Sandra was moaning and squiring and I knew she was about to cum for the third time tonight. Whoever the gorgeous blonde was on top of her was doing an amazing job. You could see the glistening from their pussies as they grind to another orgasm. I knew that I would have to find someone soon to release the tension in my pants or I would explode. I looked across the room and there was this beautiful barely legal eighteen year old brunette with nice breast, extremely long nipples and tiny waist. Her almond shaped eyes dark skin and perfectly aligned teeth made my cock jump. She was beautiful I can’t wait to have her. I felt the pre-cum ooze out of my cock thinking about having her nipples in my mouth sucking and biting on them. She smiled at me from across the room as if begging for me to take her. I looked over to Sandra and I could tell she was in another world, she had two women on each of her breast and a pussy in her mouth she was in total bliss.
I stood up and took off my pants and walked over to the girl, I pulled her hair back and slammed my tongue down her throat, she moaned softly and grabbed my dick and squeezed it so hard I knew I would squirt if she didn’t stop! When I pulled away from the kiss she released her grip and quickly put my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was so warm, and the suction in her jaws was overwhelming I grabbed the back of her head and force my cock down her throat. I felt my balls begin to churn and shot my load. She didn’t miss a beat, she gobbled it down like it was her last meal. She stood up and looked into my eyes smiled and walked away.
I decided to go over and check on Sandra. She was riding the face of Blonde and look like she was in a trance sucking on some small tits. The girl looked like the red head on the show Will and Grace. I decided to go get a drink and see what else was happening in rest of the house. We were told that you could have almost anything you wanted at this party, and if it wasn’t there you could spend a little extra and get it later.
I grabbed my Jack Daniel and walked into a room where there were several guy jacking off while watching this guy fucking his fourteen year old daughter. She was squirming like she was trying to get away from his oversized cock. The more she squirmed the tighter he gripped her arms and slammed harder into her tiny little pussy. You could see a little peach fuzz on her pussy every time he came up and slammed back into her. She was pleading with him to stop, but he was too far gone. The more she yelled “Daddy please stop” the faster he went. I could tell he was about to cum because he was really pounding her pussy. There was now I guy so close that his cock was sticking right over her face to care about what she was saying. The father yelled “I’m Cuming” and pulled out and shot his load all over her face. The guy standing above her shot his load on her face and small titties. As soon as the father moved two other men jumped on her. One in her tight pussy and the other in her mouth she was going to be fucked in every whole all night long. I was a little turned on and wished she was younger I guess I’ll check to see what I can get for a later date.
I went to another room around the corner and saw two couple going at it and decided to join in. One girl was really small and looked like she weighed ninety-five pounds soaking wet. She had legs for days that were perfectly sculpted with a hot tan. The other female had amazing green emerald eyes and a sexy body that I couldn’t wait to get in. The guys were enjoying watching the girls and jacking off. I looked at them and they gave me the head nod to jump in, I didn’t hesitate. I pulled the small female up on her knees and slammed my eight inch cock all the way up her ass without any lube and she yelled out. One of the guys shout his load up in the air when she screamed. I continued pounding her ass as hard as I could while she continued to scream and try to get away from the pain. Her ass was so tight on my cock I knew that I wouldn’t have lasted long if I hadn’t cum earlier. I was really giving her a pounding when the other girl came up behind me and started to suck on my balls, my cock was so hard it must have grown another half inch making her squeal even louder. One of the guys came up and slapped her in the face and told her to shut up and suck his cock. She looked up and he slammed his cock in her mouth. I grabbed her hair to give him a better access and bring her closer so I could go deeper in her ass. The harder I rammed her ass the deeper she went down on his cock. The green eyed girl had stopped sucking my balls and moved on to her friend clit, she must have been doing a hell of a job because the girl I was fucking was now moaning and squirming. I could tell she was about to blow when she started sucking the guys dick like it was going to save her life. He grabbed the back of head and held on until the last drop of cum seeped out of his cock. That must have been all she could take and she started squirting and squeezing my cock so hard that I blew my load deep in her ass. I was so weak that I could barely hold my body up so I didn’t move until the room stopped spinning and the twitching in my cock went away.
When I finally got up I looked around the room at the huge gathering that had assembled to watch the screaming ass pounding, when I noticed that Sandra was there. She looked at me, and smiled I walked over, and said did you have a good time? She said, “yes, and I can’t wait to get you home”. I grabbed one of her large breast and gave it a quick suck then grabbed her hand and we walked out.
I immediately began thinking I must call and set it up for us to come back again soon. Plus I want to go ahead and schedule to have a virgin lined up for my wife and I to enjoy next time. Sandra really likes young virgins that she can turn out and then watch me force my cock into their tight holes. I was never into virgins until I watched my wife with this fifteen year old girl when we were overseas on vacation. It was so hot watching her suck on the young girl small nipples, and then watch her have her first orgasm while my wife was sucking her clit. Her eyes were all glossy and she was really enjoying what my wife was doing to her, so it wasn’t too hard to ease into what they were doing. My wife moved up and started sucking on her nipples while I took her place eating this sweet young pussy. I can’t express how sweet her pussy smelled and tasted. I was so hard all I wanted to do was stick my cock in her pussy as fast as I could. My wife said wait until she is about to cum and then slam into hard I winked to let her know that I understood. Pre-cum is streaming out of my cock and I can barely wait to have her. Finally I feel her start to shake and I grab my cock and slam it hard in her pussy I feel something tear and I know that it is her hymen. She yells out in pain and my wife covers her mouth with her hand while continuing to suck hard on her nipples. The pain and fear in her eyes made my cock so hard all I want to do is rip her apart with my cock. I’m pounding her so hard I didn’t even notice that she was cumming until I felt her pussy pulsating sending me over the edge and I shot my load. I pulled out and stuck my cock in her mouth and told her to suck her juices off. My wife moved down to her pussy and began cleaning up all of my cum out of her worn out pussy. That was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to have another young virgin, maybe we’ll try thirteen or younger.

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