Something from out of this world that really isn't.
I really hate to waste all this space in a preamble to my stories. I thought the one I had at the beginning of the stories I edited so far would have been sufficient, but it seems the self appointed pedo police are hell bent there are minor children in my fictitious fantasy stories.

I have always been fond of small dicks and pussies. The problem is some of you think only young children possess them. My dick has always been little. Yet I am not a child. I know women that have tiny tits, little pussies, and no hair down there. They are not children either. And that’s in the real world. In Fantasy Land, the guys and gals alike can be short, skinny, and hairless without being minors.

As a matter of fact, there is an island in Fantasy Land that puts restrictors on all its males’ penises to keep them little after puberty, much the same as the Japanese do their women’s feet. The girls use a special cream that shrinks the vagina. I mean, what girl wants a big sloppy pussy when all the men have tiny pencil dicks?

I can’t tell you the name of the island for security reasons, but I can tell you it isn’t Fantasy Island. All of its citizens stay young looking and never gain much stature. No one ever dies there. It’s due to some chemical in the soil. That’s the reason for the security. Otherwise there’d be a stampede of dumb asses (Pedo Police included) storming the fictitious beach ruining the lives of these wonderful people.

For those of you who have a little common sense, I apologize for being blunt. For those of you that don’t, please get some. I have searched far and wide up and down Fantasy Road for many a year to find the characters I was looking for.

First I found a cute little midget. He is very petite, but unlike David Bennent who was eighteen and looked ten, when he starred as Honeythorn Gump in Legends, my midget is twenty one and could pass for twelve in short shorts. Trust me. Twelve he ain‘t. The mother fucker had a twelve inch dick when I first saw him. It seems a lot of folks in Fantasy Land have twelve inch dicks. Most of them are as fictitious as their dicks.

I couldn’t deal with the cute little bastard having all that dick, so I cut it off for him and sewed a skinny pencil dick in its place. You can find those all up and down the road in Fantasy Land. They are a dime a dozen. Then I slapped the silly bitch around for awhile until he got a bad case of amnesia. At that point I told him he is my twenty one year old little boy. He, not wanting more amnesia treatments, believes he is so.

The little fucker also plays any character I ask him to. Since that time I have acquired several other characters the same way. They all play different characters in my many stories. They all do what I tell them to, but they won’t touch a part portraying a real child. They have no problem with the fantasy children as long as any real fantasy kids are placed on a separate page until the sex scenes are over.

Melinda, the only one that doesn’t mind me using her real fictitious name, is one of three girl characters I have acquired other than the ones from the island. Melinda is twenty three. She will occasionally play a girl as young as nine, but refuses to stoop any lower.

She is smooth, petite and very desirable. The only problem I had with her was her pussy was all hairy and loose. I couldn’t stand that. I did laser hair removal on her and I must say she looks sweet being that smooth and hairless.

I got one of those African head hunter guys to help me with her big old nasty pussy. He used his head shrinking magic to make her pussy small and tight to my delight. I convinced her to have breast reduction surgery. I love a flat chested bitch. Trust me, the doctor didn’t have to remove much.

I like em small and she had always wanted to look a little boyish. She may even play a guy part at some time or the other. Who knows. When she does, it will still be a fictitious part. She looks like a young girl. So much so, I have to lie about her age.

The bitch couldn’t get into a G rated movie without her fictitious parents. She doesn’t like anything real. Not many in Fantasy Land do. I don’t want to give anything away, but Melinda plays the part of Marcy in this story. I think you’ll find her performance quite convincing.

I also use some of the folks from the island. I like that because they work cheap and I don’t have to cut off their dicks nor do I have to give them amnesia treatments. This also lets me avoid dealing with the head hunter. That dude’s a little weird for my tastes.

True, I call some of them little boys and little girls. Some of them are quite naïve when it comes to sex, but that is only because their fictitious Fathers were very protective of them as they weren’t growing up. Bottom line, there are no fucking children in my fantasy stories. Fictitious or otherwise. I would like for you folks that have pedophilia stuck in your minds to either get past the dumb shit or quit reading my stories. The rest of you can feel free to enjoy.

This story is book length. There are only eight parts, but most of them are pretty long. There is a lot going on in it. I built the characters up slowly to allow you, the reader to relate to them. The story also is built up slowly to allow the reader to understand how the main character ticks so they can understand and feel the torments in his mind as his situation changes through out the story.

There are twists and turns through out. The story line is very complicated and is not written for the average moron, so if you are a simple minded idiot, do yourself a favor and read something else. Everyone will be able to tell who you are from your comments. If you enjoy a varied plot, read and enjoy.

I tried to keep all the facts straight from one chapter to the other, but it being such a long complicated story, I am sure I managed to make a goof here and there. Please feel free to rub my nose in any you find. I am sure to enjoy them as much as you do.

Remember it is important to read the parts in order. Otherwise the reader does not know what is going on at some points. I have included alien as a theme. You may not think it appropriate in the first couple of chapters, but I promise to deliver. Some of the characters in this story are younger than in my previous stories. Everything else is explained in the story.

I did not describe a sex scene with any actual below age persons for the site. Only what happened to them as a child without going into a story about it. Purely as news items.

If you think the characters are younger, perhaps I could recommend a good therapist to help you get children out of your mind. This story is not for you folks that want a quick nut. It is for the more sophisticated reader who while he still wants plenty of sex, also enjoys some plot.

Some of the sex scenes are described in great detail. Others are strongly implied. I find that is sometimes more erotic than having a blow by blow for every sex scene. For those of you that don’t agree, I included plenty of blow by blows as well.

For the technical aspects of the story, I use the things I know to add credibility to the events in the story. The rest I simply make up using wording that makes it seem probable. I apologize that some of it will not stand up to scientific reasoning. It isn’t meant to. This is all fantasy. Happy reading.

The Bastard Bitch Part Six

Rodham County Hospital

Doctor Harris sat behind his desk scratching his head. "This shit just doesn't make any fucking sense." He looked toward his associate, Doctor Roberts, "Harvey, I asked you in here, because I need your help with this case." Jim and Harvey became close friends during their schooling at Harvard. They worked closely together for the last ten years. They are both 35, but actually look a little younger than 30.

"There is a lot to it, so please refrain from asking questions until I finish giving you the background information. I apologize ahead of time for giving a lot of details most of us would prefer not to discuss. Some of it is pretty vulgar and rather graphic, but you will soon see it is necessary to understand the gravity of the situation. We must be gentle and understanding yet firm as we are dealing with two very young boys about things they find utterly embarrassing.”

“I believe you will understand what I am saying. I am sure you will be quite surprised if not shocked. I know I was. I admitted a twelve year old boy this morning. His name is Jason. I remember seeing the boy just last week. When you have to examine a boy like him, you remember the young thing. Especially since I don't do physicals on many boys that young.”

“I couldn't help noticing how cute and cuddly he looked. It was a great temptation to scoop his nude little form into my arms and hug him tight. Of course as his doctor and as a mature adult, that would have been plain idiocy. I would certainly like to have a son just like him. The boy was as well mannered and polite as he was precious.”

“His mother brought him in to my regular practice for his first physical. It was the first time I had seen him. She was concerned he would be starting puberty soon and wanted to get him used to the idea of a regular checkup. The boy is one of those where when he walks into the room, it is all you can do to keep from staring at him. I mean he was that pretty.”

“The cute little fellow was wearing a short pair of shorts. Had beautiful legs. Most any teenage girl would kill for a set like them. As pleasing as the boy was to look at, I just didn’t think he was old enough to be subjected to that type of humiliation. I just didn’t believe he was ready to handle the stigma of going through the exam. I tried to explain to his mother that boys that age rarely if ever have the type of problems checked during a normal physical.”

“I told her, her son being so young, will have a difficult time with the exam mentally and she should wait until he is older. The mother wasn‘t satisfied with that, so I tried something else. I really wanted to avoid embarrassing this young boy so badly with something he shouldn’t have to deal with for another couple of years. I decided I would have to be a little more graphic. I didn‘t want to, but I had to convince her to wait.”

“I told her boys that age typically kept an erection about half of a normal day and generally got that way very quickly upon any type of erotic stimulus. I asked her if she noticed Jason would delay standing up when she asked him to come to her.”

“She agreed he had on several occasions, but she assumed he was taking his time. I told her he probably had a hard on at the time and was afraid it would poke out at her through his pants. She didn’t quite understand what I was saying, so I laid it on the line for her.“

“Boys that age already understand what faggot means. It is very important to their fragile egos that they never do anything to make someone think they may be queer. Jason is going to feel really good while I feel all around in his butt with my finger and massage his balls for lumps while trying to be gentle and not hurt him. As a young boy, Jason will feel it as an erotic stimulus.”

“He will get an erection. It is very traumatic for a young boy to get one in front of a man. Jason will associate his erection as an arousal because I was touching him. He will believe in his mind he is queer because he got hard while I was fondling him. He will already be wondering why I wanted to play with him to start with. He will be dying of embarrassment. Especially while I have my finger up his butt.”

“I apologized to her for having to say it the way I had to, but I wanted her to understand what her son would be experiencing. In Jason’s mind he will be thinking I am finger fucking him and that I will assume he is a queer since he got hard because of it. Of course the mother was still worried about her son having regular checkups.”

“Then she broke down crying, telling me her father and three of her brothers died in the last three years from prostate cancer. Her father was forty seven. The oldest brother was two years older than her. She is only twenty eight. The other two were thirteen and twelve respectively when the cancer took them away.”

“I didn’t bother to argue the point any further as she had good reason to be concerned. Hell, I was concerned myself after hearing that. I decided I would need to be very thorough with my exam. Jason was very apprehensive about having the exam and wanted his mother present during it.”

“I thought that would be the right thing, as I would have had to bring my nurse in if he hadn’t wanted his mother present. He might make out better having his Mom watch rather than some woman he didn’t know.”

“Jason stood looking at me blankly for almost five minutes when I asked him to disrobe for me. Normally, I would do all the preliminary stuff first before disrobing the boy, but with his medical history of cancer in the family, a thorough exam of every skin area was called for. Obviously he was reluctant to let me see him nude, even though I had been very careful to make it a point I would have to. I waited him out as it was very important not to press him.”

“I wanted him to be relaxed and not on pins and needles. He slowly peeled his clothes off. The boy turned beet red right off the bat. I examined him carefully. Especially paying particular attention to any lesions or discolored spots on the skin surface. His prostate didn’t feel quite right. I had to be sure it wasn’t stiff because of any cancer. I already had to feel his scrotum for way too long as the boy appeared to have several lumps when I first touched him there.”

“That combined with having my finger up his rear was too much on the boy. Naturally he ejaculated all over the place. You could have bought him for a nickel. I decided it best to wipe it off for him rather than let him do it himself. I did that to help him understand what happened wasn’t a bad thing.”

Dr. Roberts interrupted. “Jim. That is an interesting story, especially if one is looking for a little fictional erotica on the internet to read, but why are you being so explicit about your exam with this child? It just isn’t you.”

Jim giggled a little. “I guess it did sound a little fucked up at that, Harvey. Here is what the deal is. You need to hear all of this in detail so you will have enough background information about this case to fully understand the changes that have taken place with this boy. One of the things I am trying to emphasize is how modest this boy is. So please bear with me on this.”

“I promise you I am not trying to arouse you by telling sex stories about little boys. After I cleaned him up a little bit, I allowed him to dress. Then I sent his mother out of the room. I talked with Jason, explaining about what took place during the exam. I assured him there was nothing to worry about. He mumbled a little something about how he must be a queer for that to happen in front of a guy.”

‘I let him know I didn’t believe for a second he was queer. I made sure he knew no one could have sat there during that exam and avoided doing what he did. I told the boy I had it happen to me when I had my first exam as a young boy, too. He was alright with it after that. Everything checked out normal including the boy turning beet red during the digital exam and of course realizing he had made a big mistake having his mother watch the exam.”

“Most young boys do. As a matter of fact, he was quite shocked when he found out what I was going to do to him. Apparently his mother had been reluctant to prepare him for it. It seemed the only preparation she made for Jason was to tell him this exam would be a lot different from any he had before. She told him it was an adult exam and could get a little personal.”

“I remember when I was twelve. I wanted to crawl under a rock when I found out what was going to take place at my first physical. My Mother hadn‘t filled me in either, so I had some understanding of what the boy was going through. My mother used those very same words. A little personal. Yeah, right. First off I didn’t want the doctor to see it. I felt it was too little. I thought he would laugh at me the same as the boys at school did when I was taking a shower.”

“I was scared shitless it was going to get hard while the doctor had it in his hands. Which unfortunately it most certainly did. I didn’t shoot off, but the damn thing dribbled cum out of the tip. I felt like dying. I just knew I excited the guy with my boner and he would want to pull his finger out of my butt and stick his thing in me instead.”

“Heck, I could already see he had a hard on. It was poking out at the front of his pants. I know that was absurd, but when I was twelve, it was a real enough fear to me. The doctor’s dick getting hard wasn’t my imagination either. It was the same way my uncle’s always was when he got excited looking at me. Anyway, I had nightmares for years because of that incident.“

“I used the casual young child approach to put Jason somewhat at ease. I explained everything to him carefully before each step. Although he was extremely embarrassed, he did fairly well. His mother helped a lot by not looking at the boy while I had his underpants off. However, I believe his mother has been to her first and last physical with the boy. It didn't help any when I put him on the exam table on his hands and knees due to his short stature.”

“He was a very feminine looking boy. Quite pretty, but other than that he seemed to be developing normally. The child had an extensive amount of peach fuzz on his legs. It was short, fine, and very blond, but also very noticeable. It made him look like a young girl that needed to shave her legs for the first time. He hadn't started developing pubic hair, but then not many twelve year olds have.”

“His penis was about average for his age. Typical pencil dick for the typical preteen. His testicles were showing signs he was ready to go into puberty as they were pretty large for his size.”

“When he was brought into ER that day, the child was bleeding profusely from a neck wound. It appeared to me it had been slashed. Pretty much from ear to ear and deeply too. From the looks of it I figured whoever did it meant to kill him. I suspected foul play at first, but the mother said he tried to commit suicide. I still wasn‘t convinced as Jason was completely nude when she came running in with him in her arms.”

“It appeared to me she had been doing stuff with her son. Maybe he had threatened to tell and in the fear of being found out, she cut his throat. Then Motherly love kicked in and she rushed him here. Those were my thoughts, but it was all secondary to saving the boy‘s life at the time."

"His mother is widowed, so they live alone. Sadly, she lost her husband to prostate cancer when Jason was five. Small wonder she wanted him to have that exam. Her name is Wanda Robards. She was hysterical when she brought him in. Which of course was to be expected. She had another boy with her when she arrived. He is one of Jason's friends from school as well as Ms. Robards' best friend's son.”

“Her name is Gloria Steinwyck. She is also widowed, so neither of the boys has a father figure around the house. This boy is also twelve. His name is Davey. Davey was very worried about his friend and didn't want to leave him. We had to forcibly remove Davey from the emergency room. Right now I have Davey heavily sedated in a room near Jason's. He is very suicidal at this time. Only, not for the same reasons you might figure.”

“Ms. Robards kept crying and mumbling about how she shouldn’t have done it. At first I thought she was referring to Jason's wound. So much so I had the police arrest her. Davey was no help as he didn’t see it happen. After Jason stabilized and came to, he started screaming for me to let him suck my penis. Jason screamed so horrifically, he would periodically pass out from the strain. He said it hurt so bad he tried to kill himself.”

“He claimed he would do so again if he didn't get some relief. He also informed me if we didn't find Davey quickly he would do the same, if he hadn't already. Of course I called to have the mother released immediately. I couldn't imagine what she was going through. Her son so near death. His privates disappearing out of the clear blue."

Harvey was ready to ask what Jim meant by that last statement, but Jim anticipated as much and waved him off for the moment. "Her pride and joy turning homosexual. And her sitting in jail accused of trying to kill her own son. I felt really bad about that, but then, I had no way of knowing.”

“I am keeping Jason sedated, although I am keeping him conscious due to his condition. The medication causes him to have no function in his arms or legs for his own protection until I can talk with him further. The boy is still in critical condition and may not survive. I wasn't expecting him to make it out of surgery."

"I called the mother back in to find out what she had meant. She went into her son's room that morning around eight AM. When she did, Jason was in his pajamas and Davey was nude lying on the bed. Her son was fervently sucking Davey's penis, while Davey was eagerly holding him by his ears. Ms. Robards was infuriated as well as shocked. She threw Davey out of the house telling him never to come back.”

“Jason pleaded with her not to make Davey leave. He explained they needed each other to survive. If they couldn’t take care of their cravings, they would be in so much agony from pain, they would both commit suicide in a matter of hours. Ms. Robards didn't take his threat seriously. She would not have a son queering off with his friends in her house. She would not allow him to see Davey again. She was going to get Jason some therapy to prevent him from being queer."

"Jason started screaming hysterically that he couldn't live without Davey. That they really needed each other to survive. She never heard him scream that way before. Ms. Robards couldn't calm him down, so she left him screaming in his room hoping he would calm down enough to allow her to talk to him.”

“Jason got quiet after two hours. Then she went in to talk with him. Jason had removed his clothes and appeared to be trying desperately to get his mouth to his penis. That was when she got the shock of her life. She walked in on her son by accident a few days earlier when he was preparing for his bath. She couldn't help seeing his private parts.”

“Ms. Robards told me she would never ask Jason to remove his clothes to check him out, but when she walked in while he was nude, curiosity got the best of her and she wanted to see how he was developing. She more or less stood there gawking at him for about ten minutes before finally deciding she had intruded on her son's privacy long enough."

"It was odd. Jason didn't even try to cover up. Ms. Robards figured maybe he hadn't quite gotten to the age the young boys seem to reach where they are embarrassed about mom seeing them nude. All of her friends told her about how one day their little twelve year old is running around the house nude to get clean clothes and the next day he won't even let her see him in his under pants.”

“Jason didn't have any hair around it yet, but it looked like a normal sized penis for a twelve year old at the time. It was about the same size as Davey's was when she saw Jason sucking it. Davey didn't have any hair around his either, but was quite capable of ejaculating. He made one hell of a mess on the bed when Jason pulled back from him. Apparently Davey just started his orgasm when she walked in on them."

"Ms. Robards knew Jason ejaculated quite a lot of semen for a young boy also. She didn't actually see him masturbating, but she could hear him going at it in the bathroom whenever he did it. It was the same noise her older brother's thing made when she caught him whacking off when she was 10. Being so young and having been curious at the time, she convinced her brother to let her watch.”

“She even did it for him several times, just to see what it would feel like to touch it. After a few weeks, her brother convinced her to suck it. She knows now that was a bad thing for a sister and brother to do, but at the time it was kind of neat and she did it for him for fifteen years. Fortunately he never tried to fuck her. She liked doing his thing so much she probably would have let him do it all if he had wanted to.”

“She knew she didn't want to see her darling son get in the state her brother did while he was doing it. She could see it in the toilet bowl whenever Jason forgot to flush it. Sometimes there was quite a bit of it on the floor. Evidently, he would sometimes get so excited he would miss the toilet and not notice it.”

“Ms. Robards thought it wiser to just clean it up and not bring attention to the fact she knew he was doing it. Most of the time it was just the huge stains and the tell tale odor of semen that seemed to develop overnight in his underpants, that gave him away.”

“Ms. Robards turned beet red at that statement. She quickly stated she of course did not sniff her son's underpants. The odor was quite perceptible from arms length when she did Jason's laundry. She found it very weird knowing what her son's ejaculate smelled like.”

“The odor was all in his bed. Sometimes in the bathroom and sometimes emanated from his friend Davey as well, although up until she caught them doing their thing, she assumed Davey smelled that way because he was doing it in his underpants the same as Jason was.”

“Ms. Robards never said anything about it to Jason as most of the young boys that came over smelled that way at one time or another as well. Many of the mothers she talked to about it told her not to fret. It was normal behavior for a young boy. All of them seem to find it sooner or later. Her friend, Gloria told her she noticed those same type of stains in Davey’s underpants just after he turned twelve.”

