A Young girls journey
I have been living here for three months now Luke and I are close we talk about while helping his sister with the chores, as well as our school work, I also likes when he sticks his face between my legs and sucks my pussy. His sister Jane is not very nice to me and I don’t know why, one I was called into Mommy’s room where Jane was tied to the bed spread eagle I was told to strip and get on the bed. Mommy told me that Jane didn’t like me because I haven’t had sex with her she told me that I had to be punished because I disobeyed her rules “yes mommy” was all I could say. I was told to suck Jane’s pussy and to make sure that she likes it or I would be punished even more. I begin by licking her outer lips and she moaned I began to nibble on her lips licking them softly while I reached up and began playing with her nipples, and then I licked her clit and she let out another whimper she began to move against my face and. I went crazy licking and sucking her, I thrust my tongue in and out of her hole and I was crazy with lust at the taste of her as she began to cum I felt small orgasms ripped through me I was in a lust filled haze.
Mommy moved in back of me and slipped something inside of my pussy I looked over my should and saw that, she had something strapped around her fucking me with it. It felt so good she told me I was not to come until I made Jane come again and I began to lick and suck her with all I had, I wanted to make her cum so that I could submit to the pleasure that was going through my body, and I wanted to cum so badly. I continued to sucked lick and bit her pussy she was moaning, and shaking and when I stuck my tongue in her pussy she came all over my face and that set off something in me that I had never felt before because I started to shake and shout and so did mommy as she stilled and fell on top of me. I was told to go to the dungeon where I would receive my punishment.
I was on my knees with my head down when she came into the room as I stood I was shackled to the cross. I was to receive twenty slaps to my ass I have been whipped before but not by mommy and, I was nervous I heard the first one before I felt it at first I thought “I can handle this” and then the second was even harder my ass was on fire and as we got closer to twenty I begin to feel that I was having an outer body experience, sounds became mute and all I felt was pleasure I didn’t know what was happening and I never wanted it to stop.
Two weeks later I realized that I missed my period and I was nervous I had been having sex with daddy and Luke twice sometimes three times a day and I was sure that. I was going to have a baby I found Mommy and asked to speak to her, I told her that I missed my period and she said that she knew and that she was letting me figure it out. I was two months pregnant the doctor gave me some pills to take every day and told me that, due to my age it’s going to be difficult for me she asked who the father was and I didn’t know or what to say so I said nothing. When we returned home everyone was waiting for us and, they were happy Mommy and Daddy took me into the living room so we could talk. They told me that they were happy that we were having a baby and that they wanted one for a long time and, Mommy or Jane couldn’t have any they told me how special I was and that as my stomach got bigger I would not have to cook or clean and that I could have all the sex I wanted, because I would be horny. That night I slept with mommy and daddy and let them make love to me as they called it. I was in heaven I was licked, sucked and fucked and I loved every minute of it. They were right I could so horny that I would push Jane down and sit on her face making her suck pussy I would demand that she finger me under the table at lunch to make me come I would make Luke fuck me while I suck Jane’s pussy until she comes all over me, and I loved it. I would ask Mommy to strap on her dildo and fuck me while daddy fucked my ass. I also realized that I loved to torture Jane, I would use Mommy’s’ dildo on her I loved to fuck her I would have her bend over a chair and I would lick and suck her pussy until she would scream with her orgasm and then I would push my fake dick in her pussy or her ass I loved it.
Jane and I got close I loved her we would kiss and finger each other, my punishments at this time are pure torture. Mommy would play with me and I wouldn’t be allowed to cum I thought it was not fair I was so horny and as my stomach got bigger the horny I got. I started to look forward to having my baby to have someone to love and to love me.
As the time went on Mommy and Daddy begin to buy and train two other slaves for pleasure and I used each one of them for my pleasure a brother, and a sister and although the boy was nice but he was not into it. That’s when I notice the way he looked at daddy I was giving him a blowjob and I stopped and asked him if he wanted some he nodded and he sucked and licked daddy’s dick greedily, and I watched with pure lust spreading through my body I moved so that I could lick his asshole. I found some lube and inserted my fingers into him and his dick was rock hard I asked him if he wanted daddy to put his dick in his ass and he groaned and came all over his stomach. I traded places with daddy and laid down on my back and pushed his face between my legs while watching daddy begin to put his dick in his ass it was the hot’s thing I had ever saw. While daddy fucked John I told him to raise up and I got under him and put his dick in my pussy and daddy and I fucked John until we were both good and satisfied and then my water broke.

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