Amber had been my friend since we were ten. We explored and experimented with sex together and at seventeen we got married. She had always been a reluctant sex partner so our sex life was not a good one. It caused a lot of arguments and a year later we agreed to get a divorce. It was a friendly divorce but our friendship suffered and we grew apart.

I went to college and began to write mystery books that caught on. Three years after we divorced I had bought a place in the mountains. The isolation helped me write and after Amber I wasn’t ready for a woman in my life. I was typing in the glass gazebo with rain pouring down in the woods around it.

I glanced at the phone when it rang and was tempted to shut it off. I picked it up and turned to look out at the rain as I answered, “hello?”


I smiled, “Hey Amber.”

“Trent, my sister and I need a place to stay.”

I looked towards the house, “I only have one bedroom.”

I heard her take a breath, “we really need someplace Trent.”

I sighed and turned to my laptop, “still have the same e-mail address?”


I brought up a map and saved it before putting it in an e-mail and sending it, “I just sent my address and the location.”

“Thanks Trent, you won’t be sorry.”

I hung up and tried to get back into my story. I finally packed up and grabbed the umbrella to go back to the house. I cleaned up and started a fire in the fireplace before Amber got here. It was an hour before I heard the car and opened the front door. The driver got out and I recognized Billy, Amber’s younger sister.

She pulled on a leash and Amber slid out before closing the door and following as Billy led her to the door. Billy grinned and walked straight into my arms to kiss me, “hey Trent.”

I gave her a hug and looked at Amber. Billy turned, “kiss him whore.”

Amber pressed against me and kissed me passionately while humping. I held her stunned until she was pulled back and Billy grinned, “thanks for letting us stay. I needed to get my whore away, she was spreading her legs when any male walked by.”

I looked at Amber and then turned and gestured, “like I said I only have one bedroom but I can sleep on the couch.”

Billy snorted as she walked in, “you will sleep in your bed with us. You can use my whore if you need to cum.”

I looked at Amber as she followed her sister and shook my head, “what happened?”

She blushed and looked down as Billy looked at her, “I caught the whore fucking my boyfriend. She belongs to me now and will fuck who I say, when I say and where I say.”

I looked at Amber and then smiled and reached out to feel Billy’s ass, “what if I wanted some of this?”

She grinned, “before or after you fuck my whore?”

I stepped up close and pulled her back and against me, “both.”

She laughed and wiggled as she pushed her butt back, “we are going to have so much fun.”

I looked at Amber to see her grin and let Billy go, “do you need to bring anything in?”

She nodded and turned to pull Amber after her. I shook my head and went to add a log on the fire. They came back in a minute later with two suitcases and headed into the other room. I sat on the sheep skin rug and stared into the fire as I remembered Amber when we were married. I turned when I felt a hand on my shoulder and found Amber kneeling behind me naked.

I looked around but didn’t see Billy, “is it true?”

She sighed and nodded, “I love a cock in my cunt. I love feeling sperm squirting into me and leaking out.”

I didn’t know what to say and she hugged me, “I was young and foolish. It was a year since we had sex and I was so horny and Billy’s boyfriend was nice. I don’t know why but I let him take me to bed and Billy caught us. I had to make it up to her so I told her she owned me and I would do whatever she told me. She started bringing men over and I would have to fuck them.”

She rubbed herself on me, “Sometimes it was five or six and sometimes ten or more. And then I realized how much I liked getting fucked. I think Billy realized I had changed and she tried to slow things down but I needed sex by then.”

She shifted around until she was in my lap, “I was the one to think of you. She said... she said if we came I would have to fuck you when, where and how you want. She also said I would have to watch when she fucked you and lick her after and clean your cock before you could fuck me. She said she wants you to fuck her first.”

I cupped a breast and rubbed the nipple, “Billy!”

She walked out naked and smiled, “my whore told you and get you going?”

I kissed Amber before moving her as I stood and took a step to Billy. I wrapped my hand in her hair and pulled her against me, “If she is your whore you are mine.”

She had stiffened as she looked into my eyes before smiling and pressing her pelvis against me, “yes.”

I let her hair go and glanced at Amber, “send her to the bed.”

Billy frowned but looked at her sister, “you heard him.”

I waited before pulling her after me as I followed Amber. I pulled Billy around me and onto the bed before I started undressing. I moved onto the bed with them and over Billy, “you were a lot younger the last time I saw you.”

She grinned and humped, “and trying to spread my legs for you.”

I looked at a smiling Amber before lifting and pushing into Billy. She grunted as my cock sank into her and I pushed deeper. I waited until she looked at me and pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts. She humped up and her tight pussy grasped at my cock. I kissed her as I buried my cock to hump and try to drive my cock deeper.

