I’m a freak and have been ridiculed since I was very young. Three things came of that, I started martial arts at the age of five, I went to school and studied year around and was very smart. My extra classes in school were in computer programing. The last thing was, I learn to stay by myself as much as I could. What kind of freak am I?

Well I have the body of a sixteen year old girl. I have firm breasts, (which I love to feel) and I have an extremely tight pussy. What makes me a freak is the fact that I have a large thick cock with very large balls I have to wear a support for. I am a functioning female and a male with all the equipment. I am a Hermaphrodite and humiliated when people find out, at least I was.

We had just moved here and it was a small town so I knew what would happen when people found out. I had found a gym to workout in and was still able to continue working online for a couple of companies. I had even made my own computer pad and used my own programs to run it.

I was a sophomore this year and spent the first week hiding and dreading people finding out what I was. It was Friday and we had just finished gym, normally I don’t shower for obvious reasons. I was changing in the corner when one of the girls that was taking gym turned to me, “are you a slob?”

I looked around and sighed as I realized what was coming, “no.”

She was naked and had a towel on her shoulder, “so you like to be smelly?”

A few girls giggled as I blushed, “actually I like taking showers.”

Cynthia looked around, “what, are you ashamed to let us see you? Like you have something we don’t?”

I turned slowly, “yes.”

She opened her mouth and I took a breath and cupped my bare breasts, “I am a girl like you but I am different.”

I looked down, “all my life other girls have made fun of me.”

I slowly pushed my loose shorts and the support down and my hard cock sprang free. They gasped and I looked at them, “I have a pussy and can get pregnant like you but...”

I looked at my cock, “I also have a cock and cum like a guy.”

I turned and reached down to pull my shorts up and Cynthia reached out to catch my arm and turn me, “you have a pussy too?”

I hesitated before lifting my heavy balls to show my bald pussy, “I had all the hair permanently removed.”

I fingered my clit and shuddered and they giggled. Cynthia grinned and gestured, “strip and get your shower stuff.”

I hesitated before doing as she said and following her into the shower. The other girls followed and giggled together. The next thing I knew they were all showering and one or another would come to feel my cock and give it a few strokes. I groaned and shuddered as I leaned against the wall each time.

Cynthia cupped and felt my breasts, “want to spend the night at my house?”

I smiled shyly, “okay.”

She looked at a younger girl in our class, “Lynn is staying over and we were going to... explore.”

I blushed as I looked at the almost tiny girl that was blushing too, “explore?”

The girls giggled and Cynthia grinned, “finger each other and maybe lick each other’s pussy.”

I looked at them again before nodding, “okay.”

Cynthia pressed her wet naked body against me and kissed me. When she pulled back the other girls laughed but it wasn’t at me. We finished and went to dress before I went to lunch. I had always scheduled my gym class before lunch. The other girls sat with me as I ate and we talked as I pulled out my computer pad and started checking the work I needed to do.

That led to a lot of other questions and then they found out about the martial arts. The whole day was full of girls talking to me and even a few guys but I was very careful around guys. Cynthia met me after school and walked home with me and met my mom while I packed a few things and changed.

Mom was surprised to say the least but told me to have a good time. We walked a few streets over before going into a large one story house. Cynthia winked as we went towards the hall and opened a door suddenly, “hey Storm.”

Her brother was fourteen and stroking his cock before scrambling to cover up, “CYNTHIA!”

I touched her arm before walking into the room and turning him. I pulled the shirt he was holding over his cock away and looked, “it is a nice cock.”

He was blushing and stammered, “I uh...”

I kissed him softly, “Jacking and girls Jill.”

I looked at his sister, “I do both and getting caught is very embarrassing.”

Cynthia grinned, “I like seeing his cock.”

I moved so she could see it and she smiled, “yeah it is a nice cock.”

There was something about him and I reached out to give his cock a stroke. I sighed and looked at Cynthia who grinned again, “hey Storm want to Jack off later while we Jill?”

He nodded and I bit my lip while looking at Cynthia. She reached out to pull me out, “you know what a Hermaphrodite is?”

