about to cry that he didn't respond fast enough. Then she shocked everyone in that bed, including herself. There was enough light coming from a small lamp Karen insisted bringing and leaving it on at night, for her to witness Kat lean quickly into her brothers face and give him a hard kiss like a woman suffering from a jealousy of the worst kind.

Kat became scared of her sister-in-laws reaction as she held onto Nathan and buried her head in is bare chest and softly cried.

A lot of things became clear to Karen then, including a relationship she didn't know had developed into something else between Kat and Nathan online at some point.

Karen made a decision and reached over and rubbed the young girls back, first over her shirt and then she slid her hand under it to Kat's smooth skin. She still had the fresh skin that women would kill for.

Karen rubbed her hand all the way up and down Kat's back. The young girl only wore the tank top with nothing underneath.

Kat's breathing became relaxed and her quiet sobs ceased. Karen decided to push it a little further, maybe for Nathan, or Maybe because Kat felt so good to her as well.

Nathan watched over Kat's shoulder with curiosity that could not be denied at what his wife was doing.

Karen moved her hand out from underneath Kat's shirt and let it slide lower to her ass. While any man would have grabbed, pinched, and squeezed, Karen delicately caressed the young girls bottom that gained approving moans from kat that bought Nathan erection back to life.

Kat wasn't laying directly over Nathan, so she did not become away of this.

Karen bought her hand down and rubbed further down in-between Kat's legs and Kat adjusted slightly to allow this as Karen neared places Kat had never been touched before.

She stopped then and instructed Kat to turn over and she complied without a word. The heat of sexual frustration showing in her cute cheeks the made her face glow when she smiled.

Karen then went for bold, climbing on top of Kat, lowering herself so that her own breast laid on top of Kat's small chest and leaned in to whisper in her ear. Karen removed herself from Kat and the young girl turned back to Nathan.

While Nathan looked into her little sisters curious eyes, Karen pulled the cover suddenly back and Nathan's erection was unmistakable as it tented his pjs. Everything was revealed in the next moment as Nathan's wife didn't stop at ripping the covers off. She pulled his pjs down so fast that there was a small tearing sound in the fabric and and Kat gasp and giggled at the same time falling back on the bed with her hands over her mouth.

Karen quickly climbed on the young girl again, an act Kat seemed not to mind at all, and instead of sharing a secret this time, starting kissing her neck. The small 14 year old goddess let her eyes roll back in her head as this woman's lips were the first ever to make it to her neck.

Kat's legs spread apart and rested in that position, it was now all systems go for the three people in that bed.

Karen rolled off of the much younger, petite girl and motioned for Nathan to take her place on top of his sister.

It was almost a moment he wanted to savor. No words would form for Nathan as he slowly crawled over, his erect cock pointing directly at his sister as his form that hovered above her.

Kat just stared at him for a moment with a "isn't this cool" look on her face as if she and her brother were simply about to ride a roller coaster together, and in a way, she was.

Kat's eyes grew into big circles and Nathan caught that she lifted her hips as her pj bottoms came off, pulled by Karen at the foot of the bed. If there had been any panties, they went down with the ship that were her pants.

Nathan lifted her fun sized figure and disrobed her the rest of the way by pull off her tank top.

Nathan stared down his sisters naked form for the first time since she was a baby, my how she had grown. She wasn't smooth all the way down as a light, small, soft patch of fur decorated her inner thighs. The small mounds of breast were caught between a flat taunt tummy and beautiful neck line.

The look on her face read as almost impatient about being interrupted by Karens loving touch and now she was only being admired from afar. Nathan solved this.

He came down on her being carful not to poke his cock into things that were not ready. Karen watched from the sidelines automatically disrobing herself to at least be that much as a part of it for the time being.

He planted his kiss on her lips and she fired back with enthusiasm. Nathan had watched his wife carefully and went for the neck. He wasn't as skilled as his wife at it, but Kat laid still for him and grinned because he was unintentionally tickling the soft area.

Nathan moved down to her tits, which made Kat's eyes flash wide and a huge audible gasp escaped her lips as Nathan beared down with kisses and nibbles on the very sensitive area.