It had been a couple of years since I had sex and I wanted to cum and cum deep. Billy was clutching me as she began to writhe around and buck while wailing, “aaahhh!”

Amber pressed against me and rubbed my back, “its okay honey, keep it in her nice and deep. Give her your sperm.”

She knew me well and I kept humping and jabbing into Billy. I was grinding against her before fucking her hard and deep. I felt my balls churning and shoved into her as I suddenly spewed a stream cum. She held her hips up and screamed as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. I grunted as I spurted over and over before I was done.

I relaxed as Billy panted and her pussy continued to spasm and squeeze my cock. I gave her a kiss, “thanks Billy.”

She smiled, “that is what your whore is for.”

I pulled out and moved aside as Amber took my place between her sister’s legs. She kissed her before moving down between her legs. She started licking the cum leaking out and Billy shuddered and spread her legs and lifted her hips. She jerked and humped and shuddered before Amber moved back up, “can I fuck him now?”

Billy smiled, “on your stomach and spread your legs.”

I moved as my ex wife laid on the bed and did what she was told. I moved over and between her legs before pushing into her. I buried my cock in one long thrust and waited. She shuddered and her pussy tightened before I looked at Billy as I pulled back and began to fuck Amber with deep strokes.

I kept fucking her like that as I enjoyed her cunt grasping my cock. She shuddered and tilted her hips as I kept fucking her and a minute later she was writhing around and squirming. She wailed and bucked and shuddered hard a few minutes later as her pussy clenched. I continued to fuck her and plant my cock as I tried to drive my cock deeper.

Amber howled and kicked the bed as she struggled and convulsed. Her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock as I kept shoving it into her. It was twenty minutes before I was ready to cum. She was incoherent and jerking in spasms when I buried my cock and pushed her cervix open.

I poured a thick stream of warm sperm through and into her womb as she screamed and shuddered, “YES!”

I held her until I was done before pulling out. I moved off her and out of bed, “come help me make a pot of soup.”

She was panting but nodded as I reached out to feel Billy’s mound, “you can help or sit by the fire.”

She grinned as she got out of bed, “how often do you think you could have sex every day?”

I looked at Amber as she stood and she sighed, “if we let him, maybe a dozen.”

I grabbed my robe and went to the kitchen. A minute later they came out in just their robes. I had already trimmed and cut up the beef and was adding spice and gestured to the vegetables, “a half cup of each in the pot with the beef stock while I braise the beef.”

They worked together and smiled a lot. The soup was good and then we went to sit by the fire. I went back to writing as I kept glancing at the window and the rain. I looked at Amber when she began to finger her pussy through the robe. Billy sighed, “fuck her Trent.”

She nudged her sister, “take the robe off and lay back and spread your legs.”

I sat my laptop aside and opened my robe as I moved over her and pushed into her cummy hole. I fucked her with deep thrusts and she meet each one and hugged me. I fucked her six times before we went to bed and then I fucked Billy twice and her once more before she would go to sleep.

I woke to another storm and Amber moaning. Billy sighed as she shifted away, “fuck her.”

I looked at my ex wife and smiled as I reached out to roll her onto her stomach. She spread her legs and tilted her hips as I moved over her and pushed into her slimy pussy. I fucked her with long thrusts and she sighed as her greedy hole grasped and squeezed. I continued to fuck her and she began to moan louder and shudder.

Her pussy spasmed and she wailed and thrashed around kicking the bed and jerking. I fucked her with long jabbing thrusts and she kept convulsing. Her pussy was clenching and squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her. It was awhile before I was ready and Amber was only jerking and shuddering.

I pushed into her and held her a I pumped large gushing spurts of cum. She jerked and her pussy tightened as I was once more pouring sperm against her cervix. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed and I pulled out before laying beside her to feel and caress her butt. Billy rubbed my hip, “that will hold her for a couple of hours.”

Amber grinned at her as I moved away and out of bed. I went to shower before walking through the house naked. I started the fire and brought in more wood before starting to make hot cereal and coffee. I heard the girls showering before they came out while I went to start on my book.

Billy sat down while her sister washed the dishes, “anything for us to do?”

I sat back to think and grinned, “do you know how to sew?”

She nodded and I gestured to a corner, “I was going to make a quilt but I’m afraid I don’t have the patients.”

She grinned, “sewing beside a fire.”

It was a little while before I glanced up to see them talking as they sewed. I went to add wood to the fire before returning to my chair. I smiled when I realized they were embroidering each square before adding it to the quilt. A few minutes after I sat Billy stood and walked towards me and then moved my laptop.

