Mind Over Body: part 7 silver

Synopsis: Dr. Lenore brings test tube of liquid home. Her daughter Vicki thirsty drinks it out of curiosity. Vicki fucks brother (Seth) in front of Joe. Zoe joes sister watches from the doorway aroused by the action unfolding. Joe and Zoe get curious with the idea of incest. (Did no one read the Bonobo information!)

Vicki who has mind control is learning her powers throughout while also slowly feeling disconnected. She desires her family especially her older brother Seth. The transformation while in the lab is like a butterfly without the cocoon (does no one read the animal and plant info I give! Each one is in the DNA of the drug, and it is themed with each story.)

Mindy struggles to pick up the pieces as she fights to get her daughter back. Boss treats her as a slave. Time will tell what she does to fight back against MRDA.

Seth since Vicki left in an explosive fashion has been feeling depressed. His feelings change about her after seeing the love between his friend Joe and his sister. The arrival of his sister has made him far more relaxed and comfortable in his own skin.

Frank and Delia parents that work in the porn industry. They are Joe and Zoe's parents. What decisions will they make in this episode.

Rest of characters are extra. Possibly could come into the sexual side if this story gets deep enough.

MRDA finds out a few ways that it is Vicki. First is video camera of Mindy stealing test tube. Mindy tells them all confirmed it. Thirdly MRDA is protrayed throughout as big brother they know everything.

In the end it is two families ultimately accepting importance of family and close they are. Learning to take babysteps on the way to accepting their fate in different directions. A sci-fi incest story you can say.


Mindy goes to work. Frank work. Vicki and brother play around downstairs. Delia talks to Joe as Zoe is in shower. Sex with son. Zoe joins in. After Seth and Vicki caught in kitchen naked by other three seeking lunch naked too.

Next morning everyone went fairly quickly counting there are seven in the household. Mindy and Frank left for work leaving Delia as the only parent at home with four eagerly horny teenagers. Once breakfast ended Vicki and Seth went downstairs to enjoy some privacy. Joe heads to his room as his sister takes a shower. Leaving Delia the perfect chance to sit down with her son knowing Zoe likes to take half hour showers.

Entering his room she sees him in a robe sitting at his computer. "Honey can we talk" she interrupts him.

He turns with a massive hard on in his boxers with the tip of his cock showing "sure mom what do you want?"

Her eyes look directly at it realizing her son has a porn star sized cock. She takes a deep breath and looks up to say "let's sit down for this is one of those important talks."

"Okay" Joe replies sitting with a bulging hard on covered by the robe and his boxers.

"Right your dad and I have agreed to talk to you and your sister about the importance of finding love not lust in relationships."

"Mom your a porn star?"

"True, but I didn't meet your father in the industry."

"Yes, but your the image of lust for all the perverts out there!"

Delia took a deep breath before speaking once more "your like your father when he is horny." She continues by taking his robe off seeing his cock still as hard as ever "I bet you'd be less cranky if your given some relief?"

"Mom my point exactly" Joe says "your the image of lust and you want to talk about love?"

She moves back "I was only testing you dear."

"I know the difference do we have to talk about this?"

"We can't have sex who ever we like to only those we love and care for" she replies "I know it is cheesy, but it is true."

"Thanks mom" he says "now are we done?"

"yes we are finished here son" she says getting up as her son gets up to move over to the computer. She reaches the door and turns to her son "one more thing."

Joe turns to his mother sighing "yes"

"I am curious by the size of your penis" Delia says comfortably "for professional reasons only."

"Really!?" Joe mystified by his mother's curiosity for his manhood.

"I'm a porn star I've seen hundreds of penises over my years" she gets down on her knees in front of him "no sex I promise."

Joe complies pulling down his boxers to reveal his massive cock pointing right at her. Only inches away from her face.

Stepping out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her body she walks down the hallway hearing people talking in her brother's room. Walking past her own bedroom nearing Joe's bedroom she sees her brother standing up with someone in the shadows. Zoe is at the doorway seeing her mother holding Joe's cock. In total disbelief with a sense of jealousy brewing in her heart. She watches intently on what is going on.

"Your 18 son I can get you a job in the industry" Delia feeling his manhood in her hands.

