I was extremely good with weapons and I guess a little wild. At two meters I tend to stand out and having light blonde hair and grey eyes doesn’t help. I held my two old plasma pistols as I followed the other raiders into the station. The war had left a lot of systems open to raiding and this one was in the rear of the empire and unguarded.

I glanced at Roach when he turned away and headed towards the stairs. I almost growled because he was supposed to guard my back. We were moving through the station as the people panicked and scattered. The few guards that tried to stop us we killed. I shifted as I followed the others and shot a guard coming out of a curtained shop.

I hesitated before looking around and walking into the shop. I shot another guard as he lifted a weapon and grinned, this was a slave shop. Oh they didn’t call it that, they always say the boys or girls are engineered. I walked through another doorway and down a hall to look into a room with a dozen girls.

One almost jumped out at me, she had golden skin with long white hair and was only a meter and a half tall. I pointed, “you.”

She slowly moved away from the others and walked towards me. I kept looking around and reached for a pile of jeweled collars and leashes. I scooped the whole pile up and turned to put one on her and fasten the leash before handing her the rest. I headed back the way I had come and she followed without speaking.

When I stepped out of the shop it was to see several guards. I pulled both pistols and shot one in the head before shooting another through the chest as I started walking. I killed three more before the guards started running. I walked up to the depository and looked at the six men guarding the front.

One snarled, “where the fuck did you go?”

I glanced at the girl and he snorted, “they are still trying to decide what charges to use on the vault.”

I glanced inside before moving through the men and walking in. I went through the milling men inside and back to the large vault door. I shook my head at the captain and first mate, “move.”

They looked at me and the captain narrowed his eyes. I pushed the leash into his hand, “you two need a keeper.”

I pulled out a comp and attached it to the vault security pad. I pulled out two more and attached them to the first before entering a series of numbers that identified the type of encryption. The display flashed and swirled before numbers and glyphs appeared. I removed all the comps and entered the security code and the vault door began to open.

I grinned as I stepped back and reached for the girl’s leash, “okay if I go find some loot?”

The captain shook his head and laughed, “you earned it.”

I led the girl out and across to a fancy dress shop. I pulled a shopping float someone abandoned close before gesturing to the girl, “you push it.”

She nodded and I turned to start collecting dresses, blouses and skirts. I led her out and next door to a fancy jewelry shop. I had done my research and knew it sold high end merchandise. I walked in and shot the guard and pointed my weapon at the other man in the shop, “open the store vault.”

He nodded quickly and moved to the back wall and the large standing safe. When it started to open I moved closer and pulled the girl after me. I touched the barrel to the back of his head and made him move and face the wall. I searched him before grabbing a couple of shopping bags to empty the store vault into.

I moved through the cases and added everything to the bags before putting them in the float. I led the girl out and down the wide empty corridor. I looked at the bars guarding the shop I wanted and walked to the door. I pulled out thin strips I fastened around the top and bottom of each bar.

I pulled the pack off and added the large shape charge to the door between the bars. I backed off and pulled a small remote, there was tiny pops and the bars fell. I touched the other button and there was a shrieking sound before the door shattered and an explosion that sent dozens of plasma rounds through the empty doorway.

I walking through the vacant door with both weapons up and ready and shot the first man I saw between the eyes. The second I shot in the face and the third I put three rounds into, two in his chest which the body armor stopped and one through his left eye. I put my weapons away and moved to a weapons float and began loading it with very expensive weapons.

They were engraved and some had jewels on them. I went behind the counter and dumped boxes of ammo into bags before grabbing holsters, knives and armor. I pulled the float after me and left to find the girl waiting outside. I gestured to the float and she started pulling it and pushing the other.

I was headed back to the ship and stopped when I saw two of my shipmates dead with a few men around them. I began shooting and the men died or ran. I stopped and looked at the two before grabbing a large bag and setting it in a float before continuing. When I reached the lounge and airlock the captain and two other men were waiting.

He growled but I smiled and touched my ear bud, “you haven’t sounded recall.”

He nodded, “the first officer and his people are on their way back.”

