This is chapter eight of the true stories of Sadie, (my wife) and David (me). How we met, discovered, schemed and molded our sexual lives, beginning in the nineteen sixties, the height of the sexual revolution. Characters and events in this chapter depend on references and descriptions from earlier chapters. So if you have not yet read the previous chapters, we hope you will consider going back and reading them first, starting with, Sadie 01 – Prelude and Awakening.
Sadie – Chapter 8 – Oak and Spanish Moss

Friday morning Beth took off with Jess and her sisters once again, so Jake, Marty and I hooked up the boat and ran it down to Fowl River for a day of water skiing. Marty nearly wore his arms out trying to get up on a slalom ski and finally gave up, retreating to the familiar two ski ride. For some reason I could never keep my feet together on two skis so slalom was my only choice and I enjoyed it immensely. We skied until we were almost too sore to stand and finally pulled the boat out of the river at nearly seven o’clock.

When we got home, diner was on the table and Aunt Lila was heating up as rapidly as the meal was cooling. “Where have you boys been!” she demanded. “I’ve had dinner on the table for almost an hour and you’re nowhere to be seen. We finally ate without you so now you can just eat it cold.” And she stormed out of the kitchen leaving us standing with our mouths open but nothing worthwhile to say.

It really wasn’t so bad. Aunt Lila’s fried chicken was just as good cold as it was hot, although the mashed potatoes and chicken gravy could have done with a little warming.

When we were just about done eating, Beth came around the corner and stopped short when she saw us there. “I didn’t know you guys were back!” she said. “Stay out of Mom’s way, she’s none too happy about you missing dinner.” She warned.

“We know.” Jake said with a full mouth. “She was waiting to pounce when we got in.”

“Well, come on up when you’re done!” she said, now bubbling with some unexplained excitement and she skipped out the door and disappeared around the back of the garage.

We looked at each other, shrugged shoulders and finished eating. A whole day of water skiing can empty your stomach real good. When we finished, we headed out the door, only to be met by Uncle Jake coming up the steps. “Woa, there boys!” he warned holding up a hand palm out in front of us. “I believe y’all need to spend a little time in the kitchen cleanin’ up after yourselves. Come on, turn around and don’t even think about comin’ out of there ‘till the whole place is spotless.”

We hung our heads and turned around. Marty and I started moving dishes to the sink and Little Jake started washing, then we pitched in to dry and stack. Aunt Lila called in from the living room, “Little Jake! Don’t be puttin’ soap in grandmas skillet, ya hear? You just wipe it out with hot water, I got it seasoned just right the way I like it!”

“Yes mam.” Jake yelled back and quickly rinsed the soap out of the skillet. “How does she know that stuff?” he whispered at us.

“Don’t know Jake, she your mom.” I whispered back.

He elbowed me in the side and I dodged away knocking into Marty who dropped a dish, fumbled it, reached for it, dropped it again, stuck a foot out and let it slide to the floor with a loud clank, but unbroken. “David!” he yelled at me as he picked it up.

“And don’t be breakin’ my china in there!” yelled Aunt Lila.

“It was Jake!” I shifted the blame.

Jake punched my arm and we all got suddenly serious about finishing up.

As soon as the last dish was put away and the counters whipped down we were out the back door and sprinting for the old oak tree. We ducked under the Spanish Moss and Marty got to the rope ladder first followed by Jake who rammed the top of his head into Marty’s rear end who had stopped as soon as he put his head up through the open hatch. “Move it Marty! You’re holdin’ up traffic!” he complained pushing up at him.

“Damn.” Marty said under his breath then climbed up into the tree house.

Jake climbed up after him, “Damn is right.” He said softly.

When I pulled myself up through the hatch the two of them were crouched on either side, staring open mouthed at Beth who sat on a stack of blankets, leaning back against the far wall, naked with her knees spread apart, groaning and massaging a breast while pushing two fingers up inside herself as far as she could. “You took long enough, I had to start without you.” She said and tensed as a small orgasm took over and shook her body.

