I took a break from Hal's game to play with Hal's sister.
We were playing Halo on line, getting our asses kicked so I got frustrated and left my best friends room to get something to drink. It was Saturday afternoon and we were alone in the house, or so I thought but as I came near the kitchen I heard a muffled sound, it sounded like a cat mewling. I peered around a corner into the front room and fastened my eyes onto my friends younger sister who was lying on her back on the chaise lounge with her right hand stuck down the front of her summer shorts, the other under her loose t-shirt. She was so into playing with herself she didn't realize I was standing a few feet behind her. My first thought was to step back quietly and give the fourteen year old some privacy but that was just a fleeting moment of insanity. I froze in place and watched the pretty young teen as she massaged her clit and nipples, unaware that she had attracted an audience. I looked back to my buds room but he was still trying to kill an invading army so I figured he wouldn't miss me too soon; I turned my full attention on the girl fingering herself.

I'm three years older than Sylvie, I've known her brother since he and I were six, she was a toddler when they moved in next to us. For years Sylvie was a nuisance, a non-person that hung in the peripherals of my friendship with her brother but in the last few months I'd been noticing how nature and puberty were reshaping her from a stick thin little irritant to a budding beauty. With the morphing of her form she was also becoming someone I could talk to; I stopped avoiding her about three months earlier and many times made opportunities to chat her up. And now she was unintentionally fulfilling one of my more recent daydreams about her.

She was getting more animated, her hips were rolling as busy fingers caressed her hot points, her breathing was becoming raspy, rapid and shallow. She pulled her feet up to the chaise so her knees were bent then widened them to the sides giving her hand room between her legs. Apparently she couldn't do herself right because she stopped masturbating long enough to unbutton her shorts the slip them and her panties off her raised butt and over her legs. She slipped one leg from the clothing then put her feet back on the floor. As I watched the show my cock became a caged animal, thumping against the barrier of the denim keeping it from stretching and growing.

Sylvie didn't have a lot of muff hair yet so the triangle of dark curls was thin enough I could see the puffy folds of the top of her body crack. She slid her long finger down the slit then pulled it back to the top where she pressed on the spot where I knew it would feel good. Her tummy jerked when she touched her clit and the hand under her shirt join the other between her thighs. She began to slide her left fingers on her pussy while the right played with her hot button.

My erection was screaming in agony so I popped my waist button, pulled the fly to the stop and freed the beast. I stood behind Sylvie and watched her finger her own little cunt while stroking the man in my hand. I had forgotten completely that my friend was still in his room waiting for me to come back, his little sister had captivated my attention completely.

I was slow stroking my cock, watching the awesome young girl doing herself when she rolled her head back and looked directly into my eyes. As they focused on me she froze in place, back arched, hands still between her legs, her mouth formed a silent shout. She was completely still for several seconds then pulled her fingers out of her pussy and held the hand in my direction, it looked like an invitation. I stepped across the ten feet of floor and grabbed the lifted hand then put her cunt scented fingers in my mouth and licked them clean of pussy juice. Sylvie was watching my erection as I dropped my pants to my knees then moved to the end of the chaise and stood between her wide spread legs. She rocked her body which caused her to slide down the lounge until her feet were on the floor, her butt on the edge, just inches away from the pulsing end of my cock. I leaned over the young girl, pressed the helmet of my erection down the slit of her body, she huffed a small “uhh” then moved those smooth young legs even wider. When the tip of my hard-on felt the welcoming warmth of her entrance I dipped my knees and pressed slowly and smoothly into my best friends little sister.

I was trying hard to keep her brother from hearing the sounds of sex as our bodies thrust together urgently, the soft tender pillows of her cunt absorbed the shock of my groin slapping into her. She smiled up at me with wide hazel eyes then slammed them closed as her ass began to vibrate. Sylvie shook and humped silently as the orgasm ran its course then urged me with her fingers to pull out of her cunt.

I stepped back and she gripped my erection then started pumping it as I put a hand under her shirt. I was twisting and pulling on a nipple when my balls yielded to the tender ministrations of the girl's hand I and came in five strong busts onto Sylvie's stomach. As soon as I was done she twisted her head toward the back of the house, her lips moved silently “You better get back to Hal.”

I leaned over to kiss her but she pushed me away whispering “We don't have time.”

When I got back to his room Hal asked me “Hey man, where you been?'

“I got side tracked.”

“Well, I managed to get royally fucked while you were gone.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Hal looked at me with question marks in his eyes.

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U are a sad cunt. Wtf terrorist on halo u got it all wrong dick head


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