“They were pretty obvious whenever she did Davey’s laundry. Gloria confided in her the smell of Davey’s ejaculate was very heavy and quickly noticeable as soon as she opened the hamper. Gloria told her only half jokingly that since she had been divorced for the last ten years, and hadn’t had any since the divorce, she found the smell very pleasing. She also found she could enjoy that same smell for as long as she wanted to simply by hugging Davey tight in her arms.”

“Davey would cuddle up close to her for hours at the time. He always smelled strongly of sex, except of course if he recently had a bath. After bath time Davey smelled fresh and clean. Two hours later he was already starting to develop quite an odor. When he first awoke in the morning, he reeked of sex.”

“Though she liked for her son to be clean, Gloria preferred to hug him when he was rank with sex. Ms. Robards hadn’t thought anything bad of her friend for saying she liked the smell of her son’s ejaculate, because as a woman that smell is supposed to be pleasing to her. She as a woman most certainly understood.”

“Gloria didn’t have any desire to do anything with her son, but at the same time she just loves the way he smells. Later, she caught Davey giving his thing a pretty good work out. She said it was a weird feeling for a Mother. She walked into the bathroom thinking it was empty and there was her son Davey working himself into a frenzy. Gloria was so shocked she just stood there in awe. Davey was so excited he hadn't noticed her come in."

"Davey shot off in the toilet right there in front of her. When he did, that was when Gloria realized she didn't want to catch him again. It was just too weird seeing her precious little boy get in such a state. It was one thing for her to be addicted to smelling her son’s sex fluids.”

“It was quite another to actually see him make it. She knew at some time or another, he would start beating off as all little boys do eventually. It's just knowing it will happen and actually seeing him do it were two different things altogether.”

“When he did it, it was like he had turned into a little animal. When poor little Davey noticed his Mamma was in the bathroom with him and had seen it all, he was embarrassed all to hell. Gloria said she was sorry she intruded. She wasn't aware he was in there. It was okay. She gave him her permission to do it whenever he needed it. She let him know it was normal for a boy his age, but to try locking the door from now on because she didn't particularly care to see it again.”

“Of course Gloria confessed to her friend, Davey had an exceptionally cute penis. It was very tempting to reach out and touch it, but then she remembered two very important things. One it was her son’s penis and two, it belonged to a twelve year old. The fact she hadn’t had any in a long time, was no excuse to abuse her child or anybody else’s.”

“Then she giggled as she told Wanda she decided to settle for going into Davey’s room for an hour or so to visit his clothes hamper when Davey was away from home to sniff the sweet aroma in his underpants. Sometimes she would stick her nose into the middle of his bed.“

“She wanted to hug him to reassure him she still loved him even though he was beating off, but she thought that while he was standing in the bathroom with his pants off and his dick still sticking out, dripping cum off the tip of it and gasping for breath was not the proper time to scoop him into her arms. Later she gave him the hug and the TALK, so he would be able to understand the importance of waiting until marriage before doing it with someone else.”

“After hearing her friends description of Davey's masturbation ordeal, Ms. Robards was certain she did not want to see her son doing it. She also figured now that Jason had found it, there was no way she could convince him to ignore it and she preferred him to do it himself rather than do it with the neighbors daughter.”

“It wasn't a big penis, but then twelve year olds usually have pencil dicks anyway from what she's been told. She also noticed that for such a little penis, he really had a good sized set of nuts hanging down from it. They were actually a little bigger than Davey's.”

“She was kind of embarrassed talking about her son's privates like that, but it was necessary to get me to understand what she was saying. She also told me about the same peach fuzz I saw during the physical. Obviously she hadn‘t remembered at the time I had seen the boy in the nude."

“When she saw Jason trying to get his mouth to his penis or more accurately from the position he was in, his penis to his mouth. That was when she realized something was wrong. The problem wasn't difficult to see as Jason was lying on his back across the bed with his waist bent over backward trying to push his legs back out of the way to push his penis toward his mouth. It was pretty much right there in front of her. His penis was noticeably tiny. He had no balls at all.”

“His taint was smooth from the base of what little penis he had all the way to his anus. He didn't even have a sack anymore. It appeared that Jason was shaving his body. He no longer had any of his cute peach fuzz. None of it. Anywhere. She stopped at that point asking me what in the world would cause a young boy to shave himself. Her brothers had spent a lot of time in front of the mirror looking for a hair. It was an obsession with a boy to get hair on his legs and thing.”

“She wanted to know if I thought someone was doing something inappropriate with Jason and maybe was shaving him clean to increase their excitement. Ms. Robards apologized for appearing to be paranoid about someone molesting her son. It was because she was molested by her Father. Her Father caught her sucking her oldest brother. Her Dad actually fucked her right there in front of her brother. After that, she had to do dear old Dad several times a day.”

“He made her suck her other two brothers a lot as well, starting from a few days after they were born. She never had to fuck them, thank God. She still hasn‘t told her Mother about any of it. Probably never will. By the time she was eleven, the neighbor cast his eyes upon her in a skimpy bikini. He invited her in for a cold glass of Kool Aid. She liked the neighbor. He always treated her special. She didn’t give a thought to it not being a good idea to be alone with him in the house.”

“When the neighbor got through with her that day, she felt like what her Daddy did to her was nothing. The neighbor threatened to kill her brother if she didn’t come over every day for him. She cried as she told me she went over there everyday until the day her brother died. She went through heavy counseling the last three years and no longer feels embarrassed as she knows now none of it was her fault.”

“Now she is careful Jason doesn’t have to go through the same thing. That was why she was so upset seeing Jason sucking Davey. It wasn’t so much him doing it with his little friend as she figured it was probably just experimentation the same as it was with her and her oldest brother.”

“What she was worried about was now that he knew how to suck one, he might be more easily persuaded to suck someone else’s that was less likely to be experimenting. When Jason realized she was in the room he hopped up into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. He looked into her eyes telling her he couldn't take it anymore. He was sorry and he really loved her a lot, but there was no other way. Jason looked to be in a lot of pain, like he was in total torment.”

“The poor thing was sweating profusely. Then he said to please find Davey or the same thing will happen to him. Suddenly Jason came up with a razor knife slashing his throat. Blood was gushing out everywhere. Ms. Robards grabbed him up immediately and brought him here.”

“There was no time to dress him. When she got out of the door, Davey was sitting on the front porch and he looked just awful. Much the same as Jason did before he cut his throat. He looked like he was in an immense amount of pain. Sweat was rolling off of his face. His clothes were drenched and it was a fairly cool day."

"Davey was sobbing that he can't reach it and he can't take it much longer. Davey was rocking back and forth, like he might explode any second. He was mumbling there must be a way to get rid of the pain.”

“Ms. Robards suddenly realized how serious this situation was. Jason cut his own throat over all of this and Davey wanted to end the pain. Davey is her neighbor's son. Ms. Robards remembered the last thing Jason said before he cut his throat. She realized she couldn't take the chance her best friend's son might do the same thing, so she brought him with her.”

“Then she repeated what she said earlier. When I asked her again what she meant, she said if she knew then what she knows now, she would have turned around and closed the door behind her as she left Jason and Davey to their privacy. She should never have thrown Davey out of the house. Because of her pride and not finding out how Jason really felt, now she may lose her son and from the looks of things, she could lose young Davey as well. I can't say I blame her."

"I've never seen anything like this in my entire career. I've examined that boy thoroughly. He not only has a penis the size of a newborn, but there are no testicles present. He doesn't even have a nut sack. I couldn't feel any sign of a prostate when I did a rectal exam on him. It was easy enough to locate during his physical last week. As near as I can tell, short of doing exploratory surgery, the boy has no sexual organs whatsoever other than a non functioning nub of a penis.”

“Obviously, as much as I'd like to, I can't justify cutting the boy open to find out. It won't get hard, but it seems to have a lot of feeling in it as the boy went wild with ecstasy while I was touching it. This is another weird part. Jason begs every male that comes into his room to let him suck their thing. Davey on the other hand is begging everyone that comes into his room to suck his penis for him. He keeps screaming he can't take it anymore.”

“Ms. Robards informed me she had a talk with Davey's mother. They decided in view of the circumstances if we can't come up with a solution to this occurrence, they intend to take turns keeping Jason and Davey. Share them if you will. Maybe a week at a time or every other day. They hadn't decided on a time frame yet, but since they live next door to one another, the amount of time didn't really matter as long as the boys stayed together all the time.”

“Since they live so close, they may allow the boys to decide where they want to stay on any given day, as either one of the mothers can drop in anytime. They may even sell one of the houses and move in together for the sake of their sons. The idea is to keep the boys together as both mother's have agreed a homosexual son beats the hell out of a dead son.”

“The two young ladies requested that as soon as Jason is out of danger we move Davey and Jason into the same room to keep them from suffering and to prevent them from killing themselves.”

“I know it sounds immoral and very inappropriate, but I feel under the present circumstances that is the right thing to do. Of course the entire staff will be under strict orders to knock on the door to their room and wait for an okay before entering. Hopefully this will prevent any improprieties should any one see the boys servicing one another."

"What I need from you is to talk to the boys to see if you can figure out what is going on. That is one of your fields of expertise and you have always been much better at it than I have. If you will handle the psychological end of it, I will be handling the physical aspects of the case. Maybe if we put our heads together, we can come up with a solution.”

“In the mean time, come with me to examine Jason before you go in to meet Davey. Be prepared. It won't be pretty and then, it will be too. Their mothers didn't arrive at their decision concerning putting the boys together lightly. When you finish examining both boys, you will understand the mothers' concern. There is another concern. It is also weird, but I want you to see the boy before I tell you what it is so you will be able to understand what I am saying."

Doctor Roberts sat quietly for several minutes. "Jim, let me be clear on what you are saying. You are telling me you have two young boys here that are so in love with one another they actually tried to commit suicide to prevent being separated. You are also telling me one of the boy's sexual organs has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Is that correct?"

Doctor Harris shook his head. "No. Harvey. That is only partially correct. What I am telling you is there is a young boy in room 262 that will literally kill to get to suck a dick and another in room 265 that will do the same in order to have his dick sucked.”

“I put them in the new east wing, because as you know it has been completed, but won’t be commissioned for another two weeks. The police guard won’t let the public in. Thus no one hears the noise other than the staff attending to the boys and of course the mothers of the boys.

“Jason prefers Davey's dick, but any penis will do in a pinch. He is not only prepared to kill, but he will kill himself if he doesn't get one. Davey on the other hand will kill to have his dick sucked. He prefers Jason does it, because Jason loves doing it for him and will do so frequently, but Davey will let anyone suck him. I really mean anyone. Though the pain is unbearable for both boys, it is not a pain driven urge. It is actually a very acute sexually driven desire.”

“The boys become so horny they swell up in the area around their balls. Davey's get quite large in his sack, but Jason swells up on the inside just above where he should have a set of testicles. You can see it clearly on the aqua scan, and yet there is nothing physically there that shows up to the eye. Even though you can feel it, it simply isn’t there. So far, we have found nothing to curb the process.”

“Amputation of the sex organs was suggested by Dr. Brahms. The prick even volunteered to do it for me. The sick bastard is always suggesting cutting off some boy's privates when ever he can do it without looking like a pervert.”

“There has been way too many surgical removals of the genitalia from young boys by our illustrious friend for all of them to be necessary. That is if any of them were. I know for a fact that boy……….Ahhhhh. What was his name. Oh yes. Gabriel. I examined Gabriel before he was reassigned to Doctor Brahms.”

“There was nothing wrong with that boy’s penis. Doctor Brahms wrote up a report stating it was eat up with testicular cancer. Cut the whole damn thing off, including the sack. It never showed up in the waste bin according to one of the nurses.”

“She said he evidently used some slight of hand to get it in his pouch. She figured the sick fuck has it in a jar at home. I believe her, but I made sure she understood it would cost us both our careers if we brought out an accusation like that without any evidence.”

“I'd like to have him shit canned. I've seen him ogling some of his young patients and he examines them all for entirely too long and too often, but I can't prove any of it. As to his suggestion, of course I ruled that out as it is simply not feasible and I don't believe it would fix the problem given Jason doesn't have any sex organs anyway and is still suffering a great deal of pain.”

“Both of the boys swear that when Jason sucks Davey the pain goes away. I don't believe the pain is imagined. No one could fake the torment both of those boys are going through. Yes, one of the boys' sexual organs has definitely disappeared and I haven't a clue how. Jason has a penis that is about a half inch long and maybe half as big around as the tip of my pinky finger. Keep in mind, I have fairly slender fingers."

Harvey couldn't help thinking, "Fairly slender my ass. Jim has the skinniest fucking fingers I believe I've ever seen on a man." Jim continued. "Other than that I have found no signs of any sexual organs on the boy. He is completely neutered.” Harvey interjected, “Is it possible the Mother did it or maybe some pervert removed it all surgically?"

"The Mother? No way. She seems like a fairly intelligent individual, but this is beyond her. A pervert? Maybe, but I'll tell you Harvey. If somebody did, he is without a doubt the most skilled surgeon I have ever heard of. There are no signs of surgery. No scars, cuts, stretch marks, needle marks or anything else. The boy's skin is just as soft, smooth, and tight in the spot where he should have a nut sack as a baby's ass.”

“They would have to have removed everything either from going down the boys throat or from inside his ass. I would have no idea how to put a baby's penis on a twelve year old let alone remove his testicles and nut sack without leaving some kind of evidence. As soon as Jason is well enough, I intend to scope him top and bottom just to be sure, even though we both know it would be technologically impossible to remove the organs that boy is missing from either orifice.”

“It's like some sort of space alien came down and took it all as a specimen, but if that were the case, why wouldn't it take the whole boy or at least you would think they would have taken the whole penis, intact. If it was taken for a specimen, well, why would they bother to put another one back on? Like I said before, it just doesn't make any sense."

Jim and Harvey prepared to enter Jason's room. Harvey looked shocked. He could clearly hear the boy screaming, "Please. Somebody. Please, let me suck your thing. Please. I can't stand it anymore. At least kill me to put me out of my misery. I am in so much pain. It is shear torture. Please. Somebody....." Jason continued screaming the same thing over and over.

Jim looked at Harvey, before opening the door. "I am sorry you have to experience this. It is very difficult for me as well, but due to the boy being weakened so from the blood loss, I can't afford for him to lose consciousness. I started heavily sedating Davey as soon as he started getting this way.”

“I am expecting him to be coming out of it sometime before we finish your initial examination of Jason. That way he will be awake. If so you may be able to talk with him some. I haven't done a preliminary physical examination on Davey yet, but we can do so when we see him. Outwardly, there appears to be nothing abnormal at least not physically with Davey."

They entered Jason's room. When Jason saw them, he pleaded, "Oh thank God. Someone heard me. Please, either kill me or let me have it. I'll suck you both and I promise I won't tell anybody. Please. I really need one now." "Just ignore him Harvey. He won't be able to carry on a conversation until we relieve his pain. I feel so sorry for the boy. If it wasn't illegal and unethical, I would let him have mine to ease the pain."

Jim gently removed the covers from Jason pulling them down to the bottom of the bed after explaining to Jason what they had to do. The child was strapped into the bed securely with his hands and feet tied to each corner of the bed. Harvey was even more shocked at the sight of the boy. Jason was sweating like he had been taking a shower. The boy and the bed were soaking wet. The young boy's skin was white and clammy looking.

Even so, Jason is absolutely gorgeous. Harvey didn't say it, but he was amazed at how cute the little boy is. His thoughts were, "God. That is the prettiest boy I have ever seen. Now I know what Jim meant when he said it wouldn't be pretty, but at the same time it would be too.” He was wondering why Jim had been so graphic describing Jason’s body when he saw it during the physical.

Even describing the peach fuzz. It was obvious now. Jason’s skin was smooth and soft looking. There wasn’t a hair on that boy other than the top of his head and around the eyes. Jim had clearly wanted him to know the boy wasn’t like this a week ago. More thoughts rambled through Harvey’s mind. “If I was a little boy like Davey, I would want him to do me too. He is irresistible."

Harvey was curious. "Jim, what did you mean by something else being weird you wanted me to see for myself? There doesn't seem to be anything any weirder here than what you already told me." Jim shrugged his shoulders. "What can I tell you. If you aren't already feeling it, you will never understand even if I tell you."

Harvey instantly knew what Jim was saying. He wanted to have his way with the boy something fierce. Harvey wanted to crawl up into the bed with Jason and hold him tight in his arms as he sucked the boy‘s tongue. "Never mind, Jim. I see what you are saying and I would rather not admit it either."

Jim leaned over whispering into Harvey's ear so Jason couldn't hear, "He's irresistible isn't he? That is one beautiful little boy. It is strange, every time I see him he just gets prettier." Harvey didn't answer as he knew what his friend was saying and also knew he wasn't really expecting a response. Harvey looked carefully at the young boy. It was amazing. This boy looked like a young girl except he didn't have any breasts.

He did have the cutest little nipples. They were sticking out from his chest quite a bit farther than a boy's nipples should. Fortunately Jason had screamed so much he had become exhausted and fell into a deep sleep. Jim said, “Good. The boy is resting. We can examine him now and talk freely as he probably won't awaken for a couple of hours before he starts screaming again.”

“I tell you Harvey, I thought it was my imagination at first, but it is apparent now. Every time I examine Jason he has taken on more feminine features. I know you didn't want to talk about it. It is embarrassing to me too, but I need to say it because I believe it is important and may be related to the situation we have here."

"I have never had any sexual feelings toward a boy in my life, but when this young man was lying on the gurney bleeding like a stuck hog, I wanted to fuck him something awful. Although he was soft, smooth, and cuter than a button at the time and admittedly a joy to look at, I didn't feel that way about him when he was nude in front of me during his physical.”

“The feeling gets stronger every time I see him. I want to just scoop the boy up out of the bed and suck the back of his head out of his lips. Hell I keep a hard on the whole time I am around him. I've actually wet my pants dribbling my excitement into them. It isn't me, I have no desire toward little boys. It is something about him. He radiates some sort of aura that makes him irresistible.”

“When you get a glimpse of little Davey in the nude, you will discover a strong urge to suck his penis. Granted, Davey is a cute little boy. He is also irresistible, but he is no where near the dreamboat this boy here is. I issued strict orders that no one is to enter either of the boys' rooms alone other than their mothers. Under no circumstances is someone else allowed to enter that is not authorized to do so.”

“There is just too much of a chance something inappropriate may happen if someone enters by themselves. It is just too big of a temptation. I have seen all of the orderlies staring at Jason and even the women stare at Davey. I know if I were alone in there with him, I would suck it and I have never considered doing such a thing. Another thing, Jason's butt and hips weren't shaped like that when I first saw them.”

“See the way his ass juts out in the back. That is definitely not normal. See how slim his waist is. It wasn't like that either. Look at his chest. He didn't have nipples like those when he arrived in ER this morning. Look closer. He is starting to grow breasts. See how the skin is starting to puff out around the base. He also lost a lot of muscle mass since I gave him his physical.”

“The boy has lost twenty pounds since I initially examined him. That is a whole lot of weight to lose in less than a week, especially for someone who only weighed 80 pounds to start with. All of this occurred in only a few days. I know it sounds crazy, but he appears to be turning into a girl."

Harvey didn't laugh at his friends confession. He didn't even consider it perverted. As a matter of fact, he found his dick has been hard ever since he laid eyes on the boy and his underpants are already wet in the front.

Harvey is hoping it doesn't soak through to the outside of his pants. He wants so much to just lean over the bed and lick the sweat off of Jason's sexy body. Jason is so fucking pretty and irresistible that if he thought for a minute he wouldn't get caught, he would climb up on the bed right now and fuck the boys brains out the back of his ass. "You're right, Jim. There is more going on here than you originally thought there was. This is the strangest thing I have ever seen."

Harvey put on a pair of exam gloves and examined Jason's lower torso. "Jim, there really aren't any signs of any genital organs. Just his little nub." Harvey couldn't understand what was wrong with him. He wanted this boy something awful. He would like nothing better than to pull his finger out of Jason's ass and shove his peter in. Since he knew he couldn't do that, he settled for taking a little extra time reaming his finger carefully around inside the boy's butt.

