Amy and I had been married for a couple of years. We have known each other since we started junior high. My name is Andy and we both work as online support techs. It started because we had never had a honeymoon. Amy’s parents won a trip to Europe for two weeks which got Amy thinking.

We couldn’t afford to leave our jobs so she looked around for someplace close. One of her friends gave her the answer. What she found was a nudist camp, of course she had to convince me. I finally agreed after thinking about seeing her nude all day. Amy and I each had our own online hub we used for our business and we packed up.

Mostly it was shower stuff and towels with sandals. My wife paid for the campsite in advance and I didn’t realize it was for the entire summer. I bought a large screen tent and a large regular tent and a king sized airbed before we left. The camp was secluded but had electricity and once we got there and looked at everything it looked really nice.

I set up camp and the tents and Amy helped put the bed in and zipped the sleeping bags together. She looked at me while we were in the tent and smiled as she began to strip. I grinned and undressed before pulling her against me and kissing her. I was tempted to fuck her but she laughed and pushed me back.

I followed her out and took her hand so we could take a walk and look around. I was a little embarrassed but Amy seemed to enjoy being naked and showing off. I had a lot of women and girls looking at me, especially my hard cock since I wasn’t small. As we started back from a beach beside the river Amy bumped me, “look at those girls up ahead.”

I looked and smiled, “they have very nice bodies.”

Amy surprised me, “I would love to lick cum out of those two.”

I don’t think she realized she had said that aloud and I reached down to rub her butt, “what if they don’t have any cum in them?”

She blushed as she realized she had spoken and then grinned, “busted.”

The younger of the two girls grinned when we reached them, “it looks like you really need to fuck mister.”

I looked at my wife, “yeah well my wife was just saying she would love to lick cum out of either of you girls.”

Amy gasped but the girls grinned, “we get to lick her before you get her dirty?”

I looked at my wife, “sure.”

The younger girl grabbed her hand while the older grabbed mine, “I’m Jan and my sister is Gina.”

I squeezed her hand, “I’m Andy and this my wife is Amy.”

We walked towards our camp and then slipped our sandals off before going into the tent. I was a little nervous about fucking a girl but my wife seemed to have gone into heat. She pulled Gina towards the double sleeping bag and crawled on before laying back with Gina between her legs. Gina grinned and kissed her before sliding down.

I wanted to watch but Jan pushed me down on my back before straddling me. She grinned and lifted to rub the head of my cock through her slit, “I have only fucked a guy a couple of times.”

She slowly sat and wiggled down my cock, “damn your cock is stretching me.”

I heard Amy moaning and humped up as Jan began thrusting and rubbing her pussy on me. Her pussy was warm and tight as it grasp and kept squeezing. It was a few minutes before she began to jerk erratically and wailed, it was echoed by my wife as she kept shaking. I pulled Jan down and shifted until she was under me before I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts.

She spread and lifted her legs as I continued to fuck her nice and deep. I buried my cock and humped and jabbed slowly with short thrusts. It wasn’t long before she began to spasm and convulse. She had her legs spread as her pussy kept grasping my cock while she shook, “ooohhh!”

Amy’s wail echoed Jan’s while she spasmed and I started to plant my cock more firmly. It was a couple of minutes before I pushed into her and gushed cum. She jerked as warm sperm was pumped into her and hugged me tight, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was awhile before I stopped cumming and kissed her, “thanks Jan.”

She grinned as I pulled out and turned to look at my wife, “well I have his cum in me.”

Amy was panting and grinned as she turned to caress her pelvis before sliding down. I was watching her as she moved between Jan’s legs and started licking her pussy. Gina giggled as she moved around Amy and Jan before straddling me, “my turn for a sperm injection.”

I reached up to knead her breasts, “start the ride and I’ll roll over later to plant it nice and deep.”

She grinned as she lifted and guided my cock to her pussy before sitting. Jan was sighing and my wife seemed to really enjoy licking her. Gina was extremely tight as she pushed down and sank her pussy onto my cock. She shuddered and grinned as she rested before starting to rock and push the rest in.

