We had to move which for me was a big deal. I was only sixteen but had started my own large boat leasing company at the age of ten with my grandfather and had to sell it. I invested most of the money before leaving. The town we moved to was a corporate town. At least the prices in the few stores were cheap and reasonable.

The summer was ending and school was starting. I climbed out of the new four door jeep my parents had given me as a bribe. The high school wasn’t huge like the last one. There was maybe a few hundred students and most drove older cars. In my home room the female teacher handed out a questionnaire.

It had a few strange questions but I answered them before turning it in. The first few classes were nothing more than introductions to the class. Before the bell rang for lunch the teacher told me I needed to go to the gym, I frowned and stood to leave. When I walked in there were probably fifty people, there were a few extra girls to us guys.

A teacher stood on a box and held up her hands, “QUIET!”

She gestured, “girls over here, you know what is next.”

I looked around as she looked at the boys and realized almost all the guys were younger and freshmen. She cleared her throat, “gentlemen you should have received the school packet.”

I hesitated before raising my hand, “I just moved here and didn’t get anything.”

Guys laughed and girls grinned but the teacher sighed and held up her hand, “to keep things moving it is simple, this is an auction for the girls. You are at the age where normal interaction is expected and that includes sex. Now you boys may bid on one... or two girls. The money goes for school dances and functions. You will also need to make other bids like dates, movies and dinners.”

I cleared my throat, “and sex?”

She smiled, “the girls will specify how often and what types of sex.”

The girls were blushing as I nodded and then the first girl stepped forward. I looked at the girls and picked two as I thought of sex. One was a brunette with short hair and a stunning body. The other was oriental with long black hair, firm breasts and curves in the right place. She was the first of the two up and by then I had listened to enough to know what to do.

Ten guys bid in envelopes the teacher looked at and read before talking to the girl. She drop four and gestured to the four guys that had lost to step back. I wasn’t one and waited for the slip of paper with the girls bid with her preference for sex and her counter for dates. I smiled when I read her note before entering another bid and adding a few things.

Four more guys were dropped and I took the note the teacher handed me. I looked at the girl’s answer to a inquiry and smiled as I made another bid. I won and Honey walked to me with a grin and whispered her answer in my ear, “I’ll lick the cum out.”

I grinned as I took her hand and whispered who the other girl was I wanted to bid on. She squeezed my hand and whispered to me, “she is a horny bitch.”

I looked at her, “you know her?”

She nodded, “we only live a few houses apart.”

When it was over Honey and Allie went to lunch with me and we talked. Of course they had different classes since they were freshmen but I was going to meet them after school. I was trying to think of how to tell my parents for the rest of the day. I met the girls after the last bell and we walked to my jeep.

I drove them home and parked between the houses since they lived a few houses away from each other. When they came out they had small bags to stay with me for a couple of days and I drove home. Mom looked at us when I led the girls into the house and smiled, “so you managed to get two at the auction?”

I nodded to each of the girls, “this is Honey and Allie.”

Mom waved, “going to give them a test ride?”

The girls grinned but I shook my head, “not yet. I was going to take them to look at beds before going to the movies.”

She grinned, “that sound nice.”

Honey and Allie looked at me and I shrugged, “I was thinking of a bed we would all fit on together.”

They grinned and I left them with mom as I went to change before coming back. The girls waved at mom as they came to me and we left. I had never experienced shopping with a girl and with two it was twice as confusing. They did pick out the bed before we went to eat at the only fast food place.

After that we went to the movie theater and they sat on each side of me. As soon as the lights dimmed they lifted their skirts and pulled my hands to their pussy. I felt and caressed and fingered them through the whole movie. I went back and forth kissing them and don’t remember anything about the movie.

By the time we got back in the jeep the two had slimy pussies. When we walked into my house mom and dad turned but the girls pulled me as they went searching for a bed. I started undressing as soon as I closed the door but the girls had already stripped. Allie was laid back and Honey was on her knees between her legs licking her.

