Mist is a wet world with lots of lakes and rivers. I can’t remember a morning we didn’t have thick fog that usually lasts half the day. The larger lakes were known for huge fish that could grow to fifteen or twenty meters. The ocean predators grew larger but tourists came to fish the lakes. I had done a mandatory six years in the service before returning to Mist.

I only wanted to be left alone. My family had over a hundred thousand hectares on the third continent in the northern hemisphere. I was the last one left in my family, the rest had left or died. I had three large lakes on three sides with a mountain range to the west. Mostly my land was thick fern and huge thick trees that grew rapidly.

The land was almost as dangerous as the water. Most animals here were very large omnivorous furred reptiles. Even the huge insects had fur to help shed the water. The birds were more insect than avian or perhaps you could think of them as bat insects. Some grew a wing span as large as eight meters.

It didn’t matter if you were in the water, on the land or in the air. The creatures here would kill and eat you if they could. I finished putting the hard suit on and went to all fours to crawl down the narrow gap I had made long ago. It wasn’t safe to walk into the water, the huge fish would actually beach themselves as they tried to catch prey on shore.

As I moved into the water I followed the thick synthetic rope. Once I was all the way under the water I used it to pull myself down. The suit was special and designed to camouflage the wearer. You just had to move slow or risk the large predators eating you. I went down until I was just beyond thirty meters.

That was the start of the bivalve bed of Miam and it went as deep as forty meters. The water here was warmer and clear as I moved through the rows my family and I had created. The few ready for minerals got a piece tossed in carefully. I had to be very careful, the pressure they created was enough to change the minerals I put in.

More importantly, the closing shells snapped shut with such force they could take off an arm or leg even in a hard suit. I moved from one side to the other, only stopping and freezing when a fish swam by. I was in the older and deeper area when the Crista cruised by. It was only a five meter fish but more than big enough to cause trouble.

I froze and watched it and several moments later it returned and then it came back again only lower and closer. I was almost ready to use a shock stick when the huge Bearcone surged in. It was at least eighteen meters and rolled as it bit the Crista in half. It kept going as I held still and preyed it wouldn’t return.

I finally relaxed and moved to the very last row and the oldest bivalve. I moved around behind it and looked around before using a sonic cutter to slice the one meter wide muscle that sealed it to the lake floor. The shell was three meters long and two wide and slammed shut. I checked around me constantly until I was done.

I put a carbon fiber net around it and added a tiny set of buoyancy balloons. I pulled it after me as I made my way back to the rope to start pulling myself up and out. Once I was out of the water I left the shell and crawled up and to the edge of the forest. I stood and began removing the suit and dressing before hooking the net cord to the winch on my vehicle.

I began pulling it up the bank and then went to hook it to the rear hoist. I lifted it and turned the hoist to put it in the back. I glanced at the large flyer as it dropped down and landed not to far away. Four more appeared and began descending as six large men climbed out of the first flyer. I moved to the front and started to reach in for my plasma pistol.

One man cleared his throat as two others lifted rifles. I turned and hesitated before tossing the pistol into a bush, “fine, take it.”

The man snorted, “we are here to use the area and you look like a good runner.”

I looked at him as the men surrounded me and the other flyers landed. Two were transports and six men were shoved out by two men and then I realized one was a girl. They had their hands tied as four men climbed out of the other vehicles. One of the men strode towards us, “the hunters are on their way.”

I looked at the man that had spoken to me, “Hunters? You poachers?”

He snorted and then grinned, “yeah. We have people that pay a lot to hunt men.”

One man gestured to my bush knife on my thigh and started to move closer. I waited and knew I would kill him if he tried to take it. The leader cleared his throat, “let him have it.”

I looked at him and he grinned, “not much you can do against a plasma rifle.”

He gestured to the others as they were shoved closer, “cut them loose.”

He waited and looked at us, “you have two hours before the hunters begin stalking you.”

I didn’t wait and spun before starting to walk as I thought. The others followed and I glanced at the girl when she fell in right behind me. Two of the men ran past and into the forest and I shook my head. That was a good way to die here. The other three men turned and headed away and I looked at the girl.

I realized she was only in her mid teens and sighed, “stay with me.”

She looked at me and nodded as I finally headed north. It was an hour before I came out beside the lake again. I whispered to the girl as I went to my knees, “crawl and whatever you do go slow.”

