The costume I wore had twin leather belts with heavy pistols tied to each thigh. The clear plasteel counter showed dozens of different ancient pistols like the ones I wore. I was watching two men as a rich businessman strapped an old colt peacemaker replica on. He grinned at me as he pulled it out of the holster and checked the cylinder.

He nodded as he slipped it back into the holster and looked deeper into the shop. I pushed a button, “he is a little faster than the last one.”

A holograph of an old earth gunfighter appeared and flexed his hands. They watched each other and then the gunfighter twitched and the businessman yanked the pistol out and cocked the hammer as he lifted it before firing. There was an echo as the gunfighter fired less then a second behind him, “holo freeze.”

We looked at the slow motion replay of the gunfighter, “you shot him in the leg this time.”

The business man snorted, “how the hell can anyone make a kill with one shot?”

I smiled, “holo reset.”

I turned and gestured as Mr Edwards holstered his pistol and stepped to the side. I faced the gunfighter and waited until his hand moved. My left hand drew and cocked the pistol and it went off as I held it at my hip, “freeze holo.”

The holograph’s gun was almost all the way up and cocked. I absently removed the spent casing and slipped a fresh cartridge in. I holstered the pistol and we watched the slow motion replay, “you just need to practice more.”

He shook his head when he saw my bullet going through the holo gunfighter’s chest. I looked at him and smiled again, “use the interactive interface I sold you.”

I glanced at the two men as they glanced at another man who nodded and gestured. They started walking as the businessman faced the gunfighter, “holo reset.”

He was facing away as the two men approached and I tensed as hands disappeared. They stepped into the shop as the businessman drew and fired and their hands came out with plasma pistols. Everything seemed to slow down as their hands lifted to point the weapons at his head and I drew and fired and fired again.

The large framed peacemaker bucked and kicked. The sound was almost like one shot. The first ceramic core bullet went through the heel of the right hand man’s hand and shattered the wrist. The second hit the left man’s right wrist and almost took the hand off. I looked at the third man as his eyes went wide and he looked straight at me before turning to walk away.

The two men screamed and staggered back and then started stumbling away. I reached out with my left hand to catch the businessman as he turned, “holster it.”

He froze and nodded quickly before holstering the colt and raising his hands. I turned and struck a large red button. A screamer went off and an energy screen snapped into place across the front of the shop. A moment later the screamer died, “what happened?”

I kept my eyes on the businessman, “someone tried to shoot a customer and I stopped them.”

“Very well, let the peace officers handle it.”

I took a deep breath, “yes sir.”

I received messages every day but it had been a year since I had heard Mr Whyte’s voice. He was the owner and I had started working here when I was only ten. I gestured to the counter, “take the belt off and set everything on the counter.”

The customer did as I told him and stepped back. I turned and put the pistol I had used on the counter. I looked through the energy screen at several of the other shopkeepers. Two peace officers jogged towards the shop and I reached next to the red button to push a switch. I nodded to both men I knew well, “Tim, Adam.”

The tall one was looking at the blood, “what happened Colt?”

I pulled out the shop vid remote and went back to just before the men began to move. I sent it to the shop AI and a large scale holo sprang up. I looked at two more peace officers and a plain clothes officer as they walked in. They all jerked when I drew and fired and then the detective grinned, “damn you are fast. The two men are suspected hitters for the Torres cartel.”

He looked at Mr Edwards, “but why would they try to kill you?”

He was a little white faced and looked around before sighing, “I keep their accounts.”

The detective grinned, “want to make a deal or do we let you walk?”

Mr Edwards swallowed, “I’ll deal.”

The detective gestured, “all of you get him to the station.”

He looked at me as they led Mr Edwards out, “you are listed as a reserve peace officer here on the carnival walk?”

I nodded, “two days a week.”

He bent to pick up the two plasma pistols and looked at them before tossing one to me, “Torres or one of his people may decide to act because of what you did.”

I looked at the slim twelve millimeter pistol, “I don’t use modern weapons.”

He snorted as he turned and started walking, “I would learn if I were you.”

I watched him walk away before going to get a bucket and mop to clean up the mess. Word spread about the shooting and we were busy for the rest of the day. After setting the energy screen I pulling the plasteel shutters down and removed the twin holsters. I put all the weapons away in the large heavy duty gunsafe and pulled out a single holster.

I checked the long barreled peacemaker before slipping it into the holster. I buckled it on and tied it down before settling it. I turned at the throat clearing, “Mr Whyte?”

“Better safe than sorry Colt. Take the twin Remington thirty sixes. Hell, take the stagecoach gun too.”