Harvey knew he needed to pull his will power together as he has had his finger in this boy way past what would be considered examining him. As a matter of fact, he was basically finger fucking the boy now. Jim noticed it also.

He was thinking, "Damn, Harvey. Are you going to examine the boy or are you just going to stand there and finger fuck him to death." Of course, Jim didn't say it out loud. He didn't want to embarrass his friend and besides, he understood exactly how Harvey felt.

"If it's okay with you Jim, I'll start therapy with Davey tomorrow, and Jason when he's better. In the mean time, you do your thorough examination of both boys and we'll get together a week later and compare notes. I'd like to see Davey now."

Harvey reluctantly removed his finger from the boy. Jim looked relieved. He didn’t have to tell his good friend to take his finger out of the boy's ass. It would have been unethical to let it go any longer. It was obvious the exam had been over for some time.

"Harvey, there is one other thing you should be aware of. I had a discussion with Ms. Robards to get a rundown on as much as she could tell me about her son. One of the topics of discussion was the boy's relative intelligence. She told me he was a bright boy and got mostly 'A's' and some 'B's' in everything he took at school, but he was no genius by any means. Just bright.”

“You are aware I tend to work a lot of complicated calculus and quantum physics problems in my spare time to help me relax as that is one of my favorite subjects." Harvey laughed as he interjected, "Yeah, and as I recollect, you were much better at it than most of the professors." Jim looked somewhat embarrassed at his friend's praise toward him.

"Harvey, I was in Jason's room trying to talk with him when I had one of my papers fall out of my file sheaf. It was one of the hardest problems I have attempted so far. It was on the projected theory of time relative to acceleration at 1000 times light speed to thrust backward in time 100 years and still be in the same plane of space. I worked through nearly a hundred pages and was kind of stuck at that point.”

“My intention was to attack it again after seeing if I could get any information from Jason as to what happened to him. He was still in agony, yet when he picked my paper up off of the bed, he glanced at it before handing it to me. Jason commented, “Oh. I see you are attempting calculations for time travel. Why didn’t you finish the calculation?“ I was shocked. A twelve year old boy shouldn't even have known what it was let alone know it wasn't finished.”

“I told him the reason was I was stuck and at that point I didn't know how to finish. I also told him I would be happy to discuss it with him, but I was sure it would be way past his grasp. This is what was weird.”

“Jason glanced at the paper a little more closely and then told me the reason I couldn't finish was because I made an error in the third level. Keep in mind, that level was on page fifty and was still in my file sheath. Jason derived where I made my mistake from observing a few calculations fifty pages later.”

“He told me even without the mistake, I was lost as one needed to exceed the speed of time to attain time travel. I already knew that much, but Jason told me I was trying to prove time travel was possible with way too low a speed. The calculations simply wouldn’t balance. That even a thousand times the speed of light was negligent to the calculation.”

“Jason said he could give me the correct calculations to achieve time travel, but he couldn’t make anything go fast enough to achieve it. He also informed me the speed of time is approximately and let me look this up so I get it right. You need to hear this so you will get a grip on just how smart this little boy is. Jason knew it all right off the tip of his tongue.” Jim fished around in his sheath of papers.

“Ah yes. Here we are. The speed of time is approximately nine hundred twenty four milli-millillion, three hundred fifty centillion, nine hundred twenty quindecillion, three hundred forty quattuordecillion, forty three tredecillion, eight hundred five duodecillion, seven hundred twenty three undecillion, two hundred thirty one decillion, six hundred forty three nonillion, four octillion, nine hundred ninety nine septillion, ninety two sextillion, four hundred twenty quintillion, fifty one quadrillion, five hundred trillion, nine hundred eighty billion, four hundred fifty two million, two hundred twenty nine thousand, five hundred plus or minus a couple hundred times the speed of light.”

“Jason told me there is a huge gap between a centillion and a quindecillion and an even bigger gap between a milli-millillion and a centillion. He said that even though all the numbers before the centillion were in fact very small compared to the milli-millillion, they were in fact huge numbers in themselves and thus very important in the success of divining the correct calculation.”

“It also is necessary to achieve twice the speed of time if I intended to only take a hundred years to go back that hundred years. 2000 times the speed of time will do it in seconds.” He told me the correct answer and then promptly finished the problem for me all off the top of his head before passing back out." Harvey laughed. "So what. The kid's a math genius."

"No, Harvey. This came from a kid who just two weeks ago got a B minus in 6th grade math. Obviously his body isn't the only thing that is doing some changing. He knew exactly what he was doing, as he explained it all to me. The kid was talking way over my head in the subject. I had been taping it and took the liberty of playing it back to Professor Stinson at the university.”

“The good professor as you know is way into astrophysics and molecular structure. He was also the only one of the professors I couldn't hold a candle to in college. This stuff is like addition and subtraction to him. The professor raised his eyebrows when he heard the tape. He said that who ever this boy was, he knew what he was talking about and as near as he could make out, at least the parts the professor was familiar with, the boy was dead on.”

“However, the boy was definitely talking some high level of math the professor had no understanding of. As the prof put it, "He's way over my head. I have no idea what he's talking about other than we had to travel much faster than your model of theory to achieve time travel.”

“The boy from what I can decipher is talking about a calculation that may just be the correct calculation for time travel. In his final analysis, he referred to the ability to package light isotopes as you near the speed of light.”

“Professor Stinson wants to meet Jason when he is well enough to chat with him." Harvey smiled. "That smart hunh?." When the two men entered Davey's room, the boy was still out cold. "Well, Harvey. I guess I'll have to make some arrangements later for you to start interviewing the boy. He's still pretty well out of it. Perhaps that is a good thing. We can uncover him and give him a preliminary examination without embarrassing him."

Harvey and Jim examined the boy from head to toe and found him to be perfectly normal physically except for the fact that the mere sight of his little hard on made them both want to slobber all over the end of it. Harvey said, "Damn, Jim. This is so weird. I don't know what is wrong with me. When I was examining Jason, it was all I could do to get enough will power to pull my finger out of his little butt. I would finger him all day if I could.”

“Now that I see Davey, I keep thinking about how sweet it would be to taste Davey's ejaculate." Jim just sighed as he said, "I know exactly how you feel Harvey. I really do. I wouldn't come in this room by myself for the love of money. God only knows what I might end up doing with this boy." The two men left the room and returned to Jim's office and had a thorough discussion about what they would do next.

The next day, Harvey went in to visit Davey. He had one of the nurses go in with him. Davey was sweating almost as heavily as Jason had been. Harvey figured the sweating must be pain related as Davey had been quite dry while he was unconscious. Davey was heavily sedated so he was relatively calm. Even though he couldn't move his arms and legs, he could carry on a conversation.

The first thing he said was, "Please Doc. Ask one of the nurses to suck me off or you can do it yourself if you don't want her to. I need it really bad. I hurt so bad and that is the only way to get rid of the pain. Please." Harvey introduced himself. "Hello Davey. I am Doctor Roberts. I am here to talk with you to see how we can help you.”

“This is Miss Jenson. She is one of the nurses that will be helping take care of you. Do not let her presence bother you. She will not repeat anything that is said in this room. I will be asking you a few questions. The best way to help yourself will be to answer all of my questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Can I rely on you to cooperate?"

Davey looked the Doctor squarely in the eyes as he replied, "Right now, all I need is a blow job. Then I'll be just fine." Harvey looked perplexed, but regained his composure quickly. "Davey, I'll make a deal with you. Obviously none of the staff here can give you head, even if one of us wanted to." Of course Harvey was only telling a half truth, as everyone that saw the boy wanted to suck him. Even the nurse that was standing beside him.

Harvey could see she was almost drooling at the sight of Davey. "So I need for you to just bear the pain for awhile and stop asking for one. If you cooperate with me, I will ask Doctor Harris to make arrangements for you and Jason to stay in the same room during your stay here at the hospital. In the mean time until Jason is out of danger, I will ask the doctor to keep you knocked out most of the day except for meal times and when we need to speak with you. Fair enough?"

Davey thought about that for a minute. "Okay, Doc. You've got a deal, but I hurt something awful." "What kind of pain is it Davey? Is it like a craving or more like a headache?" Davey scrunched up his face in pain again as he had all day when ever he had been awake. "It's like someone is gouging my shaft and balls with a large knife.”

“It hurts something awful and none of the pain medications I have been given do anything for it. I am pretty well doped up on morphine right now. I can't move a muscle and yet I hurt something awful. I am having a hard time dealing with it. When ever Jason would do it for me, the pain would go away and Jason would always want to do me again before it came back." "Tell me Davey, How did you discover Jason would like doing it for you?"

"I woke up one morning feeling weird. I felt urges all inside like I needed my thing sucked. It wasn't hurting yet. As a matter of fact it starts out as a powerful feeling of being horny. Then it starts to feel like my dick might explode. Sort of like I need to shoot off right away, but there is no where for it to get out. Eventually it gets unbearable.”

“The night before that, I had this dream. It was a really weird dream. In my dream, there was a little girl standing in my room. She had some older guy with her. Maybe in his mid thirties. Although I don't know for sure. A big hairy tough looking dude with these huge arms. He was scary looking. All he did in the dream was stand there. The little girl couldn't have been more than nine. She was like totally naked and she was the most beautiful person I have ever seen.”

“She told me when ever I felt like I needed my thing sucked my friend Jason would love to suck it for me. By the time I got to Jason's house, I was starting to feel some pain down there, but nothing like this. When I went into Jason's room he was still in his pajamas. To my total shock and eager delight, right out of the blue, Jason told me if I would get naked he would really love to suck my dick. When Jason finished, the pain went away. I was so relieved, I started kissing Jason."

"We told one another about our new feelings and tried to resist doing it again, but in about an hour we had to admit we both had a strong feeling like we would commit suicide if we didn't do it some more. I was ready to kill myself then, but figured it would be easier to just do it with Jason again. I found myself desiring to suck Jason as well.”

“It wouldn't get hard, and it was weird, because he didn't have any nuts and there was just barely enough there to know I had something in my mouth. Jason went wild whenever I did him, even though he didn't shoot off or anything like that. I really liked doing it for him and I would do it anytime he would let me. It is embarrassing telling you this, but he just felt so good in my mouth, I had to have it.”

“I liked licking the smooth skin on his taint. I could lick him there all day. I also had a strong desire to fuck Jason's butt. Actually it was more like I couldn't resist doing it as opposed to it being a desire. The weird part was Jason really wanted me to do it and told me I could have him anytime I wanted it.”

“I spent the night with Jason and we decided to see how long we could go without doing it. After five hours, we were racked with so much pain it became unbearable. We both knew we were going to have to figure out a way to stay together all the time or we were both as good as dead."

"Two days later, Jason's Mom caught us. She went ape shit. Beg as I might, she made me get dressed and literally threw me out of the house. I sat out on the stoop for a couple of hours worrying about what I was going to do. When I began to hurt down there, I knew I was in deep shit. If I didn't think of something soon, I would be dead within a few hours.”

“That was when Wanda came running out of the house with Jason in her arms. She was in hysterics and there was blood everywhere. Wanda took one look at me and yelled for me to get in the car right now. I was scared to death Jason was going to die so I went with her. It was really strange. She threw me out of the house and told me she never wanted to see me again and all of a sudden after Jason went into surgery, she wouldn't let me out of her sight.”

“She really knew everything was serious then, because I kept begging her to suck me so I wouldn't kill myself. Even stranger than that, she didn't get mad when I begged her to suck me. She just cuddled me close in her arms like I was the most precious thing on earth saying everything's going to be all right dear. Just trust me. Not too long after that, I got so bad off they put me in here."

"Have you ever seen the little girl in your dream before?" "Yeah. in an earlier dream, but only once. She was standing in my room that same night. The dude was with her then too. She had turned the light on. When she took off her clothes, I was mesmerized. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I particularly enjoyed looking between her legs.”

“It was so real and yet I knew there was no way she could actually be there. Especially when her eyes turned red like lit up rubies. They actually glowed. Suddenly these fangs slid out of her mouth. She pulled my under pants off and crawled into the bed between my legs. Then she bit me in my balls. It was an incredible feeling. I started shooting off all over my belly. I shot off for the whole time she was biting me. It may have been ten minutes or so.”

“I don't remember anything after that. The last I remember, that sweet darling was still biting me in my balls. Later I had the second dream. When I awoke, I was soaking wet and it wasn't pee. It was a whole bunch.”

“I don't know how much, but the whole middle of the bed was wet with ejaculate. It was all slick and slimy and the bed smelled strongly of sex. Damn. Doc. I hurt so bad, if I could move my arms and legs and you wouldn't stop me, I would kill myself right now. The urge is that strong."

"That is a fascinating dream, Davey. Tell me more about the girl you saw." "Well, Doc. It was all so fuzzy and yet so real at the same time. About all I can remember about her other than her looks, is she told me her name, but I have no idea what it was. I really can't remember. She had the prettiest blond hair. It was long enough to reach a few inches past her breasts. Her chest was flat. No tits, but she had two of the prettiest puffed up pink nipples I have ever seen.”

“I had never seen real tits before, but some of the guys let me look at the fuck books they stole from their Dads. Anyway, she had a beautifully tanned body, with legs that almost made me pass out looking at them. When I saw her pussy, I wanted to pounce on her and gobble it up, but I couldn't get up, let alone do any pouncing. I was pretty much like I am right now, except I wasn't groggy then. The funny thing is I felt like I was wide awake, yet I couldn't move a muscle."

"Have you told Jason about your dream?" "No way, Doc. He'd think I was nuts. I wouldn't have told you about it, but I promised I would cooperate the best I could and a promise is a promise. How soon do you think it will be before Jason will be well enough for me to see him?"

"I can put you in a wheel chair tomorrow and you can sit and talk with him for a few minutes, but you will not be allowed to be alone. Not because I know what the two of you want to do together, but because Jason is still very ill.”

“If you are referring to when you can move into the same room, I believe Doctor Harris has decided to put the two of you together by the end of the week. That's only three days from now. One more thing, we are going to allow Jason and you to do your thing to keep you both from hurting and to keep you from killing yourselves.”

“You will have complete privacy, but there will be rules. We will go over them later. One more thing, both of your mother's have agreed to let the two of you stay together all the time.

“Don’t worry, they already know what the two of you will be doing together and they are alright with it now. You will take turns staying at one another's house. Both houses will be your home. You will each have dressers and clothes at both houses. They both intend to consider each of you as their own child, forever. You may even call them both Mom if you want to.”

“If we can't find a solution to your problem, your mothers have decided to accept you as you are. They both love Jason and you very much and don't want to lose either one of you. I will let you surprise Jason and tell him that yourself. I am sure he would like hearing it from you rather than me. I will come back and talk with you some more tomorrow after you finish visiting Jason."


That next day, after Davey had his little visit with Jason, Doctor Harris and Doctor Roberts were standing in the hall discussing Jason and Davey's special case when they noticed an old lady standing next to them. She had to be in her seventies. Jim turned to her saying, I am sorry Madam. This is a private conversation concerning some patients we have. If I can't be of service to you, I must politely ask you to excuse us."

The woman smiled as she said, "I am very sorry for eaves dropping Doctor. I am here because my husband is dying of cancer. I couldn't help listening, because I am very familiar with some of what you are saying about your patients. I believe I can be of great service to you." Jim asked, "And how do you propose to do that Madam?"

The woman replied, "If you will take a few minutes of your valuable time to accompany me to the waiting room and meet my son, I believe that will answer enough of your questions to give me your undivided attention."

The two doctors decided to humor the old lady. They both needed a break from this tough situation anyway. When they arrived at the waiting room, they were totally confused. The only person in the room was a little girl. A very petite and beautiful little girl at that. She appeared to be about twelve. She was very desirable looking. She was also very cute and had that little girl innocence about her.

The little girl was a living doll. She was the most precious looking thing either of them had ever laid eyes on. Well, Dr. Harris had seen one girl that was a lot prettier. At least he thought he did anyway. He still wonders what happened to the tiny thing. Hell, it was worth the trip to the waiting room just to have a glance at this young girl.

Doctor Harris couldn't help thinking, "Damn, that's the second prettiest little thing I've ever seen." She was wearing a sexy looking mini skirt with a halter top. That wasn't unusual as a lot of girls that age wear them, but this little girl sure made that outfit look good.

The old woman said, "My name is Harriet Groves. I am seventy years old. I am a retired historian. I would like to introduce you to my son, Doctor Oscar Timothy Groves. He is thirty five years old. I was thirty five when I had him. Now I am old and Oscar hasn't aged a bit in all of those years."

Jim exclaimed, "If that's a boy, I'll eat my hat. Don't even try to tell me this cute young lady standing in that mini skirt and revealing blouse is thirty five. Let alone call her a Doctor. You've got to be pulling my leg. I believe we've wasted enough of your time, Madam."

Harriet just smiled. "Oscar. Show the young man your drivers license and your birth certificate. I must apologize doctor. Oscar only shows his identification when he needs to. Like if he's getting a ticket or something.”

“I know it seems odd, but he does drive on occasion. It wouldn't be right to deny him that just because he doesn't look his age. He actually had a special automobile constructed so he could drive comfortably with his small size and stature. Oscar doesn't drive often, because unfortunately he gets pulled over frequently and very quickly because the police think a young child is driving. I can't really blame them. How should they know?”

“Otherwise Oscar plays the part of a young girl when ever we are in public. He was quite the rave at the universities. Everyone just adored him. They all treated him just like he was their little sister. Oscar never let on that he was actually a boy, but I promise you when we get into your office, you will find that even though he looks like a beautiful young girl, he really isn't a girl.”

“I know that sounds very contradictory, but I assure you, you will soon understand what I am saying. Oscar lives with me, but is actually the bread winner in the family. He has two double doctorates in medicine. One at Harvard University and the other from Yale and all by his fifteenth birthday and yet he still squats on the floor and plays with his Barbie dolls two or three hours a day."

Jim interrupted, "When I was attending Harvard, I heard about a twelve year old girl entering the school and receiving a double doctorate quite some number of years before I started at eighteen. This couldn't possibly be her, she is too young." Harriet chuckled, "I am sorry to disappoint you doctor, but my Oscar most certainly is the one and same girl you are referring to.”

“I am so proud of him. He has three businesses. Their names are Archway Medical Consultants, Remington Medical Suppliers, and Dobson Medical Insurers." Jim interrupted, "Well, I'll be damned. The hospital uses all three of those and they are all quite sizable enterprises. I use the consulting firm from time to time myself. One question, where did Oscar find such knowledgeable doctors in his consulting firm?"

Harriet beamed with obvious pride. "Yes, Doctor, hospitals all around the world use Oscar's businesses. All three of them each pull in over a hundred million dollar profit every year and continue to grow all the time. He gives me a fourth of it. Of which he will get most back upon my death, as I tend to spend very little money. A fourth goes to his boyhood friend Joe and he saves three quarters of his half. As to your question, Oscar had no doctors in his firm when he started.”

“Joe did all of the customer visits and Oscar provided all of the answers his customer's required. He has five thousand doctors working for him now and in the next five years, expects to have fifty thousand. Oscar still provides all of the information. The way it is done is the consultant visits the hospital to address the problem. Once he knows the problem, he goes to a private office provided by the hospital to evaluate the information.”

“He then calls the research data base. If the problem has been registered, then the solution is on the data base. If it isn't, the consultant calls the hot line to reach Oscar and he provides the solution and then that problem is fed into the data base to cut down on the calls Oscar receives himself. The consultant calls the data base regardless of whether he knows the solution himself or not. There is no room for mistakes. It is all done within minutes.”

“In those rare circumstances when actual diagnosis of the patient is required, Joe makes the call, with the understanding his young daughter is with him and he is obligated to bring her along. Joe of course insists Oscar go in with him while the patient is being evaluated.”

“Every once in a while a patient objects to lying either partially or completely naked in front of a twelve year old girl while the doctor examines him or her, but the objection melts away when the patient is informed the doctor will leave and he is free to find someone else to solve his problem.”