I knew the bank here dropped almost straight down and there were large fish that could beach and kill us... or anyone following. I went to my belly and crawled out to the edge of the water before turning and moving along beside it. The girl followed and copied me until I turned and crawled back to the forest.

I stood and helped her up, “My name is Nolan Quinn.”

She looked at me as I started walking and heading into the forest, “My name is Tami.”

I moved slowly and watched everything around us. An hour later I pause before moving through the tall ferns next to a narrow trail. I knew it was from a Scarlet King which was a huge horse sized furry insect. If we crossed the trail the next one down the trail would know and the whole colony would begin tracking us.

I grinned as I turned to the nearest tree, the bark was easy to climb and I went up to a thick branch. I waited for Tami and went out until we were on the other side of the trail. I watched below us until we reached a smaller tree growing up past the branch. We only had a small jump before we climbed down.

I turned and ten minutes later I heard something. I pulled my knife and gestured Tami to a tree. The head of a Scarlet King pushed through a bush and I reacted and slashed. Its head fell and the body dropped, I looked around before moving quickly. I rolled it onto its side, “Tami?”

I sliced down the three meter body and easily peeled the extremely light fur pelt off. It was over two meters wide as I folded it in half and then rolled it. I handed it to Tami who lifted it and weighted it before looking at me. I smiled, “yeah they don’t weight very much.”

We started walking again and I knew it would be hours or days before the gatherer was missed. With its fur and skin missing they would find the body and take it back to the colony as food. It took a few hours to get close to the colony. We turned at the sounds of the colony suddenly pouring out and rushing back the way we had come.

We began walking in a shallow creek we found. An hour later I heard and saw the huge nest of Jackets. They were huge, almost the size of a Scarlet King with six sets of wings. They were one of the true carnivores on Mist. We were standing in the creek and under several large fern bushes. A Jacket suddenly shoved its head through the ferns and I reacted.

I pulled the knife and lunged to stab up into the head. It fell through the ferns and into the creek as I looked around to see if other Jackets had seen. I pulled the knife out and rolled it onto its stomach and cut around the wing bases and down the back to the tail. Like with the Scarlet King the fur peeled off easily.

I folded and rolled it before carefully cutting the tail stinger and the poison sack out. I also broke and cut the six legs off before checking around us. I gestured as I began moving slowly to keep from drawing attention. It was awhile before I had Tami wait and set a trap on our trail using the stinger.

After I was done I started collecting vines to braid into a rope. I wrapped it around me a little later and had Tami wait as I climbed a tree. I dropped the rope and helped her climb the tree. I looked around carefully and saw a Chalker, they were a green furred reptile that grew to ten meters. This one had a nest which meant she would attack anything that came close.

Above our level in the tree by the nest was a hole. From the fur around the bottom edge I knew it was from a Ashton. They were a large insect that burrowed into trees and ate the wood. The hole would be two or three meters deep and look like a sphere. I grinned and leaned close to Tami, “move slow and stay very quiet.”

She nodded and I looked around before moving out a branch. We were able to climb a vine up onto a branch from the other tree. When we reached the trunk I looked at the bark before gesturing for Tami to wait. I slowly climbed to the hole and peeked in and then climbed through. I turned to look out and toss the rope to her.

I helped her climb to the hole and pulled her in. I set everything to the side and had her wait as I went out and started climbing. As it began to get dark I began collecting dead branches that hadn’t broke off or fallen. I made several trips before smiling at Tami. I had collected several water vines and had her suck on one end as I unrolled it.

I had drank my fill and when she was done I set the vine aside and piled the branches just inside the opening. I pulled out a lighter and started the branches burning before turning to the six Jacket legs. I peeled the fur off and cracked the chiton before putting the legs in the fire. I kept an eye on it as I laid out the Jacket fur side up and unrolled the Scarlet King fur.

I finally pulled the legs out of the fire and pulled the fire apart and rubbed the end of the branches to put out the embers. I rubbed the burn spot in the tree wood to put any embers out. I handed a leg to Tami and took another to break the crack and pull out the meat. She watched and followed my example and grinned after taking the first bite.

After we had eaten I tossed the chiton out and looked around. I moved into the center of the fur and stripped before starting to check everything I had. Tami watched and then grinned as she undressed and laid beside me, “are we staying here?”

I checked her clothes before putting everything aside, “at least until tomorrow morning. The smell from the fire and smoke will keep the insects away.”

I laid back and she caressed my chest before her hand wrapped around my cock, “They caught me in the starport as I was leaving.”