I led the girl in and he stopped her to look at the weapons before grinning and letting her go. I led her through and to my quarters before opening the hatch. I pulled the two floats in before pulling her to the small fresher, “you can use the fresher but stay here.”

She nodded and I turned to head back to the airlock. I waited beside the captain as several raiders returned, “how many are down?”

He glanced at me, “six.”

The large group with the first officer came into sight carrying crates and boxes and pulling a few females. I shot a guard as he appeared behind them and the first mate chuckled. I moved out and to the side as they moved everything through the airlock. A few more raiders jogged in pulling a few more women as the captain had the recall sounded.

The first mate sighed, “that is all that is returning.”

I waited before hitting the close button for the station hatch and then the ship outer hatch. I moved back through the airlock as the ship separated from the station and closed the inner airlock hatch. I turned and walked through the ship as it accelerated before starting to skip out in micro jumps.

I walked into my quarters to see Roach looking through my loot, “get your hands out before I cut them off.”

He spun, “I thought we were partners?”

I growled as I crossed the cabin to grab his shirt at the throat, “you sneak. You left my back uncovered.”

He swallowed, “but I...”

I turned and shoved him away before going to open the fresher. I smiled at the girl, “finished?”

She nodded and I held out my hand, “your leash?”

Roach laughed, “oh boy we got a woman.”

I looked at him as she handed her leash to me, “you left, I have a woman.”

He looked at her, “come on Smoke.”

I turned and gestured to the cart she had pushed before, “lift it and follow.”

I went to the weapon float and turned the anti gravs on before heading towards the hatch. Roach turned, “but I have credits!”

I looked at him, “so do I.”

I opened the hatch and led the girl out and down to the quarters for the two men I had seen dead. I pulled out a detector and watched as three red lights came on and then two and one and then I had three green. I used an override code on the door and walked into the quarters and reached up for the disarmed guillotine above the hatch.

I moved the float to the far corner across from the bed and turned to park the other beside it. I nodded to the bed across from the floats, “strip the bed.”

The girl started doing as I told her while I went back for my locker and bedding. Two were already in the room and I parked my locker on the inside against one of them. I looked at them before using the detector on the locker. I used a comp to decrypt the lock and open it. I smiled at the flash trap and reached out to move it.

I turned as the hatch opened and Gregor stood in the opening, “um...”

He was a large man like me and like me he had a woman, “I was...”

I grinned, “thinking of moving?”

He grinned, “yeah.”

I gestured, “I took the far bed and disarmed Luke’s trap in his locker.”

He stepped in and pulled the woman after him, “you’ll share the room?”

I nodded, “you will be better than Roach.”

He snorted, “anyone is better that Roach.”

I turned back to hand my bedding to the girl, “what is your name?”

She smiled, “Teal.”

I returned her smile, “nice name. They call me Smoke.”

She nodded and turned to make the bed. I pulled out the bag the two dead men had and looked inside before shaking my head, “stealing booze got them killed.”

Gregor turned from opening the other locker and stepped close to look into the bag. He frowned and reached in to pull out a bottle, “this is a five hundred year old cognac.”

He looked at me before reaching in to pull another bottle out, “and this is a three hundred year old scotch.”

He grinned, “if they are all like this you are looking at an easy half million credits.”

I looked at the bag and pushed it towards him, “you can have thirty percent commission for everything you sell.”

He grinned, “deal.”

He turned and headed for the hatch, “stay here you.”

The woman glared at him as he left and I cleared my throat, “I would be very nice if I were you. Nice and cooperative. If he thinks you will be to much trouble he will sell you to a brothel.”

She paled, “but...”

I shook my head, “did you have a husband or boyfriend?”

She shook her head and I shrugged, “then accept Gregor before someone a lot worse gets you.”

I looked at Teal as I started removing bags from the jewelry story, “we need to remove everything from the locker beside mine.”

She nodded and moved to it as I went to help. I tossed the clothes on the floor in a pile and kept the few weapons. I gestured to the float and looked at Gregor when he returned, “I have a lot of designer clothes for women.”

He grinned, “how much?”

I looked at the woman, “I think she is a different size than Teal so she can have anything that fits.”

He gestured to her, “strip and go sort the clothes.”