I let one hand drop to rub her clit and she jerked as her pussy clenched. She twisted and wet me while wailing and spasming. She rolled her hips and rubbed her pussy on me as she jerked and shook erratically, “oooohhhh!”

Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock constantly as she finally fell onto me. I shifted as her sister laughed and Amy giggled. When Gina was under me I started to fuck her with long strokes that pushed my cock into her nice and deep. A few minutes and she had her legs up and spread like her sister while her pussy milked my cock.

She clutched me and howled as I kissed her and started pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered as warm sperm was pumped into her and her pussy tightened around my cock. When I was done she sighed and relaxed before pulling my face down for another kiss. I pulled out and moved as my wife moved over her.

She kissed her before sliding down to lick her leaking pussy. I fucked the girls three times each and Amy licked their pussy after each time. We watched them walk back to their camp and I looked at my wife as I pulled her onto my lap and sat, “you didn’t want me to fuck you.”

She blushed and wiggled before leaning against me, “those girls... I really liked licking their cummy slits.”

I cupped a breast and rubbed her nipple, “I enjoyed their pussies too.”

She looked at me and smiled before kissing me, “you can fuck me as much as you want tonight.”

I grinned, “not that I have a lot of sperm left.”

She laughed as she stood and pulled me up, “we need to set up the office.”

The office was the screen tent with a long folding table for us to work on. I glanced at the time when I saw the sun setting. I stood after shutting the laptop down and bent to rub my wife’s nipples, “it is getting dark.”

We cooked dinner and watched as several people and families walked by. We took another walk after dinner and came back to go into the tent. I waited and shut the tiny electric lantern off after Amy crawled into bed. I followed and pulled her close, “it smells like pussy in here.”

She laughed and I kissed her before moving over her and between her legs. I pushed into her warm pussy and started to fuck her slowly as we kept kissing. It was a few minutes before Amy shuddered hard and thrust up as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock, “ANDY!”

I kept fucking her as her pussy milked my cock and she wiggled and squirmed. It took me a long time before I thrust into her as she writhed around and spurted a few weak jets of cum. She hugged me until I was done and sighed as she dropped to the bed. I pulled out and laid beside her and she turned her back on me and scooted until I was holding her.

It was quit for several minutes before she spoke, “Andy?”

I caressed her hip, “yeah.”

I heard her take a breath, “if I talk to the girls would you consider fucking them while we are here?”

I lifted my head to look at her in the dark, “just the girls?”

She turned around to look at me, “well... maybe.”

I cupped a breast, “and if I want you?”

She bit her lip before grinning as she looked back at me, “I’ll stop taking my birth control and if you have anything left you can do me at night.”

That made my sensitive cock hard again and I pushed her onto her back as I moved over her and shoved into her. I kissed her as I pushed deeper, “if they agree.”

She put her arms around me and grinned as she humped, “I’ll talk to them tomorrow.”

I fucked her hard for twenty minutes before I came as she wailed and spasmed. I woke to the sun just rising and felt the chill in the air. I shivered as I humped against my wife and she lifted her head to look back, “already?”

I grinned, “it is chilly out.”

She turned and kissed me, “not before I pee.”

She moved out of bed and dug into her suitcase for a bathrobe. I shivered but followed and found mine and followed her out and to the large bathroom and showers. I finished my shower before her and was going to wait since there were several men and women in the showers.

She sent me back to the camp though and I ended up sitting in the screen tent and checking the computers. When Amy returned she had Jan and Gina with her. The girls wore robes against the chill and grinned as they helped my wife make warm cereal. I was helping a woman remotely online when Amy came to hug me and wait.

When I finished and sent a message to the office she pulled me up, “I talked to the girls and their mother and they are going to move into our tent for the summer.”

I looked at her as she pulled me out to eat, “after you eat breakfast Gina said she gets you first and later Jan wants you to fuck her out here.”

I grinned as I sat at the table, “and you? When do you get them?”

She laughed as Jan giggled from the tent, “now.”

Amy kissed me and turned to go into the tent. I hesitated before eating as I started hearing moans. I finished and cleaned up by the time the moans had changed to wails. I slipped into the tent to see Jan licking my wife as she squirmed and Gina turned and lay back as she spread her legs, “just in time.”