“Knowing this doctor is a special consultant and knowing the success rate of the firm, plus knowing this is perhaps his or her last hope, the patient gives in. This is a good thing as Joe’s limit on anatomy is that the left tit is on the opposite side of the right tit. Sometimes he isn’t sure which is which. Oscar solves the dilemma and everyone is happy. I know it is slightly underhanded, but it is the only way it can be done."

Harriet had peaked the doctors' curiosities and they invited Harriet and Oscar to Jim's office. When they were all seated, Jim said, "Okay Harriet. How do I know your twelve year old daughter here is in fact your thirty five year old son and what does any of it have to do with my patients."

Harriet looked at the doctors as she grinned a cute granny smile. "I am sorry you don't believe me yet. It's okay. We rarely ever tell anyone about our situation anyway. Before we start, I would like for you to ask your nurse to go out to the waiting room to bring Joe in here. He should be back from the car by now. Joe is an important part of all of this."

When Joe arrived, Harriet introduced him and turned back to Jim again. "As you can see, Joe is thirty five and looks close to it. Oscar hasn't aged at all in twenty three years. Oscar. Please disrobe for the good Doctors if you don't mind." Oscar stood up and obliged Harriet even though it was obvious he found the idea of taking his clothes off in front of them to be very embarrassing.

Jim and Harvey were blown away. What they saw was the sweetest looking petite naked twelve year old girl with two of the prettiest little titties they had ever seen. They were small and delicate but had a beautiful pear shape with the cutest pink nipples. Oscar's legs were especially gorgeous with the top half of his thighs now exposed. He also had a beautiful figure with the cutest ass that stuck out in the back.

What really blew them away was his little nub for a penis and the fact he had no nut sack whatsoever. The nub was the same size as Jason's and had absolutely no hair around it at all. They both felt a sudden and strong desire to fuck Oscar in his butt. In fact they also would dearly have loved to lick him all over his body. They especially wanted to rub lips with the boy in an embracing kiss.

Harriet spoke up again. "Oscar is very desirable and quite tempting. Especially in the nude. If the two of you are honest men, as I suspect you are, It would be impossible for you to deny that you would like to have a go with my Oscar. Of course I know it is a fact as well as you do, so I won't embarrass you by asking. Do I have your attention now Doctors?"

Both Doctor's were clearly embarrassed by Harriet's bold statement, but they also knew she was entirely correct about what she said as they were both sporting tremendous hardons right now, and had been so since their first glimpse of sweet Oscar. As a matter of fact, once sweet Oscar finished removing all of his clothes, both doctors found themselves hoping Harriet wouldn't notice their semen soaking through their pants.

Harvey was thinking, "Damn, I've shot off in my pants. I haven't done that since I was thirteen and I had to play with it first for it to happen then. I hope it doesn't soak through." Jim looked astounded and felt pretty much the same way. "Yes, Ma’am. You sure do. Please. Tell me what you know."

Harriet said, "First I'll explain part of what happened and then Oscar and Joe will tell their part. After that I will tell you a story so you will understand why it is happening. Be prepared to be blown away. It is a bitter pill to swallow, but from what Oscar described to me, it must be true. When my darling Oscar was twelve, he was a very pretty boy, but he was all boy.”

“I had seen him nude from time to time as it is pretty hard for a mother not to get a little look at times. Especially when the child hasn't got any scruples about running around the house in the nude." Oscar blushed as he was putting his clothes back on. "Aw Momma. Why did you have to tell the doctors that."

Harvey and Jim were both shocked. Oscar's voice was that of a young child. A female child at that. Jim suddenly sat bolt upright as though he just had an inspiration. Excuse me for just a moment, Harriet. I have a question for Oscar. Just to relieve my own curiosity.“ Harriet said, “Ask away.“ Jim reached into his desk drawer, pulling out his time travel folder. “Oscar. What is the speed of time?“

Oscar just sat there with a blank look on his face, before blurting out, “I have no idea Doc, but it‘s really fast.“ Jim was thinking “Well, that settles that. Oscar doesn’t hold a candle to Jason in the math department.“ Oscar continued, “But I would be glad to calculate it for you if you like.“ Jim laughed. “How long would you estimate that would take? A week? Month?“ Oscar fidgeted a little as he squirmed in his seat.

“About five minutes give or take a few seconds. I must apologize for it to take that long. You see, math isn‘t my strong point.“ They all sat still for exactly five minutes. Suddenly Oscar rattled off the same list of numbers Jason had given him. Jim was dumbfounded. Harriet just smiled at her son and continued her story.

"Oscar and I have always been very close and open with each other. I have always treated him with respect and made sure he knew the door was always open to discuss anything that concerned him, no matter how personal or vulgar it might seem. I always told him nothing he is concerned about will ever be vulgar between him and his Mamma.”

“Anyway, due to our mutual trust, I saw my son's nude body quite a bit even up to the day before it happened. Of course I didn't run around the house trying to see him, but when your child is standing in front of you nude, it is a mother's intuition to check him out to see how he is developing."

"My son's penis and body shape were perfectly normal for a boy his age, even though he was an extremely pretty boy. I don't mean handsome. He wasn't anywhere near as feminine as he is now, but he was so pretty I would notice everyone we came up on staring at him with an obvious look of desire on their faces. Especially if he was wearing just shorts.”

“Whenever anyone could see Oscar's bare chest, they would just about drool over him. Guys and girls alike, ages four to eighty and beyond, it made no difference. They all wanted to admire his form. Oscar once asked me why everyone stared at him when he took a shower after gym class." Jim glanced at Oscar to get his reaction to the potential embarrassment of this situation.

Oscar was fully dressed now and did not look embarrassed nor concerned in the least. "Of course, I never lie to my Oscar. He was very embarrassed when I informed him they found him to be very pleasing to look at. I warned him that many of them found him to be sexy and desirable. He was really upset when it finally dawned on him what I was saying. He was concerned that he fit the description of what the other boys called queer bait.”

“I made him all right with his looks when I told him quite honestly that yes, he is the equivalent of queer bait. That he has exactly the look any homosexual wouldn't be able to resist, but what he was more likely to attract was pedophiles and none of it really had anything to do with him. He had no control over their desire for him.”

“I told him he could not help being beautiful and even the girls and women stared at him with equal desire. I even told him that I myself couldn't resist having a look at times. He was just that pretty. I told him since he knew he was the bait, all he needed to do was stay out of the trap until such a time as he found something he felt he wanted to be caught by.”

“At that time Oscar hugged me, thanking me for making him feel better about himself. Oscar started finding more excuses for letting me see him nude after that. When I confronted him about being nude in front of me so often, Oscar told me since he knew I liked to see him that way at times, he loved me enough to keep me happy. I was going to tell him that wasn't the proper thing to do, but I enjoyed seeing my beautiful son' s body.”

“I also knew I wasn't going to do anything more than look at my precious Oscar. He really enjoyed the idea he was pleasing me by being nude around me. I decided to just let it go. I let him feel he was doing good and went on and let myself enjoy the show. Needless to say, I had to keep a wary eye out that no one abducted him. One day I noticed Oscar and Joe were spending an awful lot of time in Oscar's room.”

“They never did before. I was curious as to what they were doing in there all that time, but I always told Oscar I considered his bedroom his private haven. I never enter his room without knocking, so I waited until they came out. When they did, I confronted Oscar and asked him why Joe and he were suddenly spending so much time in his room when he didn't used to. I also wanted to know what they found that was so interesting in there."

“My son has never lied to me. I hadn't known at the time I asked that I would be, but shortly after I did, I was devastated. It was a mother's worst nightmare. Oscar stood up telling me as of two days ago, he woke up early that morning and his privates were missing. Of course, I thought Oscar was just pulling my leg. When he took down his pants and showed me, I was in shock.”

“All he had was that nub. Then Oscar told me how he developed this sudden urge to suck a penis and how Joe conveniently developed a sudden urge to have his sucked that same morning. At first I told him I wouldn't allow it and if it didn't stop immediately, I would forbid him to see Joe. Oscar broke down crying as he explained to me they had to do it. If they didn't, after five hours the pain became so unbearable, they became very suicidal.”

“I sat there with them for about five hours and actually saw the reactions to the pain in their faces. Joe told me it was like someone was twisting a big knife through his shaft and balls, I knew they were serious about killing themselves.”

“Oscar didn't say anything he just grabbed himself down there and started screaming and rolling around on the floor in total torment. It was a blood curdling scream. One that would make Mamma drop everything and come running. A very frightening and horrific scream."

“I couldn't take a chance of my precious son killing himself and I most certainly didn't want anything to happen to Joe either. I loved him dearly too. It was too much for me to bear watching the boys suffer like that, so I told Joe to slip down his pants and let Oscar make it all better for them both. It was difficult as a mother to sit quietly while my only son sucked on another boy’s penis.”

“When they finished, all the pain was gone and much to my surprise, the two of them immediately started kissing one another passionately. I was in a state of shock while Oscar went into a frenzy as Joe sucked his little nub for fifteen minutes or so. I was completely blown away, but I realized straight up I needed to learn quickly to accept the situation.”

“They used to do it every two or three hours, but have built up enough reserve serum in their bodies to go as long as seven hours if need be, though they rarely ever wait longer than five before the pain forces them to have a go. When they are at home, they rarely go longer than two. Why should they be uncomfortable just to practice morality that they will break again in a few hours?”

“Oscar and Joe were kind enough to refrain from doing it in front of me unless they were in a situation where they had to do it now, but couldn't avoid me seeing it. I've only had to watch maybe a couple hundred times or so. It works out pretty well. Joe moved in with us after I finally was able to explain the situation to his dear deceased Mamma. She died a few years back. I felt so sorry for Joe. He had been devastated upon her death.”

“My husband Tim, took Oscar's condition pretty hard, but eventually learned to accept things as they had to be. My Oscar was always a rather smart boy, but he was no smarter than the average over achiever at school. He got straight A's in every subject he ever took, but he was no genius by any means. His IQ was tested at 155. Oscar just started the ninth grade when this event took place, but was only a couple of years ahead of his class.”

“Suddenly within a week of my finding out about the incident, the school called telling me they were offering Oscar a full scholarship to take anything he desired, at any university he wanted. He aced the SOL's and tested with an IQ of 552. After Oscar graduated the universities, he started his businesses. Oscar actually runs them all, but Joe acts as his mouth piece as a twelve year old girl just doesn't carry any respect in the adult world.”

“Don't get me wrong, Oscar gets plenty of attention. Everybody loves to be around him so they can gawk at his beautiful form, but no one pays any attention to what he is saying when he tries to give them advice.”

“Oscar is the most knowledgeable surgeon in the world and yet has never performed any surgery on a live person. He would dearly love to practice medicine, but no one would allow a 12 year old girl to perform surgery in their hospital, let alone allow her to cut on them."

"Oscar got the figure of a girl and grew his cute little breasts within a week of it happening. It's okay I guess. Joe says he really enjoys them. Of course I don't need to ask him what he does with them. Oscar wears girls clothes, wears makeup, and grows his hair out long because he finds it much easier to be a girl than to try to convince any one he is a boy let alone a thirty five year old man.”

“By the way he wears girls stuff all the time. When he is at home it usually isn't much more than a skimpy pair of panties. He does that to keep Joe riled up constantly and because it is important for him to feel sexy.”

“I don't mind as I am a woman and for all practical purposes, Oscar is my little girl. Of course whenever Tim was around in the house, Oscar covered his breasts with a bra or slipped on a short nightie as it certainly wouldn't be proper for a young girl to be indecent in front of her Father.”

“One other thing. My son may be thirty five mentally as far as having knowledge of the adult world, but he still has the thought processes of a twelve year old girl. Physically he is also a twelve year old. Not only twelve, but physically and mentally he is also a girl. Oscar has the same physical strength as the normal twelve year old girl. He may tend to do a lot of child like stuff with his body movements. Please overlook it. He can't do anything about it. He will always be like that.”

“I enjoy it. It's like I always have a precious little girl in the house. Joe likes it that way too. Joe tells everyone Oscar is his daughter. That way no one thinks anything about Oscar hanging all off of him in public. Joe almost always treats Oscar like he is his sweet little daughter, except when they need to be close. Then they become adamant and voracious lovers.”

“Now I'll let Oscar tell you what he knows. Hold onto your hat. It's a pretty far fetched story." Oscar shuffled his feet innocently. He may have been thirty five, but he still had a tendency to do all the cute things a little twelve year old girl would do, just as Harriet said he would. Hell, every now and then he would even innocently shoot a squirrel shot or two. It was all so cute.

"I woke up that morning and like to had a hissy. When I went in to take a leak, I didn't have enough penis to pee standing up without getting it all over the floor. I had to sit down to do it. I was devastated. I mean I was already having a hard time at school when I had to take showers after Phys Ed. A lot of the boys teased me about having a pencil dick. I had a complex about my little peter and suddenly it was almost completely gone.”

“I had no idea what happened to my nuts, but rest assured I freaked out. Not very long after I finished brushing my teeth, I got this sudden urge to suck a dick. I needed one like right now. The feeling was accompanied by a strong feeling that I was building up to shoot off. For some reason I felt I could get relief from the feeling by sucking a dick. Anyway, I wanted one bad.”

“Suddenly Joe was knocking on my bedroom door. My Mom had let him in. I was still in my pajamas. Joe sat on the bed for a few minutes with this really weird look on his face. Joe used to stare at me all the time anyway, especially when I was nude, like when we were in the tub together. Not openly, but when he thought I wouldn't notice. I didn't think it was weird having Joe gawk at me all the time, because I was used to it.“

“All my life, I have noticed everyone I ever met gawked at me. Especially at my legs and butt. Of course they would literally drool over my nipples if they saw them. All of the boys at school try to be near my locker when they undress for showers so they can cast a casual eye my way with out the others knowing. I guess they teased me so they could point and look at the same time.”

“Funny thing was even though most of them teased me about being so feminine, whenever they wound up alone with me, about half of them tried to get me to do it with them. They usually got mad at me, because I always refused, but not mad enough to get up and leave. If they did that, they wouldn‘t be able to look at me. I simply wasn’t queer and had no intention of doing any of that shit.”

Harriet sat up quickly. “Oscar. Watch your mouth. It’s one thing to use the words you need to explain to the doctor what happened, but you will not use that kind of language otherwise.” Oscar blushed as he hung his head. “Yes, Mamma. I am sorry. I’ll be more careful. I apologize Doctor. Anyway, the rest of the boys just gawked at me sort of like they were in a trance. It’s been that way all my life.”

“This time Joe was staring at me in a way he had never done before. I had seen some of the boys at school get that look when they fell in love with their first girl. I knew then Joe had the hots for me. That would normally have made me embarrassed as hell, not to mention freaking me out, but as I said, I needed to suck a dick right then.”

“It was written all over his face. It was so unmistakable I actually told him if he would get undressed for me, I would suck his dick. Joe couldn't get his clothes off fast enough and I couldn't get his thing in my mouth quick enough. When it was over, I felt much better, but we both felt so weird about it we decided we would never do it again. Several hours later we learned we had to or we had to suffer.”

“At first it would feel like I was getting ready to shoot off. It seems that good feeling of getting ready to shoot off soon gave way to a feeling like my dick was getting ready to come off. Like it was going to explode at any time. Then it turned to pain. It didn't take long to realize we would commit suicide without each other. Then we started doing it all.”

“Of course I can't do Joe in the butt other than with my finger, or a dildo, or of course my tongue, but he tears mine up. Figuratively speaking of course. Joe is always tender and sweet with me. He treats me just like his little girl. Lots of times Joe cuddles me close in his lap for hours. Pretty much the same way as my Dad used too, only I am nude when Joe holds me. I love it when he does.”

“Later, I remembered this really weird dream I had the night before it happened.” Now Jim and Harvey were even more attentive than they had been. Oscar was talking about a dream he had. They were wondering whether Oscar’s dream would be like Davey’s dream. Would it have the little girl and the guy in it? He had already told of a situation between himself and Joe that pretty much paralleled the thing between Jason and Davey. They both decided to wait and see what develops.

"In the dream, there was someone in my room. I could hear them walk across the floor. At first I thought I was awake and someone was really there, but it quickly got pretty wild so I knew I was just dreaming. First the light came on. Then there was this itty bitty girl in my room. She was around nine I would guess. Quite a bit short of 4 feet and maybe forty pounds.”

“It was weird, her eyes were jet black, well, the irises and the pupils anyway. With a tiny golden ring around the pupils, separating them from the irises. God they were so beautiful. To my amazement, she undressed right there in front of me. That was the prettiest little girl I ever laid eyes on. She made me look like a hag."

Harvey was thinking there was no way any one could be so beautiful that they could make this splendid specimen of true beauty, standing before them look like a hag. Not even Jason was pretty enough to make Oscar a hag. Jim on the other hand understood what Oscar had meant as he had never seen anything get even close to the little girl that disappeared at the hospital. Even so, he was too mesmerized by Oscar's story to interrupt her or him or whatever.

"She had the cutest blond tresses that seemed to curl around her luscious pink nipples. No titties, just those gorgeous puffed up pink nipples on that sweet chest. She had a hell of a tan, yet her puss was pink and inviting. I wanted it something awful, but I found I couldn't get up.”

Jim was astounded. If he hadn’t known better he would have thought Oscar was describing the little girl he had seen. That of course couldn’t have been her. After all, she was only nine and Jim hadn’t felt like he wanted to pounce on her when he saw her pussy.

Oscar continued. “Suddenly the girls eyes lit up like sapphires. They were glowing a beautiful dark blue and the golden ring lit up like a fire. Shortly these really pretty fangs came out of her mouth. They reached nearly to her chin. The next thing I knew I was naked and the girl was in the bed with me biting me in my balls."

Jim and Harvey sat quietly listening. They did not want to interrupt as they wanted to hear as much as they could. "When she bit me, I started coming immediately, but I didn't have anything coming out of my shaft. It was weird. I felt like it was just building up in my balls. After a few minutes the girl pulled out her fangs and started massaging one of my balls. It was weird, not both of them, just the one. ”

“I continued shooting off. Suddenly she sunk those fangs into my nut sack again. It was an awesome feeling. She sucked my nuts for about ten or fifteen minutes. The whole thing must have lasted about 20 minutes. She was still sucking me when I must have passed out. I don't remember anything after that.”

“I do remember the girl told me her name when she turned on the light. It was weird, I remember her last name started with an M. Something like Mary or Mildred or something. I feel like such a dumb bastard. Ain't that a bitch, for the life of me I can't remember what it was. She had called me by name and told me she was there to eat me. If the dream was real, she sure as hell did."

Now it was Joe's turn. The doctors had some questions they wanted to ask, but wanted to wait until they heard Joe's story before supplying any additional information by asking their questions. So far they were amazed. The story was much like Davey‘s except for the color of the girl‘s eyes.

They didn‘t know why there was a golden ring in Oscar‘s story. And of course the other differences such as just building up inside his balls and such, but the stories were far too similar, way too damn far out, and way too far apart in time to be a coincidence.

"When I woke up that morning, I wanted my dick sucked so bad I actually found myself trying to reach it with my own mouth. I imagine it wasn't a pretty sight. I got in some pretty weird positions trying to get to it, but it was to no avail. I was just not limber enough to get closer than three inches or so. I tried beating off, but it did no good for the urge. I needed to have it sucked.”

“Suddenly I remembered I had a crazy dream. This really fantastic little girl whispered into my ear that if I felt the urge to have my dick sucked, my friend Oscar would be more than happy to do so for me. It was really wild. She looked exactly like the girl in Oscar's dream, so I will not waste your time describing her.”

“I also had an earlier dream. The girl undressed in front of me. She was naked in my second dream as well. I couldn't help staring at her luscious pussy. Her eyes lit up a beautiful red color like rubies in the bright sun light.” Jim gasped. He thought, “My God. That’s the exact same story Davey told, except for the guy.”

Joe turned his head looking longingly at Oscar as he continued. “There was that golden ring around the pupils too. It was an awesome sight. She looked so sexy with those fangs. When she bit me in my balls, I started shooting off immediately, only she didn't massage my balls.”

