My mother died when I saw born and dad was a biker and into the gang scene. My step mom wasn’t part of that when they met or after. She was the exception to the club rule. Dad still fucked a few of the club whores and I knew Jade had let a couple of the other club members fuck her. She had even let one get her pregnant with Star since dad was fixed.

Unlike the club bitches my step mother loved to ride. I think that was why she never let my father talk her into joining. I didn’t mind bikes but I loved old cars, my father had bought an old thirty six Mercedes Roadster when I turned sixteen. Not long after that my father was killed by a rival gang.

The funeral for my dad was crowded with his club members. Several made references to coming to see mom. I had seen the way she acted to the first and told the others to stay the fuck away. They ignored me of course but mom looked at me and smiled as she hugged me. The first few days after were filled with a lot of legal stuff.

I don’t know what my father had been into but he had a lot of investments that came to me. Two weeks later I was talking to mom in the kitchen about moving. The front door opened and two guys from the club walked in. I turned, “what are you doing here?”

One reached out to shove me aside, “taking a club bitch.”

I grabbed his fingers and twisted as I pulled the taser wand my father had given me and jabbed the other guy. He jerked and spasmed as I let the first go and hit him too. I pulled back and knelt and searched them and took the two guns they were carrying. I shifted them together and kicked them as they groaned.

I stunned them both several times in the balls, “she is my property and doesn’t belong to the club. Come back and I will kill you.”

I stood and kicked them again until they got to their feet and one turned to threaten and I put the barrel of his forty five between his eyes, “go ahead.”

He froze as the other one licked his lips, “your father...”

I stepped back, “was in the club but she isn’t and you know it. Now walk, I have a call to make.”

The club president had personally told me if I had any problems to call him. They left and I used the phone as Jade smiled and shook her head. To say he wasn’t happy was an understatement, he did say he would take care of it. Two weeks later we were moving into another house in another city.

We had to wait for the furniture to arrive and were staying with one of mom’s old friends. Star was playing with their teenage daughter when mom decided to go for a ride on her motorcycle. I grinned because we had my car on a trailer with her bike and my father’s. I decided to join her and rode beside her on dad’s bike.

She laughed and smiled and I could see how happy she was while riding. When we returned I parked under the carport with her beside me. She looked at me as I shut the bike off and removed the helmet. Her bike was still running and she bit her lip, “Dare?’

I looked at her as I hung the helmet on the mirror, “yeah.”

She stood up and undid her pants and wiggled to push them down, “get on behind me and fuck me?”

I looked at her trimmed pussy before looking around and opening my pants. I swung my leg over the bike as she lay forward and tilted her hips. I looked down at her slit before leaning and bending my cock. I pushed into her and she groaned as it spread her pussy and I shoved all the way into her.

She gasped and looked back when I hit the back of her pussy and held her waist. She grinned and wiggled, “just like your dad.”

I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. The vibrations from the bike on her clit had her covering her mouth while she wailed and spasmed. I kept fucking her and she continued to push back while her pussy became wetter and tightened around my cock. A few more minutes and I needed to cum.

She was jerking and rubbing her clit on the seat before shoving onto my cock. I shoved all the way into her and felt something give before I gushed a solid stream of warm sperm. She stiffened and tilted her hips as I pumped cum into her and then shuddered, “mmmm!”

When I was done she looked back as she shut the bike off, “damn.”

I grinned and hugged her before climbing off the bike. I turned and saw Star standing there with wide eyes. I cleared my throat as Jade got off and she sighed, “I need to talk to her.”

I nodded as she pulled up her pants and glanced down at my still hard cummy cock. I put it away as I pulled up my pants and started for the house. A few hours later it was bed time, Jade and Star were to sleep on the bed and I had a sleeping bag on the floor. When Jade closed the door Star grinned as she pulled her sleeping shirt off, “you have to sleep with me and mom.”

I looked at Jade as she undressed, “you said it is your property.”

I grinned as I started undressing and waited to shut the light off. I moved onto the bed beside her and caressed her before reaching between her legs to finger her cummy pussy. Star bent on the other side of her mother to suck on a nipple and I grinned as she shuddered. Jade caressed my face, “We are your property now Dare.”

I looked at Star looking at me, “We?”

Jade smiled at her daughter as she blushed, “she wants you to be her first.”

I moved to kiss Jade like I had wanted to for several years, “do you have lube?”

She looked at me and nodded, “in my case.”

