Border war
I glanced at Jason as we sat looking down a valley. On the other side was a company of foot soldiers running from the flock of sheep they had just killed. I chanted and gestured and tall earth walls suddenly grew up in front of them. They turned but it continued to grow and rise around them until they were encircled.

Jason sighed as we rode forward with a platoon following, “this is the ninth time in two weeks.”

I smiled, “you would think they would learn.”

I gestured and a narrow opening appeared in the wall. The foot soldiers were in a defensive position but I gestured again and they were knocked over as if from a strong wind while the platoon charged in. I turned to ride towards the shepherd that was returning. He was almost weeping as he looked at the dead sheep.

I stopped and leaned over, “good shepherd I would like to buy the sheep.”

He looked at me, “for?”

I smiled, “food and the skins for rugs.”

He smiled, “how much?”

I turned to pull a pouch out of a saddle bag. I weighted it in my hand before glancing at the dead flock, “how about twenty gold pieces? You clean the bodies and skin them and bring them to our camp.”

He grinned as he bobbed his head, “yes lord.”

I sighed, “not lord just Caden.”

I paid him and gave him directions to our camp. Jason was busy marching the prisoners towards the border. I followed him and told him about buying the sheep from the shepherd. I murmured a spell that spread through the prisoners. I watched as he waited for the arrogant noble to buy the soldiers back.

He paid one gold piece for each sheep they had killed and another for each soldier before we headed back to camp. Jason grinned as we reached the camp, “I’ll tell the cook.”

There was six mercenary companies along the border and I knew the cook would trade some of the sheep to the other companies. When we rode into camp the duke that hired us was waiting. He grinned, “four times in three days. The council think another few weeks and they will pull back. It is costing them to much to keep raiding.”

I headed towards my tent and swung down and began unsaddling the horse. The others were to one side eating the tall grass. I could hear Ash, Sara and Nancy giggling and splashing in the wide stream behind the tent. I brushed the horse down and sent him to the others as I walked around the tent.

I smiled at the few mercenaries watching them play in the water. I stripped and waded in and to them and caught Nancy as she turned. She grinned and pressed against me, “hi master.”

I caressed her hips, “having fun?”

Ash and Sara came to press against me and Ash pulled me towards the deeper side, “we are having our second bath.”

Nancy and Sara laughed as they followed and soon I was in water up to my chest. They took turns rubbing and washing me with their hands. I finally pulled them out and gestured to dry them, “we are having a shepherd bring sheep skins and fresh meat for the cook.”

Ash grinned, “can we put the sheep skins on the floor?”

I nodded as I dressed and walked around and into the tent. They followed me and Ash caught my hand, “I’m horny master.”

I smiled as Sara and Nancy snickered and spoke at the same time, “horny girl.”

I grinned and let her pull me to the bed where we undressed. Ash jumped onto the bed and laid back in the middle as I followed her. I stopped and opened her pussy before I licked through it. I captured her clit and began teasing it as Sara and Nancy climbed onto the bed on each side. They sucked on her nipples as I kept licking her clit.

She humped and wiggled and moaned as I continued to suck on her clit. It was a little while before I moved up as Ash shuddered and lifted her legs. I pushed into her and kissed her as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She sighed and began to hump and lift her hips while her pussy tightened.

I continued to fuck her and grind and she began to howl and shake. It was several minutes before she wailed and bucked while thrashing around, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy was slick and constantly grasping my cock as I fucked her with deep strokes and began to press and grind. She wiggled and jerked and clutched me as I fucked her and finally shoved into her. She spasmed and her pussy clenched as I pumped spurts of cum into her, “mmmm!”

Sara and Nancy giggled as I spewed and gushed until I was finished and Ash sighed and wrapped her legs around me. I smiled and gave her a kiss before pulling out, “we need to get dressed.”

We were with Jason and several others when the farmer brought the sheep. I let the cook take the meat as I absently gestured to the skins. They lifted and shimmered as any flesh was removed and then they darkened as the skin was tanned. I gestured again and they floated towards the tent.

Jason grinned as I turned back to him, “as I was saying the informant just sent a message that they brought in a mage or two of their own.”

I nodded and he sighed, “I let the platoons know to use the summoning stone if they see a mage or have magic used against them.”

I looked at him, “did you get a name?”

He smiled, “Topsel was one I think.”

I murmured a spell and sat back when it answered my question, “a rogue journeyman.”

We had just finished dinner when a horse came into the camp at a run, “they are coming!”

I looked at him and then at Jason and stood as I felt magic in the distance. I reached out as I started walking towards the edge of the camp. I smiled and shook my head and began to chant. Dark clouds appeared and it grew darker until I finished and gestured. Weather was one of the last things a mage learns because it can turn on you.

Also until you have the strength of a master you can’t control it or direct it properly. In the distance an army of stone giants appeared with a couple of companies of infantry behind them and a half dozen nobles on horses. I began chanting again as the stone giants began to spread out and finished as there was a roar and they started lumbering towards us.

I was on the edge of our camp as I gestured again. The bolt of lightning didn’t strike the giants. It didn’t hit the companies of soldiers who were now writhing around on the ground in agony. It began hitting those on the horses. The rogue journeyman mage managed to deflect the first and second but the other men with him were not as lucky.

By the fourth he had run out of strength and screamed as a half dozen bolts hit him at once. He fell smoking with his horse and the army of stone giants that was almost to us stopped and froze. I began walking and murmured a spell and they slowly sank into the earth. I walked through the soldiers and stopped to look at the dead nobles and the journeyman mage.