“She didn't stop either. She didn't suck my balls either, it actually felt like she was squirting something into them. I mean, she had her lips wrapped firmly around my nuts, but I could feel something squirting violently into my balls.”

“It was a rush. Unlike Oscar, I was shooting semen all out of my shaft. It was all over my belly and the bed, but I didn't give a shit, both because it felt so good and because I was only dreaming.” Harriet didn’t like Joe using vulgarities either, but she refrained from saying so as Joe was a grown man. Her Oscar was a little girl. Little girls don’t curse.

“In the dream I don't remember her finishing. I woke up rolling around in a bed full of ejaculate. I couldn't tell for sure how much, but from the looks of the bed, it would have to have been over a gallon."

"Once I remembered the dream, I headed over to Oscar's house. I didn't really believe Oscar would suck my penis for me, but I was desperate and had to try. When I got in his room all I could do was stare at him. I wanted him to do me so bad I was in heat. I always enjoyed looking at Oscar and did so whenever I could without making it obvious, but this was different.”

“I literally wanted to eat him alive. I was actually tempted to lean over and bite his lips off and chew them up. To feel his flesh between my lips. To feel his smoothness going down my throat. I knew he wouldn't allow me to do that and it would be hard to explain if I did. Besides, if I really did eat him, who would suck my thing?”

“I was hoping he would suck me and then maybe let me lick him all over when he got through. I just wanted the feel of his soft smooth looking flesh in my mouth. By the time I got there I was experiencing quite a bit of pain. If Oscar hadn't sucked it for me, I would have killed myself right there in front of him. The rest of it is exactly as Oscar described it."

Jim spoke up. "Oscar, where was the guy standing in your dream?" Oscar looked confused. "What guy, Doc. That sweet thing was alone. There was nobody with her. I would have remembered a guy if he had been there."

Joe piped in, "Yeah, Doc. There definitely wasn't any guy in either of my dreams. Just the girl." Jim asked, "Are you sure about the golden ring?" Oscar said, "Yes. I am sure. That was a sight I would never forget." Joe said the same thing. Jim looked at Harriet.

"You're on Harriet. Please explain to me why this all happened." Harriet looked liked she had seen a ghost. "That's just the problem, Doc. I'm not telling you why it all happened. What I am going to tell you is why it is still going on. Every day and will continue to do so forever.”

“As a historian, I have always been fascinated with old German legends. I know what you are thinking. You believe I am going to waste your time with supernatural fairy tales. Bear with me for a few minutes and shortly you will begin to understand. I had the opportunity to study the Chronicles of Wedgepeth.”

“They were written in a language similar to ancient German, but wasn't really German at all. It was written in a strange dialect supposedly used by a special group of wizards dating from the birth of Christ through somewhere shortly after the year 1000. The language is very difficult to translate. It is written in such a dialect, it may as well have been coded.”

“Actually, it is a form of code, but gets really difficult to decipher as it changes as it goes. The letters are the same, but the words mean something different every time. Very difficult language indeed. Wedgepeth wasn’t actually a member of this group of wizards. He picked the dialect up on his own as though he had been born knowing it.”

“Many people thought Wedgepeth was the most prominent wizard of the group, but anyone that had read the Gargol Files knows the wizards of the group had a disdain for Wedgepeth. He was ridiculed as a nut case that didn’t know shit from honey as Barbaras put it.”

“By the way, Barbaras was the most prominent of this special group of wizards. The group made many very accurate predictions, especially Barbaras. Unfortunately the group also made quite a few predictions that never panned out.”

“As wild and odd as his writings were, Wedgepeth was never proven wrong in anything he wrote. What made him so odd was he didn’t see the things the wizards in the group saw. At least he never wrote about any of it. He saw all the weird stuff. He was a wizard of the Bitch tribe in what would now be Germany. Wedgepeth died somewhere around the year 220. He was 150 years old.”

“Wizards and sorcerers tended to have a much longer life span than the ordinary folk. No one knows why. It was said that Wedgepeth knew things. Things few others could. He documented many of those things in his writings. Some of his writings were published during the time. At least they were passed around to all the scholars in the equivalent of what was publishing then.”

“Nearly a millennium later, a man named Lark Stevens found those original writings. He started organizing them into the Chronicles of Wedgepeth. It is said Lark spent the better part of a hundred years organizing the Chronicles, but he only finished about an eighth of them. The reason for this is twofold. One, Wedgepeth spent a hundred and forty five years writing them.”

“Second, they were very difficult to translate if you weren’t fluent in the language they had been written in. The writings are said to all be there. That is what makes it take so long to find anything. You not only have to translate it, but it is in the order Wedgepeth wrote it. Unfortunately, Wedgepeth never saw everything at the same time, he would see it in spurts.”

“The excerpts that weren't organized are jumbled all up and the ones that are organized still pose quite a challenge to translate as Lark wrote somewhat more sloppy than today's doctors, only in old English. A much older version of English than did Chaucer. I must tell you, even so, they are fascinating. It is a huge volume, however we are only concerned with a small portion of those writings, yet they are quite sizable themselves.”

“About the year 440, a child was born. It was born to a man known as Redjfeldt The Magician. He was said to have very powerful magic. Not many in the present day have ever heard of him, but during the time, he was not only widely known, but was greatly feared and dearly loved as well. It was said he not only possessed great magic, but was a huge burly man and stronger than an ox as well.”

“Not overly tall by today's standards, but large and very fearsome looking. Redjfeldt weighed slightly over two hundred pounds during a time when the average for a man was one forty. He was also said to be quite handsome. I could go on about Redjfeldt for hours, but our concern here is the child. This was no ordinary child."

"She was known as Endora The Enchantress. She was a very powerful sorceress. No one would dare cross her. She married one of the toughest men in the territory. His name was Hogarth. Hogarth was a heaping three hundred pounds on a scary six foot eight frame. According to the chronicles, the man had nary an ounce of fat on him. Literally a giant in the day.”

“Hogarth had great respect for Redjfeldt, but feared no one, not even Redjfeldt himself. Of course Redjfeldt had no fear of Hogarth either, but would never harm his daughter's husband. Likewise Hogarth wasn't about to harm his beloved's Father. Hell, Redjfeldt actually looked on Hogarth as another son. If the two had tangled, it is not known who would have come out on top. Redjfeldt was a good 10 inches shorter and maybe ninety pounds lighter, but was tough as nails.”

“However Redjfeldt was reportedly two hundred and twenty years older. There were some other differences, but they are kind of far fetched. I will get to them shortly. Though the other historians believe a battle between the two would have been a draw and some even gave the edge to Hogarth, I can read between the lines. As tough as Hogarth was, he wouldn’t have stood a chance with a man like Redjfeldt.”

“Hogarth killed for two reasons. One was money. The other was for thrill. Redjfeldt killed for one reason and one reason only. Because he could. That my friends is a very scary man indeed. As powerful a sorceress as Endora was she didn't give Hogarth any shit, nor would he take any. It was said Hogarth was the only human who ever had any control over Endora.”

“They didn't include Redjfeldt as legend has it Redjfeldt really wasn't human to start with. He was mortal because he died at the age of 250, when Endora turned thirty, but he was supposed to have been from other worlds. Living that long, I would say he probably was. His wife Lania was too and died at the same age two years before her husband and the same year her granddaughter Lania was born.”

“The Chronicles stated neither ever looked older than thirty. Of course if that is all true, Endora wasn't human either. Hogarth was a mighty warrior who raised cattle and horses between wars. The Chronicles stated his score be two million two hundred twenty thousand and sixteen hundred and twelve. Most of those were killed fighting hand to hand in various wars.”

“The last of which Hogarth fought in when he was 105 years old. He fought twenty horrific conflicts. That's over a hundred and eleven thousand men per war. The Chronicles mentioned something else weird about Redjfeldt as well. It didn't call it his score, but evidently Redjfeldt had as the Chronicles so delicately put it, exterminated quadrillions.”

“Nearly half of those were either killed with his hands or his teeth. Rumor has it he strangled the adults and bit the privates off the children. The other half were disintegrated. Basically, when Redjfeldt got rid of you, you either vaporized, asphyxiated, or just plain bled to death. Quite impressive."

Jim couldn't resist comment. "Harriet, there was no way Redjfeldt could have found that many people to kill, or even found the time to do so. The population couldn't have been more than a billion during that time on the whole planet." Harriet shrugged. "What makes you believe they were all from here or for that matter that any of them were? That number is so far fetched most of the historians believe it is a mistake made by Wedgepeth and he probably meant millions.”

“Incidentally, Wedgepeth made no mistakes in his writings. The wild part is, and there is no detail about it, but as it turns out, Redjfeldt was some sort of fixer for the place from which he came. I believe he may have actually had the unfortunate job of having to wipe out entire planets or even solar systems. There is some other story that might back up some of the alleged power of Redjfeldt.”

“There isn’t any evidence relating it directly to Redjfeldt, well not proof, just circumstantial stuff, but here it is. There was a battle between Jeramus and Forticus. Both were very powerful kings of very vast and powerful kingdoms. Jeramus ruled over the kingdom of Starbuck and Forticus ruled Bodart. As well known as the kingdoms were at the time, they are virtually unheard of in today’s history. The reason is as follows.”

“The two nations had been at war off and on for nearly five hundred years. Neither ever managed to get the upper hand of the other. Each amassed very awesome arsenals and sophisticated weaponry. It was reported that at their peak, each had over five hundred thousand men in uniform in their armies. Heck, the Roman Army wouldn’t even mess with them. In the year three fifty, the armies were at war again.”

“Over a million men clashed in the apple groves of Santin. The armies destroyed the trees. All of them. Santin Orchard was located on an estate held by a man known as none other than Redjfeldt the Magician.”

“Reportedly, Redjfeldt being upset because the kings didn’t seem to respect his space, sent a messenger to each kingdom, ASKING for retribution for the destruction to his property. The crazy part of all this was the fact that according to Wedgepeth, Redjfeldt was not a wealthy man. As far as is known, Redjfeldt was never seen in possession of any money.”

“He generally gave away his apples to the poor. All that was needed was to ask and you could pick all you wanted. Redjfeldt was never known to work at any kind of trade. Not ever. He never bought anything, ever. His estate was reportedly left to him by a great uncle. Whom incidentally according to the Chronicles, never existed. Everything else, he already had.”

“That never made sense to any of the scholars, but some have their guesses as I will state later. The messengers were beheaded and the heads sent back informing Redjfeldt that if he wanted retribution, he was very welcome to come to get it at any time. Purportedly a message showed up at the castle of each kingdom. No one knew how it arrived.”

“The message said simply, ‘Thank you for your quick response. Your sense of fair play was greatly appreciated. Thank you for your gracious invitation. I bid you farewell. Your friend and neighbor, Redjfeldt.‘ Oddly both armies disappeared the next day. There were no signs of a new battle. Nothing was ever heard from them. No bodies were ever found. There were no weapons or any sign of any army.”

“A week later, the entire populations of Starbuck and Bodart had disappeared from the face of the earth. There were no signs that either ever existed. No bodies, no possessions, and oddly enough, no buildings. Gone. Both of them vanished. There were old tales that were spread by the merchants that at one time traded with Starbuck and Bodart.”

“Basically, the only thing found where the nations were supposed to be were apple trees. Neatly planted in rows and appearing to have been there for several decades as they were all big trees. Gradually Starbuck and Bodart were all but forgotten. Even more oddly, with all the wars great and small that were fought in the region, not one ever spilled onto the estate owned by Redjfeldt.”

“They fought all around it, but never on it. They didn’t even fire weaponry over it. Now back to Hogarth. Not many in peace time would face up to Hogarth either. The few that did never faced up to anyone else. The Chronicles stated Hogarth was such a fierce and confident warrior he even took his nine year old daughter to battle with him."

Harvey couldn't resist remarking, "Hogarth had to be a blooming idiot to take his young daughter to a battle. She could have been killed or at the very least kidnapped by the enemy to neutralize Hogarth." Harriet smiled, "One might think so on the surface of it, but as you will soon see, it wasn't as crazy as it sounded.”

“Both Endora and Hogarth died in the year 550 at 110 years of age. Hogarth was so tough no one would mess with him even when he was an old man. Our problem is still that child." Jim couldn't help himself. He simply had to know. "Harriet, if the child is already dead, how can she be the problem?" Harriet just shrugged him off. "I promise you will understand the answer to that shortly.”

“Endora wanted to live forever. Legend has it she came up with a potion allowing her to get pregnant with herself. Hogarth was the father of the baby, but Endora was the mother and the child when it was born. It has been said Endora died early and aged because her soul was split in two when she bore herself at the age she would have remained till her death had she not done so.”

“There was another child before this one, She was named after her grandmother, Lania. Her life, too was utterly fascinating. A real Princess among princesses, but she is relatively insignificant to the immediate point.”

“The second child was known as The Bastard Bitch and yet is still Endora herself and she is the real problem. Due to the way the potion worked, incantation would be a better word, the child would mature at nine years of age and remain nine forever. It would never get sick and it would never die.”

“The Bastard Bitch was born in 470 and continues to live even today. There have been sporadic reports about her doings all over the world, although very few understand it is her. The description Oscar and Joe gave of the little girl in their dreams is almost identical to the description Wedgepeth stated in his Chronicles."

"It is a hard concept to grasp. Endora was thirty when The Bastard Bitch was born. The Bastard Bitch was eighty when Endora died and yet was still nine. The Bastard Bitch didn't become Endora until Endora died and yet was her all along and is still The Bastard Bitch none the less. The Bastard Bitch is still a very powerful sorceress, in fact much more powerful than when she was just Endora.”

“No one wants to tangle with her even today even though they don't know she exists. That my good friends is your real problem. Now comes the really weird part. Legend also has it The Bastard Bitch fed off of her father until she could eat on her own. No one is sure what that really meant, but the few scholars that are up to snuff on her believe she sucked him off to survive.”

“That was the reason Hogarth used to take her to battle with him. If he didn't she would have starved to death before his return. That is not the act of a crazy man. It is the love of a father. I know you wonder why he would fight in the wars when he had such a responsibility. Hogarth made a lot of money raising livestock, but he acquired the majority of his wealth through hiring out as a mercenary.”

“It is what he did and he was good at it. So good the opposing sides were willing to shell out up to 40% of their entire wealth to acquire Hogarth, as history has proven the side without him always lost. That was another difference between Hogarth and Redjfeldt. Kingdoms paid big money to acquire Hogarth’s help in battle. He was highly sought after for this reason. No king in his right mind even wanted to approach Redjfeldt for anything.”

“As I said, Hogarth was a very wealthy man. Richer in fact than many kingdom's and I might add, Hogarth refused to pay taxes. His reasoning was the realm had done nothing to help him earn the wealth and had done nothing for him. No king dared to try to collect taxes from Hogarth. Granted, the tax collectors tried, but quickly went their way when confronted with death.”

“Another strange thing about Redjfeldt. The tax collectors were a little nuttier than the kings. Many times the tax collectors tried to collect taxes from Redjfeldt. None were ever successful. Problem was as the chronicles reported, he was never found. It was like Redjfeldt was a fictitious legend in his own time. Everyone talked of his great feats, but none knew where he was.”

“Well, actually that’s a little deceiving. The chronicles put it more like every one knew Redjfeldt’s estate was right here, but the problem is when it comes to Redjfeldt, you can’t get here from there.”

“Now back to the child. The Bastard Bitch eats no regular food. Not even water. She eats human testicles, especially those of young boys, but none younger than twelve. As the Chronicles said, 'Any younger, twood be such a waste and a terrible sight to behold as it was the one time it was and she lost the six.' No one knows for sure exactly what losing the six was all about, but the younger boys weren't capable of ejaculating, so she had to eat more than one at a time.”

“Supposedly the aftermath wasn't a pretty sight, as you are well aware of from what happened to one of your patients. The Bastard Bitch ate my son. He is an example of what becomes of her victims. She ate Jason also. The Bastard Bitch eats one once a day, every day. To put this in shocking perspective, that's well over 500 thousand victims. Most of them just little boys.”

"Now comes another hard concept. It is said that her victims all become females yet remain male. That never made much sense to me until The Bastard Bitch ate my son. You can see he is a girl and yet still a boy. It's also said her victims never age physically, although their biological clock moves a year for every one else’s twenty five.”

“That means my precious Oscar could possibly live over 3000 years, but will more likely be 2000. He will remain as he is until the day he dies. It also means most of the ones The Bastard Bitch has eaten are still alive and won't start dying for another 500 years or so. Only those that were killed in accidents or murdered are dead."

"Legend has it The Bastard Bitch would not marry for 1500 years which would be somewhere around about now. That would explain the man your patients saw and possibly why my son and Joe didn't see him twenty three years ago. They actually saw the man and The Bastard Bitch. There was no dream. They were physically present in the room.”

“I would imagine from the way Endora thinks that The Bastard Bitch's husband is not someone to take lightly himself. I would expect him to be very tough and fierce as well as smart. He is not with the little girl to protect her. He is there with her because he wants to be. That little nine year old is The Bastard Bitch and they are both still Endora The Enchantress and The Bastard Bitch.”

“No one would be able to harm her. From my research on The Bastard Bitch, I would think it would be difficult to kill her with a total nuclear attack using every warhead the US has. If that actually were to happen, The Bastard Bitch would survive and every one here would die from the nuclear fall out. The Bastard Bitch would just move."

Jim had to know. "Where would she move to Harriet? There would be no where here for her to survive." "To other worlds. She is just that powerful. Something else to keep in mind. That little nine year old is both sweet and darling. A kind, gentle, and tender person and at the same time one of the meanest, uncaring, ornery bitches you will ever find.”

“She doesn't eat anyone to be mean. She eats them to survive. That is also the only reason she becomes mean. If her survival is threatened, she can become lethal. It is also said that upon marriage, well, it is actually bonding, The Bastard Bitch will love the husband more than herself.”

“Trust me, she has a great love of herself. And the husband will love her even by ten, more than she does him. So as you can see, the husband will give his all for The Bastard Bitch without hesitation nor any concern for his own well being.”

“Neither will ever age or die from natural causes. It is also said she will bond with two. One a warrior as if from the sea and one the child, though the warrior be her father. I haven't gotten a grip on that one yet and neither has anyone else, although there are some theories. Hogarth died in 550.”

“So he couldn't have bonded with her though he certainly was a warrior, yet he had never been a sailor nor ever set foot on the sea. It is also said she will not be known as the Bastard Bitch after bonding. Nothing is mentioned of her new name, although The Bastard Bitch and Endora The Enchantress she will always be. The Chronicles actually said, 'And she will be all three.' "

"It is also said The Bastard Bitch can be found by seeking her first daughter." Jim interrupted at this point. "How do I find the daughter?" Harriet laughed a sickening laugh. "That depends my good Doctor on which first daughter is being referred to. Lania was actually her first daughter and has been dead for over fourteen hundred years, so it certainly couldn't be her.”

“It has also been said the first daughter, Ycram ( pronounced Ice cream ), if I did my math correctly would be born some 500 years from now and there would be three, yet the other two would be spaced by 2000 years each. If it is she that is referred to, you will not find her unless you live an awful long time.”

“However, it was predicted that The Bastard Bitch would have special daughters. The ones she would have before she had them. One be he Jahmi and the other Aunah. She would not have them, but have them she would. They would be two years apart in age, but only by four. Now this part sounds even crazier than that. It is theorized the first daughter, the one that is a he, is what is referred to as the child and is in fact the daughter of the Warrior as stated in the Chronicles.”

“Many researchers feel that means The Bastard Bitch actually bonded with her daughter Jahmi. If it is she that is referred to, you will be looking for a child named Jamie, which is the translation for the Old German Jahmi. Probably eleven or twelve, but do not seek out a boy, because she is The Bastard Bitch's daughter all the same and yet still a he."

"If you like, after I mourn my husband, I may be of assistance in locating the child. Be wary however. Once you find the child, the warrior is not far behind. If the child is threatened, with him you will have to deal. If you should be able to get to the child, without also getting the warrior, you will find The Bastard Bitch. It would be wise to avoid the warrior altogether. He is not gentle in the least.”

