It was the start of summer and I was listening to my sister and her two friends talking and blushed. They were comparing guys and how it didn’t take them long to cum. I knew she didn’t know I was here or she would never have said anything. I am fifteen and she is sixteen. She, Robin and Sandy were best friends and had been together for as long as I could remember.

I was in the kitchen sitting with my back to the wall and they were in the living room. They were arguing on which of three guys lasted the longest. I finally stood and walked to the doorway and looked at them as they turned and saw me. They blushed and my sister opened her mouth.

I headed for the hall, “you could have a contest to decide who lasts longer.”

They looked at each other and then giggled and Sandy, a petite red head grinned, “the guys would love that.”

I went to my room to start watching a video and a moment later the three stopped in the doorway. Kaira cleared her throat, “what kind of contest?”

She was blushing and so were the other two. I shrugged, “three days. One day each of them fucks a different one of you while he is timed. I would put them on their back and straddle them so they can’t fuck you hard. They would have to just lay there and let your pussy get them off.”

They looked at each other before grinning and Kaira crossed to kiss me on the mouth, “thanks.”

She left as I stared after her and Robin and Sandy grinned, “would you fuck her?”

I grinned, “yeah or you.”

They laughed and turned to follow my sister. It was a week before I heard anything and I was coming home from working as a cashier in a store. I glanced at the note from mom saying she would be late. I went to shower and change into a robe before sitting at my desk to check e-mail. Kaira, Robin and Sandy walked in and closed the door behind them.

I looked at them and Kaira grinned, “we got the answer.”

She pulled me up and to my large bed, it was the first thing I bought when I had the money. She stripped my robe off, “they were all quick to pop.”

She pushed me onto the bed and Robin pulled me up and all the way onto it. She sat on one side and Sandy the other as my sister stripped and crawled up and straddled me before slowly impaling her pussy. She wiggled and shifted and rubbed before settling, “you have a large cock little brother.”

I grinned as I reached up to feel her breasts, “and you have a tight pussy.”

They laughed and Kaira’s pussy tightened. She shivered as she slowly rubbed her pussy on me while it continued to grasp and squeeze. I kept kneading her breasts as my cock throbbed and pressed against her open cervix. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy became a lot slipperier. Her pussy was constantly clenching as she wiggled and ground against me.

Robin and Sandy had to hold her up when she began to wail and shudder again. It was over twenty minutes before I needed to cum and by then my sister was incoherent. My cock was pressing into her cervix as I arched my back and held her hips. I gushed a huge geyser of cum through her cervix.

I shuddered and Kaira jerked and screamed at the feel of my warm sperm pumping into her, “yes!”

I shook as I continued to spurt and spew until I was done and slowly relaxed. They let my sister go and she laid on me as her slimy pussy kept grasping. She shuddered and turned her head before grinning, “nice Roger.”

She lifted her hips and rolled off me and I groaned. Robin stroked my slimy cock, “I get you tomorrow.”

I smiled as I looked at my sister, “and what prize do I get if I win?”

They laughed and moved to help Kaira off the bed. She looked at me as she wiped the cum leaking out of her pussy, “more pussy.”

I grinned as they laughed and walked out. I moved off the bed and grabbed my robe before going to wash. When I walked into the kitchen looking for food mom was just getting home. My sister, Robin and Sandy took the Chinese she was carrying and began setting the table. I didn’t think mom knew about the contest but she surprised me.

She looked at the girls, “so who won the contest?”

Sandy grinned, “we picked a new contestant. Roger lasted twenty one minutes before cumming in Kaira.”

I looked at her and then at mom as she giggled and reached out to caress my face, “stud.”

My sister laughed, “and he came more than all three of the other guys.”

I was blushing as they laughed again but mom smiled. I pushed them out after we finished eating and cleaned up before going to bed. I had to be up early for my job and dreamed of pussy all night. When I got home I heard the girls in Kaira’s room and went to shower before putting my robe on.

I checked my e-mail and was thinking of playing a game when they walked in. I glanced at mom leaning against the door but Robin pulled me up and to the bed before stripping the robe off. I laid back and she straddled me and slowly sat on my cock. She wiggled before grinning as I shivered and reached for her breasts, “I would really like to lick your pussy first.”

They laughed and I turned to look at mom as she stripped on the way to the bed, “you can lick me honey.”

When she was naked she moved onto the bed and straddled my head. Robin was rubbing her pussy back and forth while it constantly tightened and squeezed. She was shivering and moaning as I looked up at my mother’s pussy and pulled her down. I licked through her pussy and nibbled on the inner lips before capturing her clit.

I wiggled my tongue and sucked while she shuddered and humped back and forth. Her pussy had a hint of strawberries and was musky but I liked it and tried to hold her as I kept licking. Robin bounced and rocked and thrust on and off and I heard her wailing as she wet me. Her tight pussy kept clenching around my cock as she started twisting and turning.