I murmured a spell and the clouds faded away as I started collecting any horse not dead. I calmed them and whispered a spell to heal them. I took the signet ring from the hands of the nobles on my way back through. I gestured and the enemy soldiers sagged to the ground. Jason shook his head, “I thought you said bringing a storm in would be bad?”

I smiled and patted the neck of a fine black mare that bumped my shoulder, “only if you face a master. A journeyman seldom has the skill or the power to control weather.”

I gestured to the soldiers on the ground, “need help with these?”

He laughed and shook his head as Samuel started yelling orders and I gave the signet rings to him. I stripped the three new horses when I reached my tent and looked around for the girls. Ash peeked out, “is it over?”

I smiled and started checking saddles and sent the horses around to my others. I finished and walked into the tent and she backed up and rubbed my chest, “horny?”

I cupped a breast and she grinned and turned, “Nancy wanted you to fuck her.”

I looked at Sara and Nancy on the bed and Nancy grinned as she scooted to the edge and lifted her legs, “nice and deep master.”

I smiled and kissed Ash before starting to undress on my way to the bed. I stopped beside it and reached out to feel how wet Nancy was before I pushed into her. I buried my cock and caressed her pelvis and hips as she wiggled and her pussy squeezed. She moaned and I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes.

She kept lifting her hips and humping as I fucked her. Ash stalked onto the bed naked and pushed Sara onto her back before turning to straddle her head. She bent her head and began licking her pussy as Sara pulled her hips down and started licking her. I smiled as Nancy shuddered and her pussy clenched, “oooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her with long thrusts that sank my cock all the way into her. She began to wail and thrash as her pussy constantly tightened around my cock. I bent over her until I was on her and kept fucking her with long deep strokes as she put her arms around me. She was shuddering hard and jerking when I planted my cock to spew and pump spurts of cum.

She shook while her pussy milked the sperm into her, “yyyeeessss!”

When I was done I gave her a kiss and pulled out. She was panting and grinned as she turned and scooted over, “Your turn Sara.”

Ash laughed as she turned and moved down to lick through Nancy’s leaking pussy. Sara rolled onto her knees as she turned and moved to the edge of the bed. She wiggled her butt and I smiled as I moved and slowly pushed into her. I glanced at the tent doorway as Jason walked in and buried my cock, “what now?”

He grinned, “the nobles that were with the mage were the king’s advisors.”

I started fucking Sara as her pussy squeezed, “and?”

He stopped beside me and reached out to feel and rub her butt, “and the lesser nobles sent a runner back to request a peace talk with our king here.”

I pulled out of Sara and rolled her over before holding her legs up and spread, “that was fast.”

I pushed into her and Jason shook himself, “I gather their king was at the border when our runner arrived and decided he had paid enough.”

I grinned, “did you tell Duke Cleary?”

He nodded and I glanced at Ash as she moaned. Nancy had her on her back and was fingering her, “I think my horny girl needs attention.”

Jason chuckled as he began undressing, “she usually does.”

I laughed as Nancy giggled and moved aside while Ash turned and scooted to the edge of the bed. I began to fuck Sara firmly with deep strokes as she jerked and started kicking in the air, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy began to grasp and tighten as she bucked and thrashed around. I continued to fuck her as Jason bent over to kiss Ash before pushing into her. She sighed and wiggled as he began to fuck her and Sara started to howl. I was planting my cock and rubbing her clit as she spasmed.

It was a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and held her to keep her from wiggling away while I gushed spurts of cum. She jerked and tilted her hips when she felt warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

She shuddered while her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. When I was done I rubbed her mound and pelvis as she panted and slowly pulled out. I helped her move onto the bed and then turned and gestured to my clothes. I dressed and waited for Jason and smiled as Ash spasmed and kept wailing.

Nancy and Sara were giggling and whispering together as they conspired. When Jason pulled out of Ash she was panting and the two other girls pounced and pulled her away. Sara kissed and held her while Nancy moved down to lick through her pussy. I started for the tent door as soon as Jason was dressed.

It was dark when the party from the border rode into camp. Almost the entire court from the country we were guarding was waiting with several companies from their army. The other king was younger and almost seemed angry when he swung down. He waited for his nobles before starting forward towards the king waiting for him.

I felt the magical charm he wore and straightened as I read the magic that emanated from an amulet. I began to murmur a spell and finished before he reached the king. I nudged Jason before I stepped forward, “when you touch him the spell will turn on you.”

The king froze with his hand extended and two nobles pulled ours back. I was watching and a young man wearing mage robes stepped out of the crowd of nobles. From the magic I could see and his youth I knew what he was. The king growled as he looked at me, “if it wasn’t for you...”

I gestured to cut him off, “if you weren’t greedy you mean.”

I looked at the apprentice mage, “as for you, return to your master.”

He shifted and glared but didn’t speak and I smiled as I pointed and drew a fiery rune in the air. He stiffened as his body glowed and a glyph appeared above him. It was a moment before lightning struck the ground between us and an old mage stood looking at me, “who dares?”

I bowed, “Caden. Your apprentice has take employment as a mage.”

He turned to look at his frozen student, “so that is why you have been gone so long.”

He gestured and they both vanished with a loud explosion. I turned to look at the enemy king, “I think you had better decide your fate.”

I stepped back and let the nobles deal with him. We pulled out and headed back to Ragorich the next morning and I grinned at the gift the king and nobles gave me. The three girls were still arguing over the jewelry but they would work it out.
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