The sounds that came from Kat now were akin to Karen working on her neck.

Kat looked over then, Karen had climbed back into the bed, as nude as the other two and began working on herself down below. The little girl looked in amazement as the older woman sought out a an intense pleasure using her own fingers.

Kat instinctively and anomalistically pushed her brothers head down as far as she could until he struck gold between her legs. His kisses felt wonderful now working on her second pair of lips, but it was nothing compared to when he pushed her own female lips aside with his tongue and went to work.

Katrina began making the sounds reserved for womanhood. They were sounds she never thought would fly out of her mouth for anyone to hear, but she didn't care anymore. Nothing mattered but this moment.

Karen increased the pace of her fingers and her sounds echoed Kat's like some erotic duet.

The smell of Kat's juices and what made her his sister filled Nathan's nose. The taste was almost sweet like the first sip of a can of coke before it goes flat. Her brother continued to work on Kat's pussy with a constant barrage of his tongue showing no mercy until Kat produced a long death like moan as if she had been stabbed and then the rivers of satisfaction soaked her tight cunt.

The young lady breather heavily now, her whole body shaking. Nathan waited until her body made it way past a shudder. She was ready.

Karen was as much background as the bed was now.

Nathan wiped his mouth with his hand, adjusted, and kissed his sister deep while holding his hips in the air.

He bought himself down like there was no room for error and he gently found her snug opening.

Her natural lubricant caused some immediate give but that did not keep her from feeling sharp burst of hot pain as this part of her brother made his way in.

The hand Karen had used to pleasure herself now made its way over to Kat's and held it like a big sister would. The small girl squeezed it hard in response to the foreign object being inserted below.

The mixture of cum, and now blood made Nathan's cock like an excited kid on the best water slide ever, except with this one you went up and down or in and out if you prefer.

For the what felt like the longest time, Kat simplest bared it and suffered it for her brothers sake because she could hear the enjoyment coming from his voice. She could hear her name being called over and over again like he was used to using it in this manner.

Finally the white hot pain inside of her dimmed enough as small amounts of pleasure broke through.

At first she was able to do nothing, but slowly her hips found that being in motion was agreeable enough and caused no additional pain. Her hand loosened from Karen's grip as Kat's body was tense no longer.

It hurt, it was messy, but it was becoming ok.

She tested herself, allowing herself to focus on the mechanics down below and the sensations inside of her.

She tested her own sounds out and found the moment she was in easier. She had never saw her brother this ridiculously happy before and that pleased her more then he physically could.

She held on to the emotional, intimate side of sex, while Nathan existed out of his mind in a land of Nirvana. Kat's beauty and form amplified and focus through the lens of his cock.

Every muscle and soft curve of her body was lit up as if electricity were being applied, like making a dead frog dance, but Kat was anything but dead and became more lively, if not clumsily so to join her brother where he lived in this experience.

This was a dream they both shared and no one could wake them up. Their bodies at times painfully colliding like a raft on class 5 rapids on a dangerous river. Sometimes the danger made it fun.

Nathan began to sound off like a motor turning over. Kat's own orgasms came quickly and without ceremony, just a slight stumble on the marathon she was running. My how she enjoyed her stumbles.

Her brother continued to sound like he wanted to say something but kept choking back the words. He wasn't trying to form words, it was the idea of his seed joining the deep insides of his sister that had him speechless and voided him of higher brain functions as he couldn't wait to inbreed through the cunt before him.

Kat from her more emotional point and Nathan from his purely physical point met as he lent his explosion to find a new form of life within her.

It felt as thought everything in his lower anatomy surged forth like a colossal tsunami covering everything in its very narrow path. He was leaving a mark on his sister that would never be forgotten for its intensity and passion.

He finished his last main attack as the liquid essence of him flowed into her for safe keeping. His tired form collapsed on her allowing a slow release of several more streams to the already present River.

Finally he moved himself off his sister a little bit, his dick falling sloppily out. Both him and Karen from the other side of the bed looked at her.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Yeah ummmm."

"What is it sweetie?" Karen asked.

"Can I spend tomorrow night here too?"

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