“Damn.” I said softly. “What brought that on?”

“Mmmmm.” She said relaxing. “Jess took us to the clinic today. Nobody is pregnant.”

We all visibly relaxed.

“Everybody has pills now and another box of these.” She said pulling another box of condoms from beneath the blankets. She opened it and pulled three packets out and tossed them at us. “Better put these on.” She said. “Last on in is a rotten egg!” and she slid down onto her back and opened her legs in an obvious invitation.

Because I didn’t rush and fumble with the package, I was the first to be properly dressed for the party and I leaned over and started to kiss her knee, thigh mound and clit. She shuddered when I got to the last, then I worked my way up her stomach, first to her left breast, then the right, and finally up her neck and then kissed her fully as I gently slid into her well lubricated, ready opening.

She raised her hips to meet me and rocked them gently in rhythm with my thrusts. It didn’t take me long so succumb and soon I was filling the reservoir tip with several squirts and grunting ecstatically with each jerking motion.

As soon as I pulled out, Marty crawled up between her legs and wasted no time lining himself up and pushing in as far as he could go. He knelt there thrusting rapidly and since Jake had yet to open his little foil pack because he was too stricken, just watching the scene before him, Beth reached over, grabbed his hard shaft, stroked it a few times then pulled it over to her face and engulfed it in her mouth while Marty continued to pound away like a jack rabbit.

When Marty came with several low grunts and spasms, Beth pushed Jake over on his back, lay down on top of him, lifting one leg over his face and rocked her hips wantonly while she descended upon his hard shaft and took it almost all the way to the base in her mouth. Jake lifted his head and began to lick and suck on her clit and when he came hard in her mouth, he sucked harder on her clit and the totality of it caused her to explode in a bone shaking muscle clenching jerking orgasm that flooded her brother with fragrant sexual juices mixed with the scent of latex.

“Damn.” She said softly. “That was so fucking hot!”

“Watch your mouth little sis!” Jake scolded her. As Marty’s eyes flew open wide. I just smiled.

“You’re not Mamma.” She said “You can’t tell me what to say.”

“No. but I can tell Mamma what you said!” he countered.

“Go ahead, tell her I used dirty words while you were fucking your little sister.” She said coyly. “Besides, it’s a neat word. I like the way it sounds, all dirty… fuck, fuck, fuck.” She rolled it off her tongue. Then she squinted up her eyes, hunched her shoulders and smiled; “I love to fuck!” she giggled.

“Beth!” Jake scolded again but she stuck her tongue out at him and pressed her hand over her mound, squeezing hard.

“It is kind of hot.” I agreed and she smiled at me.

Jake gave me an evil eye look. “Well, as long as you don’t talk that way anywhere else.” He conceded.

We relaxed, and sat back, naked, and talked for a couple of hours as it got dark around us, our little fan oscillating back and forth over our sweat covered skin. We left the lamp off since we really didn’t need to see anything and we didn’t want it to add to the southern heat and humidity.

Around eleven o’clock Aunt Lila came around the house and called out to us, “Children! About time to come in for bed!”

“Can we sleep out here tonight Mamma?” called Beth “It’s so much cooler than in the house!”

“Sure sweetie.” Aunt Lila called back. “Keep those skeeters off! G’night!”

We hadn’t spent the night out there before. The next morning after breakfast we nailed some old screen up over the windows. As I was holding up a piece of it over the window facing the house, I looked down on the yard and nearly caught my breath. Sadie was standing on the lawn, tan legs crossed over each other, hands clasped behind her back looking up into the branches of the old oak with her dark hair flowing gently in the morning breeze wearing a pink sun dress that hid nothing of her body beneath it as the morning sun shone through the light fabric from behind. We had been apart only a week but now it seemed like years and I dropped the screen and nearly jumped through the hatch to the ground skipping rungs on the ladder and almost tangling myself in the rope. I ran, then walked fast then stopped right in front of her and could only stare as she smiled at me. Then we embraced each other and I lifted her up and spun her around in my arms.

