For as long as I remember my parents have never bothered to hide when they had sex. After I saw dad between mom’s legs as he humped and grunted I started doing that to my younger sister. Kyra was a year younger than me and I began using her as a hump pillow before we understood what we were doing.

I was fourteen and Kyra was thirteen the day I hurt her, we were playing while mom and dad watched. My sister wore a long tee shirt like mom but wasn’t wearing panties and my boxers were new and very loose. We were on the living room floor as I rubbed her butt and she rolled over to grin at me.

We were old enough to know what we were doing now as I moved between her legs and humped. She humped back like we had gotten into the habit of doing and that got us started. Basically I was dry humping her and she was shuddering as her clit was rubbed and she got off. This time it was different and she began to breath harder.

She spread her legs wider and tilted her hips as my boxer were pushed down and the head of my drooling cock slipped out. I pulled back at the same time as her and I thrust forward suddenly. I gasped as my cock was suddenly pushed into her warm pussy. I wiggled as I shifted and shoved my cock all the way into her.

Kyra’s eyes went wide as I buried my cock and stopped moving. I looked at her and knew what had happened. I waited and she finally took a deep breath and smiled before kissing me. I began humping and it was like I was in heaven. Her warm pussy was tight as it squeezed my cock and a minute later she was humping up.

I continued to hump and press into her as our breathing started to come faster. She clutched me a minute later and wailed as I began to fuck her and then buried my cock. She was shaking as I peed cum through her cervix. She hugged me tight while I spewed and pumped cum. When I was done I look at her and she smiled as she humped up.

I grinned as I returned her hump and my cock moved through her slimy pussy. Of course mom and dad thought it was cute but it was a few days before I was back to using Kyra as a hump pillow. I loved her more after that because she was more than willing for me to fuck her tight pussy. Sometimes we did it on the floor in the living room while mom and dad watched.

That was when they moved all her things into my room and we began sleeping together. I must have humped her ten times a day. It was a few months before I got sick and I crawled into bed with mom. I laid between her legs that morning to lay on her and put my head on her shoulder. It was awhile before I felt my cock get hard and I started humping.

Before I knew it my cock was buried in my mother’s hot slippery pussy. She groaned and hugged me as her hips humped up to meet my slow grinding jabs. She shuddered and her pussy grasped and squeezed. It was maybe ten minutes before I needed to cum. I knew what to expect and thrust into her.

I held her as I tried to push deeper while squirting and pumping small jets of cum. Mom gasped and began spasming as I spewed cum in her. She jerked and wailed at the feel of my sperm and when I stopped she relaxed. Dad was on his side and reached out to slap my butt, “that’s my hump pillow.”

Mom laughed, “he just pumped it full of spunk too.”

I sighed and slowly relaxed as I caught my breath, “I don’t feel good.”

Mom caressed me, “you do feel hot.”

That was just the beginning of a long week filled with high temperatures and sickness. Of course mom had my sister sleep with them since she didn’t want her to get sick and she didn’t. Several times mom let me use her and I humped into her pussy to pump and spew cum. It was a month before mom found out she was pregnant and by then I was back to using Kyra.

Nine months later my daughter Ash was born. Mom had me taking care of her and Kyra helped. I continued to use Kyra and hump her and if anything she started enjoying it a lot more, wailing and screaming as I fucked her. Sometimes my sister would lay on the floor on her stomach and tease me.

That would end up with me pushing her legs open and humping her from behind as I fucked her. The year I graduated Kyra met a guy and they got serious. She even moved back into her old room and our hump sessions ended. I spent the summer in a tech school and then got an IT job for a large company.

I met Jessica, she was a tempting sixteen year old intern that seemed to love to flirt. I moved out at the end of the summer and into a small two bedroom apartment. The only thing big about it was the bed in my room. Of course mom had Ash living with me most of the time. She was four and very cute and led to an embarrassing moment when Jessica met her.

She was playing while I explain what had happened. Jessica pressed against me, “and you only did it once?”

