Ellie May has some weird ideas about spunk
Ok its racist, sexist, plain disrespectful but hell its about Nebraska so thats how it is.

Ellie May gets spunked.

"Say Doc you got a minute," Ellie May asked as she stuck her head around Doc Haliday's surgery door.

"Sure Ellie May," he said putting down his surgical scalpel, "You been sexing again?"

"How'd you know doc?" she said.

"Maybe because your mopping your cunt with your cum soaked panties and your skirts all rucked up," Doc agreed.

"I suppose," she said, "What's the best thing for being fucked by a big buck nigga?" she asked hopefully.

"Hang around outside bars late at night I guess," he agreed, "Why?"

"No I been fucked by a big buck nigga doc." she said.

"He rape you," Doc asked.

"Pretty much," she said, "Least aways second and third times on account he only paid for fucking me one time."

"Sure sounds like rape to me," Doc says, "You want him hung."

"Hell no he hung well enough already," she said, "No whats the best cure for nigga spunk?" Ellie May asked.

"Sayin no Ellie May," he said.

"Johnny Lucas said best way was dilute it with white redneck spunk," she said.

"You can't dilute nigga spunk, nigga's is just ornery folk with dark skins," Doc explained.

"My Pappa says they Monkeys what got they fur shaved," Ellie May insisted.

"You know that ain't right Ellie May," Doc said, "Monkeys ain't above four feet tall."

"Right," Ellie May agreed, "I never thought."

"So what you done," Doc asked.

"I done got sexed by the boys in the lumber yard," she said, "You reckon that flushed that nigga spunk out?"

"No Ellie May, that wont work girl," he said helpfully.

"You got time to sort me out maybe?" she said hopefully.

"I don't know Ellie May," Doc said awkwardly, "You never paid me last lime."

"But you felt me up and everything!" Ellie May explained.

"Hot damn that was the examination," Doc insisted, "How else I going to do it?"

"Well you never needed to stick your dick up my ass to do it!" she replied.

"I thought you was anaesthetised," he said, "Anyway how you know that?".

"John boy Phillips said he saw you sexing my ass hole when he called round when you was doing me," Ellie May explained.

"John boy ain't all there," Doc said kindly, "Why else did he come in here wanting bigger balls?"

"I guess, is that why he wears a skirt?" Ellie May asked.

"Sure is, balls like Tennis balls," Doc chuckled, "Fact is they is Tennis balls you can ball him all night and you won't get spunked."

"But he wears a skirt Doc," Ellie May explained. "I don't sex nobody in a skirt Doc, I ain't no Les Bean."

"Aggghh," the guy on the operating table said as his dose of asprin wore off, "What gives?"

"Ellie May been sexing big buck niggas," Doc said.

"Why ball big buck niggas," the guy said.

"Why not, hell when I finished you sure can," Doc chuckled, "Up your ass or up your brand new pussy hole!"

"What you mean pussy hole?" the guy asked.

"Why you giving Tom a pussy hole Doc?" Ellie May asked.

"This ain't Tom," Doc insisted, "This is Benjamin Thesselmeyer from Dykesville Wyoming."

"Sure looks like Tom Macey to me," Ellie May said, "Hi Tom!"

"Hi Ellie May," Tom said, "No Benjamin was taking a call on his cell phone, he said for me to go ahead, I got a groin strain."

"Shit," Doc said, "You damn near lost your balls boy!"

"Gee groin strain," Ellie May commiserated, "Gee I sure hope I never get no groin strain."

"Still no harm done," said Doc as he stitched Tom's ball bag back together again, "Why didn't you holler out?"

"I thought you knew what you was at," Tom admitted.

Doc shrugged his shoulders, he didn't care really, what could they do? it wasn't as if he had any qualifications anyone could revoke or anything, and if they did he could always buy some more off of afrikaBay or something.

Ellie May was curious, she pushed back the curtain and went through to the waiting part of the shack Doc used as a surgery where a guy in his twenties sat with his head in his hands.

"You Benjamin?" Ellie May asked.

"Yes, Benjamin Thesselmayer," he agreed.

"You figuring on having a cuntoptomy?" Ellie May asked.

"Uh," Benjamin grunted uncertainly, "What?"

"Cuntoptomy, Doc's top cuntoptomy guy in the whole of Nebraska, ain't you doc?" Ellie May said, "You having your tits done?" she asked, "Doc took moulds of my tits for his number 4 tit."