It was as if we were being reunited after a prolonged absence, happy, sunny and joyous! The rest of the girls swarmed, giggling, out from hiding behind the garage while Jake and Marty climbed out of the tree and we all hugged and laughed and kissed each other happily. Jen and her sisters had come down and brought Sadie and Kat with them. Beth was in on it and hadn’t said anything to us guys and she kept us up in the tree just so the girls could arrive without us seeing them.

It was only a week but it was a happy reunion. We all went in the house and sat around in the living room talking while Aunt Lila and Uncle Jake kept out of the way. I could see them putting their heads together and smiling at us and when I caught a drift of them talking about how all the cousins had learned to get along so nicely I smiled and thought to myself, “You have no idea how nicely we’re getting along.”

I was sitting on the sofa with Sadie tucked under my arm with her head on my shoulder. I could feel the smooth warmth of her skin beneath the fabric of her dress and the heat of it along my entire side.

Jules and Kat were sitting on either side of Marty on the opposite sofa with their backs to Uncle Jake and Aunt Lila. Amid the laughter and talk Kat and Jules at some signal I seemed to miss, parted their legs slightly and pressed their hands down into their laps and pulled the material of their dresses up giving me and Sadie an unobstructed understanding that neither was wearing underwear. The moment my eyes opened in surprise they both smoothed the material back down and closed their legs as if nothing had happened.

Sadie gave my hand a squeeze and said “Let’s go see your tree house Beth!”

“Yes, let’s!” squealed Jules and Kat at the same time as they jumped up and headed for the door.

We all went outside and Marty led Jules and Kat out first. Sadie and I followed, ahead of the rest of the group and I hugged her tight to me with one arm and looked down into her deep dark eyes that were lit with delight. It nearly melted my heart.

Kat and Jules went up first, with Marty behind, who after looking up at the girls climbing, looked back at me and mouthed “wow”, then back up as Jules disappeared inside.

Sadie reached up and stepped onto the ladder in front of me and when I followed her up I discovered that there was an apparent epidemic of missing panties in this group. She stopped, let the breeze lift her skirt slightly to the side, looked back at me over her shoulder and pulled herself up into the space.

Standing on the ground beneath the ladder, Jake got a good view as well and reached up and gave my calf a punch and grinned.

When we were all up inside, we closed and latched the trap door and spread the blankets over it because with all of us it was pretty crowded and we needed the floor space. Sadie immediately leaned over, pulled me towards her and kissed me deeply, and long. It felt like we’d been apart for months, not just a week, like a big homecoming.

I reached across and pulled her up onto my lap and we wrapped our arms around each other, just enjoying the passion of the kiss. Jules and Kat scooted close to us on either side and Jules began to run her hand lightly along Sadie’s bare legs while Kat did the same to mine and after a minute, I slid my own hand up the inside of her smooth knee, along her thigh and all the way up until I felt the moist warmth of soft hair. She gasped in my mouth and shuddered as I slipped easily inside a very wet warm place with two fingers while I swirled my thumb over the nub of her clit until she clenched up in a little shuddering surprise orgasm. “Mmmmmm.. “ she moaned softly and continued kissing.

When she did, Kat slipped her dress off over her head and Jules followed suit. They both squeezed up close to Marty and began to work on the button of his shorts. Sadie pulled my shirt off over my head, then her dress and pushed me over on my back and straddled my waist grinding herself into my very ready hardness through my shorts.

Beth and Jen Started stroking Jake seductively and Jess sat back against a wall, with her dress hiked up around her waist working furiously at herself with both hands.

Jules and Kat had Marty stripped naked and were alternately sucking and licking him to his great delight.

Jake had pulled his own shorts and shirt off and was kneeling with his head between Jen’s legs, her red hair glistening with moisture and Jen was grinning from ear to ear with her head thrown back and her eyes closed while Jess watched, stroking herself wantonly.