"Mom seriously wouldn't it be awkward for a mother son in the porn industry?"

"You won't be fucking me youd be fucking other girls."

Joe lifts his arms in the air "your the one who said to have sex with the one I love ten seconds ago!"

Delia stops rubbing his cock and looks up to him "there is a difference between sex and love son" she pauses for a moment "what I do for work is for the thrill and the money it all gives to us as a family it has gotten you and your sister through school" she looks at his cock "love is someone you want to have the rest of your life to share memories with it is not lust or sex, but something unexplainable until you've got it"

"I understand mom, but your words and holding my cock are contradictory don't you think?" Joe says to her while not blowing his load on his own mother.

Delia takes her hand off her sons cock allowing him to pull his boxers up. The boxers did little to cover up the massive cock though.

Joe looks at the door seeing his sister rubbing her pussy intently as she watches the two in the room. Thinking fast he says to his mother "mom I love you."

Delia opens her mouth ready to respond instead receives her sons cock into her mouth. He takes his cock out of his boxers and feeding her his cock. Her emotions moved quickly from happy and taken back by her sons heartfelt words, to terrified, to understanding her speech and occupation drove both to this outcome and there was no denying it.

Zoe steps in completely naked and thrilled by this new twist. Her mother's ass staring at her begging for attention. Her brother allows his mother to breathe for a moment.

"Son I love you too, but this is too much" Delia replies catching her breath.

"Mom your the one who is preaching love over lust!"

Delia feeling another presence in the room turns to see her daughter in the room naked "Zoe what the fuck!?"

"Your the one giving a blowjob to Joe, mom" Zoe answers back.

"Right enough this is incest and wrong and..." Delia says getting up and when she is fully standing up Joe kisses her on the lips. Reluctant at first by the kiss she gives in to her emotions.

Zoe walks up pulling her mother's pants and underwear down. Doing so Delia takes her shirt off allowing Joe to wrap his arms around her body undoing her bra. All free from clothes enjoying the love between family members.

Zoe eats her mother's pussy lips for the first time doing another that wasn't a guy. She had seen enough porn videos with her mother and her friends to know what to do. Holding her mother's ass in her hands as she licks, slurps, and devours the strangely sweet taste of the pussy she came out of.

Delia succumbed to her children's love she allows her minor daughter to eat her pussy and her 18 year old son kissing her neck. Breathing slowly she controls herself as she grabs her sons cock. Taking control of the situation she gets her son to stop and look at her "son fuck my ass please!"

He grins getting on the bed as his mother moves in for the kill. Her ass stares at him as it moves down onto his cock with the help of her daughter. Slowly allowing her ass get used to the size of her son's cock she screams for it. Once fully in she gets use to it.

Zoe watches first as the two get in rhythm. Once they do she sucks on her mother's breasts. Dealing with allowed her also to rub her pussy as well as her mother's pussy.

"Oh Zoe, kiss momma will you" Delia asks with brief screams in the sentence.

Zoe complies kissing her on the neck and face before reaching the lips. Delia hugs her tightly as they share a mother daughter kiss. After the shared kiss she moves onto the bed spreading her legs over her brother's face.

Joe instantly begins using his tongue on his sister's pussy. Combination of not one but both female relatives desiring him at this moment brought ethusiasim to him. With the good news what about his father though? Surely he would understand, right?

Delia got up from his cock and turned around watching her daughter cry out above her brother's body. She decides to dive back in by getting her pussy fucked. Now with her son's cock in her pussy she had it in all of her holes. The pussy felt the best not because by the size or the ease, but the taboo of it all.

"Oh momma isn't he the best?" Zoe asks thrilled by the sensation.

Delia responded with the same carefree feeling "yes sweeting it sure does feel great!" Once she finished the two kiss and feel each others bodies.

Several minutes past before another was spoken amongst the three. Joe dropped his head loudly saying "mom I'm going to come!"

Instinctively her porn star side kicked in she got off his cock and got on the floor. Before she got to his cock Zoe had gone into a sixty-nine. Leaving her with her sons well endowed balls to suck on. And suck on them she did twirling, licking, and pulling at them with only her mouth working his balls until he could hold no longer.