She bit her lip but did as she was told. A minute and it was like Christmas as the two tried on blouses and skirts and dresses. I looked at Gregor and he was staring at the woman as if she was a strange animal. I grinned and pulled my pistols out and unloaded them. I went through the other float and replaced them with two engraved large bore plasma pistols.

I grinned at Gregor, “any two pistols on the house.”

He grinned and came to sort through the weapons. I laughed as I picked up a jeweled thirty centimeter energy knife. I turned it on before shutting the blade off and attaching it to my belt. I turned to Teal, “still looking?”

She grinned as she stood in a stunning gown, “there are so many.”

I smiled, “save some for later.”

I looked at Gregor, “do you know which shift you have next?”

He nodded as he checked the two new pistols, “third.”

I grinned, “me too.”

I reached for Teal’s leash, “dinner and bed.”

Gregor hesitated before reaching out to the woman, “you can look for more later.”

She nodded and he led her after us. I stopped at my locker and then the hatch. I looked at Gregor and held up a guillotine and the flash trap. He grinned and held up another guillotine. We placed them around the hatch before setting a new door locking code. It was loud in the dinning area as men partied.

A few of the women seemed very willing and kissed any man that came near. A few fights had broken out and from the reports through the ear bud I still wore three more men were dead. We got meal packs and sat in the back with the women together on the inside of the table. We ate and Gregor shook his head, “we haven’t even jumped out and they are acting like fools.”

The woman looked at him and Gregor touched her plate, “you were sick, eat.”

She looked down and smiled before taking a bite. After we finished I collected the refuse and took it to the recycler and returned to one of the others leaning over the seat towards Teal. I pulled a pistol and touched it to the back of his head, “poaching will get you dead.”

He froze and lifted his hands, “I wasn’t...”

I pushed, “leave.”

He straightened before turning to look at me, “we can make...”

Gregor growled, “the moment your friend touches his weapon I will kill you and then him.”

The man paled before turning to look at Gregor, “you should...”

I struck with the energy knife and he fell, “never leave a viper alive behind you.”

I looked at the other man who stood with wide eyes, “fade or die.”

He spun and pushed through the other men. I looked at Gregor, “time to go.”

He stood, “the captain needs better quality men.”

I helped Teal up and knelt to yank the man I had killed over a shoulder. We stopped to dump him out an airlock before heading to our quarters. I stopped with Gregor when I saw the first officer. In our hatch was three men. One was headless and the other two half frozen solid, one was Roach.

He looked at us, “this is getting out of hand.”

I shrugged, “you hired them.”

He growled, “toss these out an airlock.”

I moved forward and disarmed the traps before sending Teal and Gregor’s Sandy in. He helped me get rid of the three and I stopped at my old quarters and checked for traps before going in to search. I carried a single bag out and back to my quarters and held out the bag, “the silly beggar stole credit chits from the gambling parlor.”

I shook my head but Gregor gestured, “I can get fifty percent for each chit.”

I handed him the bag before heading towards Teal and the bed, “night.”

I smiled at her as I gave her a soft kiss, “are you a virgin?”

She nodded as I undressed her, “my hymen was removed when they gave me an implant.”

I turned to put her dress in the locker as the light was dimmed. She laid down on the bed as I undressed and laid beside her. I caressed her body and was amazed at the feel. She shivered and I bent to suck on her nipple, “you feel very nice.”

She sighed and one hand caught mine and moved it down her body. I caressed her mound and then her pussy before slipping a finger into her slit. She moaned and humped as I rubbed her and slipped a finger into her. I heard another moan across the room and smiled as I sucked on her nipples again.

She shuddered and humped and I moved up to kiss her before moving down between her legs. I licked through her pussy and gently nibbled on her clit. She shuddered and humped as I sucked on her clit and used my tongue. It was a couple of minutes before her loud moans were echoed and she spasmed.

I kept licking her and teasing her clit while she continued to hump and wiggle. I finally moved up and lifted to slowly thrust into her. She grunted as my cock spread and stretched her pussy. I slowly pushed all the way into her and buried my cock before stopping. I started kissing her and she put her arms around me.