Sadie slid down my body, rubbing her breasts against my chest and stomach and deftly unbuttoned my shorts, zipped them open and pulled them over my knees and off while I lifted my hips to accommodate her. She slid back up, this time rubbing her breasts across my waiting hardness, back up my stomach and high enough up that I could take one nipple in my mouth and suck it for just a moment before she lowered herself again, neatly lifting me with her very ready opening and sliding all the way back down engulfing my full length completely in one slippery, warm motion.

Without saying anything, the young girls took to a routine of sucking and kissing bare skin, and then seductively rolled condoms on the guys before taking them inside. Since none of us except Jess had ever used a condom, I think it was kind of a turn on, anything sexually new having that effect.

Those who were already on the pill continued to ride bareback for the most part but now and then the girls rolled on a condom just for the novelty of it. We spent the whole morning in a writhing naked heap of arms limbs and bodies until Aunt Lila called us all in to lunch.

When we realized that we were all soaked with sweat, cum and girl juices we hurriedly wiped ourselves down with the blankets and made a note to bring up some towels and a jug of water later on. The girls all went inside, straight to the bathroom to “wash up” for lunch and the guys turned on a hose to drink from and quickly degraded into some intentionally accidental horse play that caused Aunt Lila some consternation, but got the smell of sweat and sex off of us and an admonition to go clean up and get on some dry clothes, which, of course, was our intent!

Lunch was a happy affair, everyone sitting around the kitchen table making sandwiches from cold cuts and cheese laid out by Aunt Lila, joking and laughing and really, being the very best of friends! Aunt Lila smiled and laughed with us and opened bottles of Coca Cola Uncle Jake had set in a wash tub full of ice along with a watermelon that was cracked open and scooped out with spoons around the table for desert. I do so love Southern meals!

After lunch we went out to the screened porch and played Monopoly for several hours and when first Sadie and then I landed on Boardwalk, owned by Marty with two hotels, we got up and wandered out to the tree house and climbed up together, leaving the others behind.

Sadie slipped her sun dress over her head and immediately began sensually un-buttoning and unzipping my shorts. She pulled my shirt off and bent down to take me in her mouth as she slowly and ever so sexily licked and sucked me almost to the point of no return. Then she lay back on the blankets, pulling me towards her, parting her legs and guided my head between them as her back arched in anticipation and she shuddered and gasped when I lightly kissed her there.

She was trembling and jerking with two of my fingers up inside, working her G-spot and my tongue sliding around her clit sensually when the trap door opened and Jess’ head popped through the opening. I paused for a moment to look over my shoulder, and Sadie raised her head as well, then we both went back to our business as Jess climbed up inside and latched the door behind her.

“Aunt Lila told me I should come up here and be a chaperone. Just to make sure you weren’t getting into any kind of trouble.” She smiled as she pulled her dress off over her head and reached under me to stroke me softly and kiss along my back.

I shuddered at her touch and grunted, “And what will you tell her Jess?”

“That I didn’t let you do anything I wouldn’t do.” She purred and leaned her head beneath me, taking me in her mouth effectively ending the conversation.

Sadie said not a word during all of this and finally arched her back, stifling a scream with one hand over her mouth ash she gripped my hair with the other hand and shuddered violently several times before pulling me up to her face and kissing me deeply, shaking and jerking as she did. I slid inside her easily and began a smooth easy rhythm, all the way out, then as deep as I could go, then back out and she ground her hips in time and wouldn’t let my mouth away for a second as she licked her juices from my lips and explored my tongue desperately.

It was pure animal passion, arms entwined, one hand alternately clenching at a breast, then down to rub herself while the other hand pulled at my hair pinning me to her face as her body writhed and twisted beneath me.

All the while, Jess was paying attention to both of us as she slid her hands and tongue over as much as she could reach, all over our tender places. When she could feel that we were both reaching the apex of total stimulation, she deftly slid one finger from each hand inside of our tender rear entrances, deep to the third knuckle and both of us exploded in the most intense orgasms we had ever experienced. Despite a whole morning of multiple partners and multiple ejaculations, I seemed to go on and on forever as Sadie squeezed me hard both with her arms around me and her inner muscles.