I grinned, “that would be a bit of an overkill.”

“Take the pair of Remington’s than.”

I smiled, “just to make you feel better I will.”

“Keep your eyes open kid and don’t think the bad guys will forget.”

I nodded and looked around before taking my vest off. I added the double shoulder holsters and slipped the matching pair of Remington 1853 thirty six calibers pistols in. I put four extra cylinders in the small of my back before putting my vest on. I dumped a box of forty fives in the pocket of my duster after putting it on.

I looked around to make sure everything had been put away. I locked the gunsafe after logging out the weapons and leaving. I walked through the light evening crowd as I headed towards the tram slide. No one stood out until I reached the station and I saw a couple of men in suits.

I reached down to thumb off the safety strap on the peacemaker as I kept walking and glanced back. Two more men stepped out of a recess and I knew they had been waiting. I stopped and turned so my back was to the wall as they approached. They made two mistakes, one they stopped to talk and two they pulled weapons but weren’t ready to use them, “you interfered punk...”

I drew and fired as I fanned the hammer and turned. I took each in the center of their chest, one... two... three and four. They fell and I looked around as people screamed and ran. I calmly reloaded and holstered the pistol as I waited and used my personal comm, “emergency connect.”

“State the nature of emergency?”

“Attempted assault and death of a citizen.”

“Peace officers are on the way.”

I smiled as two ran into the station with weapons out. I held up my hands, “two have arrived.”

They approached slowly and one gestured, “face the wall.”

I slowly opened my duster to show the peacemaker on my leg, “I have two other weapons. I am also a registered reserve peace officer with a carry permit.”

I turned and reached out to place my hands on the wall, “this may be related to the attack in my shop earlier today.”

One of the officers took the peacemaker and then each of the Remington’s. He turned me, “Identification.”

I reached into my vest slowly as four more officers arrived and pulled out my identification. He relaxed after looking at it, the others were checking the men I had shot, “what happened?”

I straightened and accepted my ID back, “I was going home when they came for me and pulled the pistols.”

He glanced down, “and you managed to kill all four before they could get off a shot?”

One of the other officers stood and chuckled, “you ever been to Whyte’s gunfighter alley?”

The officer looked at him and shook his head, “why?”

The officer nodded to me, “because he is Whyte’s gunslinger and runs the shop.”

I shrugged when they looked at me, “it gives me a lot of time to practice.”

I glanced at several more officers and detective Daniels as they walked in. Daniels stopped and looked at the four men, “anyone check the station security vid?”

The peace officers reddened and looked around and he shook his head, “pull it up and make a copy. I can tell you now, those four have multiple warrants and are wanted for murder.”

He looked at me, “it looks like I was right. Torres or one of his people wants to make an example of you.”

He gestured, “give his weapons back, he’ll need them and make sure you activate his peace officer status.”

My personal comm went off and I glanced at detective Daniels before answering, “hello?”

“Come back to my place.”

I blinked, “sir?”

“Colt, Torres isn’t going to stop. Now come to my place. My granddaughters are staying with me and will let you in.”

I cleared my throat, “Are you sure sir? Remember what happened last year.”

“They are old enough now and if they want to spread their legs and let you fuck them than I say ride them hard.”

I grinned, “okay. I take it you know what happened at the station?”

He snorted, “it wasn’t unexpected. Use the door from the shop and one of the girls will let you in.”

I disconnected and looked at detective Daniels as he smiled. He had been close enough to hear my conversation. I accepted my weapons and checked them before putting them away. I looked at Daniels, “you are just going to let me go?”

He grinned, “actually I’m waiting for more bodies to fall.”

He shrugged, “the chief has said to stay out of it and my captain doesn’t want to be anywhere near Torres. I knew when we met before that Torres might try something, just as I knew what would happen. I have several sims of you and I doubt if anyone he sends knows what you are capable of.”

He looked at the other officers, “frankly I think this is going to take care of a lot of bad men.”

I shook my head as I started walking back to the carnival walk and the gunfighter alley shop. I kept my eyes scanning those I saw but no one stood out. I used my code to open the office door and waiting for one of the girls to shut the alarm and auto defense off. I locked it behind me before setting the alarm and auto defenses.

I crossed to a back panel and pushed, it turned and I stepped through before pushing it back. I looked at the spiral stairs and sighed as I climbed up. I might not have seen or spoken with Alyssa or Jessica but we sent texts to each other several times a day. The stairs went past the second floor which was just storage and up to the third.