I smiled and dropped the robe and moved onto the bed and between her legs. I gave her a kiss before pushing into her tight pussy. She shuddered and humped up to get more of my cock, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. I kept it up as her breathing changed and she began to shake and writhe around under me. It wasn’t long before she wailed and started to thrash and buck. Her pussy tightened and kept grasping and squeezing my cock. I kissed her as I buried my cock to hump and jab and grind.

Gina continued to wail and thrust up as I fucked her and several minutes later I pushed all the way into her. I kissed her as my cock swelled and throbbed before gushing cum. She jerked and her pussy grasped my cock as she kept kissing me. When I was done flooding her with warm sperm she sighed and relaxed.

I pulled out and moved off the bed, “thanks Gina.”

She laughed as my wife and her sister giggled. Amy rolled over and slid down between Gina’s legs as she lifted and spread them wide. I grinned before walking out and leaving my robe. I was working when Amy brought the girls in and they started to talk and chat as we worked.

It was a couple of hours before I had another break and Jan grinned as she pulled me out to the table. She laid back on the edge of the table and spread her legs and I didn’t even glance around as I pushed into her. I caressed her pelvis and pussy mound as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. It wasn’t long before she shuddered and her pussy tightened.

She was moaning and thrusting up as I kept fucking her and she started to spasm. I fucked her long hard and deep and watched people walking past. Each time she jerked and spasmed as she came I buried my cock to wait. I finally just fucked her hard and deep and she wailed as she tried to cover her mouth.

When I shoved into her and held her waist as I spurted and pumped cum she jerked and tilted her hips, “YES!”

I stopped cumming and Amy was waiting. I pulled out and she moved between Jan’s legs and bent to lick her leaking pussy. I fucked the two girls four times during the day before dinner and my wife licked the cum out of their pussy each time. After dinner we took a walk and sat watching the river before returning to the camp.

We cleaned up and went to shower before coming back as it got dark. After I zipped the tent closed I turned to watch Amy licking Gina’s pussy. I moved to shut the lantern off before climbing into bed. I pulled my wife onto her back before moving between her legs, “breeding time.”

She laughed as Jan and Gina giggled. I kissed her and lifted and pushed into her. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts as I thought about getting her pregnant. She tilted her hips and began to hump up and her pussy started grasping my cock. I continued to kiss her as I fucked her with long strokes. A few minutes and she was panting and shuddering constantly.

I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and she spasmed and jerked as she lifted her legs and wailed. I kept fucking her with deep firm thrusts for a couple of minutes before I buried my cock. I humped and rubbed and jabbed and pressed as Amy thrashed around and howled. Her pussy was slick and hot as it kept tightening and squeezing my cock.

She was convulsing and spasming when I was ready and buried my cock. She clutched me and tilted her hips as I pumped spurts of cum. She jerked in surprise with the first and then shuddered as her pussy milked the rest into her. When I stopped she sighed and hugged me as I kissed her. I pulled out and Jan giggled as she went down between my wife’s legs.

I went from Gina to Jan to Amy and back for the next hour before pumping more cum into my wife. The next day came early with light rain. I was worried about the computers and went to check them. I ended up covering the computers but they looked dry and it wasn’t raining hard. Our morning wash was fun and then we went to spend time with Jan and Gina’s family.

They were relaxed and welcomed us and seemed to treat the girls as adults. The rain stopped before noon and we returned to our camp. I went to see if I had work and Jan followed me and turned my chair to straddle me and slowly impale her pussy. Amy pulled a giggling Gina into the tent and a few minutes later we heard moaning.

Jan grinned as she rubbed her pussy back and forth, “that would be Gina.”

She started rolling her hips and twisting as her pussy grasp and squeezed. She moaned and a moment later Gina moaned. I grinned and humped and Jan jerked and moaned again and it was answered by Gina again. My wife started giggling as Jan began to pant and shuddered harder. A minute and she started to spasm and wail and it was echoed by Gina.

By the end of the summer Amy was pregnant and Jan and Gina came home to live with us. Amy has let me get her pregnant three times and the last two Jan and Gina got pregnant too. Each summer we return to the nudist camp to spend the summer.
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