When both of us finally started to relax and subside, we collapsed next to each other in a heap of sweaty satisfaction while Jess looked on with a self-satisfied smile of accomplishment. Jess laid down on my other side and hooked one leg over me and whispered, “When you get your strength back, I need a turn too!”

I could only moan softly and pulled her tighter so that her breast pressed up against me and the hot, slick sweaty skin pressing in on both sides of me was immensely satisfying. We had all drifted off to sleep and I was having a strange dream about driving fast on a dirt road with huge rocks that kept slamming into the bottom of the car, “Bang, bang, bang!” and I could feel the car jerk with each hit. I was thinking I had better slow down before I ruined the car but as I drifted awake the rocks kept banging on the car until I finally came out of the smokiness of sleep and realized someone was banging on the hatch door from below. “David! Sadie! Open up!” Jen was calling and she banged on the hatch again, rattling the latch and shaking the floor.

I mumbled something unintelligible and leaned over to slide the latch open. The hatch sprang up and Jen was hanging on the rope ladder, looking up beneath her flaming red hair with her deep green eyes like I had killed her favorite cat.

I backed away almost in fear, but when she climbed up into the tree house her dazzling smile replaced her scowl and she simply said “Finally!” as she pulled her dress off over her head and snuggled up between Sadie and Jess in the space I had just vacated. Jess and Sadie mumbled and smiled incoherently and closed in against Jen, gently writing their bodies together and a most sensuous display. Jen said, “Landed on Marty’s damn Boardwalk. They’re still going at it down there. Marty and Jake are kind of tied for the most money, but I think maybe you’re the winner.” And she smiled as she looked left and right at her naked sister and best friend.

I couldn’t argue that and when I lay down next to Sadie on the other side, Jen got up and straddled my waist and started rubbing her moist warmth along my already hardening shaft. She did it in exactly the same way she had the first time last year in my bedroom. Feeling, exploring and watching the entire experience as if trying to discover something she hadn’t known before. I was quickly as hard as I could be and she watched as my head appeared and disappeared beneath her as she slid back and forth.

“Hey little sister, I was next in line for that!” Jess complained as she came out of her sleep and realized that Jen had taken cuts.

Jen looked at me and I gave a little shrug and said “She did call it before.”

“Well, you snooze, you lose sis.” Then she lifted me up and plunged down engulfing me in one swift motion and began to bounce up and down energetically.

All I could do is look over at Jess, a look of disappointment, bordering on anger was clear on her face as Jen gyrated her hips in circular motions, then returned to pumping up and down, now pressing down on my chest with both hands with her head thrown back and her mouth open, gasping great gulps of air and not caring at all what Jess thought about it.

Thankfully, just about that time, the hatch popped open and Little Jake stuck his head up inside. Jess looked at him climbing up inside, looked over at me, then Jen, then grabbed Jake by the shirt, dragged him all the way inside, and practically tore his pants off. She sucked his instant hard-on into her mouth, pushed him onto his back on the other side of Sadie and when satisfied that he could perform, climbed up over him and instantly impaled herself on him as far down as she could go. She sat there for a few moments apparently working her inner muscles because while there was no perceptible motion, Jake’s face was twitching and grimacing in obvious pleasure while he made little gasps of breath and grunting sounds from his chest.

Finally she began slowly to raise and lower herself gradually picking up speed. She looked over at Jen now beginning to tremble and clench her muscles and said “Race you sis!”

Jen looked back and said between grunts “Too – unh – late – umph – sis!” and she seized violently into massive spasms and contractions, degrading into “Uhh, uhh, uhh!” as she pressed on my chest with one hand while fingering herself hard with the other.

Jake said “Wow!” with wide eyes and Jess grasped his chin with one hand and snapped his face back up to hers. “Look at ME!” she demanded and his eyes got even wider as he nodded his head several times with a “YES MAM!” look in his face. Jake was so stunned by this reception that it only took him a few moments to come and he squirted several times and began to soften inside a disappointed Jess.

