I rolled the fighter and dove before turning and streaking over the jungle below. I followed the contours that twisted and turned and finally ended at the ocean. I pulled up and did several barrel rolls before turning and accelerating towards the distant base. I rarely got to test fighters and this was a new one.

I slowed and checked around me before turning onto the approach. Once I was down I undid the harness as the canopy slid back and climbed out, “everything was running smoothly chief.”

The master chief grinned as I climbed down, “we had to replace the reactor and the entire after grav thrusters.”

I smiled as I headed for the distant shuttle hangers, “tell captain Malcom I said thanks.”

I sighed as I walked, if only I had been born a guy. I looked like a tall girl with curves in the right places. Firm breasts with nice nipples and an extremely tight pussy. The problem was I also had a large thick cock and big balls. I had endured humiliation all my life and had learned to avoid people when I was exposed.

Unfortunately the physical for fleet wasn’t private and since I had a cunt I was a female. I frowned as I walked up to the shuttle that was still loading and a stranger telling the family the shuttle was full, “what the hell is going on? Who are you and where is my crew chief?”

Three men emerged from the cargo hatch as the stranger turned to me, “you have been replaced and...”

I growled since I knew there wasn’t another pilot available, “listen you. I am the only shuttle qualified pilot on the whole base.”

They looked at each other before turning and lunging for me and the family. I twisted and yelled as the two teenage girls screamed and then I heard the shots as I was pulled into the shuttle while one man yelled to lift. I continued to fight off the man as his hands grabbed and groped. I heard the generators spin up and then the anti gravs and thrusters.

The man was breathing heavy and talking about fucking my cunt until he was satisfied. I felt the shuttle lift and accelerate and knew the pilot wasn’t experienced and then I caught myself. Why was I struggling? I was trained and knew what to do. I relaxed and let the asshole reach between my legs as his other hand held my left wrist.

I reached across as he grabbed my cock and caught his hand on my arm. He looked into my face in shock as I twisted and broke his grip while rotating his arm and wrist to the right. My free left hand went to his right hip and pulled the plasma pistol and I aimed and fired. The round went in behind his right ear and his head exploded.

I sat up and aimed at one of the others as he stood and turned with a surprised look. I shot him twice in the chest before aiming at his partner when he spun from the girl he was on. I shot him twice and turned to the last man who was spinning with his pistol coming up. I fired three times and stood before headed towards the bridge access.

Another man appeared in the bridge hatch and I shot him in the chest. He spun and the pistol in his hand went off. When I reached the bridge another man I didn’t know was slumped over in the pilot’s seat. I yanked him out and slid in and realized we were headed straight down and there was no way to avoid a crash.

I yanked the controls back as I shifted the forward anti gravs to full. We were suddenly smashing through trees and the internal grav compensators quit. I was thrown forward and then sideways as the shuttle spun. We tilted and finally slammed down and rocked as the ship stopped.

I groaned as I looked around and moved back into the seat and started making checks. The bad news was the comm system was smashed beyond repair and the ship would never lift again. I climbed out of the seat and bent to search the man. I almost cursed when I found his id, they were lossy raiders!

I removed his thick pistol belt and put it on before securing the pistol holster to my right thigh. I headed aft and checked the other man and took his belt and slung it over my head and shoulder. Just outside the hatch I found my dead crew chief. I also found the raiders packs and three grav bikes they had used under a tarp.

I went to check the girls and found them clinging to each other. I started searching the dead men, “are you girls hurt?”

When they didn’t answer I glanced at them, “I asked a question.”

The older one cleared her throat, “just bruised.”

I nodded and moved to another man, “come help me.”

The younger moved away from her sister, “are they dead?”

I smiled, “as dead as I could make them.”

I held out a weapon belt, “put this on.”

She took it and began adjusting it as her sister joined her and I handed her another belt, “one of the assholes shot the pilot and I couldn’t keep us from crashing.”

They looked at me as I held out spare ammo pouches, “add these to the belts.”

I moved to the hatch and had to use the manual override to open it. I watched as it crashed into the jungle brush and turned. The older girl smiled, “so is someone coming to save us?”

