The library was my place of refuge since I was old enough to walk here. My father wasn’t a nice drunk and wasn’t home during the day. My mom had been a waitress before she had drown. The town we lived in wasn’t huge and the library was one of the counties. I had turned sixteen over the summer but that just meant more people watched me.

Today was a day to relax and read, many days I had to hunt with my bow or pellet rifle for food. I also had a twenty gallon still I had made. I germinated corn for starch and bought fruit, sugar, honey and vanilla extract to make brandy that I sold each week. That was to pay the bills my father neglected and buy the few things I needed like clothes.

I used to sleep in the house but with the way my father was that wasn’t safe. The garage wasn’t attached and hadn’t been used in years. At one time it had piles of junk and trash in it but I cleaned it up and added a floor and insulation. The small storage room at the back was where I kept the still since it was warmer.

My bed was a second hand king size someone had thrown out. I had a long counter with shelves on the other side of the room. I put an old sink in it, the water came from a hose with a water spigot and I ran the drain pipe down and out. I got an old stove from the dump with an old refrigerator and fixed it, it was small but at least it worked.

I had rabbit skin rugs around my bed and a large rabbit skin blanket on the bed. Since it was winter I even had the rabbit skins covering the four walls. I was reading when I saw the girl come in. The librarian was new, old Mrs Dickerson had retired and moved away and we had a new younger one now.

I looked around for her as the girl stood by the front counter as if waiting. I set my book on the arm of the comfortable chair I always used and stood. I walked back through the rows of bookshelves and glanced down each. When I got to the last row I looked to the right and saw Ms Jones.

I froze and watched her, she had her eyes closed, her legs spread and her skirt up. One hand was holding the skirt up and the crotch of her panties aside while her other hand fingered her pussy. Her pussy was bald and from where I was I could see it was wet. She moaned and shuddered and I shook myself and cleared my throat.

Her eyes snapped open and she saw me and blushed as she let her skirt drop. I smiled, “I masturbate too.”

I turned to glance back towards the front of the library, “there is a girl waiting by the counter.”

She nodded and I looked at her once more before turning to walk back to my chair and my book. It was harder to get back into the book especially when I saw Ms Jones walk past. A few minutes later the girls sat in the chair beside mine and I looked at her. She was maybe fourteen with long brownish blonde hair.

She was just developing but I could see a hint of pink nipples when she took her coat off. I tried to get into my book but a minute later she leaned over, “I’m Tawny.”

I looked at her and smiled, “Devlin.”

She grinned, “I bet you caught mom jilling.”

I looked at the counter where Ms Jones was doing something, “Ms Jones is your mom?”

She nodded, “she loves to play with her kitty... me too.”

I grinned as I looked at my book, “I wouldn’t mind playing with a kitty either.”

She giggled and I looked at her as she lifted her skirt and spread her legs, “go ahead.”

I looked at her mother who was looking and shook my head, “I better not.”

She reached for my hand and pulled it over and between her legs, “she said no one else was here so you can play.”

Her panty covered pussy almost felt hot and I forgot about everything else and began to rub her pussy through her panties. She shuddered and humped and started moaning. I slipped my hand through the leg hole and for the first time in my life touched a bare pussy. She jerked and shook as I slipped a finger through her slit and started fingering her.

I was careful as I found her hole and pushed the tip of my finger in. She jerked and thrust up and I pushed into her to the last knuckle. Her pussy was hot and slippery and kept squeezing my finger. I pulled my finger out and back before running it over her clit, through her slit and back into her tight hole.

She squirmed and kept shuddering as I finger fucked her. She came several times before I stopped. I looked at her mother as I pulled my finger out of her daughter. From the way she was standing I knew she was rubbing and fingering her own pussy. Tawny turned to reach over and open my pants and pull out my hard drooling cock.

She smiled when she saw it and rubbed the head and licked some of the precum off her fingers. She grinned and started stroking my cock and I groaned as I leaned back and looked at her mother. She moved around until I could see her. Like before she was holding her skirt up and her panties aside as she fingered her pussy.

I was humping and moaning as her daughter jacked my cock and it wasn’t long before I had to cum. I arched my back and then gasped as Tawny suddenly leaned over and put my cock in her mouth. I jerked as I suddenly began spewing huge thick spurts of cum and she started swallowing.

Her mother was jerking and shuddering and when I was done Tawny pulled off my cock and licked it clean. She sat up and grinned, “your stuff tasted good.”

I grinned as I lifted and closed my pants, “it felt good.”

She looked at her mother as she walked towards us, “next time I’ll bend over a chair and you can fuck me.”

Her mother stopped and pulled her daughter up as she looked at me, “please don’t tell anyone.”

I grinned, “about what?”

She opened her mouth and Tawny giggled and bumped her. She looked at her and then grinned and smiled at me, “maybe next time we will have to find some place to do something else.”