She straddled me and slowly pushed down onto my cock. Her pussy was very tight and warm and she wiggled and sighed. I reached up to feel her breasts, “tourist?”

She began rocking and rubbing her pussy on me, “visiting my older sister who moved here.”

She started breathing hard as her pussy grasped and squeezed. She shuddered and jerked as her pussy became slick, “oooohhhhh!”

I began to thrust up as she rocked back and forth harder. She twisted and started rolling her hips as she leaned on my chest, “aaahhh!”

She jerked and spasmed a few minutes later and I shoved up while holding her hips. I grunted as my cock throbbed and I pumped a fountain of cum through her cervix. Tami jerked and shook when she felt the warm sperm, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

She fell onto me and I held her as I continued to gush spurts of cum. When I stopped she sighed and shuddered while her pussy ripped and tightened. I lifted her hips and shifted before putting her on her knees as I moved behind her. I pushed into her slimy pussy and held her hips as I began to fuck her with long deep strokes.

I came in her six times before we stopped and I pulled the other fur over us. Like always the night was full of screams and noise. Fog came in around the middle of the night and quickly spread and thickened. Tami slept like an angel against my side as I dozed off and on. I woke to the dawn light filtering through the fog.

I caressed the naked girl against me before moving the fur, “time to get up.”

We climbed out and down a little later and took turns peeing off a branch. I climbed up and out of the fog and looked around before seeing a large nest. I moved silently and peeked into it before reaching in and grabbing a head sized egg. I was careful as I climbed down to Tami and we returned to the hole.

There were a few branches left and I started a fire. I broke a small hole in one end and set the egg in the fire. The fire burned out and I sighed as I broke the egg open more. The egg must have just been laid and had cooked through. We used our fingers to eat and then I heard voices. I looked at Tami before moving to the hole and looking into the fog.

There were several men from the voices and they were moving and bitching. One complained about eight hunters and several guides being killed. I grinned and stuck my head out with the rest of the egg. I threw it towards where the nest of the Chalker had been. There was a crash and the men went silent and then one hissed, “what was...”

I heard the crashing of bushes as the huge Chalker charged through the fern bushes and attacked. Men screamed and there were shots and more screams. It was awhile before the forest went quiet and I helped Tami fold and roll the furs. I went out and started climbing down using the rough bark of the tree.

I hoped Tami could follow and waited for her before stalking towards were the men had been. The bodies were scattered and the huge body of the Chalker was in the center. I found one missing his head and worked his belt off. Besides a fancy knife it had a plasma pistol with a couple of spare magazines.

I found parts of another man and another pistol. When I led Tami away she wore a belt with a knife and pistol. She also had a small pack and vest with spare magazines for the rifle she carried. I had another belt and two pistols as well as a vest with spare magazines for the fancy rifle I was carrying.

What was important to me was the two packs we carried. When I found another creek we start following it. When it joined a stream I pulled Tami out, deeper water meant more danger. We drank from the fast moving stream before starting to move again. When the fog began to lift I knew everything would begin moving around.

I changed direction and barely a couple of hours later we were looking out at another large lake. I looked around carefully before following the forest edge to the east. It wasn’t long before I heard the flyer and had Tami move into a fern bush and lay down. I set my pack with her before moving into the forest.

The four men moved away from the flyer that had landed and one kept looking at a scan screen. I almost growled as I lifted the rifle and fired. I killed the one with his rifle to his shoulder with a round between his eyes. The men froze as if they didn’t know what to do. I shot another man in the side of his head and the last two yelled to stop shooting because they were hunters.

I shot the next in the throat and the last turned to run. He didn’t get far, I put a round through the back of his head. I moved out of my cover and stalked towards the flyer to see it empty. One look and I knew it was voice coded. I went to the men and took weapons and ammo as well as full canteens of water.

One of the men had a different weapon, the stubby rifle had a long silencer which I traded mine for. I called Tami out and we drank water before shouldering our packs and leaving. I kept ammo that fit our weapons and hid the rest with the weapons. I was tired of running and headed back towards where this had started.

While we walked I talked to Tami to tell her how to use the rifle and pistol. It was several hours before I heard the two male Chalkers. I hesitated before looking up and around and pointed to a thick set of branches we could use as a blind. We moved around the huge reptiles fighting over territory or a female, with reptiles I never knew which.

We climbed the tree and there was actually a small space behind the branches and leaves. Three branches grew out together before separating. We hung our packs and made ourselves comfortable. It wasn’t long before Tami shifted, “Nolan?”