She straddled me and sat on my cock before wiggling and kissing me, “fuck break.”

I grinned and held her hips before sliding my hands around to pull her against me to feel her body. She sighed and then wiggled as her pussy squeezed. I humped and she giggled before bouncing and twisting. Amber laughed as we fucked each other and her sister started to breath heavy. She rubbed her pussy on me as it grasped and squeezed while becoming much wetter.

She started rolling her hips and wiggling as her breathing changed to panting. She shuddered and thrust her pussy back and forth, “oooohhhh!”

I smiled as I rubbed her back while she started spasming. I humped up as her pussy tightened and moved her back to feel her breasts. I tugged on her nipples as I continued to hump and thrust up. Billy yelled and howled as she rolled her hips and ground against me. It was ten more minutes before she shoved down as I grunted and thrust up.

She screamed as I began to pump spurts of cum up and into her. When I was done she sagged against me as cum began to leak around my cock. She kissed me and turned to look at Amber, “fuck my whore on the floor.”

I grinned, “on her back with her feet in the air.”

She grinned as she stood and looked at her sister, “you heard him.”

Amber laid back and spread her legs as she lifted them. I stood and knelt between her legs to feel her hot pussy before moving over her and thrusting all the way into her in one long thrust. She grunted as I kissed her and looked at Billy, “can I breed her?”

Amber clutched me as her pussy tightened and Billy laughed, “yeah, as often as you want.”

I looked into my ex wife’s eyes, “I am putting a baby in you after all.”

She humped and I pulled back to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. I continued to fuck her with deep strokes and she began to shake and then spasm and wail. She bucked and thrashed as I kept fucking her with the thought of getting her pregnant in my head.

She howled and started convulsing as I fucked her hard and deep and a few minutes later buried my cock. She jerked and clutched me when my cock suddenly erupted and I began to pump and spew cum against her cervix and into her womb. She twisted and shook while her pussy squeezed the cum out of my cock.

When I was done she wrapped her legs around me and pulled my face down for a kiss, “as often as you want.”

I smiled as I pulled out of her and moved back to my chair while she lay back. I fucked her six times during the day, each time she was on her back with her legs up and spread. I fucked Billy a couple of times just because and she laughed each time but went to her knees and wiggled her butt each time.

When we went to sleep Billy was snuggling against me and I was holding Amber. I woke to my alarm and looked at Amber before turning to Billy who had turned in her sleep. I shifted and rolled her onto her back before moving over her and spreading her legs with my knees. I pushed into her cummy pussy and she opened her eyes to look at me.

I grinned, “I think I want to breed my whore.”

She spread and lifted her legs to wrap them around my waist, “nice and deep.”

I kissed her before I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes. She humped up and her pussy started to tighten when I pushed into her. A few minutes and she was panting and thrashing around as I continued to fuck her firmly. I used deep strokes and kept pressing and trying to push deeper.

She was jerking and clutching me when I shoved into her and kissed her. She screamed into my mouth as her pussy tightened and clenched while I gushed cum into her cervix, “yyyeeessss!”

I kept pushing as I grunted and pumped sperm into her. Billy was clutching me while spasming and jerking. When I stopped cumming she groaned and slowly sagged to the bed. I gave her a kiss and pulled out before looking at Amber. She grinned and laid back while spreading her legs, “nice and deep.”

I grinned as I moved to her and between her legs. I pushed all the way into her cummy pussy and began to fuck her with deep strokes. She would lift her hips and her pussy would squeeze my cock each time I buried it. Soon she was shuddering and jerking while her pussy constantly tightened.

Several minutes later she clutched me and wailed as she began to thrash around, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her and began to grind and rub when I pushed into her. I was planting my cock a little harder and pressing into her more firmly. Amber wiggled and bucked as she howled while her slimy pussy clenched my cock, “ffffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

Several more minutes and she was struggling and jerking erratically. I was fucking her hard and deep and finally pushed into her and held her as I shuddered and began to spew and spurt. She shook as I kept pumping cum into her and lifted her hips, “mmmm!”

When I was done I kissed her and slowly pulled out. Billy gave one of her sister’s nipples a tug as I climbed out of bed. I headed for the bathroom and a minute later they walked in behind me. We showered together before going to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. After we were done they pushed me towards my laptop as they began cleaning.

Amber and Billy are still living with me. We have built a much larger house for the children. Amber still likes to pretend she is Billy’s whore and Billy is more than happy to play along. She is still my whore and won’t say no whenever I am horny.
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