I sighed, “just that one week.”

She grinned, “and did you fuck your sister?”

She was rubbing her crotch against me as I looked at her and finally told her, “it started as a game. We saw mom and dad humping and... well we did it. The first time was an accident, I had new boxers that were loose and she was ready for bed and only wearing a tee shirt.”

She shuddered and groaned before looking around and then reaching under her skirt to push her panties down and kick them away, “how many times did you cum in her?”

I looked at her as she opened my pants and pulled my hard cock out, “that first day? I humped her and we fucked for over an hour, I came in her at least six times.”

She groaned as she knelt and pulled me with her. She laid back and I moved between her legs and looked at my daughter as I humped and Jessica shuddered. She wiggled and pulled her skirt up and out of the way as I kept humping and shoved into her. She moaned and hugged me as I kept going until my cock was buried.

Ash giggled and climbed on me as if I were her horsy. I humped harder and deeper as Jessica began to spasm. Her tight pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as she writhed around under me. I whispered as I kept fucking her, “I fucked Kyra everyday, six to ten times a day and she loved it every time.”

Jessica jerked as her pussy clenched and she began to convulse while her eyes rolled up. It had been awhile for me and I buried my cock as I began to pee sperm through her open cervix. She jerked and shook with each spurt of cum but her body went limp. It was several moments before I was done and pulled out.

I shifted carefully and caught my daughter when she fell off. She giggled as I tickled her and watched Jessica until she shuddered and her eyes opened. She turned her head to look at me and then grinned, “you can use me as a hump pillow anytime.”

I grinned and reached out to rub her mound. She shuddered and humped up before giggling. Ash laughed and climbed off me to lay on Jessica. I pulled her off and tickled her as Jessica rolled onto her stomach. I pulled Ash’s coloring book over before moving over Jessica and between her legs as she glanced back and grinned.

I looked over her shoulder and humped into her as I started telling Ash what to color. Jessica’s pussy clenched as I pushed my cock deeper. As she tilted her hips she tried to help my daughter too. I humped and fucked her and a minute later she shuddered and jerked as a moan escaped.

I fucked her five times before she had to leave. I was watching TV on my bed with Ash when she giggled as she straddled me and started humping. I froze as her bare pussy rubbed against me. She only wore a tee shirt to bed and I looked at her as she laughed and wiggled. I sighed and pulled her up higher where she would be safe.

I hugged her, “you want daddy to be your hump pillow?”

She nodded and put her head on my shoulder. I rubbed her back and held her and watched as she yawned. I smiled, “you can hump me tomorrow honey.”

I promised myself that I would be very careful about having sex while she was around. I dropped her off with my mother the next morning and went to work. Jessica grinned when she saw me at work and passed me a note that just said, “hump me later.”

When I stopped to pick up Ash my sister was home. She had a suitcase beside the door and a set look. I glanced at mom as I lifted our daughter and she smiled, “her boyfriend left without even telling her he was leaving.”

I frowned and looked at Kyra, “where you going? You aren’t going to follow him are you?”

She shook her head, “I’m moving in with you.”

I blinked and looked at mom who nodded. I smiled, “you want to follow in your car or ride with me?”

She smiled and stepped close to kiss me, “thanks Tim.”

When I got home Jessica was waiting at the front door and Ash ran to her. I smiled and then glanced back as my sister got out of her car, “my sister is going to be staying with me so...”

Jessica looked startled and then grinned as she held Ash’s hand and I unlocked the door, “can I watch you hump her?”

It was my turn to blush as I held the door, “I... I would have to ask Kyra.”

She grinned and let my daughter go in and turned as Kyra came in, “Hi I’m Jessica and I was hoping you would let me watch Tim hump fuck you.”

My sister blinked and looked at me before grinning, “only if I get to watch him fuck you.”

Jessica giggled, “deal.”

I gestured as I closed the door, “go put your toys away Ash.”