With a loud yell of relief he shot his load of cum in his sisters mouth. Relief spread across his body. Zoe could take only so much of the cum from her brother she took his cock out of her mouth to breathe. Delia went from his balls to sucking on his cock to finish the job.

Lifting her mother from his cock she kisses her sharing the cum from her brother's cock. Their tongues swap the fluids before pulling away with a strand escaping Zoe's mouth. Delia licks at her face finishing it up.

"Momma ain't he the best?" Zoe says wickedly smiling after.

Delia replies by licking the shaft of his cock up to the head then kisses her daughter on the lips "I'm ready for another round, you Zoe?"

"Big brother you up for another round?" Zoe asks tugging at his cock.

"Is it still hard down there?" Joe asks smacking his sister's ass cheeks.

The three went at it once more. When finished the three walk down to the kitchen naked and hungry to refuel. They all stop before entering the kitchen seeing Vicki and Seth naked standing around eating and relaxing.

"I see we aren't the only ones who had a good time" Vicki replies to the new members entering the kitchen.

"Did you start my kids?" Delia asks Vicki.

"Sorry mom, but we learned it on our own" Joe replies to his mother as he moves to the table.

Seth burst out laughing at that comment "if my sis didn't drink the serum none of us would be here!"

"Whatever I'm far too hungry to debate" Delia says sitting next to her son. Zoe follows suit right behind her as they all eat and chat.

As they finish up Frank barges into the front door yelling "Delia come here and see what's on the news!"

Delia froze unsure if she should move. Nods of approval around the table allow her to get up and head to the living room to see her husband. The other four follow her footsteps.

Once in the living room all eyes were glued by the news event that would not only change their lives, but humanity.

A news lady in the television stands next to a naked man with other people in the background appearing naked either flying or walking onward.

"Sir what has made you leave a government base?"

"Mrs. Janet Hearten as you like many have heard the government has created a transhuman that is far superior then the race that controls the world today" he continues to talk "a Vicki who began this change has inspired all of us not to destroy, but to heal the world."

Back in the living room Vicki hearing her name realizes the big picture of what is to occur. She steps closer to the television.

The guy interrupts the question from the newslady to step closer to the camera "Vicki we know you are listening and we will follow you. Colorado is our starting point we seek the same as you."

Vicki turned the television off and turned to the group to see her mother walk in with a silver briefcase. "What is in there mom?"

"For all your telepathic abilities" Mindy replies shoving the briefcase in front of her.

Vicki realizes, but is confused as where her mother got it and why.

"Let's say with what all is going on my good friends paid off getting these under the noses of the company" Mindy replies "open it up will you."

Vicki gets down on the ground and opens the silver briefcase to reveal eight tubes of the fluid. Everyone taking a peek unsure what is about to happen. "Mom there are two more then necessary" Vicki answers.

"Seven are the second edition and one has your name on it" Mindy continues "yours has an immunization booster in it that the first needs to be equal to the second edition."


"Silver, but you won't go through a comma like before since you've already gone through your transformation."

"And then there is one more?"

"That is extra."

"Why is everyone naked?" Frank asks noticing for the first time only Mindy and himself are dressed.

Delia speaks up before Vicki sends a brain wave "This is the new trend dear."

"Odd trend" Frank says suspiciously.

"Everyone here ready for the drug?" Vicki asks getting nods and approvals all around. Even Frank gave in with a nudge and stare down by his wife. Everyone drinks it up heading different directions except for Seth who stood by his sister.

"Sis I need a favor done" Seth whispers in her ear what he desires before nodding to slumber.

Vicki a few moments later was left as the only one awake in the house. She has a list of things to do while they sleep for a week.


Ductile malleable greyish-white element
Symbol: Ag
Used for coins, jewelry, electric related items, and photography.


End part 7 complete. This will be my final story that I write in this series. If anyone out there wants to finish it by all means go right for it. I will be doing a couple of singles before I do another series. Stay tuned.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? or if you have interest in editing and proofreading P.M me always appreciated! Stay tuned for future stories. Any further ideas readers? Positive or negative allowed. Off subject comments are not allowed. Mind Over Body: part 7 silver

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