I stopped and took a breath before pushing a panel open and stepping into the hospital like room. I closed the panel and looked at the ancient man in the hospital bed, “it is good to see you again sir.”

He smiled, “it’s nice to see you in person.”

I glanced at the twin fourteen year old girls wearing what looked like a dance hall gowns and sighed, “you girls better be sure this time.”

They grinned and Mr Whyte chuckled, “first they can feed you and then you can take them both for a hard ride.”

I looked at him, “Torres...”

He nodded, “I know.”

He glanced to the side at the dozens of vid monitors, “I’ll be watching.”

I looked and then nodded before walking around the bed that had kept him alive for more then fifty years. The only thing he could move besides his head was his right wrist and hand. I followed the girls out and through a small but comfortable living room and into a kitchen dining area.

Alyssa smiled as her sister started for the heating unit and bent over the counter, “these are authentic. slits in the petticoats and all.”

Jess laughed as she began to fix dinner, “fuck the whore while I cook.”

I looked at her and then stepped closer and lifted the dress. I reached between Alyssa’s legs as she shifted and spread them while tilting her hips. I found the slit and felt her warm pussy before slipping a finger into her, “and are you being authentic with the birth control?”

They laughed and Alyssa looked back, “fuck me Colt. You know we want it and gramps said you could now.”

I sighed before stepping back and undoing the pistol belt and then the leg straps. I opened my pants and pushed them down before moving behind her, “tonight we are doing this in a bed after I strip you naked.”

I felt her pussy before positioning my cock and pushing into her slowly. She groaned and sagged as my cock spread and stretched her virgin pussy. I pushed until my cock was pushing against her cervix and then held her and waited as I enjoyed her warm pussy grasping and squeezing.

Jess came to press against me, “first you fuck us like real whores and then you can make love to us and be our lover.”

I looked at her and pulled back to fuck her sister hard and deep. She wailed and jerked as she kept pushing and thrusting back while her tight pussy rippled and grasped my cock. I kept using long deep thrusts and she began to convulse as she squirted, “Jess!”

I held her and continued to fuck her firmly as my balls churned and then I shoved into her and grunted as my cock pumped huge spurts of cum. Alyssa screamed and jerked as her pussy squeezed and milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped cumming I held her as I shifted back and sat, pulling her down and onto my cock as I did.

She wiggled and shifted before leaning back as she panted. I reached around to cup and hold her breasts, “whores lay back and spread their leg to get the cowboy’s cock nice and deep.”

They laughed and Jess turned back to cooking, “you can do me like that after we eat.”

Alyssa wiggled before standing and letting my cock slid out. She straightened her dress and went to help her sister. Dinner was good and I cleaned up while the girls waited impatiently. When I was done I grabbed my pistol belt and followed the two out. They went across from their grandfather’s room and touched a spot on the wall, a holograph vanished to show a door.

I followed them and closed the door behind us. The large room we walked into looked like an old west bordello. Jess turned at her bed and sat before laying back as she put her legs in the air and spread them, “climb on cowboy.”

Alyssa giggled as she sat in a chair beside the bed. I set the belt and weapon on a small table before opening my pants again. I walked between Jess’s legs and moved the dress and felt her slit through the petticoat. She shuddered and humped and I grinned as I positioned my cock and pushed into her tight pussy.

She grunted as her tight pussy was spread and stretched. I held her waist and started fingering and rubbing her clit. It was a minute before she humped and her pussy squeezed. I smiled and pulled back and started fucking her with long strokes. She shuddered and kept humping as my cock fuck into her and she squirmed when I pulled out.

After a few minutes I fucked her firmly with deep thrusts and she wailed and started kicking her feet in the air. I was pushing her cervix open with each deep stroke and she began to howl. She wiggled and bucked while her pussy became wetter and kept grasping my cock. I continued to fuck her hard and deep and after several minutes I shoved all the way into her.

I held her as she spasmed and jerked while her pussy repeatedly squeezed my cock. I grunted and pressed as I gushed a huge torrent of cum through and into her womb. She screamed when she felt the warm sperm pouring into her belly, “COLT!”

I grunted with each strong gushing spurt of cum. When I was done I bent over her and gave her a kiss while her cummy pussy continued to milk my cock. I stood and pulled out before starting to undress. I stopped when I heard Mr Whyte clear his throat, “I’m sorry to break the party up but we have company.”

I moved quickly to dress and put my weapons back on and in place. I walked out and closed the girls bedroom door before turning the holograph on. I hesitated, “how many and from where are they coming sir?”

“The front door and there are a lot. They have weapons out and exposed.”

