Love and distance
“My woman is a fuck machine”

How do you start a story like this? Her name is Sharie H. and for the most part she is very shy. I met her at work and it was love at first sight. Several months went by before I got the courage to tell her that I was in love with her. At first, she was very shy and not quite sure how to respond to this revelation of heart. A day or so went by when the opportunity to speak in private revealed that she was in love with me too. We then began to talk on the phone, a lot, and then shared emails with each other, whew, some were pretty steamy.

After several months of emails and phone conversations, we decided that sex should be a part of our relationship. We talked about it for a few more weeks and one day I made the comment to her that a woman who sucks her man’s cock and swallows his cum will never lose her man. She pondered that thought and one day asked me point blank if she could suck my cock. Excited by the thought, I agreed, thinking that we might talk about it for a few days before actually doing it, however, she proceeded to unzip my pants and I offered no resistance as she pulled my cock out of hiding, pulled the foreskin back and slid the monster into her mouth…at first taking just a few inches and eventually all 7 ¼ inches to the back of her throat. Wow-Wee fucking damn it felt great as she slid her magical mouth the full length of my shaft over and over again until the feeling of orgasm was building in my balls. Not quite sure how Sharie felt about me shooting my cum into her throat, I began to say, “oh fuck, I’m going to cum” thinking that she might want to pull away and finish me off by jerking my meat to ejaculation. However, to my surprise, she groaned and shoved my cock to the back of her throat and then bobbed the full length of my shaft, paying extra attention to the head with her tongue until finally I couldn’t hold out any longer and shot one hell of a load deep into her throat as she moaned with pleasure, sucking me dry.

She raised up with a smile of satisfaction and kissed me on the mouth. “You taste really good,” she said as I took a wet wipe and cleaned myself. We kissed again and then talked about the experience. She wanted to know if she did it right and did it feel good. My response was, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I personally didn’t think a blowjob could get any better than that first one she gave; I’m here to tell you, my woman is a Cock-Sucking machine wonder and believe me, she has many more endearing “ass-sets.” This occurred several more times before we actually had sex. The one thing that I can tell you about Sharie is that she is a great kisser and one hell of a Cock-Sucker! After the hundreds of blowjobs that she and I have enjoyed, I have yet to be disappointed. We enjoy “69’s” and one on one with each other, oral sex. No one has ever made me climax as long or as hard as she has giving oral. We regularly talk about our sex life and mention to each other what feels good and what doesn’t and why. I have never been so well fucked in my life by a woman as in the relationship I now enjoy with Sharie.

She is a very beautiful woman, sexy as hell, (even though she doesn’t accept that perception) with all the curves in the right places. I constantly reaffirm that I love making love to her…via, oral sex, ass fucking, finger fucking, and definitely burying the bone. We have an unquenchable desire to please each other; unlike any relationship that I’ve ever had before. She continues to ask me if there are any desires or daydreams that she could accomplish for my pleasure and I likewise ask the same of her. The one thing that I can affirm unequivocally is, “She is one hell of a fucking machine” with no boundaries or inhibitions.

The very first time we made love was like electricity shooting through our bodies and the climax not like any that I have ever felt before. At this point, I’m not going to be bashful, love is a major key in this relationship and yes, before you get to read this documentary, she has to approve it. I am confident that you will read it, she is that kind of a woman; she is confident in who she is and I am confident in her love for me. She and I have had many new and exciting experiences and cum away well satisfied physically and sexually.

One of the reasons that I am writing and have covered the aforesaid information is that there are a few stories we want to share with you the reader. Sharie and I have now been together for nine years and very happy with our relationship, also looking forward to many more years together. Some of the stories that you will read might sound a bit impossible to be real…but we assure you, they are quite real and my woman and I are here to attest that they have indeed taken place as we told them…so read, enjoy, and get wet because my woman is a fuck machine.

The most recent sexual experience that we have endeavored together occurred when I was visiting family several hundred miles from home. Our usual mode of conversation would lead to sex and we would get hot and bothered needing some source of release. When Sharie and I were talking, I made a request of her to put a condom on the rubber penis toy (BJ-bear junior) and oil it up; also as part of my request I asked her to oil up the rubber vagina (FB-flower baby) and for visual effects to fuck them together. My request was for her to describe the sights, feelings and sounds of such activity and then for her to use the rubber penis to satisfy her personal need to cum and then share that experience with me…which she did in an email…Whew, was it ever HOT!!! As you are about to see for yourself. Once she accomplished this request, she wrote to me this email:

“Wow that was awesome, Let me take you through it from start to finish.....I got bj and fb out of the drawer and the anticipation began to ignite.....I imagined that bj was bear looking at the fat cock reminded me of bear only bear is a bit fatter....I got out a condom unwrapped it and felt the wetness of it...I placed the condom at the tip of the cock and rolled it down over bj and I felt how thick bj was and I felt my pussy tingle and start to get warm and wet. I picked up fb and sucked my finger to wet it and then stuck my finger inside fb to feel the texture of her inside.....soft with small ridges...I then got the lubricant out and put some lube inside fb and onto bj using my fingers to work the lube over bj I could picture in my mind bear and my fingers wrapped around him stroking him as I spread the oil around feeling his thick hardness in my hand and wondering does all that fit inside my pussy??