“How you will deal with The Bastard Bitch will be something else indeed. I may be able to help with that also, but it is risky. One very important point. Let nothing happen to the child or the warrior. Not that it would be an easy task, but if you did manage to kill either of them, the Bastard bitch will destroy a portion of the world as justice. Not vengeance I mind you, but justice.”

“Probably half and none of them children. Should it become vengeance, she would destroy nearly all save the children. So as you can see this is no light task. One more thing to keep in mind. Do not be fooled by the child. Though she be weak and not tough as the warrior, you will find her to be quite a formidable adversary in her own right."

"Legend also dictates The Bastard Bitch is so beautiful no human can resist her. Everyone does what ever she wants them to. Not because she forces them to, although force them to, she most certainly can, but because they want to. You my good doctors, will be no exception. You would gladly cut your own penises off and eat them if The Bastard Bitch asked you to.”

“I was having trouble understanding the deal with Joe. I thought at first she bit him to get him to let Oscar suck him to survive, but since I found the last excerpts from the Chronicles, I have been researching on The Bastard Bitch, I now believe she actually used my Joe to excrete. I can show you all of this in the Chronicles, but it will take some time.”

“Should you decide you need my services at a later date, I will explain all of that to you as best I can. You must understand all of these things are intertwined and yet separate and still intertwined, so it can be very confusing, yet if you had all of the facts, it is quite confusingly simple."

Jim and Harvey sat there looking at one another in disbelief. Harriet got up. As she prepared to open the door, she said, "If you gentlemen will excuse me, I need to return to my husband's side. Oscar and Joe have that look on their face, so I expect them to disappear for awhile. Good day gentlemen."

With that, Harriet headed out the door. Once Harriet left, Jim and Harvey sat in silence for about ten minutes. "Harvey, do you believe any of that shit Harriet just said?" Harvey laughed. "It is a pretty far out story. Very hard to swallow, but you know what? It is also the closest thing I have heard so far to explaining the shit we've seen lately and I wouldn't believe any of that if I hadn't seen it for myself.”

“I think we should talk to Davey again and then find out what Jason saw. If they tell us about the golden ring, without us actually bringing it up, it might just get me to believing it. Especially if Jason tells us about the guy and if Jason says the little girl's eyes were a glimmering blue in his dream. Besides, that Oscar is pretty convincing evidence." Jim quickly replied, "Lets do it. We can start tomorrow."


Davey was still pretty groggy, but was happy to see somebody. He couldn't kill himself to end the pain, as much as he wanted to, as he still couldn't move. It did help knowing that in a day or two he would be with Jason and everything would be all right.

Harvey asked, "Davey, I need you to try to remember any details about your dreams you may have forgotten to tell me. It is very important not to leave any thing you can remember out, no matter how trivial you might think it is or how embarrassing it may be to tell it."

Davey sat there for a minute. "Hey, Doc. I suppose I couldn't convince you to suck me in exchange for the info could I?" Harvey wasn't too shocked, because he knew the condition Davey was in. "No son. You sure couldn't. I tell you what. I have been informed Jason is out of danger. If you promise to be really gentle with him, I'll move you into his room tomorrow. The two of you may do as you please.”

“You must keep the door closed at all times. Never tell anyone they may enter until both of you are decent. No one will enter your room under any circumstances until you say it is ok. You can be assured of complete privacy. There will be no hanky panky outside of your room.”

“Not even a kiss. I also expect you to stop harassing the staff for sex. Under no circumstances are you to do anything with any one else in this hospital. Not even if they beg you to. I will tell Jason the same thing. Understood?" "Okay Doc. That's a deal."

After a little thought, Davey said, "There were a couple of things I failed to mention. When the girl's eyes lit up, there was another color that stood out around her pupils. It was like a bright golden ring." Davey hesitated for a few minutes as if he were in deep turmoil with his thoughts. Suddenly he confides, "I didn't tell you this part because it was embarrassing, but I guess with all the shit I've been through it can't get much worse, so I will.”

“The big dude stuck his thing in my mouth. I didn't want to do it, but something made me suck him fervently. I mean I really went all out on him. I felt like I couldn't get his thing far enough into my mouth to satisfy my urge for it. I had never been even slightly interested in a guy's thing before.”

“The guy shot off for what must have been a half hour. I swallowed so much I was full when he got through. When he saw my penis, his eyes got wide and he practically dove on my thing. He sucked me for what seemed like forever. It was literally hours. All I could do was lay there and shoot off every 15 minutes or so while I stared at the little girl's pussy. It was weird, Every time I shot off it was like seven or eight minutes at the time. The dude swallowed every drop."

"They also had another little girl with them. She was pretty too, but wasn't quite the dream boat as the younger girl, although it was close. I wanted her real bad too and she wasn't even naked. She was wearing a skimpy outfit that had a short enough skirt to show most of her legs. They were beautiful. She didn't have much for tits, but they were a lot bigger than the little girl's.”

“I thought she might be around eleven. This is the part I thought was really weird. When I had to suck her dick, she shot off just as long as the dude did. She had a pussy too. I could feel it under her nuts when I held them in my hands while I sucked her." At this point, Harvey and Jim were in shock. They were thinking Davey may have actually seen the daughter that was a he. They didn't interrupt.

"I was sick to my stomach by the time she finished. Not that she was gross or anything like that. It was because I was so full I thought I might throw up. It was kind of like the feeling I got when I snuck in and ate my whole birthday cake. It was so tasty, but I was really ill afterward. She had a little pencil dick just like mine. She didn't have any hair around hers either. It tasted really good, but there was just so damned much of it.”

“Then the dude and the older girl just stood there while the younger girl bit me in my balls. It was weird, she didn't actually suck them. It was more like she was squirting stuff into them. I could feel it going in. It felt incredible. That's about all I remember." "Thank you. Davey. I'll have the nurse come in in a few minutes and put you out for the night. I promise as soon as you wake up, you will be pleasantly surprised." Jim and Harvey went in to see Jason.

Jim was astounded when he saw Jason. "Harvey. Look at this. His neck. It is almost completely healed. Hold still Jason. I need to remove these stitches." Jim removed Jason's stitches.

"That is awesome, Harvey. His cut was an inch and a half deep, from ear to ear. Now it looks like a scratch. Right at this moment the stitch holes look worse than his cut. The stitches weren't due to come out for another week. I've never seen anyone heal that quickly. I am sorry, Jason. I was so excited about your progress I forgot my manners. Let me introduce myself."

"Hi, Jason. I am Doctor Harris. I have been taking care of you. I don't think you remember me as you have been in so much pain." Jason managed to interrupt at this point. "Sure, I remember you. You were the one that did my physical a couple of weeks ago." Jim continued, "That is correct, Jason. This is Doctor Roberts.”

“I will make a deal with you Jason. If you will grit your teeth and suffer through the pain and refrain from asking if you can suck one of us, I will move Davey in here with you early in the morning. We have a few questions we need to ask you. When we finish, I will have the nurse put you out for the night. Then there will be no pain. When you awaken, you will have had a good night’s rest and Davey will be here with you.”

“I have arranged for a double bed. You and Davey will have complete privacy to do your thing, however you must follow a few simple rules. Nothing sexual will be done outside this room, not even kissing. When you hear a knock at the door, make sure you are decent before letting them in. No hanky panky with anyone else other than Davey. Also Davey will tell you a wonderful surprise tomorrow I know you will enjoy.”

“I would like for you to tell me as much as you can remember about the night and morning all of this started. It is absolutely imperative you leave nothing out. Remember we will not laugh at you nor will we chastise you for anything you tell us. No matter what it is. We want to hear it all. Give us as much detail as you can."

Harvey and Jim couldn't help noticing Jason had a nice mound of beautifully shaped tits poking at his hospital gown. They weren't real big. Just the right size for a girl his age. Pretty much the same size as Oscar's. They decided they would wait to examine Jason tomorrow when he is feeling better. They also decided not to embarrass him right now by mentioning his newly formed breasts.

"I really hurt a lot. It will be really difficult to suffer through, but I can't pass up that deal. It will be nice not to hurt tonight. I must warn you though. Everything I am going to tell you is not only pretty sick, but it is rather vulgar as well. I remember waking up early that morning. I needed to take a major shit. When I went, I had the squirts.”

“That was when I noticed my stuff was missing. It freaked me out. Even my sack was gone. Usually I wake up with a boner, but what little bit that was left wouldn't even get hard. After grabbing a quick shower, I started feeling weird. I put on my under pants and sat on the bed trying to figure out what was wrong with me.”

“I got a cold chill, so I put on my pajamas. Suddenly I had visions of me sucking dicks. Then I knew I wanted one right then. About that time, Davey walked into my room. I told Davey if he would get naked I would suck him off. I was so embarrassed saying it, yet at the same time, I couldn't help myself. To my surprise instead of getting sore or calling me a faggot, he stripped out of his clothes right away. As soon as Davey was naked, I dove on his boner.”

“It was so weird. He tasted so sweet. I couldn't get enough of it. When I finally finished, Davey cuddled me in his arms kissing me on my lips. I had to kiss him back. It was awesome. The best part was I felt so good afterward. I was like totally embarrassed I had sucked my best friend's dick, but It relieved me of those weird feelings."

"We were both so wigged out over it, we vowed it would never happen again. Within an hour, Davey looked at me and said he felt like he might kill himself if I didn't do him again. I didn't argue with him. I wanted to suck him something awful. Davey spent the night. During the night we found out we needed each other really bad. We both would get in so much pain I would gladly kill myself to get it to quit.”

“We decided for our own survival we would have to come up with a way to be together all the time. Davey even had an urge to suck my nub. I couldn't come anymore, but I felt like the earth was opening up around me the whole time he was sucking it. It was an awesome feeling. Not like an orgasm as it starts as soon as Davey's lips touch my dick, if you want to call that a dick.”

“It's even better than an orgasm. Davey says he can feel my excitement down there when it happens. He says my nub actually pulsates in his mouth as if it might blow up at any time. Davey really enjoyed it whenever I could pee in his mouth while I was exploding down there as it made him feel like I was shooting off even though I can't."

"The night before, I had a really fucked up dream. It was a crazy dream, but it was awesome at the same time. I’ve had dreams before that were so real it was just like being there. That dream was different. I could feel and taste everything. I remember the lights came on. I rubbed my eyes open expecting to see my Mother standing there. Instead there was this little girl. She looked to be about nine.”

“The first thing I thought was she is like so fucking pretty. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She had gorgeous black eyes with a thin golden ring around the pupils. I had never seen any like them. Then she flipped me slam out. She took off all of her clothes right there in front of me. When I got a glimpse of her tiny tight looking snatch with all that smooth hairless skin all around it, I wanted to shove my mouth in it right away.”

“Problem was I found I couldn't move. I continued to stare at the girl. She was something else. She had chest length blond hair with the cutest curls that seemed to twirl around those precious pink nipples on her chest. They poked out about an inch, other than that she was flat as a board.”

“She had a figure any girl would kill for. I thought I was imagining things, but as far as I could tell, she didn't have a hair any where on her body other than her head. The way her tiny ass stuck out in the back was driving me nuts and her pussy seemed to jut out at me from between her legs. My God, what legs she had."

"She was darkly tanned, not dark skinned, just tanned. Yet her face cheeks were a rosy pink. Then she walked over close to my bed. That was when it started to get really weird. I will never forget what the little girl said to me. She said, 'Hi there Jason. My name is Marcy. I am here to eat you Sweetie. I'd like for you to meet my Daddy and my daughter Jamie.' "

Jim and Harvey nearly dropped their eye teeth. Jason had not only seen the daughter, but called her by name. The best part was he remembered the Bastard Bitch's name as well. As far fetched as all of this was, there was no way Davey or Jason could have known what Harriet told them. They must have seen it themselves.

"With that she pointed to this big guy. When I say big, he wasn't any taller than you Doc. Maybe five eleven or something like that. He was hairy as a gorilla and his arms were huge. They hung down past his knees and still, his shoulders were square. His forearms were so big, he reminded me of Popeye the Sailorman. He really looked very strong and menacing. He had to be nearing thirty, though he wasn’t quite there yet.”

“I couldn't help noticing he was a really good looking guy and I do mean really good looking. It's embarrassing, but my dick got hard and actually dribbled a little when I saw him. I remember wishing I could be with him all the time.”

Jim sat in shock. Jason had brought back memories that had been fading in Jim’s mind. Now they were vivid. He would have to share them with Harvey, but not until they were no longer with Jason. Jim knew this was really fucked up. He didn’t know why he didn’t see it earlier.”

“Jason didn‘t notice the look of horror on Jim‘s face and never missed a beat. “Marcy's daughter, Jamie. Now she was something else indeed. She had really pretty legs. I could see them dangling from the short skirt she was wearing.”

“I wanted her something awful, but no where near the way I wanted Marcy. Basically I had the prettiest and second prettiest two girls in the world standing right there in my bedroom and the prettiest one was completely naked. It was awesome."

"I had a hard on that wouldn't slow up. Crazy thing was Jamie looked to be a couple years older than her Mom and her Mom was just a little kid. Even so, I had no doubt the little girl was smarter and more mature than the bigger girl even though she was definitely younger looking. That was just too wild. I could tell Jamie had bigger tits even with her blouse on.”

“Marcy pulled my underpants off, laying me back on my bed. Then Jamie came over to me and started sucking my dick. It was so cool. I shot off in her mouth for seven or eight minutes. When I finished, Jamie kept sucking. She sucked my thing for what seemed like three hours. I shot off a whole bunch of times. Each time was as long as the first. I was getting weak from ejaculating so much.”

“Jamie was sucking it like she was using it to breathe. I loved it. Then the big guy pulled off his clothes. I was pleasantly surprised. He had only a small patch of very pretty hair on his chest and absolutely none whatsoever under his arm pits. All his massive hair was limited to his arms and legs. He was a real turn on. Then the dude crawled in between my legs and fucked the shit out of me, right there in front of his daughter and grand daughter.”

“That was when I was completely blown away. Jamie pulled her skirt off and got on top of my face in the bed sticking her hairless pencil dick in my mouth. I found myself sucking the shit out of her thing too. I mean she was just so sweet. I cupped my hands around the back of her ass pulling her up close to me. My finger tips actually rested on the edges of her snatch.”

“That was really wild. A little girl like that with a pussy and a dick. Far out. I had never had any body do me before. Especially in the butt. I was loving every minute of it. I even wrapped my legs around his waist while he shot off up my butt for what must have been close to a half hour. I got so excited I shot off on my belly while he was doing me. When he got through, he had to peel my legs off of him to get up.”

“Jamie started shooting off in my mouth at the same time as the dude did in my ass and actually finished at the same time. I never knew anybody could shoot off that much. The dude really filled my butt up, and Jamie, well, I felt like I had eaten a huge meal by the time she finished. Her juice was delicious. It is embarrassing saying so, but I could have sucked her all day.”

“Suddenly Marcy's eyes turned this mesmerizing shade of blue and lit up like sapphires glowing in a fire. That golden ring lit up too. I had never seen anything like it. Then these two sharp fangs shot out of her mouth. When they did, Marcy tenderly separated my nuts before biting me in them. I started coming like crazy, but it was weird because I didn't shoot off. When she pulled back from me, she massaged one of my nuts while her daughter massaged the other.”

“Suddenly Jamie squealed in delight, 'Oh wow, Marcy. He's ready now.' That was weird. Jamie hadn't called her Mom, she called her Marcy. Marcy bit me again and started sucking the hell out of my balls. I was in ecstasy. I was coming like crazy, but nothing came out. Sometime after that, I must have passed out, because the last thing I remember was her sucking me.”

“Then I woke up with the Hershey squirts. It was strange. When I got ready to flush the toilet, it didn't smell like shit. It smelled just like I did when I woke up in the morning after beating off in my underwear just before I went to sleep. That's about it Doc."

Harvey asked, “Jason. This is important. Have you ever seen the little girl in your dream before?“ Jason quickly answered. “Sure, Doc. I was riding home on the school bus the day before. It was pretty wild. The bus driver stopped the bus on the street. Virtually in the middle of nowhere. I mean, there were places of business. Stores and such, but no houses or apartments.”

“The driver opened the door and this little girl got on the bus. She was the same girl in my dream. The big dude got on the bus with her, but I didn’t see Jamie. I guess she wasn’t with them then. After Marcy walked down the aisle, it got weird again. I was mesmerized with her beauty and she was fully clothed at the time. I was watching her closely. Well, actually, I was gawking at her all the way to the back of the bus.”

“I was sitting very near the front. When she got in the back, she just disappeared. Try as I might, I couldn’t see her anywhere on the bus. Now things get even weirder. It only takes forty minutes for the bus to get me from the school to the house. We had already been traveling a half hour when the little girl got on the bus. Three hours after she disappeared, she sat in the seat beside me. I was thrilled.”

“She told me her name was Marcy. She asked me who I was and then she told me to take my pants off for her. I couldn’t take my pants off. Not right there on the bus in front of all the other kids. I would be embarrassed all to hell if I did. The girl only said it once. As much as I made up my mind I wasn’t going to do it, I pulled them off for her anyway. For some reason I felt like I needed to make her happy. If it meant I needed to take off my pants, then I was going to.”

“She looked at me sweetly and said to take off my underpants too. I looked around at the other kids. No one seemed to care or notice that I was sitting in the seat with just a pair of red bikini underpants. I took them off. Then it got even weirder. The girl felt all around my nuts. After she fondled them for a while she smiled.”

“She said something to the effect, ‘Oh sweetie. You have some really smooth ones. I like that.’ Then she started jerking me off right there. When I started shooting off, the little girl reached down and got a little bit of it and tasted it. She put my hand on it and told me to finish it up myself.”

“I couldn’t believe I was sitting on the bus with just a tee shirt on beating myself off all over the seat. Even weirder. The little girl sat beside me as I shot off for what must have been close to ten minutes, with the big dude standing right beside the seat.”

“It was like he could give a shit the girl had been playing with my thing. When I put my pants back on, she told me I tasted really sweet and she would be by to visit me tonight. The little girl rode home with me and actually walked into the house with me to see my bedroom. Then she said good bye and was gone. I didn’t see her leave, she was gone. Just like that.“


Harvey and Jim thanked Jason for his honesty and returned to Jim's office. "Damn, Harvey. What the fuck are we supposed to do now? If all of this is true, there isn't a damned thing we can do to get these boys back to normal. If we should decide to get Harriet's help with this, will it really change anything even if Harriet does actually hook us up with this Marcy.?" "I doubt it, Jim. I guess we don't really have any choice. I am dying to meet this little girl, but I believe we need to spend quite some time with Harriet to get a good understanding of what we are getting ourselves into before we do. It could be extremely dangerous.”

“Think about it Jim. We are looking for a family that can go into a little boy's bedroom, do all kinds of sexual shit to him and eat his sexual organs, without anyone knowing they were there. That my friend in itself is awesome power. If that little nine year old is who Harriet says she is, we need to proceed cautiously."

"I understand your concern, but as Doctors of the medical profession, we have to try. Besides, I have to see her again." Harvey nearly swallowed his tongue. “What do you mean again?” Jim looked white as a ghost. “Harvey, I had an idea that some of this was familiar, but I didn’t really put it together until Jason gave his description of the events. Before I explain it, let me tell you a story. I didn’t tell it to you, because it was so fucked up.”

“I had been working the late shift in the ER that night. You know, the one that ends at noon. Around eleven o’clock in the morning, an ambulance rolled in to the circle. We had a radio report that two young children had had a collision on the beach. Actually ran into each other head first. It was a very unfortunate accident. The boy’s head was shoved so far back that it severed his spinal chord and he would never walk again.”

“He was a cute twelve year old. Not as cute as Jason or Oscar, but really cute none the less. The boy arrived first. Shortly afterward, another ambulance showed up with the girl. She was only nine. The EMT team had cut the girl’s bathing suit off to allow them to work more freely with the girl. When the call came in, the paramedics were frantic.”