I grinned as I closed my book and stood, “I’m sure we could find somewhere.”

Tawny stepped close and went to her toes to kiss me, “next time you can sperm my pussy.”

I looked at her mother and she grinned, “mine too.”

I grinned, “I would love too.”

I looked at the time, “I need to go.”

I didn’t want to but I had supplies to pick up. I had an old electric golf cart I used to get around in and left. I stopped at the store to buy the corn, peaches, sugar, honey and vanilla extract. When I got home I was quiet as I drove around behind the garage and parked. I plugged the cart in and carried everything around to the hidden door.

I had made it away from the house, the other door was blocked by junk and weeds. I went to the storage room and started quartering peaches and then added the sugar, honey and extract. I added some of the corn sprouts and closed the cover on the barrel. I spread the fresh corn out on the trays, added water to the cloth and covered the corn.

I went to pour another barrel into the still and add water before starting it. I pulled out everything to make dinner as I watched the still. I thought about Tawny’s pussy and how it felt. When I was finally finished with the run I let the still cool. I would take the mash out tomorrow and dump it.

I was up early and poured the mash before carrying it out to the back of the cart. I came back and straightened up before starting to load the brandy. I made two stops on the way to school and went to my first class. After school I stopped on the way to the library and picked up the cash for the brandy.

I parked behind the library and walked in to see a couple of girls. I looked at Ms Jones and she shrugged. I went to find my book and started reading and thirty minutes later Tawny arrived. She sat beside me and leaned over to whisper, “come back to the file room.”

I looked at her and then at the two girls whispering together at a table. I closed my book and stood to follow her and she went through the shelves and glanced back before opening a door marked employees only. I closed the door behind us and she grinned as she lifted her skirt to show no panties covering her fuzzy pussy.

She hopped up onto the only table in the room and laid back on the edge as she held her skirt up. I opened and pushed my pants down as I moved between her legs and knelt. I looked at her pussy before smelling and then feeling it as she shivered. I opened her pussy before licking through it and sucking on her clit.

She jerked and humped while shuddering and I pushed my tongue into her. I kept licking her and started wiggling my tongue on her clit while sucking. Tawny jerked and humped and shuddered and moaned for several minutes before covering her pussy as she panted. I stood and lifted her legs before forcing my cock into her extremely tight pussy.

She grunted as I held her thighs spread and began to fuck her with long thrusts. I loved her warm tight hole as it gripped and kept squeezing my cock. She started humping again and shuddering as I began to bury my cock and press against the back of her pussy. A few minutes and she was jerking and spasming while her much slipperier pussy rippled and squeezed.

I continued to fuck her knowing I was going to cum and wasn’t going to pull out. When I finally thrust all the way into her Tawny was panting and shaking her head. I held her as my cock throbbed and my balls churned before I gushed sperm in her. She held her fist against her mouth as she wailed and thrashed while I kept pumping cum into her.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and grinned at me. I bent to give her a kiss before pulling out, “thanks Tawny.”

She slipped off the table and let her skirt drop, “you’re welcome.”

She pressed against me and we kissed before she stepped back, “want to fuck mom?”

I grinned, “yeah.”

She giggled as she straightened her skirt and walked to the door. It was barely a minute before Ms Jones came in and as the door was closing she was grinning and pulling her dress up around her waist. She walked to the table and leaned forward as she pushed her panties down. I moved behind her and felt her hot slick pussy before pushing my cummy cock into her.

She groaned as I sank deeper and held her for a minute before I pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts. She pushed back and her pussy began to grasp and squeeze my cock as she shuddered. She had her hand covering her mouth as she moaned and I continued to fuck her and enjoy her pussy around my cock.

A couple of minutes and she was jerking and spasming and I began to fuck her harder. She wet me and kept thrusting back almost desperately. I fucked her hard and kept planting my cock while I tried to cum as deep in her as I could. She was shaking and jerking erratically when I held her hips and buried my cock while trying to pushed deeper.

She looked back with wide eyes as my cock erupted and I gushed warm sperm into her. I spewed and pumped and she wiggled as I spurted the last two times before stopping. I held her as her wonderful pussy continued to squeeze and milk my cock. I reluctantly pulled out and bent to help her pull her panties up.

She turned and kissed me and smiled before walking towards the door, “wait a couple of minutes before coming out.”

I did and the girls in the library didn’t even look at me. I stopped to whisper to Tawny that I would be back tomorrow as I left. I drove the cart home and plugged it in before going to change. I grabbed my pellet rifle, game bag and vest as I left and started across the field. I crossed the highway and went down an overgrown road blocked by a couple of fallen trees.