"What," Benjamin asked.

"Tits," said Ellie May unbuttoning her dress and popping her left tit out her bra cup, "You want tits like mine?"

Benjamin stared, "Well do yah?" Ellie May asked as she stared back at Benjamin.

"Gee," Benjamin gasped.

"You sure you want a cuntoptomy?" Ellie May asked, "Cause your tool's fair set to bust right out your fly hole!"

"Ah, er, yes its my boyfriend," Benjamin confessed as Ellie May stroked his tool through his thin white Bermuda shorts, moisture started to seep through.

"Right," says Ellie May, "Say you want to help me dilute this nigga spunk I been sexed with?"

"I," says Benjamin and suddenly he starts coming in his pants like a fire hose.

"Hot damn you could have hosed me out with that spunk saved me dropping a half breed nigga," Ellie May insisted.

"Uggghh," Benjamin gasped, "Gee."

"Why you want to lose your cock anyways?" Ellie May asked.

"My boyfriend," Benjamin explained.

"Why don't he find a regular girl?" Ellie asked.

"He likes me," Benjamin replied.

"Bet he'd like me better!" Ellie said as she hauled Benjamin's tool out of his pants.

"He, I don't like girls," Benjamin lied as his tool swelled again.

"Sure you do," Ellie May insisted as she stroked his tool and moved real close, "Now you just hose my aching cunt out with your man juice," she said as she guided his rigid tool inside her cunt lips as she climbed right on him.

"Guess you changed your mind?" Doc Haliday chuckled as he came through from the operating shack, "Sexing Ellie May has to be better than taking some guys hard on up the ass don't it?"

"Er," Benjamin replied.

"No problem, I don't charge no cancellation fee," Doc said as Ellie May bounced up and down on Benjamin's tool.

"Uh," Benjamin said, "Uggghhhh," he said and he started cumming again.

"See you ain't no homo, you find a nice girl or two and get some fuck time in," Ellie May suggested.

"Ugh," Benjamin declared as he pulled his shrinking tool out her sopping cunt.

"Guess you want some fuck time to decide?" Doc asked, "Where's your big fat nigga friend Ellie May?"

"She ain't no friend of mine," Ellie May declared, "Why she held me down while her brothers sexed me."

"Anyway you can't call negros niggas no more," Benjamin explained, "They don't like it."

"Gee," Ellie May replied, "So what we call them?"

"People of Colour!" Benjamin explained.

"Gee you're funny!" Ellie May laughed.

"No," Benjamin replied, "That's what we have to call them."

"So says a guy as near had his balls chopped off," Doc laughed, "Go on, get out of here!"

Benjamin stood up and hauled his pants up before he headed quickly out the door, "I'll ring you," he said.

"Any time honey," Ellie May exclaimed as she pulled her dress around her again and winked at him.

"You come back when them stitches have healed and take care," Doc advised Tom as he stepped down from the operating bench. Doc used the bench on Thursdays and Fridays when Sam Forrester wasn't using it for his carpenters business, "You take blow jobs and lay off of the fucking for a while," he advised.

"I got time on Monday after school," Ellie May offered.

"No, it's ok, I like big fat nigga lips around my tool when I'm throat spunking," Tom said.

"You a racist or something?" Ellie May asked awkwardly.

"Sure am when it comes to throat fucking," Tom grinned.

"Ain't that illegal?" Ellie May asked.

"Not in this county," Doc admitted, "Throat fucking that is."

Ellie May smoothed down her dress and kicked her cum soaked panties under a bench, "Guess I better get back to work Doc, you sort me out next week will you?" she asked.

"Sure," Doc agreed.

Doc smiled, Ellie May was beautiful but like all beautiful girls pretty soon she would get fat and lazy, maybe start drugs and pretty soon she wouldn't be beautiful no more.

Ellie May headed down town away from the shack Doc used as his surgery, pretty soon the dirt sidewalk gave way to boardwalk and dirt road to Ashphalt with a quarter mile of blacktop from the traffic lights in Maine Street to the city limits.

Doc watched her go, pert tight ass, loose cunt he sighed and swept some wood shavings around to soak up the blood, took off his apron and thought about heading home.