I shook my head as I headed towards the front, “the comm system was smashed.”

I stopped and looked at them, “you can call me Hunter.”

I gestured, “I need help. They had three double seat grav bikes we can use.”

The younger girl grinned, “we get to drive grav bikes?”

They followed and helped me unstrap the bikes and search the raiders packs. I secured three, one on each bike. Each had a five millimeter rail survival rifle collapsed and in a case on the side of the pack as well as a long sonic cutter. The older girl was Taylor who was fourteen and the younger was Katelyn or Kat as she wanted me to call her and she was thirteen.

It was an hour before I downloaded a sat map to a reader. I had split the emergency rations between our three packs and added the blister bags for water to both girls and myself. I took a deep breath as I looked at the girls, “don’t try to go fast or rush. Stay behind me in single file and keep up. If you need to stop yell.”

They nodded and I swung onto the first bike and waited until they were ready before lifting and heading out. The bikes could lift to almost three meters but were set to stay at two. I rode out and turned to head back in the direction I knew the base was in. In the short time the shuttle had been in the air it had traveled almost eight hundred kilometers.

I thought it would only take a day or two but thirty minutes in the jungle and I knew it was going to take at least twice that. And then Kat yelled and I glanced back before coasting to a stop. Taylor stopped behind her, “I have to pee.”

I sighed because her saying it made me think about it and I swung off as I looked around, “come here.”

They both came to me quickly and I smiled as I kept looking around, “go here.”

Taylor glanced around before hopping as she wiggled out of her pants. I stared at her trimmed pussy as she squatted and my cock got hard. She went a long time before sighing and looking around. I glanced around before bending and picking up her panties and kneeling. I reached between her spread legs and wiped her pussy before looking up into her face.

She shivered and grinned before standing and reaching for her pants. Kat started pulling her pants off and I got a look at her completely bald pussy. I bent to take her panties when she squatted and began to pee. I waited and then reached between her legs when she stopped to wipe her pussy.

I shrugged out of the flight coverall and pushed them down and stepped out of them and my boxers. I blushed as I realized the two girls were staring at my hard cock and squatted. I might have a cock like a guy but the only thing that came out of it was sperm and semen. I began peeing and kept looking down until I was done.

I started to reach for my boxers when Taylor picked them up and reached between my legs to wipe my slit. I shivered as her hand wrapped around my cock and looked at her as I stood. She was grinning as Kat giggled, “you’re a girl and a guy.”

I removed her hand, “you play with that and it will end up in your tight little pussy.”

She grinned and looked at Kat, “okay.”

I looked at her as I started to put my coveralls on, “okay?”

Taylor smiled, “you can fuck me.”

Kat was nodding when I looked at her, “me too.”

I was tempted to bend them both over and... I shook myself, “wait until tonight and I will.”

I sent them back to their bikes and got on mine. I started leading them as I tried to stay on course. We had to cross a stream and a river and made sure to do it quickly and together. Even then the huge predators still followed and lunged out of the water. It was a couple of hours before it got dark when I stopped beside a small stream.

I watched and wiped the girls when they peed and Kat wiped my slit when I went. I pulled the packs together and handed a ration to each of the girls. I filtered water to fill the water blisters and the bike hydrogen separation tanks. I added water to the separation tanks in the three small reactors from the packs.

I opened the tent and glanced up before tucking the blankets in and connecting it to the reactors. It opened and unfolded so the solid top spread out while the gauze sides straightened. I gestured to the girls and they hesitated before climbing in. It was a two man tent but had enough room for the three of us if we snuggled.

I looked around before climbing in and turning to the tiny control pad beside the opening. I lifted the tent and sent it almost ten meters above the ground. I set the controls before closing the gauze door. I turned and took a breath as I began to strip the coveralls off. The girls grinned and undressed quickly as I laid out in the middle between them.

Taylor pressed against me and reached for my hard cock as Kat bent to suck on my nipples. I shuddered and humped and Taylor grinned as she shifted and straddled me before slowly impaling her pussy. I groaned as my cock stretched her tight pussy and pushed up to get it deeper.