I looked at Star, “she will be tight soo...”

Jade laughed and shook me, “lick her pussy while I get it.”

I gave her another pleasant kiss before moving towards Star. I laid her on her back and kissed her gently before moving down. I stopped to suck on each of her nipples before moving to her pussy. I sucked on her clit and she shuddered and humped, “mmmm!”

Jade laid back down and kissed her daughter as she began to twist and wail. I had pushed my tongue into her so I knew she didn’t have her hymen. I moved up and Jade waited as I turned onto my side before reaching over to pour cold lube all over my cock. She wrapped her hand around my cock and spread the lube before letting me go.

I turned and moved over and between Star’s legs. She smiled and looked between us as I lifted up and slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She groaned and tried to spread her legs even more as she tilted her hips. I waited as her mother caressed her face and she looked at me.

I humped, “when you are ready.”

She grinned as her pussy squeezed and I kissed her. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts and was careful when I hit her cervix. She grunted and shuddered and a minute later began to moan and thrust up. Her pussy started to grasp and squeeze as I continued to fuck her. I grinned and kissed her again before fucking her long and deep.

She lifted her legs and spread them as she spasmed and jerked, “ooohhh!”

Jade giggled, “feeling good baby?”

Star clutched me as I kept fucking her, “yyyeeesss!”

She squirmed and writhed around as I started planting my cock and fucking her firmly. Her pussy was a lot slicker and she began to buck and thrash, “DARE!”

I fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum. A moment later I pushed against her cervix as I gushed huge spurts. She gasped and jerked when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

I tried to hold her as she wiggled and squirmed until I was finished. When I pulled out and laid beside her Jade moved to lay between her legs to look at her daughter, “like that baby?”

Star hugged her, “yeah.”

Her mother kissed her before turning to me. She grinned as she moved off Star and straddled me, “mind if I take a ride?”

I grinned as I reached for her breasts, “not if I can play with these.”

Star giggled as Jade laughed and slowly sat on my cock. I fucked her and then Star again and her again and then... I woke to Jade slipping out of bed and looked at Star before following Jade. She smiled when I slipped into the bathroom with her and spread her legs as she peed. I grinned and moved between her legs and a minute later began to pee.

She held and aimed my cock until I was done and then wiped it before standing to kiss me. We took a shower together and then I went out to load the two motorcycles onto the trailer while she went to wake Star. Her friends didn’t say anything about the wailing from last night but they did grin at me.

Their daughter Leah was doing a lot of whispering and giggling with Star. They followed us to the new house and helped when the furniture arrived. It was noon before the movers left and mom grinned as she kissed me in front of her friends, “go get pizza for lunch.”

I caressed her hips and glanced at Star but Leah whispered to her mother who cleared her throat, “Leah wants to go with you.”

Jade laughed as she turned away, “horny Leah?”

I blushed as I hesitated but Leah grinned, “yeah.”

Her mom caressed her face, “you let Dare fuck you and you will become his property.”

Jade was grinning and nodding and Leah walked towards me, “okay.”

I laughed as I took her hand and turned to go out to my car. We had moved it off the trailer with the motorcycles. Leah held my hand when she could and carried the pizza in her lap on the way back. Jade’s friends left after we ate and Jade had a few changes to show me with Star and Leah following.

First, all my clothes were in her walk in closet. The bedroom that was supposed to be mine was changed into a home office. Jade rubbed my chest, “Star and Leah are sharing a bedroom but are going to sleep with us.”

I glanced at Leah and Jade laughed, “yes she is staying, at least until or unless she changes her mind. After you claim her, she is your property and her parents said she can stay.”

Star was grinning and almost bouncing as she hugged her friend’s arm. I turned to Jade and pulled her hips against mine, “but you are mine.”

She gave me a kiss, “yes.”

She glanced at Leah, “fuck Leah while we watch and then we can take the girls for a ride.”

I grinned, “you just want to feel the bike vibrating against your pussy.”

Jade grinned as Star and Leah giggled but I turned and reached for Leah. I pulled her to the bed and began to undress her while Jade and Star undressed me. I sat her down and knelt between her legs and leaned in to lick through her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and felt her hymen gone before I nibbled on her labia and sucked on her clit.

She shuddered and humped as she moaned and I kept wiggling my tongue on her clit. I nibbled and sucked before licking her and attacking her clit again. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and thrusting up while constantly moaning. She finally jerked and shuddered hard before twisted and covering her pussy.