I looked at my sister, “you can put your suitcase in my room.”

Jessica took her hand and pulled her into the hall. I looked after them and headed into the kitchen to make a snack for my daughter. Like everyday we sat at the table while she ate and told me what she had done. When she finish eating she jumped up and went into the other room to watch her cartoons.

I cleaned up and started into the other room and Kyra and Jessica caught me and striped me. They were both wearing one of my tee shirts and no panties as they pulled me into the front room. My daughter didn’t even turn as I was pulled down on top of my sister. She spread her legs and shifted as I looked at Ash before humping and moving up to push into Kyra.

She grunted as my cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. Jessica looked between our legs as she sat beside us and I started to fuck my sister. I humped and pressed and jabbed as she lifted her hips and humped back. Her pussy was very warm and slippery as she hugged me and I kissed her.

It was a few minutes before she began to buck as I fucked her with long thrusts. I was shoving into her and grinding as she kissed me and moaned into my mouth. It was a minute before I looked back to see Jessica fingering herself with my daughter on her lap. I groaned as I buried my cock in Kyra and kissed her while her pussy spasmed and milked my cock.

She was shaking and shuddering when I forgot about humping and just fucked her nice and deep. A few minutes later I pushed into her and held her as I began gushing cum. She writhed around but held her hips up as her pussy gripped my cock while I pumped spurts of cum. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed on the floor, “I really missed that.”

I kissed her and pulled out and knelt before my daughter ran into my arms, “my turn.”

I fell back as Kyra and Jessica laughed and pulled Ash up my body. She wiggled and squirmed while giving me lots of kisses. Kyra finally pulled her off me and sat with her in her lap, “Jessica’s turn.”

My daughter giggled as Jessica crawled onto me and sat. She wiggled and rubbed her pussy on me and pushed back to work my cock into her. She rolled her hips as my cock sank deeper before starting to hump and rub her pussy. Ash giggled as Jessica kept fucking me and started shuddering.

She turned and twisted as her pussy grasped and tightened. Several minutes later she fell and spasmed as her pussy became slipperier and rippled around my cock. I hugged her and rubbed her back before shifting and rolling over. I started fucking as she wrapped her legs around me and she began to convulse, “ooohhhh!”

It took awhile before I thrust into her and began to spew thick spurts of cum. Jessica was incoherent by then and just tilted her hips as I flooded her pussy with warm sperm. When I was done I pulled out and sat back. Kyra laughed as Ash came to hug me. My sister helped Jessica up and then pulled me up as I lifted my daughter.

I set Ash down and let her go back to her TV show as Kyra pulled Jess and I towards the bedroom. I fucked both of them twice more before Jess had to leave and she was rubbing her pussy after my sister finished licking the cum out. Kyra stayed close as I made dinner and kept putting her arm around me.

She played with Ash during dinner and then took her away for her bath while I cleaned up. They came back giggling and clean and I sat with my daughter on my lap as I brushed her hair. She kept wiggling and squirming almost the whole time. After I was done she went to sit and cuddle with Kyra who winked at me.

When it was bed time I found them in bed and Kyra grinned as my daughter climbed onto me and kissed me while wiggling. She went to my sister who turned her onto her side to spoon behind her and looked back at me. I turned and moved closer before slipping my cock between Kyra’s legs and up under her warm pussy.

She wiggled and I shifted before slowly pushing my cock into her. She sighed and pushed back slightly as I held her hip and buried my cock. I held her and enjoyed her warm pussy as it grasped and tightened. I caressed her hip and closed my eyes as I humped slowly. It was awhile before she shuddered and pushed back harder.

I lifted my head and looked over her to see my daughter asleep. I pulled out and moved back before rolling Kyra onto her back and moving between her legs. I pushed into her and kissed her as I buried my cock, “I missed you.”

She hugged me as her pussy squeezed and I began to fuck her slowly. I buried my cock with each thrust and tried to push deeper. She sighed as her pussy gripped my cock and then started shuddering as I kept fucking her. A few minutes and she kissed me as she spasmed and jerked, “mmmm!”