She sighed and wiggled, “damn your cock is big.”

She settled and took a breath as her pussy gripped my cock, “soo... Are you a girl or guy?”

I growled and was ready to yank her off me when she bent to tug on a nipple, “you are both but... in your mind where it matters, are you a girl or guy?”

I shuddered as tingles raced through my body and looked at her and then Kat. I took a breath, “a guy.”

Taylor nodded and then leaned forward before she began to rock and fuck my cock. I shuddered at the feel of her tight pussy and my cock sliding in and out. She twisted and rolled her hips as her pussy gripped my cock and squeezed. Kat grinned and laid half on me to kiss and then move down to suck on my nipples.

I jerked and humped and started to thrust up, “oh!”

Taylor gasped and shuddered hard as she wet me as her pussy clenched, “oooohhhh!”

I tugged on her nipples and kept thrusting up as she wigged and squirmed and rubbed her pussy back and forth. The feel of Kat sucking on my nipples went straight to my groin as I thrust up and tried to push into Taylor deeper, “yes!”

She spasmed and twisted as she wet me and her pussy contracted, “yyyeeesssss!”

Kat giggled as she moved and pulled her sister down, “roll over and fuck her nice and deep.”

I rolled and began to fuck her with firm thrusts as I tried to cum. I was straining as I humped and thrust and pushed and jabbed and Taylor clutched me as she kept spasming while her pussy gripped and squeezed. I grunted and groaned as I buried my throbbing cock. She gasped as my cock swelled before I began pumping huge gushing spurts.

I jerked and held her on my cock as I just kept pumping cum. She twisted and jerked as her pussy milked my cock while warm sperm flooded her and began leaking out. It was a minute before I stopped jerking and shuddering. I sighed and looked at a panting Taylor who grinned, “yummy.”

Kat giggled, “my turn.”

I looked at her as she laid back with spread legs, “want to lick my pussy?”

I laughed and humped before I pulled out of her sister as she shuddered. I moved and turned to put my head between her legs as I began to lick through her pussy. Kat humped and tilted her hips as she sighed and I pushed my tongue into her. I captured her clit and sucked as I gently nibbled using my lips.

She gasped and jerked as she thrust up, “fuck!”

Taylor giggled, “he will.”

I grinned as I went back to licking and started to wiggle my tongue on her clit. It didn’t take her long to start shaking and humping while moaning louder. It was several minutes before I stopped as she panted and turned around and moved over her. I was between her legs and lifted before slowly forcing my cock into her.

She lifted and tilted her hips while trying to spread her legs more. Taylor rubbed her thigh, “lift your legs and keep them spread.”

I waited as Kat did as she was told before wiggling and groaning, “damn my pussy is full.”

I smiled and bent to give her a kiss, “it will be when I finish.”

They giggled and I pulled back before I began to fuck her with long thrusts. Her pussy tightened and squeezed as she lifted her hips to meet my thrusts. She started to shudder and moan while her pussy became slick. A few minutes and she was spasming and clutching me while wailing. I fucked her firmly with long, deep, demanding strokes.

She started bucking and shaking while her pussy clenched around my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and she began to thrash around and yell as I kissed her. She bucked and spasmed and twisted while her pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing. It was awhile before I shoved all the way into her and pushed against her cervix. I began pumping huge gushing spurts of cum.

She gasped before shuddering hard, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I was shaking as I held her and pumped her full and when I was done I slowly relaxed as she panted and shook. Taylor rubbed my butt, “fuck me from behind.”

When I was done they were both leaking cum and exhausted. For the first time in my life I slept soundly with both girls snuggled on me. I did wake a few times to the sounds of animals but they were all below. I woke to the dawn and looked at the two girls, tempted to fuck them once more.

I smiled at the thought and shook them awake. I moved to the door and glanced out and down before slowly lowering the tent. I stepped out with my pistol in my hand and gestured to the girls. They came out and moved to the side to pee and then wash their cummy pussies. When they were done and dressed they watched for me.

We had another ration before packing up and starting off. Like the day before it was slow going unless we crossed a river or stream. Each time we stopped to pee the girls giggled and tempted me. They took turns wiping me and kept stroking my cock when I went. By the time we stopped for the night I was more than ready to fuck them.