I growled as I walked to the front door and pulled the two Remington’s. I hit the open plate and the men crowding the landing stared at me. I fired and shot one in the doorway between his eyes. I aimed the other pistol and fired, I cocked the first and fired while cocking the second. They were so crowded they couldn’t get a shot as I continued to shoot each man.

When the first pistol ran out I slipped it into the shoulder holster and pulled the peacemaker as I fired the last shot from the other pistol. All the men on the landing were dead and most of the ones on the stairs were panicked and trying to escape. If they turned to shoot I killed them, I had two bullets left after the last of them vanished.

I stepped back and started reloading before looking out again, “have you called the peace officers sir?”

“Yes and the cowards said it will be twenty minutes before their violence response team is ready.”

I headed towards his door as the holograph shut off and it opened. I walked in and he turned to look at a screen, “see this?”

I moved closer, “the docks.”

He grinned but it didn’t look pleasant, “see the one in red?”

I nodded and he looked at me, “that is his drug plant.”

I shifted, “the peace...”

He snarled, “they know where it is and wouldn’t touch it. He keeps blackmail on those big enough to matter.”

I looked at the warehouse and nodded, “and the other building you marked?”

“His residence is on the top floor and the only way in is from the ground floor.”

I nodded as I replaced the cylinders for the other two pistols. I headed for the front door, “if the peace officers ever get here let them know I have gone to question Torres.”

I walked out over the bodies and went down and out the front door. None of the gang had stayed around and I began to walk towards the docks. I was thinking ahead and began using side streets and alleys. When I walked onto the dock his drug plant was on there wasn’t even a guard or lookout.

I went around to a small backdoor and kicked it open before I stepped in. Two men turned and pulled weapons but I had the peacemaker out and shot both in the chest. I reloaded as I crossed the office and put the peacemaker away. I pulled the other two pistols and walked out into the drug plant and shot the one rushing guard between the eyes.

The workers were already running out as I started dumping barrels of chemicals. I tossed a burner as I walked back to the office and the whole floor woshed into flames behind me. I looked at the open safe and crossed to see racks of vids. I glanced around before grabbing a back pack and dumping everything from the safe into it.

I left and headed towards Torres’s residence. I held the two pistols in my hands when I walked into the lobby and four men reacted. They pulled weapons and I shot two in the chest as I continued towards the lift. The other two were scrambling for cover as I recocked the pistols. I shot one as he turned and lifted his pistol and the other when he leaned out from behind a chair.

I changed my mind and went past the lift before using the stairs. When I stepped out the stairwell door another four men were aiming weapons at the lift. I shot two in the back of the head as I began walking and the other two spun and panicked. I shot one in the chest and the other between the eyes and walked through their bodies.

I kicked the door open after switching to the peacemaker. I shot the man aiming a rifle and then another that fired at me from a doorway. I went looking for Torres as I reloaded my pistols. I tried the only door closed and bullets splintered it. I shook my head and waited until he stopped shooting and kicked it open.

The peacemaker was already cocked when I stepped in and aimed. Torres looked up from changing the magazine on the rifle, “you can’t...”

I shot him between the eyes and watched as he fell, “yes I can.”

I turned and walked out and used the stairs down. The men in the lobby ran when I stepped out but none pulled a weapon. There were a lot of peace officers at Mr Whyte’s when I got there including detective Daniels and the peace commissioner. I walked through and into his room, there were a couple of officers talking with him and I nodded to them, “Tim, Adam.”

I looked at Mr Whyte as the commissioner stepped in, “he wasn’t at the drug plant but one of his men started shooting and that wasn’t wise. I’m afraid the whole place went up. I did manage to save all the blackmail vids.”

The commissioner had opened his mouth before his face paled. I glanced at him before continuing, “I went to his residence to question him and was attacked and had to defend myself again. Torres is dead along with the guards that tried to shoot me.”

I took the pack off as detective Daniels walked in, “you might want to go through this detective.”

The commissioner opened his mouth again as I sighed, “if you don’t mind sir, I have had a long day and need a little rest.”

Mr Whyte grinned, “use the girls bed.”

A lot of people retired or quit before the next day began, most were elected officials like the peace commissioner. Detective Daniels was promoted and suddenly a lot of pressure was directed towards enforcing the law. I continued to work in the shop but ended up moving up into Mr Whyte’s apartment with the two girls.

Sometimes they are my lovers and sometime they are dance hall whores for me. Of course they ended up pregnant from our first night. When Mr Whyte died he left everything to me. We have more children now and I am teaching the boys how to be a gunslinger and I shudder at what the girls are teaching my daughters.
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