We were going to the beach on the day after school got out. It had been a year since dad left with his secretary. Mom was a stunning woman so I didn’t understand why dad left. My cousin Sally was fourteen and her sister Mia was thirteen, they had both been adopted. My aunt and mom were very close, they had moved in right after dad left.

Normally I wear my suit under my shorts but I didn’t have time today. When we got there I helped mom and the girls carry everything down to a spot on the breach, aunt Val was supposed to meet us later. I followed as they headed towards the curtained changing area. I walked in the male side and glanced at the curtained booths before going into the one on the left wall.

I pushed my shorts down and off and started to pull my suit up when I saw the fingers wiggling through a hole in the curtain. I bent, “what...”

“Put your cock through.”

I looked around but I was in a curtained booth by myself. I grinned before stroking my cock and pushing it through the hole. I felt a woman lick my cock and then her warm mouth. She sucked and fucked my cock with her mouth for a minute before she pulled off. I groaned because I thought she was going to stop.

A moment later I felt something warm and velvety pushed onto my cock. I groaned as I thrust into her and started to fuck her slowly. I heard a gasp and then, “aunt Keira!”

It was in a whisper but I heard. The woman moaned and pushed back, “hush.”

I knew the woman I was fucking was mom and kept thrusting as I dreamed of cumming in her and getting her pregnant. A few minutes and I heard her muffled wail as I thrust into her and began peeing cum. I grunted and shuddered as I gushed and pumped huge spurts deep in my mother. When I was done I reluctantly pulled out.

I heard her voice a second later, “come back at twelve and you can fuck another tight pussy.”

I heard Sally hiss, “Keira!”

I smiled as I thought of her tight pussy and whispered back, “I’ll be here.”

I pulled my suit on and walked out. It was a minute before mom, Sally and Mia came out wearing bikinis. We walked back to our stuff and I went for a swim with Sally and Mia. I glanced at mom’s slightly spread legs when I walked up and noticed the cummy mess. I sat a little further away as mom, Sally and even Mia whispered together.

Mom gave Sally a small bottle of baby oil from her bag. I watched the time and just before twelve I got up and wandered away. I went into the changing area and saw that the curtained booth I was in before was empty. I smiled and went in and pushed my suit down as I waited. It was a few minutes before I heard them and saw the fingers wiggling through the hole.

I moved closer and pushed my cock through the hole. I felt at least two tongues licking and heard the girls giggling and I think mom whispering. It was a couple of minutes before they stopped licking. A few moments later I felt an almost hot pussy pushing and forced onto my cock. I groaned as I felt Sally shudder and pull away before shoving back to impale her pussy.

I started humping and thrusting and she pushed back until her butt was against the curtain. I fucked her slowly with long thrusts and shivered as her pussy kept grasping my cock. I heard her muffled moans and felt her shaking and her pussy was a lot slicker. It took awhile before I felt like cumming and pushed into her.

I grunted as I started gushing and spewing cum. I heard Sally’s muffled howls as she pushed back while her pussy clenched and then milked my cock. When I stopped cumming I slowly pulled out and bent, “thank you so much.”

I saw Sally’s leaking pussy for a second before she moved and I heard mom, “come back at two.”

I grinned, “sure.”

I pulled up my suit before slipping out and heading to the lake for a swim. I was in the water when I saw mom, Sally and Mia walking back to our stuff. I grinned at the way Sally strutted and knew I would fuck her again if I could. Aunt Val walked out onto the beach and then started towards mom and the girls.

I swam and then walked out before heading back to the changing area. I went into the booth and pushed my suit down and waited and crossed my fingers. It was a minute before I heard giggling and fingers wiggling through the hole. I heard Mia and Sally whispering as I stroked my cock and pushed it through the hole.

They started licking my cock and then they stopped and I felt a warm slippery pussy pushed onto it. I pulled back slightly and began thrusting into my aunt. Her warm pussy grasped my cock and kept squeezing as she pushed back and I heard her moaning. I continued to fuck her as her pussy became slicker and she shoved back harder.

I fucked her hard and several minutes later shoved as I started spurting and pumping cum. Val pushed back while I squirted loads of cum into her. When I stopped I pulled out and knelt to look through the hole at her leaking pussy. She moved away and I stood as Sally whispered, “come back at two.”

I pulled up my suit and walked out and saw mom looking at me and blushed as I headed to the lake to swim. When I came back and walked to our stuff mom was laid out with Val beside her and Sally and Mia on her other side. They all had their legs spread and I saw the crotch of their bikinis pulled aside.

Mom smiled, “like what you see Adam?”

I grinned, “yeah.”

She sat up, “I didn’t know it was you.”