I glanced at her and she grinned, “I’m horny.”

I looked around and lifted my hips as I pushed my pants down. She grinned again as she took her boots off and then her pants. She straddled me and slowly sat on my cock before wiggling and rocking. I caressed her thighs and hips as she began to roll her hips and fuck me. She shuddered and settled before rubbing her pussy on me almost desperately.

She twisted and rolled her hips and rocked while her pussy constantly tightened and kept squeezing. She covered her mouth to keep from wailing as she jerked. She wet me while she spasmed and I reached up to knead her breasts and tug on her nipples. She jerked as her pussy clenched and I grunted and shuddered as I grabbed her hips.

I gushed cum into her open cervix as she jerked and covered a wail, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy kept squeezing and milking my cock as I pulled her down onto me. She kissed me as I finished pumping cum into her. She sighed and slowly relaxed but her slimy pussy continued to squeeze my cock. She finally kissed me again and slowly lifted her hips to pull off my cock, “thanks.”

I smiled as she moved back and started dressing. I pulled up my pants and checked around us before sitting and relaxing. It was hours before I saw them moving through the fern bushes. The male Chalkers had finally moved away but they weren’t far. What drew my eye was the two scout Jackets following them.

The men were moving like soldiers, there were six of them but like human nature they seldom looked up. I was ready to fire when a dozen more Jackets arrived. They attacked and three men were stung as they began firing into the Jackets. I shot one man in the head when the other two weren’t watching.

Six Jackets were down and dead and the rest fled as I fired and shot another man through the head. The last one spun and tried to search for me but it was to late for him. I shot him between the eyes and waited a few minutes before I nodded to Tami. We climbed down with our packs and I went to the men.

The three men that had been stung still twitched and spasmed but they were as good as dead. I took their packs and any water and rations they had. I divided it between our two packs before taking the weapons and ammo. I switched Tami’s rifle and ammo for a silenced one and moved away to hide the other weapons and ammo before we started walking again.

I moved slowly and constantly watched around us until I came to an old burned spot in the forest. I looked around carefully since I recognized the spot, “stay quiet.”

This was a favorite place for the Scarlet King colony to collect food. I turned to move around the very edge of the opening and stopped when I saw the Scarlet King hunter. It was holding perfectly still as it watched the clearing. I aimed with the silenced rifle and squeezed, the rifle fired and its head exploded.

I waited for several minutes before moving closer. I checked around us and knelt and sliced down the underside to peel the thin fur off. I folded and rolled it before securing it to my pack. I looked around again and starting to move with Tami following. It was awhile before I came to the feed trail and stopped.

I could see the Scarlet Kings moving on the trail and looked both ways before I realized they were salvaging the dead Chalker. I looked around and turned to follow the trail until we reached a tree. It had branches we could use to cross the trail. I slung the rifle before I began climbing.

When I reached the branch I sat and pulled my rifle off and nodded to Tami. She climbed up but I could see she was tired. I checked around us once more before standing and balancing on the branch, “we will stop soon.”

I led the way out onto the branch and carefully used our rope vine to climb down on the other side of the trail. Tami climbed down a minute later and I led the way until we were skirting the busy area around the dead Chalker. The men had already been cut up and taken away. A half dozen workers were cutting chunks from the Chalker.

They were passing them to others who hurried back down the trail towards the distant colony. We climbed the tree we had spent the night in before and I checked the hole before we moved in. Tami sighed after removing her pack and then she grinned as she stripped. I smiled and turned to kneel and look out at the forest.

I could see a few of the winged insects above us in the higher branches but with the Scarlet Kings close they would stay away. So far the Chalker eggs were intact but they might not stay that way. I turned and we laid out the furs and Tami sighed as she laid back with her legs spread.

I smiled as I bent over and reached out to rub her mound, “careful or I might fuck you again.”

She smiled as she humped, “okay.”

I grinned as I began to undress and then moved over her. I kissed her as she lifted her hips and I pushed into her. She groaned and put her arms around me and I started to fuck her with deep strokes. She kept humping and shuddering as her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed. Each time she started to wail I covered her mouth with mine.

I buried my cock after several minutes and began to hump and jab and grind and rub. Tami spasmed and jerked while her pussy rippled and kept grasping my cock. I started rubbing against her harder and trying to push deeper and she held her legs up while clinging to me. She was shaking as I pulled back and started to fuck her long hard and deep.

