Becky and Me the short story of my love and heartbreak.

It was 2010 I was a shy twenty year old college student at the top of my class and had been living and attending school a thousand miles away from home. About four or five months into a nine month program I put a ad on craigslist in the long term relationship man for woman section.

A week or so later a woman named Becky answered my ad. Becky asked if I had a problem with a woman older than myself. I asked how much older she was, Becky replied that she was thirty eight years old. I did not think that was so bad seeing as Becky was a decade younger than my father was and I had a interest in middle aged women already. Plus age is just a number and has nothing to do with compatibility I mean within twenty years or so.

Why older women you might wonder? Well honestly I was afraid of women my age or even near my age. I had no idea what to say to them how too show my interest in them how to know if they were interested in me. Hell I still have no clue. I was not a jock or a popular person I was a loner with only a handful of good friends. The closest I had come to sex was when I was fourteen at a party with good family friends, we had been drinking, the rest of them more than me because they were a few years older than I was. Anyhow a girl that was drunk and was friends with Brady one of my oldest friends came up to me and asked if I wanted to go out to the back seat of one of the cars with her, being raised to respect women I thought that since I was more sober than she was I should turn down the offer so I wasn't taking advantage. She tried several more times to get me to go or more likely the older guys asked her to try more. Little did I know I would have to wait five more years to get another offer. No that offer did not come from Jenny and Jenny was not my first love.

Anyways getting back to my story about Becky and myself, oh my name is Mike and I was about six five and two hundred and sixty pounds with short brown hair and green eyes. Becky was about five foot seven maybe one hundred and thirty pounds a little more than shoulder length brown hair with natural lighter brown highlights and a skin diver's body.

Becky said we should keep talking online via instant messenger until we both felt comfortable meeting in a public place, I agreed as I was still unsure of myself around a woman. So we talked via yahoo instant messenger for a while during my long breaks like lunch and after I got out of class for the day. I was too afraid to ask questions so she mostly asked the questions and I answered them occasionally asking one of my own as she told me about herself and I told her about myself in return.

Becky would ask the basic questions like where are you from or what do you like to do. Becky would also ask me personal questions like have you dated before, have you had sex, what have you done with a woman, etc.. I would answer every question as if I was a open book and if it seemed I was nervous or that I was afraid I was not experienced enough for her she would reassure me with a that's cute or it's okay honey. After a day or so we exchanged pictures. I thought she was beautiful and told her so and that I though she looked much younger than her actual age and she did I'm not that good at flattery. She told me I was cute and would be handsome if I had some beard stubble which I did not as I shaved everyday for school dress code.

After a few days I sent Becky my cell phone number and told her she could call or text me anytime if she wanted too. Jenny said thank you but that she was not ready to give me her number yet. A few days later Jenny asked if I wanted to meet at a park in town after school. I said I would still be kind of shy and for sure nervous around her but I would love to meet. Becky said that's fine Hun and added a little smiley face. Then told me when and where to meet her and what her jeep looked like. So the next couple days I spent anxiously making my way through class and continuing to talk with Becky on yahoo messenger. Then the day we were to meet came and we met at a small park by the river. Becky looked amazing even though her lovely brown eyes were hidden behind sun glasses. Looking back I should have realized she was interested as she had on a push up bra. We talked for thirty minutes or so and she said she had had to leave and that it was fun and we should meet again and see how things go. I happily agreed proud of myself because she wanted to meet again. As we made our way back to our cars she gave me a hug and said bye for now honey. I got in my car and she in hers she drove off and I sat in my car finally realizing she had called me honey or Hun several times and wondered what she meant by that.

We kept meeting every few days at the same park at the same time all while still chatting during the day on instant messenger like we did everyday. Jenny could tell I was still uneasy and would not take the lead. So she made the small first moves in the relationship and kept calling me Hun or honey and kept giving me hugs when we met or left the park. We talked about everything from the weather to sexual fantasies.

Then late one week on a Friday night I received a text from a unknown number it said hi it's Becky what are you up to? I replied back as fast as I could my heart racing faster than a drag racing engine on one hundred percent pure alcohol and pure oxygen. I said nothing, why? She asked if it was too late for me to drive the twelve miles out to her house and I said no it was only nine thirty. Then she asked if I wanted to come over. I said yes yes I do. Then still clueless I asked if she wanted me to pick up a movie at red box. She said yeah sure so I asked what new release she wanted to see.