Ellie May took her usual coffee in Fastbucks and went to work on the corner of Maine Street where you tured into Jed Shepard's yard, Alicia was already working, hanging upside down from the streetlight pole, her crisp white knickers stark against her glistening ebony skin.

Sheriff Winston Tomkins wandered down the street, "Hey niggah!" he yelled when he saw Alicia, "You showing you knickas and that ain't allowed in this town."

Alicia sighed, he was right, so reluctantly she climbed down and took her knickers right off and stuffed them in her brassiere.

"Why you call Alicia a nigga Sheriff?" Ellie May asked.

"Cause she ain't no honkey honkey," Tomkins said, "She a niggah like me."

"Right," Ellie May agreed, "You wanna ball me maybe?"

"No," Tomkins said flat.

"You racist?" Ellie May asked.

"Hell no," Tomkins insisted, "You're just a worn out wreck of a white trash whore, no offence but you most likely raddled with STD's, aids maybe, why in the hell should I want to ball you?"

"Cause I'm good in the sack and real cheap?" Ellie May suggested.

"Okay, you got me," Tomkins said, "I always did have a thing for honkey's"

"Told you you was racist," Ellie May said as she took him by the hand and led him down Jed Shephard's yard to where there was an old abandoned Chevvy minivan where they could get some private time.

The Minivan was rocking on its springs, Ellie May pulled the door open and there was Moses Ukingu and Maria Groessler from the post office fucking on Elli'e May's cum stained mattress.

"Fuck, I gotta sleep there," Ellie May insisted, "When Carrie May has a gang bang party on."
The Sheriff stuck his head round the door, "You a registered whore ma'am?" he demanded.

"Ugghhh," she said her eyes rolling as Moses fucked right into her, his big black ass wobbling as he fucked her big fat pink cunt.

"You paying son?" Tomkins asked Moses.

"Fuck that man, she's paying me!" Moses said.

"That's sick!" Ellie May protested.

"You a registered whore boy?" Tomkins asked Moses.

"Shit no!" Moses replied.

"Then I'm giving you a ticket for whoring without no registration," Tomkins insisted, "Fifty dollars!"

"Hell you said registration was free!" Ellie May reminded him.

"Not for a whore boy it ain't," Tomkins reminded her, "Anyways he needs checks and there's no way I'm sticking my dick up that big buck nigga's ass!"

"Maybe I could help out if you deputised me," Ellie May suggested.

"Hell no," Tomkins said, "You just suck my dick while I write out a ticket."

"I guess," said Ellie May.

Tomkins unzippered and hauled his meat out his pants for Ellie May to grapple with, she scowled at the scuzzy dark sausage but smiled when it twitched and sort of straightened out some. "Mmmmmm," she said automatically as she wrapped her lips around it and began to suck.

Tomkins wrote out the ticket with wobbly writing as Ellie May sucked greedily. She held her breath as he started shooting his load down her throat and then she started to clean him up just like her mama taught her.

Tomins paused a while with his writing as she sucked the juice out of him but was finished before she finished licking him clean, "Fifty dollars, whoring without no license." he announced as he handed the ticket over.

Moses hauled up his pants and threw the ticket on the ground, grinding it in the dirt with his heel
"Fuck you!" he said and he stormed off.

"Gee, Maria" said Ellie May, "You actually like pay big buck niggas for fucking at you?"

Maria sighed as she pulled her knickers back on, "You will too honey when you had as many cocks as I have."

"I guess," said Ellie May, "Can I get registrated?"

"You twenty one?" Tomkins asked.

Ellie May shook her head, "Pa tells guys I'm fourteen and when he tells these guys they pay him like hundreds of dollars, thousands maybe."

"So you fourteen?" he asked.

"Hell no," Ellie May replied, "I guess I must be eighteen or so, I don't recall being born exactly."

Tomkins sighed and wondered how one person could be so stupid all on their own.

Alicia came walking down the yard with a young white guy, "Say, Ellie May, can I use your Minivan?" she asked.

"Hell no that's my Minivan!" Ellie May declared, "If you want to fuck in my Minivan you fuck me ok?"

"You wanna fuck that honkey ho or you wanna fuck me?" Alicia asked.

"Uh," the guy said.

"Guess he wants a threesome!" Ellie May chuckled.

"Cost you double?" Alicia queried but the guys smile confirmed he was right up for it.