I heard the pheasants a minute later and loaded the rifle. When I saw the male I was almost twenty meters away and aimed before firing. It struck his head and he went down and the others moved away. I walked towards it and they flew and I knelt and began cleaning it. I carried it back and was making dinner when my father got home.

It was the day I would have dinner and let my father know I was still alive. He ignored me as he got a bottle of whiskey and went to sit and watch the TV. I stayed quiet as I cooked and then cleaned up after I ate. I left what I hadn’t eaten in the refrigerator before slipping out as my father began yelling at the TV.

It was very cold out until I slipped into the garage and found it warm and toasty. I checked the fermenting mash before stripping and laying on my bed to remember Tawny and Ms Jones. I would have loved to fuck them again and maybe all night. It was cold and icy in the morning as I walked to school and it didn’t warm up much during the day.

When I walked into the library it was nice and warm and besides Ms Jones no one was there. It was a Friday so I knew no one would come in. She was behind the front counter and smiled when she saw me. I set my book bag on the tall counter as I started around it. She turned, “what...”

I walked to her and pulled her hips against me, “hi.”

She humped and shuddered before looking around. She grinned and kissed me before turning to the counter and spreading her legs as she lifted the back of her dress, “I didn’t wear panties today.”

I moved behind her as I opened my pants and pushed them down. She leaned forward as I spread my legs and fitting my cock to her pussy and pushed into her. She shivered and pushed back as I held her hips and began to fuck her. I put my right arm around her and under her dress to rub her pussy and finger her clit.

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and clenched while I fucked her with long thrusts. I watched the door over her shoulder while I continue to fuck her with deep thrusts. I grinned when I saw Tawny hurrying towards the door. Her mother jerked when Tawny shoved the door open and I buried my cock and held her.

She wiggled and grinned, “hey baby.”

I started fucking her again and Tawny laughed, “I want to straddle him and fuck him in a chair.”

I fucked Ms Jones hard and deep as she began to shudder and jerk while her pussy gripped my cock. Her pussy was a lot slicker and she kept pushing and thrusting back. A little later she spasmed as her pussy clenched and she wet me, “aaaahhhh!”

I used long firm thrusts and she covered her mouth as she screamed. I fucked her hard and several minutes later pushed all the way into her before I began to pump a fountain of cum. She gasped and pushed back as I gushed and spewed and spurted while her wonderful pussy squeezed and milked my cock.

When I finished cumming she sighed and almost sagged. I pulled out and turned to help her to a chair as her dress dropped. After she sat down I bent to give her a kiss and she caressed my face, “do Tawny.”

I grinned as I straightened and walked out from behind the counter. I walked to my normal chair and sat with my pants down on my thighs. Tawny laughed as she straddled me and slowly impaled her pussy. She wiggled as I rubbed her breasts through her blouse. She grinned and moved my hands until they were under her blouse and on her bare breasts.

She began rocking and rubbing her very tight pussy on me. It grasped and squeezed and became slicker as her breathing changed. She was panting and started to shudder and jerk as her hips twisted and rolled, “ooohhh!”

I tugged on her nipples, “already?”

She spasmed as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeesss!”

I humped and then used my other hand on her waist to pull her back and forth. She twisted and rolled her hips while her pussy constantly grasped and tightened. She kept tossing and shaking her head and began to rock and bounce. I groaned at the feel of her tight pussy milking my cock.

She rubbed her pussy on me fast and hard before stiffening and spasming, “fffuuuccckkk!”

I started to thrust up as she kept bouncing and shoving down while her pussy got wetter and a lot slipperier. I put both hands on her hips to hold her as I began to thrust up and shove into her. She wailed and I glanced around as her mother came to sit beside us. I kept shoving up and into her as she spasmed while her tight pussy continued to grasp my cock.

It was a couple of minutes before I pulled her down and held her as I tried to shove up into her deeper. She gasped as my swelling cock throbbed before I began to pump thick spurts of cum. She shook and her pussy contracted more, “YES!”

I was shuddering as I spewed cum up into her and finally sagged in the chair and held her as she panted. She grinned and kissed me passionately before lifting so my cock would come out. I groaned and she laughed as she sat back on my lap while leaking cum. I rubbed her hips, “I would love to fuck both of you all night but I have to go.”

She frowned, “but...”

I sighed, “I need to go hunting for dinner.”

I moved her as I stood and hesitated before I reached out to finger her tight slit, “I really would love to keep fucking you.”

Ms Jones laughed, “walk Tawny home and you can eat with us and spend the night.”

I grinned, “it is a couple of hours before the library closes.”

She grinned, “or you could fuck us and then walk us both home.”

I looked at Tawny and grinned, “I could fuck your mom between the shelves.”

She looked at her mom and grinned, “on her knees.”