It was a couple of minutes before she humped and shuddered. I smiled and kissed her before pulling back to fuck her slowly but with long deep thrusts. Sandy was wailing and Teal giggled as her pussy squeezed. She hugged me and shuddered hard, “yyyeeesssss!”

I grinned as I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and she wailed and howled like Sandy. I heard Gregor laugh and joined him. I kissed Teal and fucked her firmly for several minutes before pushing into her. I held her as I began to pump and gush cum in thick spurts. She jerked and her pussy grasped my cock and squeezed, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out of her and moved to roll her over. I straddled her legs and laid on her and pushed my cock into her cummy pussy. I fucked her a half dozen times before just holding her. I woke to the timekeeper and shut it off before caressing Teal once more and moving out of bed.

I went into the fresher and then took a shower. Gregor was right behind me but we barely spoke. It wasn’t embarrassment it was just morning and we had to get ready for our shift. I woke Teal and helped her out of the bed, “go use the fresher and shower quickly.”

Gregor was getting Sandy up and sent her after Teal. I went to look at her locker and pulled out clothes I set on the bed. Thirty minutes later we were setting the traps and going to eat and then to our stations. Gregor’s Sandy had a soft smile on her face the whole time and Teal looked satisfied. The captain had issued a firm order against anymore stealing or killing.

It was another week before we jumped into another system and began skipping in. Skipping is like short wormhole jumps. The station we were heading for was another merchant hub. We locked the two girls in our cabin before leaving. By the time we were docking they were ready or thought they were.

I was one of the first out and used a plasma arc and sprayed the area in the lounge. A plasma arc is like an old fashion flame thrower. Everything caught fire and the waiting guards screamed and panicked as they fled. I set the arc on the floor and pulled my pistols as I followed the captain and the five men with him.

We spread out and used stairs instead of lifts as we fought the few guards that tried to kill us. The large shopping ring was silent with few guards to stop us. The captain used a plasma torch to cut the drop bars into the credit bank. No one was inside as we broke in and I moved forward to the large vault.

It took a few moments with my comps before I stepped back as the vault door began opening. I glanced back, “I have time to shop?”

The captain laughed, “just watch your back.”

I grinned as two men went in and began loading large bags with credit notes. I checked and stepped out of the bank and Gregor cleared his throat, “you going to loot?”

I smiled, “perhaps a little.”

He looked at the other men and gestured, “lead on.”

I turned and started down the wide concourse. I didn’t go far before I stopped and cut the lock on the bars and then placed a shape charge on the door. I moved back and gestured to Gregor before touching the remote. The door shattered and plasma rounds exploding into the shop.

I walked through the smoking ruins with both weapons out and shot a wounded guard in the head. I checked the other three before moving to the vault in the back, “check the cases.”

Gregor followed me in and moved to the shattered glass cases before starting to put jewelry into a shopping bag. Once the vault began to open I looked at rack after rack of extremely rare and expensive gems. I poured them all together into one bag before we left and headed back to the bank.

A shop window shattered as we reached it and Gregor jerked. I growled as I fired into the door lock and kicked the door open. Gregor was suddenly beside me and went through first. I went in and left and headed towards the back where a girl was screaming. Gregor was trying to get a shot but a man with a pistol was hiding behind a girl.

He never saw me as I shot him through the side of the head. He fell and Gregor walked closer to shoot him again. I looked at the girl, she was beautiful with short black hair and a firm body. I looked around before reaching for her, “stay close to me.”

She nodded quickly as I grabbed another shopping bag and started dumping perfume and fragrances into the bag. She shifted and reached out and began helping. I looked at Gregor, “you okay?”

He grunted, “it was close but missed.”

He gestured and I pulled the girl towards the front as she kept putting more stuff into the bag. We met the others as they returned to the bank with their loot. After leaving the bank and I walked backwards as we returned to the ship fighting most of the way. We lost two men along the way and I grabbed one of the bags and pushed the other to the girl.

Once aboard our ship the hatch was closed and the captain ran for the bridge. A few moments and we were moving away and accelerating. I pulled the girl after me and tossed the bags from the bank to the first officer. Gregor had opened the cabin by the time we got there and Sandy was clinging to him.

I pulled the other girl in and closed the hatch before going to Teal who hugged me. I gave her a kiss before looking at the girl, “what is your name?”