Storm nodded and she looked at me, “that is what Alex is. She has a big cock like you and a tiny pussy.”

She giggled, “she has the best of both worlds.”

He looked at me and smiled, “do you cum a lot like in the vids?”

I blushed because I had seen the internet videos, “yeah.”

He looked at his sister, “you want to fuck her?”

I looked at Cynthia and it was her turn to blush, “well... yeah.”

I blinked and she smiled shyly, “surprise.”

I looked at Storm and he was looking at me, “maybe I could fuck you too?”

I could feel my pussy getting wet as I thought of his cock pushing into me and nodded jerkily. Cynthia giggled and pulled on me, “come to my room later.”

She had a large king size bed and her room didn’t look that girlie. I set my bag down as I looked around and she closed the door, “I need to change and then we can go see if mom is home.”

Watching her change had my cock hard and she giggled and turned to wiggle her butt, “want something?”

I smiled, “yeah.”

She got dressed and stopped to press against me and kiss me on the mouth. That sent thrills and tingles through my whole body. We went to answer the door and Lynn walked in grinning, “I brought a vibrator.”

Cynthia grinned as she looked at me, “and we have another toy to use.”

I blushed as they laughed and then we were back in Cynthia’s room talking. I used my pad almost absently and did a little work while we plotted. Lynn was told about Storm watching and maybe fucking me and then about me fucking Cynthia. Lynn blushed as she looked back and forth, “can you fuck me too?”

Cynthia grinned, “we have Alex and my brother Storm.”

They looked at each other and then at me before laughing. I blushed but Cynthia pulled me up, “lets go to the kitchen.”

I took my pad, web hub and a small external hard drive. We sat in the kitchen at the table and whispered and giggled while conspiring. When Cynthia’s mother came home I stood nervously. Cynthia didn’t say anything and I relaxed as we started making dinner. After dinner she went to whisper and giggle with her mother Virginia before gesturing to Lynn and I.

We followed her back to her room and she closed the door before she started undressing. I was nervous as I stripped and so was Lynn. There was a knock on the door and I tried to cover up with Lynn but Cynthia went to peek out and then open the door. Storm walked in wearing a robe and I started blushing as the door closed behind him.

Cynthia pulled her brother to the bed and then pulled the robe off to show he was naked. She grinned as she sat and turned to face us. I hesitated and looked at Lynn before moving my skirt I was using to hide behind. She dropped her clothes and took my hand to pull me to the bed. She laid me back and I was almost frightened as I felt a finger feeling my slit.

I glanced down to see Storm with an amazed look on his face as Cynthia reached out to stroke my hard cock. Lynn giggled as she went around and pushed her friend down. She crawled over her and Cynthia grinned as they humped pussies. I looked at Storm to see him stroking his cock while slipping a finger into me.

I shuddered as I squeezed his finger and felt how wet my pussy was. Lynn giggled as I stroked my cock and she reached for my hand, “fuck Cynthia.”

I groaned as Storm pulled his finger out and I sat up. Lynn moved over and I hesitated before rolling until I was between Cynthia’s legs and fitting my cock to her pussy, “are you sure?”

She groaned and pulled on me, “yeah.”

I pushed and shoved and my cock pushing into heaven. We both shuddered and moaned as I buried my cock. Cynthia wiggled until her legs were closed and I was straddling them. I looked at her and she smiled as she looked at me, “fuck her Storm.”

My eyes went wide as I realized he would have a perfect shot and slowly tilted my hips, “slowly?”

I was trembling and Cynthia hugged me, “I have you.”

I felt her brother moving behind me and then fingers in my slit before I felt his cock head. I almost panicked but Cynthia pulled my face down and kissed me as she humped and her pussy squeezed my buried cock. I shuddered and humped before pushing back at the pressure of the cock against my pussy. I spread my knees as it pushed into me and my pussy was stretched.

I grunted as the cock in my pussy sent shocks back and forth through me and I thrust back and forth. Cynthia pushed up while her pussy kept tightening and grasping my cock. Storm began to pull back and thrust into me. I would push back as he thrust into me and squeeze my pussy as I thrust into his sister. She wailed and spasmed as I jerked back and forth while crying out.