I stood and helped her turn and move further onto the bed before moving over her. I kissed her and lifted to push and force my cock into her. She opened and spread her legs more as she tilted her hips, “ooohhh!”

I pushed and worked my cock into her before giving her another kiss. She hugged me as her tight pussy squeezed and gripped my cock. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. She humped up to meet me and shuddered as I continued to fuck her. Her pussy became slipperier as I fucked her.

It wasn’t long before I was using deep thrusts. She lifted her legs a little later and clutched me as she suddenly wet me and howled, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I buried my cock to hump and grind as she spasmed and jerked. Several minutes later I pulled back to fuck her hard and deep. She yelled as she began to thrash and buck while I continued to fuck her and plant my cock in her. It was fun watching her cum and her grasping pussy felt very nice around my cock.

I slowed and went back to long deep strokes as she clung to me. She came four times before I felt the need to cum. I fucked her firmly as she twisted and struggled and then thrust into her at the last moment. I kissed her as I began to gush and spew cum against her cervix. She screamed in my mouth when she felt the cum spurting into her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me when she felt the warm sperm. I held her as she panted and slowly relaxed. I pulled out of her and moved to the side as Jade and Star sat and caressed Leah. She was staring at the ceiling and grinning and Jade laughed as she bent to suck on a nipple, “sold.”

Leah giggled, “yeah.”

I shook my head, “get dressed so we can go out.”

I had Star on behind me and Jade had Leah with her. We rode for almost an hour before returning and as soon as I shut the bike off Star climb off and ran for the house, “gotta pee.”

I smiled as I stood and helped Leah as Jade stood. She swung off the bike but left it running as she pushed her pants down and then off. She grinned at me as she straddled her bike and leaned forward. Leah grinned as I pushed my pants down and off before straddling the bike behind Jade. I rubbed her pussy and shifted and bent my cock to push into her.

She shuddered as her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I held her waist as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts and she started rubbing on her bike. She spasmed a minute later and wet me while her pussy tightened, “aaahhh!”

I buried my cock and pressed as she shook and jerked. A couple of minutes and I pulled back to fuck her long hard and deep. I kept it up as she jerked and shuddered while her pussy grasp and contracted. She shuddered violently when I pushed her cervix open and continued to fuck her.

I buried my cock a few minutes later and shoved as it gushed a torrent of cum into her womb. Jade jerked and her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done and held her with my cock buried until she sighed and shut the motorcycle off, “what a ride.”

Leah laughed as I reluctantly pulled out and got off the bike. Jade shuddered before grinning as she got off. We took the trailer back and came home to Leah and Star dancing naked in the living room. Jade grinned as she stripped and joined them and I shook my head. I sat to watch and Star turned and grinned as she walked towards me with a sway to her walk.

She bent over and opened my pants before tugging and pulling them down and off. She tossed them to the side and straddled me. She rubbed her bald slit on my cock as she kissed me. She lifted and looked between us before slowly forcing my cock up into her tight pussy. She wiggled to get it deeper and then began to rub her pussy on me and roll her hips.

That drove my cock deeper as I pulled her close and gave her a kiss. She sighed and put her head on my shoulder as she bounced and rocked and wiggled. Her tight pussy constantly squeezed and became slipperier as her breathing changed. She shuddered and started moaning as she became erratic. I turned and shifted and laid her back on the couch.

I kissed her and began to fuck her with long strokes. She kept lifting her hips each time I pushed into her. It wasn’t long before she wrapped her legs around me and wailed as her pussy clenched, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

She began to struggle and jerk while her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. She spread her legs wide as I continued to fuck her and bury my cock as deep as I could. She thrashed around and bucked as I fucked her hard and deep. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and kissed her while I began to pump cum.

She clutched me and screamed as she began to spasm, “yyyyeeeessss!”

I humped and jabbed as I continued to spurt and spew. When I was done I relaxed with a sigh and Star sagged to the couch, “mmmm!”

Jade and Leah laughed as I kissed her and pulled out. Jade let me get her pregnant before the month was over. Star and Leah have grown into beautiful women and are still my property. I got all three of them pregnant when Star was seventeen and Leah eighteen. We live off the investments my father left me, I buy and restore old cars too.

I have a couple of different old cars now so the whole family will fit. I still go for rides with Jade and every time we get home I fuck her on her motorcycle.
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