The twin engine Lear was a couple of years old. Dad normally flew it back and forth to Europe but this time we were taking it on a family trip to Australia. Mom was a rated pilot and flew as his copilot so it was just mom, dad, me and my sisters Gloria and Ashley. First was the trip across country and then to Hawaii. From there we took off and things went bad.

There was a storm and the ride got bumping. Me and my sisters were buckled up but the ride was still tossing us around. It was awhile before there was a crashing sound and the noise from the engines died as all the lights went out. The plane dropped and we yelled as it went down. Mom and dad yelled to hold on as the girls screamed.

It seemed to go on for a long time before the plane hit and we were thrown against the belts. It seemed like forever before we stopped and I struggled to undo the safety belt. I opened the door into the cockpit and froze when I saw my parents. I knew they were dead even before I checked for a pulse. I turned and closed the door before going to Gloria and Ashley.

I pulled them up and to the door and yanked the emergency latch open. I forced the door open and turned to help the girls out and down before following. The body of the plane looked intact but the wings were broke. I sat them down and looked around as it rained. I held them as they cried and told them about our parents.

It was a long wet night and then the sun came up and it stopped. I buried our parents not to far from the plane. We pulled out our suitcases, I had a pocket knife that was my dad’s that I started to use. The plane was intact so we used it to sleep in each night. We gathered fruit and greens and I caught and killed snakes or fish for meat.

I had my pellet pistol and two tins of ammo. We used white rocks on the dark beach to make a SOS and a large pile of wood for a signal fire. It was two weeks before anything happened with my sisters. I had made a dozen large fish traps and we were eating fish often. I walked out of the ocean after putting out the fish traps.

I headed towards the area where we were weaving strips of leaves to make mats. The girls had been wearing their bikinis a lot but when I walked up they were topless. Gloria looked at me and blushed as she looked around for her top. I sat and reached for strips of leaves, “leave it off. You have tan marks.”

She looked at her pale breasts and Ashley giggled and removed her bottoms, “well if we don’t want tan lines these can come off.”

Gloria grinned, “horny bitch.”

I grinned because they were just beginning to get over what happen. Ashley giggled, “yeah I have been a little.”

Gloria laughed as she removed her bikini bottoms, “me too.”

I smiled, “me three.”

They laughed and Gloria looked at my cock as I took my suit off. Ashley whispered, “you have a big cock Matt.”

I blushed, “and you have a tight pussy.”

She grinned as Gloria laughed and crawled to me and straddled me with her pussy against my cock. She looked up a moment later, “how do they fit?”

She blushed, “I mean I know how but...”

Gloria came to look over her shoulder, “but it looks to big.”

I reached between us to feel her fuzzy pussy, “your pussy will stretch.”

She shivered as Gloria reached between us and wrapped her hand around my cock, “but your dick is a lot larger than our pussy hole.”

I shuddered, “do you have your cherry?”

They shook their heads and I moved Ashley and pulled them both up and after me. It was to hot in the plane but I had made a platform with thick shade. I turned and sat them both down and pushed Gloria back. I opened her legs and looked at her pussy before opening it and looking at Ashley, “look at it.”

She blushed but bent to look and I rubbed Gloria’s clit before using a couple of fingers to spread her hole as I pushed into her, “see how it opens and stretches around my fingers?”

Ashley nodded and I pulled my fingers out. She grinned as she pushed two of her fingers into Gloria who moaned and humped, “ooohhh!”

She giggled and I shook my head and pushed her back and helped Gloria sit up. I moved over between Ashley’s legs and opened her pussy while Gloria bent to look. I pushed a couple of fingers into my sister and she wiggled and lifted her hips. Gloria grinned and looked at my cock, “use your cock and see if you can get it all the way in.”

Ashley lifted her head before grinning and humping as I pulled my fingers out, “go ahead.”

I looked at her pussy before moving closer as I straightened. I bent my hard cock and slowly pushed and forced it into her. She groaned as I buried my cock and held her hips while enjoying the way her pussy felt. It was warm and slippery and kept squeezing my cock. She finally humped and shuddered and I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts.

I reached under her and started to rub her asshole as I fucked her. She wiggled and humped while her tight pussy squeezed and grasp my cock. Gloria started to rub her clit and Ashley gasped and shuddered hard, “oooohhhh!”