I knelt between her legs and then pushed her back as I laid on her, “and I want to fuck you again and again.”

She laughed and hugged me as Mia and Sally giggled while Val chuckled, “well he did a good job fucking me.”

Mom humped me, “wait until we get home and you can fuck Mia.”

I looked at her and grinned, “can I lick her pussy first?”

Val laughed and turned to rub my back as the girls giggled again. Mom shook me, “sure.”

I nodded and moved off her and looked at Sally, “I wanted to fuck you again too.”

She grinned, “me too.”

We didn’t stay long before going home without changing. As soon as the front door closed Mia grabbed my hand and pulled me after her and into her room. I grinned as I turned her beside the bed and pulled her bikini off before pushing my suit down and off. I sat her on her bed and laid her back as I knelt to look at her bald pussy.

Mom knelt behind me and hugged me as I reached out to feel Mia’s pussy. I leaned closer as I opened her pussy and licked through her slit. She shivered and lifted her hips as Val and Sally sat on the bed. I kept licking her and pushed my tongue into her hole before covering her clit to suck.

Mia shuddered hard and humped, “mmmm!”

I used my tongue to tease her clit while sucking and rubbing the bottom of her hole with a thumb. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and thrusting up as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

Mom pulled on me, “fuck her nice and deep now baby.”

I stood as Val and Sally moved Mia onto the bed fully and moved after her. I settled between her legs and kissed her before lifting and slowly forcing my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She spread her legs more and tilted her hips as my cock stretched her pussy. I settled again with my cock throbbing and waited as Mia shivered and her pussy kept gripping my cock.

She wiggled a little later and took a deep breath, “your cock really makes my pussy feel full.”

Everyone laughed as I grinned and kissed her before I began to hump and press and grind. She shuddered and thrust up and then I was fucking her with long slow thrusts. She moaned as she met each thrust while her tight pussy constantly grasped my cock. It wasn’t long before she began to shake and then jerk and spasm, “oooohhhh!”

Her pussy was a lot slicker as she started bucking and thrusting up while writhing around, “mmmm!”

I fucked her fast, hard and deep and she screamed while thrashing around and struggling, “aaaahhhh!”

She lifted her legs and spread them as I kept it up for a couple of minutes. I buried my cock to hump and grind and Mia clutched me as her pussy rippled and milked my cock. I jabbed and thrust as I tried to cum and she kept jerking and shaking until a little later. I pushed all the way into her and grunted as I began to spurt large loads of sperm.

She jerked and lifted her hips as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I loved the way her pussy milked the cum out as I kept spurting until I was done. I slowly relaxed with her as she lowered her legs and gave her another kiss, “thanks Mia.”

She smiled and hugged me before I pulled out and moved off her. Val rubbed her pelvis, “okay?”

Mia grinned, “yeah.”

Sally giggled, “leaking?”

Mia giggled as mom and Val laughed, “yeah.”

I grinned as I moved off her bed and headed towards the door, “shower time.”

I was almost run over in the bathroom doorway and mom pulled me after her. She pulled out her douche and started giving me a class. I did her and then Sally and Val and then Mia. When I was done Val showed me an enema and gave me one before letting me give each of them one.

After that we crowded into the shower and wiggled around as we washed each other with a lot of giggling and laughing. When we got out mom and Val helped me dry them and the girls before pulling me after them. She waited for me to put a robe on before pulling me towards the kitchen, “if you are big enough and old enough to fuck us, you are old enough to be the head of the house.”

Val grinned as she put one of the aprons on and tossed mom another. Sally and Mia came in a minute later as mom and Val started dinner and I helped. After dinner I helped clean with Sally and Mia and we sat together to watch a show. After that mom and Val pulled me to mom’s bed as Sally and Mia went to bed after kissing me.

We brushed teeth and then mom and Val moved onto the bed and mom held out her arms. I shut the light out and moved onto the bed and between her legs before kissing her as I pushed back into her wonderful pussy. I fuck her and Val for over an hour before I let them sleep. I woke to mom and Val getting out of bed and walking into the bathroom.

I stretched and climbed out before following and climbing into the shower with them. Mom grinned as Val rubbed her breasts on me, “we don’t have time.”

I held her hips, “I’m the head of the house and I get to wash you so hush.”

She grinned as mom laughed and I turned her and started washing her and then mom. While they went to dress I went to make them breakfast and coffee. After they left for work I went to look in Sally’s room and then Mia’s. She was sleeping on her back with her legs spread and I grinned as I let my robe fall.

I moved to her bed and onto it between her legs. I slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy and settled as she shifted and put her arms around me, “Adam?”

I kissed her and humped, “morning sexy.”