A minute later I shoved into her and pushed as I pumped spurts of cum. She jerked and her pussy clenched, “yyyeeessss!”

I held her in place as I kept spewing until I was done. I kissed her while she panted and pulled out before moving off her. I moved to look out and then went to pull rations from our packs. After we ate and drank water we sat together to watch the forest outside. Dark clouds had rolled in and a light rain had began.

Tami caught my hand and pulled me back to the furs. She went to her hands and knees and I moved behind her and pushed into her slimy hole. She groaned and pushed back as I held her waist and started to fuck her. A minute later she sagged and then put her head and shoulders down while pushing back.

I continued to fuck her firmly with long strokes as her pussy kept grasping my cock. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and jerking back and forth. I pushed her down and went with her and she tilted her hips as I began to fuck down into her with deep firm thrusts. She spasmed and struggled and a little later I shoved into her and began pumping spurts of cum.

She jerked while her pussy tightened and clenched, “mmmm!”

I held her as I put another half dozen spurts of cum into her and when I was done I pulled out and laid back. She grinned and turned and moved over me before slowly sitting on my cock. She started rocking back and forth as it began to rain harder outside. I fucked her several more times and finally just held her when she fell asleep.

Like only a few times in the past, the morning dawned without fog. I woke Tami and pulled the top fur off before going to look out. I looked around and turned, “time to go.”

We folded and rolled the furs and lowered our packs and then climbed down. We ate a ration as we began to walk. It was a little chilly so I knew some of the insects might not be out. The reptiles would also be moving slowly. It was several hours before I slowed, we were almost back to the lake where everything had started.

Ahead through the fern bushes I saw tall sonic posts. We moved closer and I saw they had cut a clear path from post to post. I knew better than to try going through the sonic barrier and started around as I looked up at the branches. Humans are predictable and tend to only think in two dimensions.

I pointed to a thick branch that went over the barrier. It was high up but I thought we could use our rope to reach another lower branch on the other side. I looked at Tami before deciding to let her come with me. We pulled out the rope by the tree and set our packs to one side before shouldering our rifles and climbing.

When I reached the branch I waited for Tami and let her move out on the branch first. Once we were over the barrier I tied the rope around her and lowered her to the branch below us. After she untied the rope I looped it over the branch and swiftly slid down. I pulled the rope over the branch and coiled it while Tami made her way to the tree trunk.

I followed and climbed down before pulling my rifle off my shoulder. I could hear voices coming from the shoreline and began stalking closer. It wasn’t long before we were looking out at a camp. I almost growled when I saw the two bodies hanging up like a trophy. I carefully looked around and saw my vehicle.

I touched Tami and we moved around the camp. I slipped out and quietly looked into my vehicle to see they had taken the Miam. I wasn’t concerned about that as I looked in the front. I saw my rifle and comm and reached in to take the comm.

I returned to the fern bushes and opened the emergency channel, “This is Nolan Quinn. I am being hunted by men. I need peace officers here.”

“Is this some joke?”

I looked at Tami, “No.”

“It will be half a day before a peace officer can get there to take your report.”

I looked at the camp, “I’ll leave the bodies where he will find them.”

I disconnected, “silly bastard.”

I looked at Tami before smiling, “time to become a predator.”

I gestured, “move back into the bushes and if something happens to me go to the fence. Shoot two of the sonic posts and go out between them. Stay in the forest but follow the lake shore to the west. Maybe a day away you will see a large clearing with sonic posts around it and a lodge in the center. Follow the posts around until you see a gate, the code is 5931. There is a wall comp inside the lodge and food in the kitchen.”

She bit her lip before nodding and I waited until she was in the bushes before turning back to the camp. I dropped and crawled under my vehicle and looked at the camp again. I saw the four fancy dressed men around the two dead men that were hanging. There was also a man that looked like a soldier and the one that had been ordering the others around when this started.

I looked at the tents as a man came out of one, “that damn native got his hands on a comm!”

The one in charge looked around, “we paid to keep the peace officers away.”

I growled as I aimed and squeezed and his head snapped back. The back of his skull exploded as I aimed at the other man that spun and lifted his rifle. I shot him in the throat before aiming at the other soldier. He had dropped to the ground and was looking around. I shot him in the face and shifted aim to the hunters who had grabbed their fancy rifles.