I grinned as I held her hips and fucked her a little harder and each time I buried my cock I pushed against her cervix. She wailed and spasmed a couple of minutes later while she squirted and started bucking. I continued to fuck her firmly as Gloria giggled and kept rubbing Ashley’s clit. I was close to cumming and laid on my sister as I jabbed and humped.

I fucked her hard and deep and she clutched me and howled as she met each thrust and then I buried my throbbing cock. I kissed her before pulling out quickly and pushing the head of my cock into her ass. It erupted and I gushed thick spurts of cum. Ashley jerked and shuddered as she lifted her hips, “fuck!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and moved off her, “sorry but I shouldn’t cum inside you.”

She was panting as Gloria laughed and rubbed the cum leaking out of her asshole. I pulled her up and then Gloria before leading them to the small creek of fresh water. I washed my sister’s pussy and ass before letting them stroke my cock and wash me. We returned to weaving mats before it got to hot.

I pulled the girls out and into a cove and we played before I led them to the area in the creek where the water ran fast. I laid Ashley down and washed the salt off her before letting Gloria take her place. I washed and felt her and she finally laughed and moved and it was my turn. They caressed me and stroked my cock before pulling me out.

We went to the shaded platform where we rested during the hottest part of the day. I woke to Gloria straddling me and slowly impaling her tight pussy. I reached up to cup her breasts and looked at Ashley still sleeping. Gloria wiggled as if to get comfortable before she began thrusting back and forth while rubbing her pussy on me.

I moved my hands to her waist and began twisting her hips. She shuddered as her tight pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I let her hips go, one hand returned to a breast as the other felt and then began to rub her clit. She shuddered and rubbed her pussy on me harder before rocking and bouncing. Ashley rolled over against me and reached between Gloria’s legs. She pushed my hand away and started rubbing and fingering her pussy.

I started to lift my hips and thrust up and my sister wailed and shuddered hard, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy began to constantly squeeze and became slick. She continued to jerk back and forth and I kept thrusting up into her. She rolled her hips and twisted as her pussy clenched and pulled like it was milking my cock. I groaned as my balls churned and Gloria howled and spasmed as she wet me.

I tried to pull her off but she kept pushing down, “NNNooooo!”

I grunted and jerked as I suddenly began gushing a geyser through her cervix. My sister gasped and jerked with each warm spurt that I pumped into her and finally fell onto me. I hugged her as I caught my breath, “that felt very good and I shouldn’t have done it.”

Gloria turned her head and gave me a kiss, “Ashley and I had birth control shots before we left. You can’t get us pregnant.”

I grinned and squeezed her, “you two are going to get so much cum in your pussies.”

She grinned as Ashley giggled and lifted her hips, “we need to go to work on that tree house.”

That was my idea to keep us off the ground. It was back in the trees and maybe five meters off the ground. It wasn’t large, maybe three meters by five. Several hours later I finished placing and tying off the last floor beam. I looked at the sky before climbing down and heading to my sisters.

I caught Ashley and looked at the sky again, “It looks like rain, one of you needs to check the plane. I’m going to check the fish traps.”

I stripped and grabbed the bamboo spear and headed towards the ocean. The traps weren’t out that far but sharks still swam in shallow water so I was careful. I returned with three large fish and cleaned them before heading towards the area under the plane’s wing. We had set up an area to cook in and Ashley had a small fire going.

Gloria came out of the plane, “no snakes.”

I nodded and began helping with dinner. After we had eaten I carried all the remains to the ocean with dark clouds grumbling above me. I washed everything we used and returned just as fat rain drops began to fall. I closed the door and went to sit with my sisters as the rain came down harder.

They had the couch pulled out and made into a bed. Ashley rubbed my hip, “fuck us again?”

I grinned as I turned and moved onto the bed and over her. I kissed her and lifted up and slowly pushed my cock into her. She tilted her hips and sighed as she hugged me and Gloria rubbed my back. I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts and Ashley lifted her hips to meet each one.

It was awhile before I finished with them and they were asleep while their pussies continued to leak. We woke to a beautiful morning and I checked around the plane for snakes. We went inland to gather and collect fruit and I carried my pellet pistol. For the first time I was able to sneak up on several large birds.

I loaded the pistol and aimed and shot one in the head. I’m not sure who was more surprised when I killed it. I cleaned it and we returned to the beach to build a fire. We sat together and plucked the bird before Gloria stuffed it with fruit and some leaves we had been eating.

