This is another memory of when I worked at the Drive-In some of you may or may not like it and some might Please be kind I am trying the best that I can Thank You all

To My readers
Some may find this story boring other may find it was worth reading. I do all this from memory I want to say I am sorry if you do not like these stories. If you ever worked at a Drive-In or been to this one in person you will know what I am talking about . I have pictures to prove where the spot was.
Thank you for reading my stories.
Important Note All My stories have are
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A Day at work at the Drive-In
from Memory From Years ago

It was the summer of 1989 early July forth weekend I think it had rained earlier during the day. I do believe the weather man stated It was suppose to rain on and off during the evening. Well we were not sure how many people would show up to watch movies that evening.

I had shown up earlier than usual because I worked for the manager whom had owned his own business. He also manged the drive-in. I think it was about after two pm when I arrived at the old drive-in to open and get ready.
We opened about 6 pm the movies did not start until 9pm.

I had My blue Lincoln Town car what a smooth ride and a huge back seat as well. I could not believe it there was a couple already in there. I think they were making out I was unsure of this until I approached their car.

I do not think they heard my car drive in me because they would have stopped making out. I parked my car in the back of the building . I did not want them to leave I wanted to get an eye full . I am a Voyeur tried and true epically when I was at the theater it was the best ever .

Well I walked down past the concession stand and I approached the car. The top was opened it was a fold down top on this car had to be a sport type.
He had her shirt up suckling on her breasts. They had to be at least a size 38d nice large round and firm. she was a thin young lady mostly looked like a 18 year old I figured he was in his early twenties.

she had her head tilted back and her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was moaning loudly his name. He must been doing a good job because her dress was short and no panties on. Her legs were spread wide and I saw her shaved pink pussy and he was sliding a finger in out while his thumb works to caress her slit.

Dam she was so wet you could see and hear her juices as he finger fucked her. I wish I had a video camera. or security
am on the building back then.

Well That just did it for me I walked away trying to be as quiet as possible. I went and worked on the inside a while to get ready. all the usual tings I did. Well I still had a big hard on I looked out through the doors. The doors were metal framed with partial upper glass so you could see out.

They were not in the car when I looked out through the doors apparently they went some where. it was almost four pm now
There was still about one in a half hour before the rest of the employees came in.

I locked up the building and went out looking Hell after all I was horny. I listened closely because the Major us route we were on it was heavily traveled. I started hearing moans
I started walking to the wood line. sure enough the moans and sounds of Hot sex started getting louder.

I walked to the road that lead to the Party hang out areal a select few only know where this was. It was a secluded area behind the screen tucked back in the woods. It was an area where they would build a camp fire drink beer and have sex. OK I figured that's where they would be I hid behind the Big oak I called it. it was about twenty four inches round.

I watched as they were naked on a blanket fucking their brains out. He had her on her back legs spread wide up in the air and he was driving his hard cock slow and deep.
She was loud Oh baby Fuck me oh god make me cum yes ahh fuck me oh yea harder deeper oh baby deeper fuck my horny pussy.

He was thrusting his hard cock deeply in her I could see and hear him as he pounded her tight pussy. His balls was slapping her ass then they decided to change position and she was facing me now. she took his hard cock guided it in to her hot pussy.

Oh god baby your so tight she started rinding up down slow at first then a little harder some times rocking her hips back and forth her nice tits were shaking bouncing m what a show. He stated oh yea oh god baby I'm going to cum she quickly got up off him then began sucking on his cock.
This is when I saw they were very busy I got out of there quickly as I could.

However They caught me, Hey you what are you doing there. I work here I work security and concession stand worker. I'm looking for the owners of the vehicle out in the does it belong to either one of you. yes sir I just wanted to tell you that you have to wait at the ticket booth before you come in. Oh were sorry were not from around here we drove an hour to get here were so sorry sir.

OK well next time be sure but may i ask your names I am Joe and this is Gina. they tried to cover up kinda embarrassed I guess. There's no need to hide what you were doing I enjoyed watching you both. Please do not worry about paying it is on me this time I will just tell them your my friends from out of town.

well I went back and opened the stand it was a half hour before the crew was coming in. I wished I had her alone for myself I sure would have fucked her hard.

To Be continued when I can remember more of that night.
Yes there is more I have to think on it

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