She looked down, “Dawn.”

I nodded, “strip out of those clothes.”

I moved to the float carts on the deck and set the bag of gems on one. I took the other bag of perfume and set it on the bed, “Teal would you find something that fits her?”

I looked at Gregor as I touched my ear bud, “we are skipping out and the captain said they have no warships.”

He grinned and held up the other bag, “what is the split?”

I snorted as I turned to watch the two girls going through spare clothing, “fifty fifty.”

He grinned and nodded as he moved to set the bag on the cart. I gestured to the bed, “there is perfume in the bag if Sandy wants some.”

He grinned as he pushed her towards the bed, “find something nice.”

Teal looked and I grinned as I cleared my weapons and began stripping, “you and Dawn can look as soon as she has clothes.”

I headed for the fresher and took a quick shower. When I got out Gregor was waiting as I dried and headed back into the other room. Teal, Dawn and Sandy were whispering and giggling as I got dressed. I waited for Gregor and after he was dressed we went to eat. It was a lot quieter as we ate together and then I pulled Teal and Dawn after me.

I had next shift and headed to engineering. Teal knew to sit quietly and she whispered to Dawn. By the time I got off I was tired and ready to sleep. Gregor had already left with Sandy for his shift. I stripped and both girls undressed and I pulled them into the fresher. After we were done I pushed them into bed and laid back on the edge.

Dawn whispered, “are you going to fuck me now?”

I smiled in the dark, “in the morning after I lick your pussy.”

Teal giggled, “he likes doing that.”

I woke to someone licking my cock and glanced at the time before looking down. Teal grinned and gave the head of my cock a suck, “it is morning.”

I looked at Gregor as Sandy moaned and understood why Teal was horny. I smiled, “need a little morning attention?”

She nodded and moved up to straddle me. I held up my cock and she slowly sat. She sighed and started to thrust back and forth and rub her pussy on me. I looked at Dawn as she turned her head and then rolled onto her side. I reached out and rubbed a nipple as Teal began to rock and moan louder, Sandy was wailing.

Dawn grinned and then giggled, “morning.”

I gestured, “come straddle my head so I can lick you.”

She sat up and then moved to face Teal as she put one knee on each side of my head. I reached for her hips and pulled her pussy down as she spread her knees. I licked through her slit and pushed my tongue into her. She thrust back and forth and shuddered while Teal began to howl and spasm. Her tight pussy kept grasping and clenching around my cock.

I captured Dawn’s clit and sucked as I used my tongue to tease it. She shuddered and became erratic as she pressed down and rubbed harder. I could hear her wailing and Teal fell into her as she jerked and I thrust up as my balls churned. I let Dawn go and reached for Teal’s hips to pull her down as I began to pump a geyser up and into her.

She screamed and jerked as I continued to spurt and spew until I was done. She fell off and Dawn shifted and turned before straddling me. She laid on me and grinned, “fuck me?”

I shifted until she was under me and pushed into her. I started to fuck her slowly with long strokes. I was enjoying her warm pussy as she hugged me and lifted her hips. Her pussy kept grasping my cock as she sighed and shuddered and then began to moan. She humped and wiggled and her pussy became slick as it tightened and kept clenching.

I smiled as she clutched me and squirmed while wailing and started to fuck her firmly and bury my cock. I rubbed and jabbed each time I planted my cock and after a few minutes she howled as she thrashed around and spasmed, “aaaahhhh... yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept kissing her while I fucked her and it was a little while before I shoved into her while my cock throbbed. Dawn was clinging to me and jerking as her eyes rolled up and I tried to push deeper before I came. She arched her back and screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “ooohhhh!”

I held her while she shuddered and shook and finished spurting. I waited as she panted while her pussy continued to squeeze any cum out and into her. I gave her a kiss and pulled out before moving off the bed as Teal giggled and Sandy laughed. Dawn had a smile on her face and grinned when she looked at Teal, “that was awesome.”

I laughed as I headed towards the fresher. Gregor and I left the ship when it returned to our station and got our cut of the credits. We sold most of what we had taken and went to a colony world to settle down on a large tropical island.
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