We ate everything and they grinned as I pulled them to the cove with a reef blocking it. We could see everything in the water and I pulled my sisters in before I began to wash them. They laughed and wiggled against me and teased me by stroking my cock. After we were clean I pulled them out and straight to the platform in the shade.

They pushed me on and I laid back as Gloria straddled me and gave me a kiss. She lifted up and Ashley held my cock and then I pulled Gloria’s hips down. She wiggled and pushed as her pussy sank onto my cock and then she began to rock. She rolled her hips and rubbed her pussy on me as I reached up to play with and feel her breasts.

A couple of minutes and she was breathing hard and shuddering. She began to twist and turn while her hips rolled and her pussy grasped and kept squeezing. I felt her breasts and began to knead them and play with the nipples. When I squeezed them and gave them a tug she gasped and shuddered while her pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

She jerked back and forth and shuddered as she half rocked and half bounced. Ashley giggled as Gloria twisted and rolled her hips. When she fell onto me I hugged her and carefully rolled over. I gave her a kiss as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She kept her legs wrapped around me as her pussy constantly squeezed and she shook.

Each time I buried my cock I rubbed and humped to push deeper. Several minutes and my sister was thrashing around and jerking as she wailing. I fucked her firmly and her pussy continued to grasp and tighten as it worked at massaging my cock. I finally shoved into her and kissed her as I gushed and peed and pumped spurts of cum.

She clutched me and spasmed while her pussy clenched and kept grasping my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done she sighed and hugged me and I slowly pulled my cock out. I looked at Ashley who was rubbing her pussy. She grinned and rolled onto her stomach and went to her knees. I stood and moved behind her to feel and finger her pussy and slowly push into her. She pushed back and shivered as she moaned and I pulled back and began to fuck her.

I used long strokes and kept thrusting all the way into her. Her warm pussy constantly grasped my cock as it became slick. She shuddered and her pussy tightened as she moaned louder while she shoved back hard. I grinned as I held her waist and fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes.

She began to jerk and her pussy kept clenching as she wailed. Gloria laughed as Ashley spasmed and kept jerking back and forth while I fucked her. I sank my cock all the way to her cervix with each long thrust. I continued to fuck her like that and she began to wail and spasm as her pussy tightened, “Mathew!”

She shook and jerked back and forth as I continued to fuck her firmly. A couple of minutes and I buried my cock as it throbbed and then erupted. My sister jerked as her slick pussy clenched and she shoved back, “aaaahhhh!”

I spewed and pumped cum into her cervix while Ashley shuddered and jerked. When I finished I humped before pulling out and she sagged to the platform. Gloria grinned as she reached over to rub our sister’s butt, “now we can nap while his sperm soaks in.”

Ashley giggled as she turned on her side and I moved onto the platform to lay between them. The girls snuggled against me and rubbed my chest. We got up a couple of hours later and went for a swim in the cove before weaving more mats while eating fruit. Before it got dark I went to cut down bamboo poles to make a floor for the tree house.

The girls pulled me into the plane as the sun began to set. We closed the door and like the night before I took turns fucking them until we went to sleep. The weeks almost seemed to fly by and it was three months after we crashed that rescue came. I was walking out of the ocean with several fish on a rope we had woven together from strips of leaves.

I turned at the sound of an engine and a minute later a seaplane came over the trees. It was about a thousand feet up and I dropped the fish and started waving my arms. It wiggled its wings before banking and slowly turning as it dropped lower. The girls ran out from under the trees and started waving as the plane turned and headed out to sea.

I frowned as it flew away but a few minutes later I saw it turn back towards us and I realized it was going to land. I looked at my sisters and grinned, “go get dressed.”

They grinned and spun to run for the plane as I turned to wait and watch. It was a few hours before we landed and the authorities began asking questions and making a report on our parent’s death. We talked to my father’s mother, our grandmother and the next thing we knew we were heading home.

It was another two weeks of questions and lawyers before we were alone together. We were in our house packing our parents things into boxes and deciding what to keep. The girls had been quiet since their doctor visit the day before. Gloria looked at me and bit her lip, “Matt?”

I smiled as I looked at her and she took a deep breath, “we are pregnant.”

I blinked, “but...”

And then I remember how long we had been on the island. I smiled, “want me to help you look for baby stuff for our nursery?”

Ashley laughed as she stood and pulled me up and to our parents bed, “after we fuck.”

That was a decade ago and the girls are still my lovers. Grandmother seemed to understand and spends a lot of time at our house so she is around her great grandchildren and there are a lot of them now.
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