I walked to the bed and looked at her slippery pussy before rubbing it and then fitting my cock and pushing. I slid into her as she pushed back and her pussy tightened and squeezed. She moaned as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts while Allie started moaning louder. Honey’s pussy tightened and kept grasping my cock as she began to shudder.

I continued to fuck her with long strokes and she began shoving back harder. I fucked her harder and she moaned and spasmed while her pussy gripped my cock, “mmmm!”

Allie laughed, “and Honey has gone to heaven.”

I grinned before pulling out and rolling Honey onto her back. She spread her legs as I moved over her to kiss her and sink my cock back into her slippery pussy. She sighed as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Allie lay close against us and kissed Honey when she turned her head. I grinned as I buried my cock to hump and jab while grinding.

She jerked and spasmed while her pussy tightened and then she wailed and started to convulse. I fucked her hard and deep while Allie kissed her. I kept it up as she continued to cum and started to buck and thrash around. It took a few minutes before I pushed into her and began to spew and spurt.

She jerked her hips up and screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She shivered and shuddered while her pussy milked my cock. When I was done she sagged to the bed, “mmmm!”

Allie grinned as she pulled on me and I pulled out. She laid back and spread her legs as I turned to move over her. I kissed her and pushed into her slippery pussy. I began to fuck her with deep thrusts as she put her arms around me and humped up. Her pussy grasped my cock and she shuddered, “nice.”

Honey giggled as she turned onto her side and reached out to rub Allie’s hip, “very nice.”

I kept fucking her and she began to breath heavy and shake. Her humping turned to grunts and thrusts up while her slippery pussy was constantly squeezing. After a few minutes she spasmed and wailed as she began to buck and thrash around. She was clinging to me as I fucked her hard and deep and then long, slow and deep.

Her wails turned to howls as her spasms changed to convulsions. It was awhile before I was ready and by then she had her legs in the air and was incoherent. I pushed into her and pressed as I began to pump warm sperm into her. She grunted and jerked with each large spurt as it gushed against the back of her pussy.

When I stopped she groaned and dropped her legs, “that was the best fuck ever.”

Honey laughed as I pulled out and laid back. She turned and moved over Allie before starting to lick her leaking pussy. Allie shuddered and reached up to pull Honey’s pussy down. When we fell asleep hours later they were both crowded against and half on me. I woke to mom as she leaned over Honey grinning.

After she left I woke the girls and the next thing I knew I was getting a crash course in female hygiene. I had to give them an enema and a couple of douches each and take their birth control pills out and give them out. I got to wash them in the shower and then watch and wait as they dressed and put make up on.

When we got to school they kissed me and walked towards their first class. I spent the first half of the day really noticing how the other guys and girls behave. I met Honey and Allie during lunch and they clung to me as we sat together and ate. We walked around after and talked about how the auction worked and what the limits were.

The afternoon classes stretched out until the last bell and I went to meet the girls. We went home and had barely parked when the truck from the furniture store arrived. They took the old bed and dresser away and left a new bedroom set with three dressers. Mom walked in as I was looking at the bed and thinking we needed to go buy sheets and covers.

She smiled at the girls as she set a large box on the bed, “I thought you girls could look at these.”

In the box was sheets and covers and the girls started directing me in helping them make the bed. After that they pulled me out and to the table to do homework. I finished before them and put my books away and sat to watch them. Mom hugged me a minute later, “the girls parents brought their things over so they could stay longer.”

I looked at her, “I didn’t see...”

She kissed my cheek as the girls look up, “I put everything in the guest bedroom until they had time to put it away.”

They grinned as they closed their books and stood up. I followed them and ended up playing pack mule as they arranged my room. I finally pulled them away, “enough.”

They looked at me as I pushed and pulled them out and then out into the backyard. I grinned as I stripped them while they looked around and folded their clothes. I pushed them towards the lap pool and began undressing as they climbed in. They were grinning a few moments later when they realized the water was warm.

Summer wasn’t quit finished so it was still nice out. I slipped into the pool and splashed them, “want to go camping at the lake this weekend?”

They looked at each other and I grinned, “I wanted to check out the house boat rentals on the lake.”