“They were very concerned about the condition of the girl. It was like the whole crew was working on their own daughter. They were actually crying over the radio. The girl’s condition was grave. It upset me just hearing it. The little girl was unconscious, unresponsive, not breathing, in cardiac arrest, and every time CPR was done, blood squirted from her nose like a fire hose.”

“When they wheeled her in, I took one look at her and went into shock. I saw the prettiest little naked nine year old I had ever laid my eyes on. This is a really weird part. She was maybe 44 inches in height. Around thirty five or forty pounds, with dirty blond hair that reached just far enough to curl around these beautiful pink puffed up nipples that had no tits under them.”

“The girl’s snatch jutted out from between her legs invitingly. Her ass stuck out in the back making her figure one any girl would die for. Her legs were…… Oh, there are no words to describe those legs. The really exciting part was her eyes. The pupils and irises were jet black with a tiny golden ring around the pupils separating them from the irises. They were beautiful eyes. I could look into them all day.”

“I was in love, but as pretty as she was, I had no sexual desire for her whatsoever. I wanted to have her as my daughter. While she was sick, all that mattered to me was taking care of her. I cried right there in the emergency room right along with my whole crew. The girl was bleeding badly. She was turning ashen from the blood loss. I knew if we didn’t stop the bleeding right away, she didn’t stand a chance.”

“The crew that brought her in had looked as if they were playing with the girl‘s vagina instead of doing CPR. Turns out her heart is next to her snatch. We had to do the same thing. I finally got the bleeding stopped and managed to get her heart started. She was still in serious trouble. If we could keep her alive until morning, her chances were still not good, but would be ten times as good. That gave her a ten percent chance of pulling through.”

“I was so upset I could barely breath. Suddenly the girls Father showed up. The front nurse told me he was there. There was nothing else to do for the girl at that time other than watch and wait. I didn’t want to leave her, but I went out to see the Father. I issued orders to dress the girl in an adequate hospital gown so she wouldn’t be naked under the sheet if she awoke.”

“When I went into that waiting room, there was an impressive individual standing there. He looked to be around 190. Maybe five eleven or so. Tiny waist with big legs. He had these long arms that hung down past his knees. They looked like Popeye’s arms. The forearms were huge. The guy looked very strong and menacing.”

“He was really quite a handsome guy. It was weird. As soon as I saw him, my dick got hard. It was the same as if I had seen a beautiful naked girl. I wanted to suck the guy’s dick. All of this is the exact description Jason gave you. The guy scared the fuck out of me. Scared me so bad I did everything he asked me to. Including moving his daughter into the same room as the little boy that had injured his daughter.”

“The little girl’s name was Marcy Smith, and the guy’s name was Kenny Smith. I think the Smith part was fictitious. The rest of it you already know. The day after I put them in the same room, all of them disappeared just as I told you about then. That was some really weird shit in those ex rays.“ Harvey wanted to know. “Jim, I know all the records mysteriously disappeared, but do you still have the photos?“

“That’s another weird part, Harvey. My computer was wiped clean. There isn’t a damn thing in it. It’s just like it was when I bought it. All the pictures disappeared out of my safe and the damn thing hasn’t been opened as the counter never moved. Weird.“

Several months had gone by. Jason had no scars whatsoever from cutting his throat. Jim and Harvey had been amazed. It was impossible to even tell the boy had been injured. After spending a little time alone together, both the boys looked like normal twelve year olds. There was no sign of any pain. Dr. Harris had no choice but to send them home.

He thought it rather odd. He was already missing the sessions where he had to examine the boys in the bed. It was a thrill to him to just touch their skin. Dr. Harris was especially fond of rubbing Jason’s newly formed tits even though he could only feel them up for a few minutes at the time without Jason realizing he was just playing with them.

Jason and Davey went home to live with their mothers. Gloria sold her home moving herself and Davey in with Wanda and Jason. Jason proved to have an IQ comparable to Harriet's Oscar. Only a little higher. 600 to be exact, and is planning to attend UCLA this fall on a full scholarship. Medicine and business administration no less. Harvey and Jim decided to visit the boys from time to time, both to keep track of Jason's situation and because they truly like the boys a lot and look upon them as their family also.

They had all become very close. It was still a little weird as the boys would occasionally make advances toward them. Jason wanting to suck and Davey wanting to be sucked, yet ready to do what he called trade sucks. It was very tempting as they both wanted the boys something awful, but thought too much of them to accept. Neither ever got angry with the boys for trying as they both understood what the boys had been through.

The good doctors did give the boys a full physical in their room from time to time, just to be sure they were doing okay. Both the boys enjoyed being checked over by the doctors and both of them knew that the doctors were just using the exam as an excuse to touch them. It was a game the boys liked to play. They went through the motions of reluctantly giving in to a physical so the doctors would think they thought they were just being examined for their health.

That way the doctors would continue to give the exams. The doctors in turn were careful to always make it seem like they were only doing a thorough exam, so the boys would continue to let them give them. The exams magically got longer and longer. The boys enjoyed the exams as they got a really good finger fucking every time. All four of them seemed to get what they needed from the situation.

Wanda and Gloria appeared to be a little friendlier with each other than, just best friends should be. The boys wouldn't elaborate other than their Mom's share the same bed and they thought it was cool. Jim and Harvey were upset that they couldn't fix the boys' problem and they most certainly didn't tell them what they learned from Harriet. The way they figured it was if Jason stayed twelve years old for the next 2000 to 3000 years, he would certainly notice it sooner or later, especially after his precious Davey died of old age.

Harriet agreed to help. Jim and Harvey were at Harriet's home. Oscar and Joe were off tending to Oscar's business affairs. "I feel as if we know one another fairly well, so please call me Jim and of course Harvey feels the same way. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband." "Thank you for your heartfelt concern, Jim. The truth is my Tim is in a much better place now. I have watched him deteriorate to nearly nothing over the last three years. He went through an awful lot. It is such a relief that he is no longer suffering. Oscar has still taken it pretty hard, but I think he will get over it eventually."

Harvey spoke up, "Harriet, if it's all right with you, we'll sit here and listen while you tell us everything you can about the Bastard Bitch. We will try to hold our questions to a minimum, but will most likely interrupt every now and then. We also have a surprise for you that I think you will be happy to know given your fascination with the subject."

Harriet was surprised that the doctors felt they had some vital information about this that she didn't, but felt that if they really did, she would certainly be happy to know. "I have done quite some extensive study on the Chronicles since we last talked. I started studying one of the sections I felt wouldn't be very relative as a little break from Bitch. I know that sounds crude, but it is her name.”

“It was a section on her sister Lania. Turns out I was wrong. It was not only relevant, but opened my eyes to a lot of this. I have also been able to piece a lot of this together. One fascinating fact that came to light is The Bastard Bitch eats at exactly three AM. She takes all day to digest it, so she uses the second boy to shit. She literally shits through the boys penis via her fangs and his testicles. The boy shoots off the entire time she is messing in him. If he didn't, he would die from a very vicious infection.”

“Sometimes the twelve year olds will have an allergic reaction to her excrement. Their balls swell up to the size of a small beach ball or as Wedgepeth stated in his Chronicles, a large melon. Then they burst exposing his blood vessels. The boy lays there screaming in pain while he bleeds to death in his own bed. It is said that it was always such a trauma to The Bastard Bitch that her husbands actually ate the boys in her stead to save them for her.”

“It is not known how this was done as neither of the husbands possessed fangs. They made a great sacrifice for their love as they would forever crave a dick. The more they saved, the worse it would get. The warrior would be especially partial to 11 and 12 year olds. Thus Jamie was brought into the family to satisfy those new urges that the husband now had no control over.”

“That is why he sucked little Davey. He had to. Jamie supposedly suffered from an affliction according to the Chronicles. It was a birth defect. Jamie was born devoid of any male hormones. Although he had a penis, he was still a very feminine boy. Probably cute as all get out. The Bastard Bitch had to give him treatments to keep him young. Unfortunately the treatments combined with the lack of male hormones, turned poor Jamie into a girl.”

“Mentally and physically except for the presence of that penis, he thought and did everything a young girl would feel. The Chronicles stated that she bonded with the child to bring forth her full bloom. From then on and ever after the daughter would be the husband, everyday and the daughter still. That basically meant that Bastard bonded with Jamie solely to bring her pussy to the surface so Jamie could use it. It also meant that Bitch had full blown sex with Jamie everyday.

Including eating her daughter's pussy as well as satisfying her penal needs. From what I have seen, all of The Bastard Bitch's victims end up like Oscar and Joe. She eats the one and shits in the other. It is not the shit from his friend, but from the boy the night before. She more or less lines them up with one another to prevent a great tragedy before the boy she ate became capable of finding his own dicks and learned to fend for himself."

"The section I studied was one concerning Bitch's sister, Lania. I hadn't had an opportunity to study it before, as I fell prey to the same problem all the other historians that were delving into the study of The Bastard Bitch fell into. Once they find out that a certain section doesn‘t pertain to The Bastard Bitch, they move on to something else.”

“Since the Chronicles were so difficult to translate, no one wanted to waste all that time on something that wasn‘t pertinent to the real subject. Let me tell you a little about Lania before I start in on Bitch herself. Lania was of course the first born of Endora. What that means is that she was also the first born child of Bitch and as such held a special place in her heart.”

“Lania was a very beautiful child as she grew up and a beautiful woman even at her death at 90. Well beautiful for a 90 year old anyway. She had aged and died as any normal human would. Wedgepeth had written some strange things about her. We historians always refer to everything Wedgepeth wrote as either being legend or it is said that. So please bear with me on this. Some of the things are in parable form so I will either tell you it that way, or I will translate it as nearly as has been figured at this time."

"It is said that Hogarth had a special attraction to Lania. I believe it was worded something like this, 'Hogarth burned inside that he wanted to so with the first, as he had to with the second, but would kill himself if he did with either. Even so, the one that didn't remained nude while the one that did didn't. And neither ever really did with the exception of the two.”

“This of course blew my mind. After I dug into it a little more, it would seem that Hogarth had a fierce desire to have sex with both of his girls. Lania and Bitch. He was such a wonderful Father that he never did it with either of them with a few exceptions that due to Bitch's situation, he could not avoid and the two girls did it with one another, at least some anyway, although it could have been a whole lot. No one is really sure"

"Legend has it that Bitch had to feed off of her Father to survive until she was capable of eating on her own. Endora knew everything about the situation as she created it herself, however there were things that became that Endora would like to have not had become, but were necessary evils for her to pull off living forever.”

“Hogarth couldn't bring himself to make love to Bitch. Endora knew that it troubled him so, that she lied to him about the real importance of him doing it with the young girl. Bitch would get sick and die soon after turning thirteen if she didn't have it done. Trouble was Hogarth was the only man who could do her without causing a breach in the incantation. Endora really wanted Hogarth to make love to Bitch as she wasn't just his daughter, she was her.”

“Therefore Endora had to do it herself. I would imagine that was a trip for a thirteen year old girl to suddenly find that her own Mother had to have sex with her to keep her alive. She actually had to do her until Bitch turned eighty."

Jim couldn't take it any longer. "Harriet. This is all very fascinating and I really hate to interrupt, but I am having an awful hard time calling this little nine year old girl Bitch. Please allow me to tell you something that we discovered through talking with our patients. I had one of the boys think really hard about what he saw in his two dreams. He told me he saw a golden ring around her eyes the same as your Oscar and Joe. Not only was the guy there, but they had another little girl there with them. She was around eleven. The weird part was he described to me that he not only had to give the guy a blow job, but he had to do so with the older girl as well.”

“There was a lot more to it, but it was rather graphic and vulgar, so I refrain from mentioning it now. The other boy told me the same thing in his dream except he remembered distinctly what the nine year old had told him when she first appeared. She said, 'Hi there Jason. my name is Marcy. I am here to eat you Sweetie. Let me introduce you to my Daddy and my daughter Jamie.' The boys also mentioned that the guy's forearms were so huge they reminded them of Popeye the Sailorman. That is about all I could come up with. I know it isn't much, but I knew you would be thrilled to hear it. Will it be alright with you if we call the nine year old Marcy?"

"I would like that much better than Bitch. You must keep in mind however Marcy is not nine. She is well over fifteen hundred years old. Never lose that thought. It would be a serious mistake to do so. Marcy is a very, very powerful sorceress. She is also extremely intelligent. I will explain that later.”

“I can't believe it. The Bastard Bitch's third name has been right in front of us all the time and I fell prey to the same line of thought as all the other historians. It is clearly stated in the Chronicles. It said, 'My God Mauseh it is so sick. I dare not write what I see, no worse mistake could I ever make.' Wedgepeth's wife's name was Mauchienne and he always called her Mauseh.”

“Mauchienne is the direct translation for Marcianna and Mauseh is translated as Marcy. In many of his other subjects he would refer to her whenever he found something to be disgusting as he wrote it, but in them all it was clearly stated that he was telling her what he thought, as if she were there at the time.”

“This particular excerpt did not contain that reference, nor did any of the others mention any fear of writing what he saw. I and all the other historian's thought it was in reference to all of the sick stuff, when in fact it had been referring to Marcy bonding with two, one with a warrior as if from the sea, though the warrior be her father and the other the child. That was what we first thought had grossed Wedgepeth out. Then we historians realized Wedgepeth had actually been referring to the part where he stated the warrior be her father. Since Wedgepeth didn't describe what he saw, we may never understand what he really meant. We assume it meant the warrior did some really sick shit with the child.”

"Now I understand about the bonding and the one be a warrior as if from the sea and the other the child. Both of Marcy's husbands were there in the room with Davey and Jason. The big guy is the warrior. He was referred to as if from the sea for the very reason your young patients thought he looked like Popeye. Wedgepeth apparently saw him in his visions.”

“Marcy referred to him as her Daddy so that is also explained somewhat although not completely. Jamie is the child and she is a he as well as Marcy's daughter and husband. Now back to what I was saying. Turns out the incantation wouldn't work any other way. To survive it was imperative not only that Marcy suck off her father to eat, but he had to allow her access to his penis anytime she needed it. Not only to eat, but as a training tool.”

“It was necessary that Marcy become an expert on the male reproductive system. She could only feed in the nude as Hogarth needed to view Marcy's bared vagina in order to shoot off enough to keep Marcy alive. Marcy would do her father in plain view of her sister when she wouldn't be nude. Lania wanted to do the same, but Hogarth would not allow it as it wasn't a necessity for Lania to do so.”

“Lania was basically allowed to sit in her father's lap in the nude as he cuddled her close while Marcy did her thing both to allow Lania not to feel left out, and to be assured she felt she was loved as well. It sounds crazy, but I believe that if that hadn't been allowed, Lania would likely have seen little of her father as it is written that the second would feed from the father as many as five times a day for as long as two. That could have been up to ten hours a day and that was just the feeding."

"Now comes some more weird stuff. It was said that the oldest wanted the younger to the point of no return, though the younger had already had the oldest, she had no desire for her, yet did out of anger the first and love the other two. Obviously the part about already having had referred to the fact that Lania was conceived by Marcy so she in fact already had her. Upon further study, I found that no one can cast their eyes upon Marcy's nudity without burning with desire to get it. They would kill to get it. Apparently Marcy had gotten mad and showed it to Lania to get even."

"At the time Marcy was only twelve and had no powers. Marcy actually had her full powers by the time she was fifteen or sixteen. When Hogarth took his nine year old girl into battle, she was in fact never nine. The first time, Marcy was sixteen and the last time she went to battle with him, she was 75 and yet still nine. One other thing, the last time Marcy fed from her Father, she was only fifty. After that she went with her Father to protect him, though the Father thought she just needed to be near him. The Father of course neither wanted nor needed protection."

Jim had to know. "Harriet. How in the heck was a nine year old going to protect her Father in a ferocious battle?" Harriet smiled. “I will get to that shortly. Marcy never actually went into the battle. Marcy always remained in the tent at camp, though it was only a few hundred yards from the actual fighting. What Hogarth never knew was that Marcy was quite capable of defeating the other army all by herself and yet due to the way she would defeat that army, if she had to do battle with her father, she would be defenseless even with him having his arms tied behind his back.”

“Marcy‘s powers had no effect on her Father at all. She would use those powers against the army. Otherwise, Marcy has the same strength of a nine year old girl. Endora was well aware of this herself, but really saw no point to telling Hogarth as he would never have allowed it anyway. When I said Marcy never actually went into the battle with her father, it was a little deceiving.”

“Marcy actually came out of the tent in the nude at feeding times. She would walk into the battle field and suck her father while the rest of the men fought. No one ever saw her do this. None of the other men that were there. Only Hogarth himself and Wedgepeth in his visions. That is just an example of Marcy's power.”

“You can imagine what she is capable of if she can suck her Father, on the battle field, for hours at the time, without anyone seeing them. Not only didn’t any of the warriors see them, but they also avoided the area where they stood like the plague. So Marcy could feed for hours right out on the battlefield and neither of them were in any danger at anytime. As you can see Marcy was never in any danger going into battle with her father."

"Marcy's older sister dove on her pussy once she saw it. She could not help herself. Anyone that saw it wanted to. It gets weird from there. I will explain it as best I can, but the wording was strange, so I won't even bother with telling that. It seems that Lania's head was drawn all the way into Marcy's snatch. Slam to her shoulders. For over twelve hours. It is said had the mother not intervened that the two of them would have remained that way until Lania starved to death a week after her sister had already died. The poor little thing would have actually survived a week off of her sister's pussy juice."

"Lania married a man named Bertred. He was quite a wealthy man as his Father was then the King of England, though Bertred was not first in line for the throne and never became king. It was said Lania sat with her Father until the day she married and you already know what that meant. Lania's husband was in love with her sister, but could never satisfy that love, but was loved all the same in front of the first past the point of true desire. There is more, but I haven't had an opportunity to translate it as yet. Enough about Lania.”

“Should you decide to seek the child, there are things I will tell you that you can do and others you had best not. There are real problems. When you find the child, pray she does not find you to be her idea of cute. If she does she may have her way with you. You will have no say. Not only will you allow her to do as she will, but will be eager for her as well.”

“You may or may not know depending on what Jamie decides. Always keep in mind that she is a he and yet still a she, so what have her way with you, actually means, is kind of up for grabs if you get my drift. The Warrior may or may not be there at the time. If he is, he will not interfere, but will dream of ripping your head from your shoulders. I have discovered a small line you will find of interest. 'He would be Smythe, though he be Mourgain and a great warrior he be. His score be 600 when they shall meet. Many call him after a sailor, though her Father be more his calling."

"This is a very frightening line. You are basically looking to avoid a man named Morgan, that goes by Smith.” Jim and Harvey were shocked again. Apparently Smith was the real name after all. They elected to remain quiet. “We are talking about a man who had killed 600 men by the time he met Marcy and certainly many more by now. Perhaps as many more as he had already killed when they met.”

“Back in the day, that would have been impressive, but not exceptional for a great warrior. As you already know it doesn't hold a candle to Hogarth's kill rate. What makes it exceptional is that they were all killed in personal confrontations. All 600. Hand to hand. Face to face. One on one. Unlike Hogarth who swung a huge double edged sword, with hundreds of men standing in front of him ready to do battle. It was said to weigh a hundred pounds. It was reported that Hogarth only used one hand to swing that massive sword. He also reportedly swung it as easily as a rapier.”

“It was a huge sword with which he slew most of his enemy. Your Mister Smith killed nearly all 600 of them with his bare hands and many of them were armed with either a knife or a gun. And none of them in any kind of war. To do that in today's times is awesome indeed. Most would have been in jail way before they reached ten. What I am telling you is this guy is a real bad ass. Tough as nails.”

“Yet he is nothing compared to Marcy. What I have been saying is if I agree to find Jamie for you, you must understand. You cannot take her by force. Talk to her and tell her straight up what you want. Tell her you want to see Marcy. I believe she will take you to meet her, simply because you asked. What I mean by that is once you make it known to Jamie that you know who Marcy is, you will need to be dealt with and only Marcy can decide how."

"Be ever so certain that while you are with Marcy you do not lie. No matter how you feel about something, tell her what you feel. She respects the truth. Trust me, she already knows how the rest of the world would feel about what she does. It is also said that she knows what you are thinking before you do.”