She wiggled and humped back, “mmmm!”

I fucked her slowly but with long thrusts and a couple of minutes later she shuddered and humped, “ooohhh!”

I smiled as I kept kissing her and continued to fuck her. A few more minutes and she was jerking and shaking as her pussy rippled around my cock. She started bucking a little later and then wailed as I planted my cock and peed warm sperm into her. She clutched me and humped as I kept spurting cum into her, “yyyeeesss!”

When I stopped cumming I kissed her again and pulled out, “thanks Mia.”

She grinned and rolled off the bed and ran out. I followed and found her peeing and grinned as I went to get Sally. Like mom and Val I showered with them and gave Mia a douche before fixing them breakfast. I stripped them naked after and pulled them into the backyard and the lounge chairs.

I put lotion on them and gave them each a rub on the butt, “I’ll be back to turn you over.”

I did the laundry and cleaned the house before going back out a couple of hours later. I turned Mia and gave her a kiss before using lotion and rubbing her pussy until she shuddered and came. I gave her another kiss before moving to Sally as she grinned and rolled over. She spread her legs, “fuck me.”

I rubbed her pussy, “since you insist.”

She shuddered and humped and I grinned as I stripped and moved between her legs. I pushed into her slowly and thrust deeper before waiting as she sighed and shivered. Her pussy was tight and warm as it started grasping my cock and I pulled back to fuck her. I used long, slow, deep thrusts and her tight pussy began contracting and grasping my cock.

She was humping up and shuddering as I continued to fuck her. I began to do it harder and press into her and grind and she kissed me as she howled in my mouth. I jerked and jabbed before fucking her firmly with long strokes. She was shaking and almost vibrating a few minutes later when she began to buck and wiggle.

Her pussy was a lot wetter and constantly grasping my cock. A little later I shoved into her and kissed her before peeing cum through and into her belly. She jerked as her pussy clamped down and I kept humping as I gushed and then spewed and finally spurted until I was done. She sighed as I lay on her and kissed me.

I pulled out before closing her legs and putting lotion on her. I went to finish the laundry and set out everything for dinner. When mom and Val got home I had just finished giving Sally a douche and both of them a shower. I followed them as they gave bags of stuff to the girls to put away. I stripped them both beside the bed and grinned as I kissed them.

I let the robe I was wearing fall as I pushed them onto the bed. They laughed and laid back as I crawled on between my mother’s legs. I licked through her pussy and Val laughed before straddling her face. I teased her clit while sucking and Sally and Mia returned to pull Val onto her back.

Mom shuddered and humped as I licked her and pushed my tongue into her. Sally started licking Val’s pussy as Mia sucked on her nipples. It wasn’t long before the only thing you heard in the room was moaning. When mom spasmed and twisted while covering her pussy I moved up and over her.

I kissed her as I shoved my cock into her wet, slippery pussy. She groaned and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She wrapped her legs around me while her pussy grasped and squeezed and clenched, “oohhhh!”

Several minutes later she was jerking and spasming as she bucked, “BABY!”

I buried my cock to hump and grind until she relaxed and gave her a kiss. I pulled out and grinned as Val rolled onto her stomach and lifted her hips. I moved between her legs and held her hips as Sally and Mia moved to mom. I pushed all the way into Val and began to fuck her slowly at first. She pushed back and moaned while her pussy tightened.

I buried my cock and caressed down her thighs, “maybe I will knock you up.”

Mom’s eyes widened as Val shoved back, “fuck!”

I humped and rubbed against her and looked at mom and she smiled and laid back, “I’m not on birth control.”

I grinned and pulled out to roll my aunt over and pushed back into her. I kissed Val before pulling back and fucking her hard and deep. She lifted her legs and spread them wide as she wailed, “yyyeeessss!”

Each time I shoved into her I pressed and rubbed. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and shuddering hard. I kept fucking her as she humped and thrust up and then she howled and began to thrash and buck. Her pussy constantly grasped and tightened as she clutched me. Finally I buried my cock as I kissed her and pumped thick gushing spurts.

Her pussy tightened and clenched while I continued to spew and fill her with warm sperm. When I finished I pulled out and moved towards mom. Val was panting and laughed, “I’m not on birth control either.”

Sally and Mia grinned as they crawled to and onto their mother when I settled between my mother’s legs. I pushed into her and kissed her as I humped and buried my cock. Mom and Val were both pregnant and Mia and Sally both say I knocked them up in the changing room. Two years later I did again but in our big bed with Sally and Mia.

Now we go to nude beaches so we don’t have to worry about the changing room. Of course that is our bedroom now so I still fuck all four of them in the changing room before we go.
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