Mom was moaning and shuddering as I continued to tease her clit and push my tongue into her. It was several minutes before she spasmed and fell off and I looked up at Robin. She was jerking and shaking while grinding and rubbing her pussy. I reached up and began to knead her breasts and tug on the nipples.

She jerked and screamed while her pussy gripped my cock and something opened and I slipped deeper. She twisted and rolled her hips as Kaira and Sandy held her up while I began to thrust up. Mom turned and put her head on my shoulder as Robin panted and spasmed erratically. She was constantly tossing her head and wailing and totally incoherent.

It was a long time before I groaned as I held her hips and kept thrusting up and into her while pulling her down. I finally held her as my back arched and I grunted while I pumped a geyser of cum through her cervix. She jerked as her pussy began squeezing and milking my cock. I grunted and shook with each thick spurt until I was finally done.

I lay back and took a deep breath as they let Robin slid off beside me. Kaira laughed, “twenty six minutes.”

Robin turned her head and looked at me, “and he still came a lot more than anyone else.”

Mom laughed and kissed me passionately, “and he licked my pussy really good.”

They all laughed as I blushed and Sandy rubbed my stomach, “my turn tomorrow.”

Mom reached down to my slimy cock, “and then mine.”

I looked at her as the girls laughed again and then moved off the bed. It was awhile before I got up and went to wash. I put pajama bottoms on and went out to eat and then go into the living room. The girls came in with mom and Sandy sat on my lap while my sister and Robin snuggled up on each side.

That was kind of nice and I held them until the movie they were watching was over. This time they went to get ready for bed and then pulled me into my mother’s room. They were wearing night gowns and Robin and Sandy snuggled against me while mom held Kaira. I woke up when I heard my alarm and climbed over Robin.

I went to my room and shut the alarm off before going to wash and dress and then heading out for my job. I had to work a ten hour shift and came home to music and dancing. There was the smell of cooking and mom smiled from the kitchen doorway, “you have plenty of time for a shower.”

I needed it and stripped on the way to the bathroom. When I was done I put my robe on before going to my room. I found the girls and mom waiting with just robes on and hesitated before Kaira caught my hand, “unless you take a half hour we have time.”

I looked at her as I was pulled to the bed and stripped before they laid me back, “when this is over I am fucking one or all of you until my balls are empty.”

They laughed as Sandy strokes my hard cock while slipping the robe she was wearing off. She straddled me and slowly sat on my cock and then Kaira grinned and bent to kiss me, “want to lick some pussy?”

I laughed, “silly question.”

She laughed with the others as Sandy wiggled and settled with my cock pressed against her cervix. Kaira moved onto the bed and straddled my face and I pulled her hips down before licking through her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and then captured her clit. She humped and rubbed her pussy back and forth on my face as Sandy began to turn and twist.

She rubbed her pussy on me as it kept squeezing. I tried to ignore the way her pussy felt as it constantly grasped and milked my cock. Instead I continued to lick my sister and then captured her clit. I started sucking and tugging on it with my lips and she spasmed and jerked. She twisted and thrust back and forth harder to rub her pussy on my face while she shook.

It took awhile before she rolled off and Sandy was jerking and grinding as she pushed down to get my cock deeper. Robin was naked and laughed as she straddled my head to replace Kaira. I pulled her hips down and pushed my tongue into her before trying to lick and wiggle my tongue on her clit.

She shuddered as Sandy wailed and started bouncing. I began sucking on her clit hard and Robin started jerking erratically and grinding against my face. Her pussy was wetter as she twisted and turned while she spasmed. Sandy rocked harder, almost pulling off my cock before slamming down hard.

She yelled and rolled her hips as her slippery pussy kept clenching and squeezing. It was several minutes before Robin fell off and rolled and my mother took her place. Sandy was grunting and thrusting back and forth almost desperately as I captured mom’s clit. I wiggled my tongue as I sucked hard and kept it up.

She jerked and shuddered as she tried to rub her pussy on my face. I was slowly lifting my hips and trying to thrust up into Sandy as she jerked and her pussy milked my cock. I shook my head while sucking on mom’s clit and squeezing it between my lips. She jerked and shuddered as she started to twist and moan.

I finally grunted as I arched my back and thrust up into Sandy. My cock erupted in a strong fountain of cum and she screamed while spreading her knees, “yyyyeeeeeesssssss!”

I shuddered and kept thrusting up as I continued to cum while attacking mom’s clit. I sagged to the bed when I was done and mom fell to one side and Sandy fell on me panting, “that was a long ride.”

My sister and Robin laughed while I hugged her and humped. She spasmed and shuddered while her messy pussy tightened and squeezed, “ooohhhh!”