Heat spread through me as I jerked and jabbed and thrust back and forth. Storm cried out as he buried his cock and held me. I grunted as I felt the hot cum suddenly spurting into me and began to spasm. I jerked and shuddered as my own cock throbbed and suddenly I was looking at Cynthia. She was thrashing and bucking as her pussy grasped my cock repeatedly.

I grunted and jabbed into her and against her cervix. She clutched me before I began to pump huge spurts of cum. I didn’t cum like other guys, I pumped and spewed and spurted a huge amount of cum that would more than fill a girl. Cynthia jerked with each warm gushing spurt as I put it into her.

After a moment she looked at me as I kept spasming while pumping in more. She wailed as I flooded her with so much sperm that it filled her womb and started leaking out around my cock. Storm was shuddering as he humped and my pussy squeezed. I finally stopped cumming and lay panting as Cynthia shuddered and relaxed.

Lynn pulled Storm off and out of me, “you okay?”

I looked at Cynthia and she grinned as she kissed me, “oh yeah.”

I smiled and slowly pulled out before laying back and reaching between my legs to feel my leaking pussy. Lynn laughed as Cynthia did the same thing and I looked at her. She grinned, “fuck Lynn and I will do my brother.”

I looked at Storm and he grinned and started to move. Cynthia laughed, “lay back stud.”

I grinned as she straddled him and Lynn did the same thing to me. She looked into my eyes as she slowly impaled her pussy on my cummy cock. I groaned as I felt her tight pussy and reached up to pull her down and against me. She sighed and wiggled before kissing me as her pussy squeezed, “thanks Alex.”

I looked at Storm and Cynthia, she was rubbing her slimy pussy on him with his cock buried. Lynn grinned, “I think you put a lot of cum into her.”

I looked at her and she kissed me, “I want a lot too.”

I grinned and humped and she shuddered before sitting up. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. She started to rock and rub her pussy while placing her hands on my breasts. I groaned as her tight pussy grasped and squeezed my cock and her hands kneaded my breasts. She shuddered and twisted as she rolled her hips, “mmmm!”

I kneaded her breasts and rubbed the nipples as her pussy grasped my cock and she began to rub her pussy on me. My sensitive cock throbbed as she began to bounce and wiggle while her pussy tightened and kept grasping my cock. She wailed and spasmed and fell on me and Storm whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “roll over and fuck her.”

I rubbed Lynn’s back and rolled before I humped and jabbed and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She lifted and spread her legs as my cock continued to spread and stretch her pussy. The feel as it grasped my cock and kept clenching was wonderful. So was the way my cock slipped in and out and pressed against her cervix.

Lynn began clutching me and I felt a hand rubbing my butt and then fingering my cummy slit. I jerked and jabbed and fucked her firmly until a finger was shoved into my pussy. I clenched and squeezed my pussy as pleasure exploded inside me and I buried my cock. I spasmed and jerked while my cock erupted and I gushed huge spurts.

I continued to jab and hump and spasmed as I kept spurting while Lynn howled and jerked around under me. It was a long time before I was just shuddering and humping as cum leaked around my cock. Lynn took a deep breath, “damn you cum a lot.”

I smiled shyly and she pulled my face down for a kiss. I looked back and froze when I saw Virginia. She smiled and rubbed my pussy which made me shudder and hump. She grinned and Cynthia howled as she spasmed on her brother who was grunting. I watched and Lynn humped before grinning, “see if Virginia wants to fuck.”

I looked back and reluctantly pulled out before turning, “um...”

Virginia crawled up me as she pushed me onto my back, “please?”

I smiled and nodded and she spread her legs to straddle me, “Storm can fuck you after we finish if you want.”

That sent tingling shocks through my pussy as I thought of his cock in me again, “ooohhh!”

She smiled and laid on me and gave me a kiss. Lynn moved and Virginia rolled and pulled me with her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, “nice a deep Alex.”

I blushed as I lifted and positioned my cock before pushing into her almost hot pussy. She humped up and sighed as I sank into her, “mmmm... nice.”

