I was fourteen when the war started. I’m a half breed and a bastard and my mother a whore. I saw opportunity during the first battle of the war. That was also when I decided I didn’t want to be a regular soldier. They marched and ran straight towards each other as they died. After the battle I moved down and began collecting weapons.

Most of the pistols were the Colts but I found several Remingtons. Almost all the rifles were worthless muskets but I did find three colt dragoon carbines and a Spencer rifle. I also walked away with a dozen horses and a lot of items and gunpowder. I left my mother and headed west and sold most of what I had taken.

I kept two horses, six pistols, a dragoon carbine and the Spencer. It was a couple of years before I did it again, this time I found a Henry and kept it but sold most of what I had found. I had met several Indian scouts and settled into their camp outside a fort and signed up as a scout for the regiment.

I mostly wore the same clothes as they did and kept the weapons out of sight. Four of us were sent south and east to scout a day away from the fort. The regiment was still forming and getting ready to move but it would be a few days. I was on the eastern edge and moving north when I reached a road.

I heard men and slipped off my horse before hesitating and pulling the Henry. I moved through the woods silently until I was looking through a bush at a dozen confederate soldiers. They had three wagons and were opening crates. I knew they would be gone if I went to the fort. What worried me was the Spencer rifles I saw.

I laid under the bush and took aim at one before squeezing the trigger. I hit the man in the chest as I aimed at another while they reacted. I killed five before they realized what direction I was firing from. I took my time and killed each as they tried to find and shoot me or escape. When I thought they were all dead I silently moved back and started moving around.

I slipped in and checked them before looking at what they had been doing, the crates were new Sharps rifles. I stripped the men and found them wearing the new model Remington pistols. That’s what was in the last wagon, a half dozen crates of new model Remington pistols and cases of ammunition for the sharps.

I went to get my horse and came back to load the bodies into the wagons. I emptied one crate of pistols into a set of saddle bags before tying all the loose horses the rebels had been riding together. I bundled everything from the rebels together on their horses. I tied a lead rope to each set of horses pulling the wagons.

I rode ahead of the wagons with all the loose horses following and had to take several breaks. It was the following afternoon when I reached the fort. I sat my horse waiting as a sentry went for an officer. I made my report as he looked in the wagons and at the bodies. My Henry was covered again and I carried the dragoon carbine.

The lieutenant finally gestured, “head back to your camp.”

I turned and untied the rebel horses and pulled them after me as I rode around the fort to our camp. I went around to behind my tent where my other horses were. I stripped the horses and brushed them down before letting them go in the corral. I moved everything around and into the tent before smiling at an older scout, “anyone looking for a good horse or rifle?”

He grinned and looked at the horses, “how you taking them with you?”

I frowned as I thought of the regiment moving and grinned. I crossed the camp to Luis Three Fingers, “are you still looking for a trade for that box carriage?”

He glanced at me as he continued sharpening his knife, “for something good.”

I went back and returned with a Spencer and a pair of new pistols and sat in front of him. He looked at the rifle and almost drooled. I set everything on the ground between us, “with the harness.”

He reached out and lifted the Spencer and began checking it before nodding. Ten minutes later I was checking the inside of the thin box wagon and the undercarriage. It looked like an army ambulance but was on the undercarriage of a buggy. I looked around before watching a half breed girl.

Ann Night Owl had long auburn hair and the beginning of a woman’s body. I grinned at the sway of her hips when she walked and went to get three horses, a Spencer and a pair of new pistols. I led the horses across to John Eagle before sitting across from the door to his lodge. It was awhile before he returned and saw me.

His squaw had started going around me as she worked but Night Owl had moved to the side to watch. John sat in front of me and glanced at the horses and the weapons between us, “what do you want?”

I smiled and turned my head to look at Night Owl, “her.”

He grinned and reached for the rifle, “Night Owl!”

It wasn’t long before we started to celebrate. I sat with her in front of my tent and laid out blankets before putting most of the weapons on them. I kept six new pistols and gave my new wife another two, I also kept a Spencer to replace the old dragoon carbine. It wasn’t just the other scouts that came to buy or trade, it was officers and sergeants as well as soldiers.

I had Ann move things around to make a bed in the wagon while the celebration continued. Finally I put everything away and stood to move around the tent and then slip into the wagon. Ann was naked and laying on the bed waiting and I undressed at the door before moving onto the bed and over her.

I kissed her and lifted to slowly thrust into her pussy. She jerked and froze as my cock sank all the way into her and I settled and just held her. I started kissing her as my cock throbbed and she put her arms around me. It was a couple of minutes before she shivered and her tight pussy squeezed.

I humped into her and she shuddered before grinning. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts that sank my cock all the way into her each time. It was a minute before she jerked and then hugged me as she thrashed around while her pussy kept grasping at my cock. I was fucking her harder and planting my cock to grind and hump.

She began bucking as her pussy clenched and she yelled, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock as she struggled and held her while I pumped sperm into her. She jerked and shook as she lifted her hips and clung to me. When I stopped I pulled out and rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her hips and pushing into her slimy pussy. I fucked her several times before holding her as we slept.