They laughed and splashed me before Allie slipped onto my lap, “What are we doing tonight?”

I cupped a breast, “having sex and sleeping. If you meant later this afternoon I was thinking of window shopping at the mall.”

They had frowned and then grinned before Allie wiggled on my cock, “you want to rent a house boat?”

I rubbed her nipples, “actually I was thinking of buying several and starting a rental business. There is only one business and they don’t advertise very well.”

Allie shivered as Honey laughed and bent to suck on a nipple. Allie shuddered and then grinned at Honey. We played for awhile before getting out and going in the house. Mom met us at the door and smiled as she handed out towels, “have fun?”

The girls were blushing but I grinned, “if you call two girls ganging up on me fun then yeah.”

She grinned as the girls laughed. After we dried off I took them to the mall where we walked around looking at everything from jewelry to clothes. I did make them very happy when I bought two identical gold rings with tiny diamonds. We got home in time to help mom finish dinner.

After dinner I got to clean up while the girls disappeared with mom and dad went to watch a game. When I was done I went to find the girls and grinned. They were laying on mom’s bed watching her tv with her. I left them and went to our room and sat to research houseboats. The current company on the lake only had three houseboats and they were all old.

I shifted back when Allie slid onto my lap naked and grinned before kissing her, “how was your show?”

She wiggled, “good but it is over and time for bed.”

I glanced at Honey in the doorway, “let me brush my teeth and...”

Allie laughed as she moved and pulled me up, “and then you can fuck us while we lick each other.”

I grinned and followed her, “and we could do that.”

Somehow the two girls just seemed to fit and made doing things with them more fun. When we came back into the room I closed the door. I turned on the night light and shut the other light off as Honey laid back and Allie laid between her legs. I climbed into bed as Honey sighed and moaned.

I gave her a kiss and moved down to suck on a nipple, she shuddered and moaned louder as Allie giggled. I kissed down her body and then kissed Allie before moving to my knees. I moved down behind Allie as she wiggled her butt. I felt her warm slit before shifting and pushing my cock into her.

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and I began to fuck into her deeper. I kept it slow and used long strokes and it wasn’t long before I was burying my cock. Allie started pushing and shoving back as her pussy became slick and kept squeezing. She moaned and shook as I continued to fuck her and Honey shifted out from under her.

I pushed her down as she tilted her hips but kept fucking her firmly. Several minutes and she was spasmed as her pussy clenched and then she howled as she kicked the bed, “fffuuuccckkk!”

Honey rubbed against me as I kept fucking Allie with long deep strokes. It took awhile before I needed to cum and she was wailing and spasming once more. I buried my cock and pushed as it erupted and I gushed and spewed cum into her. She gasped and jerked when she felt the warm sperm spurting and pumping into her.

When I was done I kissed her cheek before I pulled out. Honey rolled me onto my back and straddled me and laid on me, “Movies tomorrow?”

I cupped her butt, “right after school and then dinner in a restaurant.”

She grinned as Allie turned, “um...”

I looked at her and she blushed, “can we pick the movie?”

I grinned as Honey moved up and tilted her hips before pushing back onto my cock, “yeah.”

I thrust up slowly as my cock pushed into Honey and she sighed and began to rock. Allie pressed against me and gave me a kiss, “thanks.”

Honey began to roll her hips and half thrust as she became erratic, “mmmm!”

She shuddered and began to rub her pussy on me and twist, “oooohhhh!”

She rolled her hips while her pussy kept grasping and then she began to spasm. Allie laughed as I started to thrust up and Honey fell on me. I hugged her and rolled before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. It was several minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her. She lifted and spread her legs while tilting her hip and grunting as I began spurting cum into her.

She jerked and her pussy grasped my cock, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

When I finished cumming I kissed her again and pulled out and laid beside her, “now you both have cream.”

She giggled as Allie turned and straddled her head and put hers between her legs. It was over an hour before we slept. Each year I renewed my deal with the girls, even when they were seniors and I was going to the local college. Of course I had my own houseboat business and had made both of them my partners.

My mother fell in love with the girls and conspires with them each year for our new deal.
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