They watched as I filtered water again and filled all the blisters and tanks. They set up the tent and crawled in as it opened and unfolded. Like before I lifted it ten meters above the ground before turning to lay back. The girls were already naked and worked together to strip me. Kat straddled me and lifted while I reached for her breasts.

She sat and wiggled to work her tight pussy down my cock. I groaned at the feel and thrust up while she began to roll her hips and grind on me. It wasn’t long before she was jerking while her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. She twisted and shook as Taylor giggled and reached up to tug on Kat’s nipples.

She spasmed and her pussy clenched as she wet me, “ooohhhh!”

I shuddered and pulled her down before shifting until I was on top. I started to fuck her hard and deep and she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

Taylor laughed as I kept fucking Kat while she convulsed and her pussy constantly squeezed my cock. I planted it against her cervix as I rubbed and pressed and ground into her. She clutched me and wailed as she jerked and bucked and I finally buried my cock and kissed her while I began to gush cum.

Her pussy clenched and she spasmed, “mmmm!”

I spurted into her over and over as she continued to jerk and shake and finally after she was slimy and cum was leaking out of her I stopped. She groaned as she dropped her legs, “damn you cum a lot.”

Taylor laughed as she pulled on me, “and I love feeling it.”

I grinned and gave Kat another kiss before pulling out and pushing Taylor onto her back, “first I am licking your pussy and then I will fuck you.”

She grinned as she laid back and I moved and turned and put my head between her legs. I began licking her and pushing my tongue into her and she shuddered. I groaned and pushed back a moment later when I felt Kat behind me licking my pussy. I wiggled and squirmed as I covered Taylor’s clit and sucked while using my tongue to tease it.

She started humping and shaking as I continued to work on her clit. I felt something push into my pussy and tried to move away but Kat held me. I lifted my head to look back and she grinned as she lifted the tube for a water bladder, “I sucked a lot of your cum into this.”

Taylor snickered, “she just likes tasting cum and pussy together.”

I shook my head and turned around and moved over Taylor and pushed into her tight pussy. She spread her legs more and tilted her hips as she put her arms around me. I could feel something leaking from my pussy as I fucked her with deep strokes. She humped and kept thrusting up while her pussy grasped and gripped my cock.

It wasn’t long before I kissed her to quiet her wailing. She jerked and bucked while her pussy became slick and tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock and began to press, jab and grind and Taylor howled into my mouth as she thrashed around. She clutched me while her pussy massaged my cock and I shuddered as I pulled back to fuck her firmly. I kept shoving into her and planting my cock and it wasn’t long before she was incoherent.

I finally pushed into her and pressed against her cervix as I began pumping cum. She wiggled and struggled as I held her and gushed warm sperm. She sighed and moaned and humped while her pussy squeezed my cock. When I stopped cumming she was sloppy with cum leaking around my cock.

I looked at Kat and she grinned as she turned on her knees and wiggled her butt. The girls were very slimy when they went to sleep and so was I since they kept blowing my own cum into me. It took almost five full days to reach the area around the base. When we rode in everyone was surprised.

They had sats looking for us and a few fighters had gone out but no one had seen where the shuttle went down. The girls parents had been shot but only wounded. While I was answering questions a team went out using a small transport with vertical lift capabilities to find and bring the remains in the shuttle back.

It was a long night before I returned to my quarters. I missed the two girls as I showered and dressed in a clean uniform. My first big surprise came several days later when I had to take a med exam, I was pregnant! I was shocked as I remembered the two girls blowing my own cum into me.

I was still trying to decide what to do a day later when Taylor and Kat knocked on my door with their parents. They had gotten a med exam and found out they were pregnant. Their parents thought it was amusing when I blushed and told them I was too. The girls are my registered mates and have had a couple more babies and so have I.

We live on a different world where I fly commercial shuttles with Taylor as my copilot and Kat as our crew chief. We still remember Malprosia and our ride through the jungle. We have three large hover bikes with follow alongs for the children when we go camping.
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