She shook me and gave me a kiss before lifting her hips and moving off me, “how long was it?”

Kaira giggled, “twenty nine minutes.”

Mom turned and kissed me, “got to go.”

She rolled out of bed and grabbed her robe before walking out. I followed the girls off the bed and put my robe on before I went to the kitchen. Mom was putting dinner on the table as the girls whispered together. Like the day before I cleaned up after dinner. I sat with Kaira on my lap to watch a movie and the other two cuddled against me.

After the movie they pulled me up to get ready for bed. This time after I was pulled into mom’s bedroom they stripped and climbed into bed. I hung my robe up before turning the light off and moving to the bed. I slipped into bed and mom rubbed my chest before pulling on me. I moved over her and between her legs as she spread them.

I felt her hand as she guided my cock and I pushed into her almost hot pussy. She shivered and wiggled as I pushed deeper before I kissed her and started to fuck her. I used long slow thrusts and began to press and rub each time I buried my cock. Mom moaned and shuddered as she lifted her hips and her pussy constantly tightened, “mmmm!”

I continued to fuck her with long strokes while enjoying the way her pussy kept squeezing my cock. A few minutes and she was constantly shuddering while thrusting up harder. I kissed her and suddenly fucked her hard and deep. She lifted and spread her legs wide as I kept hitting and pushing against her cervix each time I buried my cock, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I fucked her hard for awhile and then buried my cock and began to hump, press and jab. Mom clutched me as she wet me and her pussy clenched, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I kept kissing her as she thrashed around and struggled under me. After a couple of minutes I pulled back to fuck her with long strokes. She began bucking and spasming while her slick pussy continuously tightened and grasped my cock. She twisted and writhed around as I kept fucking her, “ROGER!”

I kissed her and went back to fucking her firmly. I began to rub against her and grind and she started convulsing as she clung to me, “oooohhhhh!”

It was awhile before I shoved all the way into her and pressed into her open cervix as my cock gushed a stream of cum. Mom jerked as her pussy clenched and contracted, “YES!”

I held her as I pumped sperm into her while she shuddered and moaned. When I was finished I took a deep breath as I relaxed. Mom was panting as Kaira giggled, “twenty three minutes.”

I gave mom another kiss before pulling out and moving towards my sister. She grinned and laid back as I moved over and between her legs, “my turn?”

I kissed her and grinned, “my turn.”

I started kissing down her body and the other girls laughed while she giggled and tilted her hips. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit. I sucked and squeezed it and began to use my tongue and tease it. She humped and moaned and sighed and shivered until finally trying to close her legs and twisting.

I grinned and moved up her body and kissed her as she panted and pushed into her pussy. She groaned as I pushed deeper before pulling back. I started to fuck her slowly with long thrusts and she began to lift her hips and put her arms around me. It wasn’t long before she was very slippery and shuddering constantly.

Her pussy kept squeezing my cock as she began to wail. She shook and jerked as she kept thrusting up. I fucked her steadily with long deep strokes that pushed my cock against the back of the pussy. Every few minutes she began to spasm and buck as she howled. After awhile I felt her cervix open as my cock kept pushing against it.

She jerked and bucked while her pussy clenched, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

She lifted her legs and spread them as she started to kick in the air. I finally felt my balls churning and shoved into her and pushed harder before I began to spew cum. Kaira hugged me tight while I pumped spurts of cum into her cervix, “mmmm!”

I slowly relaxed and shivered while her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. Robin chuckled, “twenty six minutes.”

I kissed my sister and pulled out as Robin rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs. Mom pulled Kaira against her as I moved over and between Robin’s legs. She tilted her hips as she looked back and I pushed into her. I slowly buried my cock before wiggling as I pressed. I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep strokes.

A few minutes and she was panting and wiggling while her pussy was constantly squeezing. I fucked her hard as I shifted up and she jerked and wailed as she began to kick the bed and struggle, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I kept fucking her with long plunging thrusts as she began to howl and spasm. She kept her hips tilted while her pussy continued to clench and grasp my cock. Every minute or so she was yelling and began thrashing around while wetting me and the bed. It was awhile before I moved down and then shoved straight up and buried my cock.

Robin jerked and her pussy grasped my cock as I began spurting cum. She screamed and squirted while shaking, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shuddered and humped as I pumped and spewed while she kicked the bed. When I was done I relaxed and pulled out as she panted and shuddered. I laid beside her and Sandy chuckled, “thirty minutes.”

I growled as I reached for her while the others laughed. This time I fucked her until she came and moved to mom and then my sister and finally Robin. It was a couple of hours before we slept. Over the years they have tested one or two guys but always return. Robin and Sandy live with me and mom but Kaira moved out for a year before returning.

The years since have been good to us and at least once a year they have a contest to see who I last the longest in or cum in the most.
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