I looked at her before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed and began thrusting up. It wasn’t long before she was howling and bucking as her pussy clenched and squeezed. Cynthia leaned on my shoulder, “does she have a nice cock mom?”

Her calling me she made me smile as I continued to fuck Virginia who tried to nod and speak. She ended up spasming and wailing as she wet me. I grinned and bent to give her a kiss before I started to fuck her with long, deep and firm strokes as I tried to cum. It took a couple of minutes before she was beyond incoherent.

Her eyes had rolled up as she continued to spasm. I shoved into her and jerked as I began to pump spurts of cum. I shook and shuddered as I spurted and spewed until my cock was only throbbing. I looked at Virginia and pulled out to lay beside her as she panted and kept shuddering.

Cynthia grinned, “she passed out.”

Storm fucked Lynn and me and I fucked Cynthia, Lynn and Virginia who clung to me the whole time. I woke to someone feeling my butt and lifted my head from Virginia’s shoulder to glance back.

Storm smiled, “hi.”

He fingered my slit and I groaned and shuddered, “want something?”

He nodded and I shifted and tilted my hips. He moved and I felt his cock before it slipped into me and spread my pussy. I groaned as it seemed to sink all the way to my womb. He pulled back before holding my hip and starting to fuck me with long deep strokes. I groaned and shuddered as I tried to push back onto his cock.

He kept planting it deep inside me and I kept squeezing it. The pleasure spread from my pussy and I groaned as I shook. Storm rolled me onto my stomach a minute later and straddled me as he fuck me hard and deep. I wailed and kicked the bed as his cock hit something that set electric shocks through me.

I spasmed hard and thrashed while squirting and screaming. I felt him bury his cock and hold me to keep me in place while his cock gushed cum. I jerked as my pussy clenched around his cock, “YES!”

He humped and jabbed while pumping hot sperm into me and finally stopping and slowly pulling out. I was panting as I felt his cum begin to leak. Cynthia giggled as she rubbed my butt, “get your pussy filled?”

I grinned as I turned my head to look at her, “yeah.”

Everyone was awake and Virginia pulled us all into her large shower. I felt Cynthia and Lynn who stroked my cock and then turned to tease Storm who was washing his mother. After we got out and dried off we went to get dressed in bikinis. I borrowed one from Cynthia and went and laid out in the backyard.

I had some work to do and used my pad as we talked. It was a couple of hours before several girls from school showed up. I was sitting up topless after both Lynn and Cynthia talked me into it. Virginia had come out a few times before going shopping. She had pulled Storm with her so it was just us.

The other girls grinned as they stripped to panties and sat with us. I listened as both Cynthia and Lynn told them about fucking me. I looked at Lynn when she came to sit beside me and untie my bottoms. She grinned as she rubbed my cock, “can I fuck you?”

I looked at the other girls looking at us before saving my work and putting the pad aside. I lifted my hips and pulled the bottoms off as Lynn took hers off. She straddled me and I held my hard cock as she slowly wiggled and sat. Her pussy was tight and warm and she sighed as my cock pushed into her.

She began rubbing her pussy on me as I cupped her breasts. It wasn’t long before the others came to sit around us. Lynn was twisting and rolling her hips as her pussy grasped my cock. I humped slowly and rubbed and tugged on her nipples. She began to breath hard and shake a few minutes later.

Her pussy was wet and slick as she jerked and spasmed, “Alex!”

She jerked and rocked as she fucked my cock harder. I was shivering as I felt my balls churning and Cynthia murmured, “She cums a lot too.”

I was lifting my hips and thrusting up as Lynn jerked and thrust back and forth harder. It was a couple of minutes before I grabbed her hips and thrust up hard. She shoved down as her pussy gripped my cock and I grunted and gushed a fountain of cum through her cervix, “ooohhh!”

Lynn shuddered hard and jerked as her pussy began to milk my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped and spewed while shaking and kept it up until finally I was done and warm cum was leaking around my cock. Lynn fell on me as she panted and shivered while her pussy continued to squeeze. I held her and rubbed her back until she took a deep breath and lifted her hips.

She slowly moved off me, “thanks Alex.”