I went down the line and put two rounds in the chest of each man. I waited after the last one fell and looked at the tents. I looked at the crowns before aiming at the first and firing. The center piece shattered and the tent dropped and I aimed at the next tent. I went down the line and dropped all six tents.

I watched each for movement and it was awhile before a man was suddenly rushing away from the tent. He made a fatal mistake, he ran towards the lake. He barely reached the water when the huge Bearcone breached the surface. It turned its head and opened its huge mouth and bit before coming to a stop and wiggling back into the water and submerging.

The man was gone and another who was just coming out of the tent froze with a look of panic and horror. He spun and sprayed rounds as he crouched and I shot him twice in the chest. I went back to waiting and watching but nothing moved. It was a long wait but several hours later a bright blue flyer dropped down out of the upper atmosphere.

It circled the lake at a safe distance before landing close to the edge of the forest. A single peace officer climbed out holding a rifle. He walked into the camp carefully while looking at everything, “PEACE OFFICER!”

No one and nothing moved and he touched his comm relay on his shoulder, “dispatch we have a lot of dead people here. We are going to need a team to secure the site and investigators.”

I moved back and stood and his eyes snapped to my vehicle, “COME OUT!”

He had his rifle up and pointed in my direction. I growled, “keep pointing that weapon and you will join these bastards.”

He ignored me, “I SAID COME OUT!”

I aimed over the back of my vehicle, “lower the weapon or I drop you where you stand.”

It was a tense moment before he finally lowered the barrel, “Come out.”

I glanced towards the bushes, “Tami stay there.”

I stood and moved around the vehicle and into the clear, “one of these said they paid someone to keep you away.”

The peace officer gestured, “drop the weapon.”

I smiled, “not going to happen. These bastards have been hunting us for several days.”

I gestured to the hanging dead men, “that is what happens when they catch us.”

His eyes flickered to the men before returning to me, “why?”

I snorted as I looked at the tents, “how would I know? I was just finished fishing for Miam when they caught me.”

He looked at the lake, “you have a Miam bed?”

I nodded, “my family has cultivated it for decades.”

He relaxed and looked around again as he touched his comm relay, “Dispatch I have a man. I think he might be the one that called in.”

He kept watching me and I finally turned, “Tami.”

She slowly came out of the bushes, “he isn’t one of them is he?”

I glanced at the officer, “no.”

She moved to my side, “what about those still out hunting?”

I grinned, “if they return I’m sure the officer will arrest them.”

I gestured to a tent and moved to it and started pulling until I was sure no one was inside. All the tents were empty and we finally sat and waited as we started telling our stories to the officer. Another hour and there were two dozen officers there. They had satellites searching for the other hunters and found six groups.

Before it got dark I took Tami with me and went to my lodge. We had a few peace officers along but were able to take showers and wash before sitting down and eating a real meal. I tucked Tami into a spare bed before I headed to my own. An hour later she was slipping into bed with me and snuggling, “I’m horny.”

I smiled as I turned and pushed her onto her back before moving over her and between her legs. I kissed her and pushed into her pussy and began to fuck her with long deep strokes. Her tight pussy squeezed and she moaned while clutching me. She humped and thrust up as I fucked into her.

It wasn’t long before her tight pussy was slick and she began to shudder. A few minutes and she wailed and spasmed as I continued to plant my cock. Her pussy grasped and kept squeezing as she lifted her hips and thrust up, “aaahhhh!”

I smiled and began to kiss her as she wailed and howled while clinging to me. She was bucking and thrashing around as her pussy constantly squeezed my cock. A little later I pushed into her and buried my cock as I began gushing spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered hard while her pussy milked my sperm into her.

When I was done she sighed and then grinned as she humped, “again?”

I kissed her and pulled back to start fucking her slimy pussy again. When we walked into the kitchen in the morning she was wearing an old robe like me. There was a woman that turned from the coffee machine and Tami cried out as she stumbled forward, “Michelle!”

I looked at the peace officers and the man sipping coffee before crossing to get mine. A minute later Tami slipped her arm around mine, “this is Nolan.”

I ended up marrying Tami a few months later. Her sister and her husband moved in and suddenly my life wasn’t as lonely. Of course we have a few Scarlet King furs on the floor for the babies to crawl on since Tami didn’t have an implant and had twins. She is like a part of me I was missing and we do everything together, even hunt.

The hunters that died in the forest were left for the insects but those the officers found were taken away to be identified. The guides were all ex service while the hunters were bored rich guys. Those that lived and were caught were sentenced to death.
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