I woke to her wiggling and opened my eyes as she moved off the bed. She slipped a dress on before leaving. I sighed and moved off the bed and got dressed. I went out to check and feed the horses before laying out what weapons and items I had left to trade. The scout captain walked through and stopped to tell me I was scouting to the south the next day.

I taught Ann how to harness the horses to the wagon and drive it during the day. I also traded for more ammunition for the Henry and the Spencer. Some of the things I traded for was several bolts of cloth and spools of thread. Those I gave to Ann so she could make dresses. I pulled the tent down and traded it for several buffalo hides.

Watching Ann had me hard and I went to spread the hides out on our bed before pulling her in as she grinned at me. I bent her over the bed and lifted her dress to feel and finger her pussy. I pushed my pants down as she pushed back and slowly pushed my cock into her. I held her waist as I began fucking her with deep thrusts.

She grunted as her slippery pussy grasped at my cock. I went slow to enjoy the feel as Ann kept pushing back while her tight pussy grasped and tightened. A few minutes and she put her head down while shaking. I started fucking her hard again and buried my cock at the last minute. She jerked and shoved back as I began pumping spurts of cum.

She shuddered as her tight pussy milked my sperm into her. I pulled out and wiped her cummy slit before pulling her up and kissing her as she grinned. When we came out I saw a few whites around the edge of the camp. It was afternoon when two walked through the camp and spoke to a few people.

I was sharpening a knife when they headed to me and one stopped while the other moved to the side to look at the horses. I looked up and the first grinned with rotten teeth, “what you want for a set of four horses?”

I glanced back before looking at him, “what do you offer?”

He frowned, “twenty dollars in gold.”

I smiled, “for one horse?”

He shifted and I absently pulled one of the new pistols from a shoulder holster and set it in my lap. He frowned, “no.”

I shook my head, “then no.”

They whispered together as I looked towards their camp and saw a pale skinned girl with long black hair. I looked at the men, “what about the girl?”

They froze and one almost growled but the other grinned, “what else you throwing in?”

I looked at him before turning and pulling two new colts out, they were the last ones. He grinned and squatted down as the other man looked around. He checked both pistols before nodding, “deal.”

I gestured, “bring the girl and you can take the pistols and horses.”

They looked at each other before the one finally shook his head and they turned to walk towards their camp. I stood, “Night Owl.”

She turned and crossed to me, “Michael?”

I smiled and nodded towards the other camp, “Those whites will try taking the horses.”

She glanced at them before going to see another squaw. I went and pulled out a double barrel shotgun. The barrels were cut short and the stock was cut all the way to the grip. I watched as the men walked towards me with the girl following. I saw the way they were walking and waited until they stopped and began pulling the pistols they were carrying.

I lifted the shotgun and cocked the hammers. They froze and went white as I shifted to watch another two men slipping into the corral. I gestured, “who dies?”

They dropped to their knees and started begging. Of course that had the whole camp watching and brought three scouts towards us. I looked at the girl, “come here.”

She walked towards me as the scouts reached us and I extended the shotgun to touch one of the men between the eyes, “you would steal horses from me?”

He stammered as the two men in the corral were stopped by Ann and four squaws with rifles. I pushed, “get up.”

I waited and took the new pistols from them before pushing them to the corral, “give four to them.”

I put the shotgun at the back of the man’s head, “you have one day before I come for you.”

They were pushed towards four horses and I watched them leave before turning to the silently crying girl. I lowered the hammers and walked to her and then around her, “do you ride?”

She nodded and I looked at Ann walking towards us, “I bought a woman.”

She looked at the white girl and I pushed her towards the wagon, “strip her and put clothes like you wear on her.”

Ann grinned, “can I feel her pretty pussy?”

I smiled, “you can lick it if you want.”

She laughed as she pulled the girl after her. One of the scouts shook his head, “not good to have a white woman here.”

I grinned, “with her black hair and dressed like us?”

He snorted and then nodded, “maybe.”

I went to check my horses and then packed everything I had. I climbed into the wagon and stared at the bed. The white girl was shuddering and squirming as she moaned and Ann was between her legs licking her. I moved closer to rub between Ann’s legs. She shuddered and pushed back before looking over her shoulder at me, “they fucked her.”

I shrugged, “she is ours now.”

She smiled and turned to lay beside the girl as she stared at me in fear. I undressed and moved onto the bed between her legs before laying on her, “what are you called?”

She bit her lip, “Sarah... Sarah Marie Higgins.”

I nodded and lifted to push into her warm pussy. I worked my thick cock all the way into her before settling again. I smiled, “mostly it will just be you and my squaw Night Owl. When I can I will spend time with you. You and Ann will share with each other but Ann is my squaw and you are... not... yet.”

She shuddered as her pussy rippled and squeezed, “okay.”

I kissed her and looked at Ann before I began to fuck Sarah with deep thrusts. I humped and jabbed and pressed and then pulled back to fuck her long, hard and deep for a few minutes. She started jerking and then spasming as she moaned and shuddered. She began humping up and thrusting as her pussy grasp and tightened.