I grinned, “my pleasure.”

The girls giggled and two bent to start licking my cock clean. One lifted my balls and I shuddered when she licked through my slit, “mmm!”

They giggled and sat up before turning and starting to talk which turned into gossip. It was a hour before Virginia and Storm returned. I was finishing my work when they came out naked. The girls grinned but Storm was blushing as he sat beside me. Virginia sat beside my hip and rubbed my cock, “may I?”

I shivered and grinned as I nodded and she turned and straddled me. She slowly impaled herself and sighed as she settled. One of the girls moved to Storm and grinned, “may I?”

All the girls laughed as he nodded and she straddled him. I reached up to cup Virginia’s firm breasts as she began rocking while her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. She started to twist and roll her hips and every time she lifted up her pussy would tighten and grip my cock. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and panting.

The girls came to sit beside me and Storm to watch. I was humping up into Virginia and she was jerking while her slippery pussy kept clenching. A few minutes and she was incoherent and began to spasm and rub her pussy on me frantically. She twisted and bounced as I started thrusting up into her while holding her hips.

One of the girls bent and sucked on one of my nipples and I shuddered and gasped. They laughed as my cock throbbed and jerked and Virginia began to convulse, “fffuuccckkkk!”

Another girl bent to suck on one of her nipples and she screamed as her pussy contracted, “aaaahhhh!”

It was a few minutes of both of us shuddering and jerking and then I held her hips down while thrusting up. She shoved down as I spewed a fountain of cum up and into her cervix, “yyyeeessss!”

She shook and wiggled as I grunted and kept gushing and pumping thick spurts of cum. She was very slimy when I was done and she laid on me, “thanks for the cum Alex.”

She was panting and the girls laughed and giggled. I looked at Storm to see the girl laying on him too. He was looking at me and smiled, “need me to fuck you?”

The girls quieted and I groaned as my cock throbbed and jerked inside his mother. She grinned and wiggled, “from the way her cock just jerked and throbbed I would say yes.”

I blushed and nodded and Virginia lifted off my slimy cock, “let Cynthia stuff your cock in her and then Storm can fuck you while you fuck her.”

I looked at Cynthia, “sure. I cum more and harder that way.”

She laughed as she stood and I got up and waited for her to lay down before laying between her spread legs. I lifted and pushed into her and slowly buried my cock as she shuddered and tilted her hips. I looked back as Storm moved behind me and straddled my legs and leaned over me.

He slowly pushed into me and I groaned as my pussy was stretched and pleasure and warmth spread from my belly. He started to fuck me slowly and I began to push back each time he pushed into me. When he pulled out I thrust into his sister and Cynthia pulled my face down and kissed me as her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I shuddered and humped and pushed back and wiggled. The feel of his cock moving through my pussy while my cock fucked in and out of Cynthia had me shaking and incoherent in minutes. It wasn’t long before I was jabbing and thrusting back and forth while my pussy clenched and my cock throbbed.

Cynthia was clinging to me and wailing and Storm began to fuck me long hard and deep. I yelled and spasmed as I fucked Cynthia hard and deep while trying to shove back onto Storm’s cock. Shocks exploded inside me and raced up my cock and to my breasts. I twisted and jabbed and bucked and clenched and thrust and finally convulsed while spurting cum into Cynthia.

My eyes rolled up when I felt warm sperm pumping into me and I began jerking as I passed out. I woke to hands rubbing my back and Cynthia hugging me. I took a deep breath and turned to look at Strom sitting beside me, “thanks Storm.”

He grinned as the girls giggled and I gave Cynthia a kiss and pulled out of her slimy pussy. The girls helped me stand as Cynthia moved off the lounger. She caught my hand and looked at Lynn, “we need to clean up.”

We walked into the house and went to shower and douche with Lynn and Virginia and the girl that had fucked Storm named Danielle. That was how I was accepted and how I met my husband and my three lovers. I also fucked most of the other girls in my class at school. I have gotten Virginia pregnant twice, Cynthia once and Lynn is talking about getting pregnant now.

Of course I am pregnant with Storm’s baby now too.
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