Sheriff Tomkins looked on as the young guy slipped into the Minivan with the two ripe young whores, he shook his head sadly as he remembered when he was a virile young guy who could fuck five, six, seven times a day, day in day out.

Doc Haliday was heading in Fastbucks for a coffee when Sheriff Tomkins near crashed into him in the doorway, "Hey Doc how you doing?" he asked.

"So so, damn near cut Tom Maceys balls off and gave him a cuntoptomy by mistake," he admitted.

"I never knew Tom was a homo," Tomkins said.

"He ain't!" Doc admitted, "Shit I's too damned old for this shit."

"Why don't you retire Doc?" Tomkins asked.

"Who would do the cuntoptomies?" he asked, "Nobody else does cuntoptomies on Obama care?"

"I guess," said Tomkins, "Did you get your Ferrari fixed?"

"Which one," Doc asked, "Hell I got a shed full of the damned things, ain't a single one what runs."

"You tried putting gas in?" Tomkins asked.

"I'm a Doctor not a danged mechanic," Doc reminded him.

"Try putting gas in," Tomkins suggested, "You seen old man Manion's new 'Vette?"

"That ain't new," Doc explained, "Its a repo."

"Right, how he afford that when he's on food stamps?" Tomkins asked.

"What with Ellie May whoring and Obama care he's doing just fine," Doc explained.

"I guess," Tomkins agreed, "Don't seem right when I work my butt off for squat and some some lazy big assed redneck honkey can get a late model 'Vette."

"Well they said they'd look after the unemployed," Doc laughed.

"Guess so," Tomkins agreed, "But hell I thought that were just for nigga's.".

"You look tired son," Doc said, "You been overdoing things?"

"Just had a blow Job from Ellie May," he admitted.

"Right, she real worried about dropping a half breed," Doc admitted, "Maybe I shouldn't tell you but every time she balls a black she gets hosed out by the lumber yard rednecks for free."

"Why for?" Tomkins asked.

"She ain't too bright," Doc admitted.

"She sure ain't," Tomkins agreed.

Meanwhile Alicia, Ellie May and the white guy, Trevor from Willson Park Arkensas was finding Chevvy Minivans have limitations fuck wise, still with his dick deep in Alicia's cunt and his lips around Ellie Mays tits he was in heaven, it was just that Ellie May's back was near breaking where she was bent over and Alicia had the Van's wheel brace digging in her back.

"Damn," Alicia cursed as Trevor climbed off of her, "How come I get hosed with spunk and you get off free?" she whispered.

"Luck I guess," Ellie May laughed.

"We see you again?" Alicia asked trevor as he hunted for his pants.

"If you get a room," he said, "My knees are killing me!"


Doc arrived home around six, Maria his housekeeper was waiting for him, "Any good?" he asked, "You find one?"

"No," Maria sighed, "Of course not. How on earth do you expect me to find an eighteen year old virgin in Nebraska."

"I guess," he agreed, "It's just that I need to know what a virgin pussy feels like, you know, for my work."

"Sure," Maria agreed, "I guess you'll have to make do with my ass again."

"No, guess I'll pass," he said, sadly.

Doc sighed he never could get his head around homos let alone boys having cuntoptomies and having their balls and cocks lopped. Doc knew he was the best cuntoptomist in Nebraska but that didn't mean he liked doing it, fact is he done it for the money..

Obamacare paid $500 per patient for cuntoptomies and doc had the whole thing down to 13 minutes, hell he could get through 40 on a good day, which was ok money for Nebraska. They was supposed to get counselling and that but he never bothered.

"Doc," Maria asked, "Why don't you fuck my ass no more?"

"You got old and ugly I guess," he said.

"Doc," Maria said, "You're pretty old and ugly too."

"I guess," he said, "Thing is when I see fresh pussy like Ellie May my tool looks fair set to bust my pants but when I see you, why, it's all I can do to find it its so floppy."

"I know," Maria agreed, "When I see the guys from the lumber yard why you could wring my panties out but seeing your ugly bearded face I."

Doc looked thoughtful, "I guess we could turn out the light?"

"Maybe you could shave?" Maria suggested.

"Maybe you could?" he countered.

"I do, you wanna feel," Maria suggested.

"Sure," he agreed and rubbed his hand down her cheek.

"Not there," Maria replied, "Down there!"