Ann giggled, “she enjoys a good fuck.”

Sarah spasmed and hugged me as her pussy tried to milk my cock. It was awhile before I buried my cock and pushed as it erupted and I pumped large thick spurts of cum. She jerked as her tight pussy clamped down to milk my cum into her. When I stopped she sighed and smiled, “you are a lot better than those men.”

I pulled out and pushed Ann onto her back right beside Sarah and moved between her legs. I pushed into her and started to fuck her as she lifted her hips and thrust back. Sarah watched as I fucked Ann and then grinned when Ann shuddered and moaned, “you like getting fucked too.”

I smiled as I kissed Ann and buried my cock. I humped and pressed and jabbed and she clutched me as her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

I moved up and fucked down into her firmly and a minute later she was wailing and thrashing around, “aaaahhhh!”

I rode her bucking body and continued to fuck her and then buried my cock to hump and grind. She spasmed as her pussy gripped my cock and clutched me, “YES!”

I pulled back to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts and many minutes later I shoved into her and spewed more cum. She jerked her hips up as I pumped and spurted cum into her until I was done. I kissed her and pulled out before moving off the bed, “now you have something to share.”

They looked at each other and then grinned as I began dressing, “show her what chores to do.”

Ann nodded as I left and found the scout commander waiting. He grinned, “we need a scout for the right flank in the morning.”

I nodded and he glanced at the wagon as Ann came out followed by Sarah who almost looked like her twin. I watched them as I mended harness and sold the last rebel saddle. After dinner I went to the wagon to find the two girls together. I stripped as they whispered and giggled before moving onto the bed.

Ann rolled Sarah onto her stomach, “fuck her.”

Sarah shivered and spread her legs as I looked and then moved over her. I pushed into her warm cummy pussy and began to fuck her. It was several hours before we slept and I had the door open for the night air. I woke to the predawn light and glanced at Ann and Sarah holding each other. I moved off the bed and dressed before turning back to the bed.

I bent and rubbed Ann’s butt and she lifted her head, “I am going to scout. When the regiment moves stay behind the supply wagons and keep my horses.”

She nodded and I stood, “I will see you when I can.”

I turned and left to saddle my horse before riding to the edge of the scout area. When I came in that night I reported and headed back behind the supply wagons. There were several other wagons and camp followers but I found Ann and Sarah beside a small fire. I unsaddled my horse before brushing it down and adding it to the picket line.

Ann handed me a plate when I returned to the fire and squatted, “any trouble?”

She shook her head and Sarah put her arm around her waist, “can I lick Ann after you fuck her?”

I smiled as I kept eating and looked at a grinning Ann. She nodded and I gestured to the wagon, “go start, I will put out the fire.”

They giggled and stood before Sarah pulled Ann after her and into the wagon. I finished eating and banked the fire and then washed up. I looked around and then went to the wagon. I closed the door and undressed and moved to the bed where I heard Ann moaning. I sat and felt the two girls before slipping into the bed beside them.

I bent to suck on one of Ann’s nipples and she jerked and gasped, “ooohhh!”

It wasn’t long before she was bucking and shaking as Sarah giggled and moved up on her other side. I moved between her legs and pushed into her and kissed her and started to fuck her. I used deep thrusts and she lifted her hips to meet each one. Her pussy began to grasp and squeeze as she shuddered and moaned.

I continued to fuck her and each time I buried my cock I rubbed against her. It wasn’t long before she jerked and shuddered as her tight pussy gripped my cock. Sarah covered her mouth with a kiss as Ann began to wail. She clutched me and spasmed as I buried my cock and started humping and grinding.

She wiggled and began bucking while her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed. Each time she came Sarah would kiss her while she cried out. I finally shoved into her and pushed as I began to spew and gush cum. She jerked and spasmed while clinging to me as warm seed was pumped into her.

When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her and rubbed a nipple. Sarah moved over her and kissed her before moving down. I smiled as Ann started to moan and wiggle and looked at Sarah’s butt in the air. I went to my knees and moved down behind her before pushing into her. She pushed back and wiggled as I stopped to enjoy her tight pussy.

I held her hips and began to fuck her with long strokes. She sighed and kept pushing back while Ann moaned and humped. A few minutes and she had stopped licking and put her head on Ann’s mound while I began to fuck her firmly with deep demanding thrusts. She was grunting and moaning while her pussy constantly squeezed and grasped.

I fucked her hard and she covered her mouth as she wailed and jerked. A couple of minutes and I slowed and went back to deep strokes. It wasn’t much longer before I shoved into her and held her as I pumped cum into her. She yelled and spasmed while her tight pussy milked my cock.

When I finished I pulled out and rolled her over. I moved up and over Ann and sank my cock into her cummy hole. I fucked both of them several times before we slept. Almost every night I managed to return to my two squaws. When the war ended I had been thinking and took all the money I had made and saved and went north with the girls to buy land.
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