I could feel my puss start to ache for him....a good ache a burning like my puss has started to be on I stroked the lube over bj...I picked up fb and slowly pushed bj into fb it was hard at first because they both were slippery but I managed to get bj just inside fb and I saw her stretch out for him and I could feel the burning ache that felt so good get stronger in my pussy....I wanted to steal bj from fb and take him for myself but I reminded myself that that would cum.....I slowly started to stroke bj inside fb feeling the thickness of bj with my hand holding fb as he stroked deep inside her I imagined that bear was stroking flower just inside the puss lips feeling the good stretch that bear was giving flower like a gift...I felt under my fingers holding fb the fatness of bj as he went deeper and deeper and then back out then I started pushing bj faster inside fb hearing the sucking and sloshing sound as I went in and out and in and out feeling the stretching and releasing of each stroke on fb and my puss was on fire and tightening with desire I wanted bj bad and that was all there was to it I pulled bj from fb and rubbed the tip of him on my puss lips and clit which was swollen...

I could feel the want in my deep inner body parts needing I rubbed bj on flower I imagined bear rubbing flower and the soft feel of his head on my clit was so wonderful the tease just before he entered my body....I wanted him and so I got him.....I pushed bj just inside flower and I could feel the good stretch as bear entered flower and just a little ways and I knew I wanted more but not yet don't rush it I thought....I could feel bear on my puss walls inside stretching and gliding along them in and out and in and out as I stroked bj slowly.....I could feel within me the ache to have more my puss was screaming hot white to have more and so I pushed bj further as I stroked him further and further until I hit the bottom and could not go further......I pushed gently some more and felt the pressure deep within me a good feeling and I felt at the same time my puss contract gently wanting to feel every inch of bear....I love that feeling of that hard body deep within me there really is no other feeling like puss was hot and wanting and aching for release but I wanted more first.....I stroked bj slow and deep at first and what a is hard to put words to it but it is an exciting feeling my breathing fast and my heart pounding hard and my whole body tense yearning for that orgasm......

I found myself as I started to stroke faster moaning loudly and I said "yes I want more I want more".... and as I stroked harder and faster bumping bottom every time with this big fat cock I heard myself moaning loudly "OH YES" "OH YES" over and over.....I felt the pressure build inside me like a train out of control.....I wanted that sweet orgasm so badly that sweet release.....I slowed down a bit with bj and felt the gliding and pressure of him along my puss walls and at the bottom and my hand bumping my clit each time and I said in my mind "NO NO I want it I want it give it to me please" but I knew it felt so good I didn't want it to stop....the aching in my puss and the tension in my body said we want it.....I gave in to the greater want as I felt myself start stroking faster and harder feeling my pussy get hotter and was as if bear was a hot iron and my puss was there to cool him grew so hot and the ache deep in me which I cant really put into words got so strong as I stroked bj as strongly as I could and as fast as I could feeling the sucking as I pulled out sucking on bj and then the slight swish noise as I pushed bj back in till I hit bottom.

I was going fast and hard in and out and in and out and in and out of my pussy. My body was so tight with tension I really felt like I was going to explode or have heart failure as I felt my heart pounding almost out of my chest......the tension grew so much.... my body tight my puss and insides were hot white with heat and as I thought I couldn't take any more all of a sudden there was a fierce contracting of my pussy over and over again as the sweet release came waves after waves of euphoria.....I wanted to yell "YES" that is how I like it. I slowed down on bj to a very slow movement in and out letting my body slowly calm down still feeling euphoria and a total relaxation of my body.....sweet was that feeling.....and every movement of bj felt exaggerated and intense like suddenly everything got tender. I felt my breathing relax slowly but my heart was still beating fast and I felt bj like a huge rod inside my puss...I slowly pulled him out and there was a temporary feeling like bj was still there......I like that feeling when bear does it....its like the wonderful taste of something I like to eat lingering on my tongue but this was inside my puss.....uuuuuummm uuuuuummmm....I laid there for a few minutes basking in the feeling and then sensing that I was finished…I cleaned up bj and fb and of course I cleaned up myself and there was a lot of cum on my towel......I didn't squirt that I know of....sorry I guess I will need your skills to get that to happen. Whewweeee

I love you and I hope you enjoyed my orgasm just as much as I did....I don't think that I did it justice in my explanation but I tried to remember how I felt and it felt and sounded. I think my clit is still swollen.....giggle.
I love you so much and miss you bunches.
I wish you were here to do this with me that makes it even more fun. It wont be too long and you will be home and we will get to.
I don't have a headache any more so I guess you are right about the injection....giggle.
I really miss you handsome are my be safe for me.”
Love from Your Satisfied Woman
I told you, my woman is a fuck machine!!! The best part, I’m proud to be her man!!! I’m here to tell you fella’s, “real love” is out there and well worth the search and the wait. We hope you enjoyed the true story. Wallybear

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