Jen had abandoned her post and seeing this, Jess lost no time climbing off Jake, over Sadie and resuming her activity on my unsatisfied self. She was frantic, as if her life depended on it, even though she had come several times already this morning. She was bouncing up and down on my hips almost to the point of pain on my pelvic bones.

The hatch opened once again and the rest of the friends and cousins clambered in. It was strangely but comfortably natural. Two naked guys, three naked girls, two of us having intense animal sex and nobody even blinked in surprise or dismay. They simply climbed in and began calmly undressing in turn without a second thought.

I have a very sensual, beautiful naked girl, using my body for intense sexual pleasure (and giving it as well) and I’m lying there pondering on how calmly natural all these naked people are. Strange what your mind does at the weirdest moments.

Surveying the scene, Marty sidled up on his knees and pressed himself against Jess’ rear end. Jess looked over her shoulder, and raised her hips to him all the while still grinding on me while the change in angle increased the pressure on my sensitive parts immediately.

Marty lined himself up, sliding up and down the proffered crack, spreading the already prodigious amount of moisture over himself and Jess, then at the right moment, shoved himself deep inside her rear entrance and moaned aloud. Jess stopped moving for a moment, then began rocking her hips back and forth feeling the two of us as deep as we could be, separated only by that thin membrane that let me easily feel my brother sliding in and out, adding to the sensation on my now very ready organ. I couldn’t hold back any longer and tensed up, spewing several hard spurts inside my older cousin.

The erotic nature of the moment kept me hard enough to last a few minutes more but I finally succumbed and grew soft and plopped out while Marty kept pounding Jess from behind. When I did, his motions and the angle caused all of my fluids combined with Jess’ to spill out on my stomach and feeling this, Jess looked down between us and the sight of it was enough to set her off in a heaving satisfying orgasm after which she collapsed on my chest and Marty popped out from behind her. and when he turned to look around him, Kat was there with an unwrapped condom and immediately rolled it on him, then turned her back on him, knelt and put both hands behind her, spreading her cheeks and smiled back at him. He scooted over on his knees and entered her from behind, and was instantly lost in a different place.

Little Jake was out cold, I was limp and worn out, Marty was going at Kat like a jackrabbit and Jules and Beth just sat and looked at each other. “We need more boys.” Jules said “I miss the Aussies. We’re all out of balance here.” And Beth nodded her assent, but without another word, they leaned towards each other and embraced in a wet all tongues kiss and began to explore each other’s bodies as their breathing became rapid and their hunger increased.

For the rest of the summer we did typical summer things, swimming, sailing, water skiing, fishing, shrimping, crabbing and all else there is in a summer paradise. We had to spend time with our younger siblings too, but every free moment we got, we spent up in the tree house, doing the things our parents knew we would never do with all the cousins and siblings around.

I’m convinced that as much as parents know about their children, they never suspected that the cousins were deeply involved with each other sexually. They spoke many times to each other about how we all got along so well from that summer on. They were sure it was simply a matter of growing up and realizing the great bond between relatives.

We never got more boys. At least not while we were still in Alabama. Later we learned that Kat and Jules had started up with two boys from their school and met them whenever they could at remote locations. Well, as remote as walking and bicycles could take them. Apparently they kept them quiet (and happy) by swearing them to silence and the fear that if anyone ever found out about them they would tell their fathers that the boys had raped them and they would never have sex with them again. For young teen boys, the prospect of never again having what you suddenly found out you craved so badly was enough. I’m told that nobody ever knew what they were doing.

At any rate, I had to be back in California to start college at U. C. Berkley in the fall and I had a lot of packing and moving to do. We’d already planted the seed that perhaps Jules, Jen and their best friend Sadie might come to California next summer. We also started talking about having Sadie apply to Berkley. But that was still a couple of years off.

I was really looking forward to getting away from home and off on my own and exploring future possibilities. Little did I know what Berkley was really going to be like in the seventies!

Chapter 9 – U. C. Berkley, Freshman Year
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