She said she did not know what was out so she told me to pick up anything. I grabbed Alice in Wonderland I think then told her I was on my way. When I got there she was wearing cute yet not revealing pair of pajamas probably not wanting to scare me off. After all I was the inexperienced cub and she was the prowling cougar. She asked if I wanted something to drink and I asked if she had pop ( I should have asked for what she was having) she asked if I wanted coke or mountain dew I said I preferred mountain dew. Becky was drinking a beer I knew she was a mild alcoholic and I did not mind as I was used to seeing people near me drinking much more than three beers after work everyday.

So I petted her dog while she got me the mountain dew. Then she led me back to her bedroom and I asked if I should put in the movie. She said go ahead so I set up my laptop and put in the DVD. Half way through the movie she slipped her hand in mine. We watched all of it and I put the laptop away then asked if I could stay on the couch as I was tired and did not want to drive. She said no problem but that I should sleep in the bed with her. So I started to climb in with her and she told me to take off my jeans because I would be more comfortable. So I took them off and started to climb in shaking slightly as I was nervous as all get out.

Laying on my back for what seemed like a hour when all of the sudden Becky put her hand on my chest propped her self up and said I should lay on my side with my arm around her mid section because I would sleep more comfortably and she would sleep better. I nervously did as she asked me lightly draping my arm over her. A few minutes later Becky grabbed my hand and pulled my arm tighter to her and wiggled back against me at the same time. By this time my lips and nose were less than a inch from the back of her neck.

It was a bit much and was getting me "excited" and Becky knew full well what it was doing to me. After a few minutes she grabbed my hand from above her head and she interlocked her fingers with mine. My breathing became slightly more rapid and Becky said Mike honey your hot breath feels nice on my neck. She grabbed my other hand and guided it to her breast over her shirt and gave my hand a small squeeze to let me know what she wanted and that it was okay for me to explore.

By now my confidence was up and I reached under her shirt and slowly messaged my way up her toned belly to that same breast I had my hand on earlier. After a few minutes playing with her breasts and now hard nipples she sat up and pulled off her shirt. Then she pulled off my shirt and told me if I wanted to keep my underwear I better take them off so I did and waited for her to take hers off not knowing she did it during the movie. Becky then pulled me down so I was half on her and half off with my right leg between her legs and guided my lips to hers and pushed my lips apart with her tongue and we proceeded to explore each others mouths. She then let me work my way down her neck to her breasts. After a bit of me alternating between her breasts with my mouth tongue and a free hand she guided me back up to her neck where I kissed her. Then Becky stroked my hair and kissed my ear and swirled her tongue inside it sending me into ecstasy. It was then she knew for one hundred percent certainty that I was putty in her hands.

She kept it up for a little while I sucked on her neck and ran my hands over her back and breasts. Then Becky whispered in my ear use that wonderful tongue of yours somewhere else and I will make sure you will find it hard to walk in the morning, and with that Becky guided my head lower. Her smell drove me wild I expected it to smell slightly musty instead it smelled like strawberries and I took my time kissing her inner thighs working my way up to that sweet spot driving Becky nuts with anticipation, then I went in licking and flicking my tongue sucking that little buddle of nerves into my hungry mouth to flick and swirled my tongue on it even more. Jenny locked her legs around my head and said I was a natural at that for not having done conalingious before. After Becky stopped shaking she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up and gave me a deep passionate French kiss. Then Becky rolled back on to her side and pulled all of me into her from behind and wrapped her leg over my thighs and used it to pull me in as I pulled out and she used it to control my speed. Becky woke me up several more times that night.

After driving back to my dorm room the next morning thourally worn out I had a bowl of cereal. Mark my roommate asked where I went last night and all I said was Becky's with a big smile on my face then went in my room and passed out from pure exhaustion. Over the next month I spent very few nights at my dorm or with my friends. I was always at Becky's, Becky and I were in love or so I thought.

A while after we were officially dating we found out Becky had gotten pregnant. I was in shock at first then I got used to it, Becky and I were still cautious and kept it between us. About a week before I was going to go back home for a week over school break Becky stopped responding to my calls and texts. I started getting nervous. It was part way between my vacation from school Becky told me she had a abortion I was devastated but being a man I did what I thought the men I held highest in my life would have I kept the pain inside and started chain smoking and drinking then I found my sleeping pills were narcotics and started using. A week into my advanced classes Becky broke up with me and I went deeper into depression and dropped out of school.

Next thing I know I'm sitting in the mental ward of a hospital almost six months later because I was found passed out next to a loaded 16 gauge shotgun with something like eight times the normal dose of Ambien in my system and I'm just staring at my feet crying I couldn't even look my family in the face not to mention the betrayal I felt and still feel for being brought to a hospital.

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