When I came she tilted her hips while her pussy continued to squeeze as if milking my cock. I kissed her again when I was done and slowly pulled out before laying beside her. I held her and she sighed before turning me onto my back. She put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

I woke to Ash climbing on me and rubbed her back, “want breakfast?”

She nodded and mock whispered, “can we go to the park?”

I nodded since it was Saturday, “after breakfast.”

I helped her out of bed and bent to rub Kyra’s butt, “breakfast?”

She lifted her head and glanced around, “your girlfriend coming over today?”

I grinned and bent to kiss her, “one of them is already here.”

She grinned, “but I wanted to hump her.”

I laughed as I walked out and went to help my daughter with her cereal. After breakfast I brushed Ash’s hair and got her dressed before dressing myself. Kyra was wearing a dress and we held my daughter’s hand as we walked down the street to the park. I let her go play and sat on a bench to watch her with my sister leaning against me, “I want a baby.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “you have to do it on the floor.”

I grinned and then laughed and she stood and ran to play in the sand with Ash. I waved at Jess when she started to drive past and she slowed before parking. She came to sit on my lap and watched Kyra and my daughter. I hugged her, “Kyra wants me to get her pregnant.”

Jess wiggled and looked at me with a grin, “can I watch?”

I grinned, “careful or she won’t be the only one pregnant.”

She laughed and waved when Kyra and Ash looked at us. I held her as they stood to come towards us, “my sister wants to hump you.”

Jessica grinned before standing, “I was hoping for a hot bubble bath.”

Ash clapped her hands and Kyra grinned, “that would be a yes.”

I handed Jessica the key, “start the water.”

She took the key and headed towards her car as I held out my hand to my daughter. She talked the whole way home and Kyra kept her going. The door opened before we reached it and closed after we walked in. I turned and Jessica grinned and she walked past us naked and headed back to the bathroom, “it is almost ready.”

Kyra laughed as she began undressing and I bent to help Ash. They both ran towards the bathroom giggling and I shook my head. I took the clothes to the hamper and then went to kneel beside the tub. Jessica had Ash in front of her and between her legs while Kyra sat at the other end.

I started washing my daughter and Jessica caressed her, “you can get me pregnant after Kyra has her baby.”

I smiled, “want a sister or brother Ash?”

She nodded, “will they hump me?”

Kyra and Jessica both laughed as I smiled, “if you teach them.”

I let them play as I sat next to the tub. It was an hour before I dried Ash and Kyra and Jessica led her out. I stripped and followed them into the living room and found Jessica on her back with Kyra between her legs humping her. I grinned as Ash giggled beside them and caught her and pulled her onto my lap as I sat and turned on the TV.

I gave her a kiss before turning the channel to one of her shows. She lost interest in my sister and Jessica as they moaned and kept kissing and I set her down. She laid beside them on the floor to watch her show and I shook my head as I looked between Kyra and Jessica’s legs. Both their pussies looked puffy and wet as they humped and wiggled and shuddered.

Kyra finally rolled off and Jessica looked at me before getting up and coming to straddle me. She sat slowly and my drooling cock pushed up into her as it sank deeper. She rubbed her pussy back and forth almost desperately while it constantly squeezed. She kissed me hard and wailed as she spasmed and started jerking.

My sister laughed as she came to sit beside us. I held Jessica as she constantly spasmed and jerked while wetting me and moaning. Her warm pussy kept squeezing my cock and I finally grunted and thrust up as I pulled her down. I pumped strong spurts of cum and she kept jerking while her pussy clenched and squeezed.

She shuddered and sighed when I stopped cumming and kissed me, “thanks.”

My sister laughed as I hugged Jessica and looked at Ash on the floor. Kyra had a little boy and Jessica another before they both had daughters a week apart. We have had a few more since then, I married Jessica but Kyra is our lover.
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