Ms Jones laughed as she reached for my hand and pulled me after her. I fucked them both once more each before Abby locked the doors (Abby was Ms Jones). I walked them home and Tawny pulled me in and to the kitchen. We stripped and I helped them with dinner before holding Tawny on my lap while we ate.

I got to clean up when we were done and then was pulled through the house to the master bedroom. I grinned as I followed the two onto the bed, “whose turn is it?”

It was awhile before we washed up and snuggled together to sleep. I held them until I fell asleep and woke to sunlight in the window. I looked at the two snuggled against me as if I were their private teddy bear. I shifted and climbed out of bed before dressing and leaving. I snuck into my room and went to check the mash before changing.

I took my pellet rifle and headed out towards a field that ran beside a stream. I returned home around noon and stopped when I saw the car pull in. I ran towards it when I saw Abby and Tawny in the front seats. Abby saw me and grinned as she started to get out. I looked at my father’s truck and gestured, “don’t get out.”

I looked at the house again and then at Abbey, “pull around on the right side of the garage but stay close to the outer fence.”

I walked around to lead her and show her where to stop. I waited until they got out and caught Tawny’s hand as she walked up. I led them into my room through the hidden door after leaving the rabbit skins outside. They were looking around as I blushed and crossed to the old stove. I set everything down and went to put the rifle away before turned to face them.

I looked down, “my father is a alcoholic and a mean drunk. Mostly he ignores me so if I stay quiet he won’t come looking for me.”

I looked at them and then gestured, “I only have the bed if you want to sit.”

Abby grinned as she sat, “fur on the walls and floor. It is warm and cosy.”

Tawny crossed to kiss me and I smiled as I hugged her, “thanks.”

I took a breath and then Abby sniffed, “it does smell a little.”

I blushed again and moved to the storeroom door. I reached in for a mason jar and then closed the door, “it’s the mash.”

I hesitantly held out the jar as I stepped closer to the bed, “I make brandy to pay the bills.”

Abby took the jar, “you pay the bills?”

I looked away, “dad forgets.”

She cleared her throat and then opened the jar. She giggled, “this smells very nice.”

I looked at her, “it is also very strong.”

I turned to get a small glass and let her pour a tiny bit and take a sip. She grinned, “and smooth.”

She stood and began undressing, “what are you making for lunch?”

I blushed as I looked at the stove, “I was going to make a stew for an early dinner.”

The next thing I knew they were helping and whispering like conspirators. Once the stew was simmering I undressed and sat on the bed and began talking. Everything came out, about my mom dying and my dad beating me. About the things I had to do to live and what I was doing to get away.

Tawny kept hugging me and Abby listened and kept squeezing my hand. Tawny grinned as she pulled me to my bed, “fuck me again?”

I smiled as I followed her onto the bed, “no wailing or screaming.”

Abby laughed as she laid beside us while I moved over her daughter. I kissed Tawny and lifted to push into her tight pussy and she tilted her hips and put her arms around me. I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes and she sighed and humped up. I continued to fuck her as her pussy became slippery and she started to shudder and her pussy tightened.

A few minutes and she was shuddering hard and her pussy was constantly squeezing. I kissed her to cover her wails and Abby giggled while her daughter clung to me. She began to buck and thrash so I started to fuck her with deep firm thrusts. It wasn’t long before I buried my cock and held her while she struggled.

Her tight pussy clamped down around my cock as it throbbed. She jerked when I gushed the first strong spurt of cum through her cervix and then she began to convulse, “yyyeeessss!”

I continued to push into her while I pumped and spewed. When I was finished I relaxed and after a minute she sagged to the bed. I gave her a kiss and pulled out and Abby rolled me onto my back as she straddled me, “my turn.”

She wiggled her way down my cummy cock with a sigh. I reached up to cup and knead her breasts as she began to rock and twist. Her pussy would grasp my cock each time she lifted and it felt amazing. A few minutes and she was panting and shuddering constantly. Her pussy was slick and kept clenching as she jerked back and forth erratically.

Tawny giggled, “and mom has gone to heaven.”

I grinned as I pulled Abby down and shifted until she was under me. I started to fuck her with deep strokes and she began to kiss me and scream in my mouth. She thrashed and bucked and spasmed so I fucked her hard and deep. She came several times and each time she would wet me and scream in my mouth.

I buried my cock while she was spasming again and began spewing cum. She stiffened as her slippery pussy tightened and grasped my cock, “mmmm!”

I continued to hold her and push into her while I pumped spurts of cum. When I finished she wasn’t the only one out of breath. I pulled out and Twany moved over between her legs and rubbed pussies with her. I shook my head as I went to check the stew. After eating and cleaning we got dressed and I took them with me as I took a walk.

I ended up moving in with them a couple of months later. When I graduated we moved and I married Tawny. Her mother was pregnant and so was she. With the money I had made and invested we were able to open our own college bookstore.
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