There was a rap on the door, "Doc, you in there?" Ellie May asked anxiously.

"Saved by the bell!" Maria exclaimed.

"What is it?" Doc asked, "You want that niggah spunk diluted," he said and quickly added, "Oh sorry Ma'am," when he saw Alicia.

"We need a whore house Doc," Alicia insisted.

"So?" Doc said, "Well you ain't taking over my house!"

"No, the surgery," Alicia explained, "Why don't you buy out Sam Forrester then we can use the carpenter's place for whoring when you ain't doing operations."

"Why don't you do a deal with Sam for nights and weekends?" Maria asked, "When no one is working?"

"Fuck," said Ellie May, "Why'd I never think of that?"

"Maybe because you're a stupid whore?" Maria asked.

"I'd rather be stupid than ugly," Ellie May said as she angered up.

"That's real fortunate for you," Maria declared, "Now if you'll excuse us."

"Sure," Alicia agreed, "But your way we has to fuck old man Sherman, our way we gets to fuck with Doc."

"Exactly," Maria agreed.

"Gee Maria?" Doc queried,"You jealous or something?"

Maria blushed, "Oh hell," Doc said, "I thought you thought fucking with me was a chore."

"Only up my ass, it doesn't do anything for me," Maria insisted.

"Nor me," Ellie May said.

"I hate it," said Alicia, "Yuck!"

"Can we get back to the point?" Doc asked, "Whorehouse?"

"We was talking about taking it up the ass," Ellie May insisted.

"I was talking about me!" Maria snapped, "When do I get laid?"

"I guess the rednecks ain't to fussy," Ellie May volunteered.

"My brother would ball you," Alicia admitted, "If you paid him."

"I guess you're out of luck Maria," Doc admitted, "Lest you wanna fuck with me?"

"Say why not, save you paying out?" Ellie May suggested, "It ain't as if you're young enough to get caught with a kid or nothing."

Doc saw Maria start to ball her hand into a fist and jumped right in and grabbed her wrist, she struggled, "Hey hold up," he yelped, "If you want a cat fight you wait till I had my supper."

"Get your own damned supper!" Maria yelled, "I've had more than enough of being humilliated by you idiots!"

"My friend Daisy Belle does that," Alicia said.

"What?" Ellie May says.

"Humilliated, like she does things to city slickers." Alicia added.

"What things?" Ellie May asked.

"Urinates on them I expect!" Maria snapped.

"Gee your sick," Alicia protested, "No like makes them stand in a corner with their pants down and whacks them with a whip."

"Calm down and pipe down," Doc says, "Alicia, Ellie May, just get out of here, Maria, get my supper."

"No!" Maria insisted, and tried to struggle free.

Doc held her, her ass was rubbing his crotch and all of a sudden he was feeling horny, "Get out I said!" he insisted.

"Ugggh, look Ellie May," Alicia exclaimed, "Old Docs getting horny with Maria!"

"Yuck," says Ellie May, "I'm out of here!" The door slammed, Doc and Maria was alone.

They looked out the window as the girls walked away and there the sun was setting through the trees on the mountainside all gold and beautiful.

"It's beautiful," Maria said.

"Sure is, better than looking at your face anyway," Doc said as he upped Maria's skirt and downed her panties in one one handed swat, "You weren't figuring on leaving were you?" he asked as he pushed Maria against the table and bent her over.

"Yes," she said.

"Better give you something to keep you here," Doc said as he pulled his tool out his pants and to Maria's surprise rammed it firmly between her pussy lips.

"You just imagine its Tom Cruz and I'll imagine you're Ellie May Manion," Doc said as he began to hump her.

"Yes!" said Maria, as Doc hammered into her and the table started sliding across the kitchen floor, crash it hit the wall and Doc could really get to grips with her.

Doc couldn't remember fucking Maria's cunt before, he always fucked her ass but this was real succulent grade A pussy even if the visuals was way below par.

Soon Doc was pumping spunk and it was all over, Maria lay there completely satisfied.

"Say you going to lick my dick clean or not?" Doc asked.

"Not, I'm not your whore," Maria snapped.

"I guess not," Doc agreed, "Pity."

"Whores don't cook supper," Maria insisted.

"I guess not," Doc said.

"Blueberry Pie for afters," she said.

"I guess I can wipe my own dick," Doc agreed.

To be continued?

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