“She reads as quickly as she can turn the pages of a book. Probably a thousand pages a minute or there about. Books on disc would be much faster. She remembers everything she reads, hears, or sees. That is why she is so smart. It is said that Redjfeldt taught Endora the workings of his chariot from whence he traveled here. If that is true, then Marcy knows as well.”

“What I am saying is Marcy is so smart that she can not only talk over any expert's head on any subject, but she has the knowledge to build a vehicle that is capable of traveling to distant galaxies in a flash. At much, much greater than the speed of light. In fact the Chronicles put it this way when it referred to Redjfeldt's chariot. He would be an hundred when he showed, but was only a few seconds younger when he left. Oh, his chariot, to it's rate of travel, it's horses would make light seem a snail.”

“As you can now see. Redjfeldt probably possessed little if any magic at all. It was all advanced technology, only Redjfeldt was wise enough not to give too much of it to a world that clearly wasn't ready for it yet. I can only imagine how advanced Redjfeldt's civilization he came from is now. Marcy may even know the location where Redjfeldt hid his chariot. If she does, rest assured she is quite mobile.”

“She could be almost anywhere in a flash. This is also why we believe it possible that Redjfeldt already had everything he needed. It is believed the ship probably had the capability of producing anything that would be needed. Of course that is pure conjecture and we have nothing to prove it. Not even Wedgepeth saw it on the inside.”

“One other thing you must always keep in mind, all you will be doing is seeking to understand. Marcy can do nothing to change the way she is. You must prepare yourself in your heart to keep what you learn to yourself. If Marcy feels you will tell, well who knows, but trust me, you won't tell. Purge your mind of any anger toward Marcy. Be sure in your heart that you mean her no harm. If you can't do this, do not seek her out as you will most certainly die.”

“Sadly, if you do find Marcy, you will likely die anyway. If she should ask you the source of your information, please tell her. She has most likely already read the Chronicles anyway. I believe that she didn‘t destroy the writings for the same reason Redjfeldt didn‘t. When someone that is not up to speed reads them, it is so far out in left field everyone considers it pure fiction. Face the facts, if the two of you hadn‘t run across Jason and Davey, you wouldn‘t believe any of this."

Jim looked at Harvey and then back at Harriet. "How do we find Jamie?" "I have made a few assumptions. First, if Marcy is still feeding here, she is probably also still here. Second the child will probably be going to school although I doubt seriously she is there to learn. If she is attending school, she will most likely go as a girl."

Harvey interrupted, "Harriet, if Jamie doesn't go to school to learn, why the heck would Marcy send her? It makes no sense to me at all." "My good Doctor. Marcy is far more intelligent than any one here. She would have to be tutoring Jamie herself to make her smart enough to survive in the world given her circumstances. Marcy would not be satisfied with Jamie learning the crap she would learn in school. The simple fact is that too much of it is incorrect and today's technology is far too primitive to leave Jamie's education at that. To put it bluntly, Marcy would consider Jamie to be illiterate. The same way we are compared to her. We of course don't realize this, but Marcy does.”

“Jamie is attending school to provide the warrior with young boys to satisfy his need for a dick. Jamie also has pretty much the same problem and that way she is constantly satisfied. Marcy set this up to keep Jamie happy and to be sure she always feels loved. I know I told you that Jamie is there for the warrior to suck, but the warrior needs to suck a lot. He cannot help himself, thus Marcy has arranged for him to have a variety of young hairless boys. Even though Jamie's sole purpose is to satisfy the warrior, they have both come to love her dearly. To help you understand, Marcy would never bond with someone she didn't love whole heartedly.”

“Bonding is not like marriage at all. In a marriage, people may get a divorce or they might even eventually die. Bonding is forever. There is no death, at least not from natural causes, and no divorce. Once you are bonded the love never dims. What I am saying is Marcy would gladly let herself be killed if it would save the life of either of her husbands. The family is probably already well established where they are. That is why you will probably die. The problem is if you found them then you can lead others to them as well. That puts Jamie at risk when he is at the school. It is simply a lot easier to kill the two of you than to set everything up all over again.”

“The child's name is Jamie and her last name will probably be Smith. Here is a list of 114 eleven and twelve year old girls that go to various schools through out the tri-cities. They are all Jamie Smith. I apologize for such a long list in such a small area, but it is a very popular name and there are a shit load of schools in this area if you‘ll excuse my French. You will be able to eliminate the ones you don't need pretty systematically. Excuse me for being blunt. Any that don't give you an instant hard on when you see them is not her. From what you told me about the boys' dreams, look for one that is exposing a lot of skin. Ask the rest if they know who Marcy really is. When you ask her that, you will certainly know that it is her." Jim and Harvey thanked Harriet and went their way.

Two weeks later, Jim got a disturbing phone call. Jason told him that both of his mothers had been killed in an automobile accident that morning and he and Davey had been placed in the care of child services. They were also informed that due to their ages, they would most likely be separated as no one would adopt both of them at the same time. Jason asked Jim if there was any way he could help as, if they were separated, even though he had already learned enough to survive himself, it would likely be the end for poor Davey as he wouldn’t be capable of getting enough sucks to survive on his own.

It would be hard to find even a pedophile that has the time to suck you every couple of hours. Jim told him the only way he could intervene was if he adopted them both and they came to live with him. Of course Jason and Davey would like that very much. Jim got an influential friend of his to set it all up by the end of the day. Davey and Jason moved in with him the next day.”

It was really weird for Jim as every now and then the boys got that look and headed to their room. They were constantly inviting him to accompany them as well. Jim wanted them both badly, but Harvey and himself had both grown to think of the boys as their sons and thus restricted their lust for the boys to the physical exams and to merely looking when ever the boys were nude.

Jason and Davey thought of them as their Dads also and made sure they showed them plenty of skin. Now they actually were Jim's sons. Harvey never married and had always wanted children. Particularly sons. Harvey thought so much of the boys he sold his place and moved in with Jim to spend more time with the boys. Well with the boy and the girl.

Jason was anything but a boy. He dressed in skimpy revealing girls outfits if he in fact wore anything at all. Jim and Harvey finally relented and let Jason be nude when he wanted to as long as there was no one else at the house other than the four of them. Jim and Harvey found they thoroughly enjoyed Jason's nudity, after all, he had a beautiful set of tits. They still managed to overcome the temptation to fuck him, but it was a very difficult thing. Davey was hard to resist as well, but he didn't get nude around the house except when he had to do it with Jason as a quickie where Jim and Harvey couldn't be away from them. Or when he and Jason were running around in the nude specifically to tease Jim and Harvey.

Jim had no wife either. She died several years ago from cervical cancer. Whenever Jim and Harvey had to work, Jim had his younger sister, Hellen stay over to keep an eye on the boys. His sister had no clue what the deal was with the boys, but Jim gave her strict orders never to enter the boys' room without knocking and then being invited in. Jim made Jason and Davey promise they would always be very careful to never allow Hellen to see them with any exposed skin, because he didn't want her subjected to that kind of temptation.

It would be very difficult for a 25 year old girl to resist sex with the boys should she see even their bare legs and naturally, the boys would not refuse her sex if she wanted it. Hellen was to ignore anything she might think she heard, no matter what she thought of it. Jim's sister had questioned him as to why the boys shared the same room when Jim had a seven bedroom home. Helen also found it hard to swallow when Jim assured her that Jason is a boy. She thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Jim told her perhaps some day he might try to explain it all to her, but for the time being she would just have to trust him that due to the boys' special circumstances that that is the way it must be.

After taking Jason and Davey to their Moms' funerals, Jim got with Harvey and they discussed whether they were both prepared to meet Marcy. They both decided to work on narrowing Harriet's list to the one and only Jamie. They also agreed that it was a good idea to bring Hellen up to speed on the boys. That way if something did happen when they found Marcy, Hellen would know enough to be able to care for the boys.

Unfortunately Hellen didn’t completely believe the story and the first time she was alone with the boys, she wanted to verify the story. Hellen was having a cup of coffee. Both the boys were at the table with her having breakfast. Hellen had been watching the two of them. To her, they looked far too sweet and innocent to be sucking each other like Jim said they do.

She had to ask, “Davey, Jim tells me that you are impossible to resist in the nude. He says that if I ever see it, I will have to suck it. Is that true?“ Davey laughed. “Yeah. It sure is. All I have to do is drop my pants and you’ll be all over me.“ Hellen then turned to Jason. “Jason. Jim tells me you don’t have a penis or a nut sack. Is that true?“ Jason didn’t even hesitate as he is quite comfortable with his new body now.

“Yeah that’s true. I got tits too. Want to see for yourself?“ Hellen grinned. “Take your clothes off and let me see.“ Davey said, “If you’ll close your eyes until we tell you to look, we will.“ Hellen closed her eyes. Both the boys stripped down. The next thing Hellen knew she was all over Davey’s dick. Later, Jason convinced her to suck his nub. It was a novel thing for Jason to taste a little pussy and suck real tits.

He thought that with his situation, he would never get any pussy. Davey laughed a little the first time Hellen tongued Jason in his asshole. The boys fell in love with Hellen and she with them. They did their thing right in front of her almost every time. It was also mutually agreed not to let Jim and Harvey know anything had changed in their relationship.

Jim and Harvey decided to check out Ashton Middle School first. The principal was reluctant to let them see the young girl at first without her parents permission, but Jim told a white lie about it being a medical matter and showed their identifications as doctors. The principal relented calling the girl to the office. She weighed 120 lbs and was ugly as homemade shit. They apologized saying that a mistake had been made and she was the wrong girl.

They visited all of the other schools on the list without any success. A couple of the young girls had been very cute, but not dick raising cute. Two weeks later, there was only one school and one girl left on the list. Their next stop was Buchannon Middle School. The principal introduced himself as Jack Stewart.

"What can I do for you gentlemen." Jim looked at the principal. "We are from the medical examiner's office. We are conducting an investigation into a severe virus that is going around. We need to examine one of your students that we have reason to believe has come in contact with the virus. Her name is Jamie Smith." Jack threw his hands up in the air. "I would like to help, but I have no such student, here by that name."

Harvey spoke up. "Perhaps you don't understand. We are already aware that you do have a Jamie Stewart here. I recommend you check your records and get that student in here pronto before I have to make a phone call." Jack sat there thinking. He called his attendance list up on the computer. "Oh, yes. I do have one at that. I will however need to see your identification before you may see the child. Regulations, you understand."

Jack picked up the PA and called little Jamie to the office after Jim and Harvey showed their medical identification. When sweet Jamie arrived at the office, Jim and Harvey got instant hard ons. She was dressed in a skimpy halter top and a short, short skirt. Her legs were just gorgeous. Jim thought, "This must be the girl." He turned to the principal. "Mr. Stewart. We will need to speak with Miss Smith alone."

Jack excused himself and left the office. Jim told the little girl, "We know who Marcy is. Take us to her." The little girl just smiled saying, "I can't take you to Marcy." Jim tried again. "And just why not?" Jamie replied, "Because I don't know who she is." Jim turned to Harvey and whispered into his ear. "This has to be her. There is no one else left on the list and besides, she is so damned pretty that I just came in my pants" Harvey laughed.

"There is one sure fired way to find out. Just bear with me and we will know in a few minutes." Harvey turned to the little girl. "Jamie. My name is Dr. Roberts. I am with the state medical examiners office. There is a really bad virus going around. If you have it, you may die from it. How ever the antivirus can cause severe complications as well. Therefore we don't want to administer it unless we are sure you have it.”

“It doesn't have any apparent symptoms until you start vomiting vehemently. When that happens, it is too late to take the antivirus. Eventually you start throwing up blood and die. It is quite painful. We have found out that you have frequented one of the areas where the virus has been prevalent. It is imperative that we give you a thorough exam to be sure you are not a carrier."

The girl looked up saying, "I certainly don't want that to happen. Where do we do the exam and what does it involve?" Harvey said, "If you would just disrobe for us now while no one is in here, the exam only takes about an hour. If you don't want to do it here, we will have to go to Rodham County Hospital to have it done there. There will be about twenty people on the exam team. That could be much more embarrassing than going ahead and subjecting yourself to the exam now."

Jamie shrugged her shoulders. She stood up and removed her clothes. The girl had an exquisite set of tits. Just adorable. Her legs were so shapely and she had some fascinating tan lines. Both the doctors were creaming in their pants again at the sight of such a beautiful young lady being so exposed. Jim knew straight up that as pretty as the little thing is, she is not the Jamie. The problem is she just doesn't have a dick.

Harvey went through the motions of giving her a fairly thorough exam. At least thorough enough to convince her that it was necessary for her to remove her clothes to complete the exam. Besides, it was a real pleasure touching her smooth skin. Harvey went wild as he felt those luscious tits. The warm wetness of the little darling’s snatch was wonderful. He had been unable to resist reaming the cute little thing out thoroughly.”

“The sweet girl actually had an orgasm before Harvey pulled his finger out of her tight pussy. Of course she pretended she wasn’t having one and Harvey pretended he didn’t know she had. She squirmed all around as Harvey ran his finger up her ass and pulled it back out. He slid an anal thermometer in in place of his finger. He pulled it back out after several minutes. Harvey checked the reading on the thermometer.

Harvey whispered to Jim. "Jim. I didn't like the way that sniveling bastard was acting. I think he was hiding something besides this girl. Besides, the girl doesn’t seem the least bit embarrassed being nude in front of us. It has been my experience that young girls that are this relaxed when nude in front of strangers are usually being molested and generally frequently.“

Jim piped in, “Couldn’t it be that her parents are nudists and she is just used to being at the camp nude?“ Harvey replied, “No. The girl has tan lines. That in itself is not a tell tale sign. Children that frequent nudist camps often have tan lines, but they also have tans on their private areas. This girl has none. One other thing, kids get used to the seemingly safe environment of the nudist camp and are quite relaxed in it, but they get antsy when subjected to nudity outside of that protected environment.”

“Trust me, this girl is quite used to being undressed in front of a lot of people and it isn‘t from being at any nudist camp. Maybe she knows something. I am going to take a small risk to find out. He turned to the little girl. "You can get dressed now Miss. You are just fine. There are no traces of the virus."

Jamie looked relieved. "Oh. Thank God. I was really scared that I might have it." Jamie got dressed. While she was dressing, Harvey absent mindedly made the statement. "I thought for sure you knew Marcy, but I must have been mistaken. I hope I didn't upset you, but we were actually looking for a boy disguised as a girl and unfortunately this was the only way to be sure you weren't him. We really had to take extreme measures to find him as he may be very sick.”

“You don't know about any such boy do you?" Jamie beamed as she finished putting her clothes back on. She said, "You didn't upset me. I am glad I didn't have the virus. I guess it was okay undressing in front of you for such an important thing. Please don’t tell anybody you examined me in the nude. I don’t want anyone to know. It would be very embarrassing to me. Is this boy in a lot of danger?"

Jim said, "Yes. Jamie, he certainly is. We are very concerned about him." Jamie pulled at the front of her crotch like her underwear had gone into the wrong place. That not being satisfactory, she ran her hand under her skirt and pulled them out to where she wanted them thus innocently giving the doctors one more lengthy look at her delectable snatch.

"I don’t know anything about any boy being disguised as a girl here. There is a girl here that has a penis, but she really is a girl. There is nothing boyish about her except that penis. She fucks me with it all the time. She is in room 12. The principal isn't likely to tell you about her without a little prodding.”

“Mr. Stewart spends too much time with Jamie. I have seen what they do, although Mr. Stewart doesn't know I can. I have seen the other kids go into a daze while the principal does that thing to Jamie. Its like he puts them to sleep or something except they are walking around tending to their business as if the principal wasn't even there. Everyone's eyes look glazed over. I seem to be immune to it, but I pretend I am in a daze too as it scares me when it happens. I am afraid that Mr. Stewart will do it to me too."

The doctors dismissed cute little Jamie after thanking her for her help. The principal came back in after the girl left. Mr. Stewart cleared his throat. "Well gentleman did you find the information you needed?" Jim shot back angrily. "We most certainly did. You have a Jamie Smith in room 12 that you don't seem to want us to know about. She isn’t listed as a student. Call her into the office now."

Jack smiled. "I don't know what you are talking about. I already brought Jamie in and you already talked to her." Jim was really pissed now. "You are not cooperating with this investigation. You can be indicted for interference. That charge alone carries a potential sentence of five years. Mr. Stewart, if that isn’t enough for you, we have a witness that will testify that you are doing things sexually to a young girl in room 12. If you get off your ass and call that girl down here right now, depending on what she says, we may be convinced to forget about the witness. Capeesh?"

Mr. Stewart turned pale. “Gentlemen. Things are not what they seem. I am not the monster you think I am. You think you are protecting an innocent child from harm. Actually you have no idea who you are messing with. The best thing for you to do is to leave. Forget about what you have heard and leave. For your own good, get out before Jamie gets in the office.“

Jim was even angrier than he had been before. “Don’t you threaten me you sniveling child molesting bastard.“ Jack threw his hands up in a submissive gesture. “Gentlemen. When I said you don’t know who you are messing with, I was not referring to myself. Since you will not heed my warning, suit yourself.” Jack picked up the intercom. Switched its channel to room 12. "Jamie Smith. Report to the office immediately." He sat down the PA. "Okay gentlemen, she will be here shortly." The men sat there quietly waiting on Jamie's arrival.

Jamie had been doing stuff with Jack for several years without hypnosis. The principal would often call Jamie to the office when he felt an urge to have her. He liked Jamie's pussy, but was still very fond of sucking Jamie's dick as well. Usually Jamie was ready and willing as he thought Jack was a hunk, though sometimes he would refuse to let him have it as it was necessary from time to time to remind Jack who was actually in charge.

Jamie's pussy had already been squirming. Jamie had stripped down nude to do it with one of the boys he had a fondness for when he was paged to the office. Jamie wanted some peter like right now. Since he had to go to the office to see what the silly bastard wanted, he reasoned the principal's peter would be just right to satisfy the urge he had, both to relieve his pussy and to satisfy his need to suck. Jamie saw no point to dressing.

When Jamie walked into the principal's office, Jim and Harvey were blown away. When Harriet told them to look for one exposing a lot of skin, they hadn't quite expected this. This little girl was not only dick raising beautiful, but she was completely nude and had the cutest little pencil dick between her legs. Jamie put the first little girl to shame in the beauty department.

Harvey and Jim couldn’t believe they were actually shooting off in their pants a third time without any physical stimulation. The principal didn't bat an eye. He knew there was no need to worry about what Jim and Harvey would think of Jamie being nude, because he knew Jamie had a magic about her that made people do what she wanted them to. Besides, how many little girls had a pussy and a dick.

The principal spoke to Jamie. "Jamie these two gentlemen insist they have witne........." Jamie interrupted him. "Please be quiet Jack. I already know why they are here. Don't worry about yourself. I will keep you out of trouble. You know I already promised that to you when I convinced you to start letting me do it with you. Trust me. That is a promise I will keep."

Jim spoke up. "I wouldn't be too sure you'll keep that promise, Miss Smith. The good principal is in an awful lot of trouble for having sex with his students." Jamie looked at Jim and Harvey. He ignored the statement, although Jack looked as if he might shit all over himself at any time. Jack was really worried. Jamie turned to the doctors.

"Dr. Harris. Dr. Roberts. Please just sit where you are for a few minutes until I get what I need from this dude and I will be right with you. Relax, I already know why you are here." With that said, Jamie laid across the desk and bade the principal to do his thing. Jamie wrapped his little legs around Jack's waist pulling him close as Jack entered Jamie's luscious pussy.

Jim and Harvey were shocked at what they were seeing. It was just too much. Here they were in the junior high school. In the principal's office and he was actually having sex with an eleven year old girl right front of them. They also knew that it would be a serious mistake to try to stop any of it. They both elected to just sit and watch.

Jamie was something else indeed. After the principal fucked the shit out of Jamie, he put his mouth between Jamie's legs. Jim and Harvey could see Jack swallowing diligently for over twenty minutes when Jamie first started gyrating her hips as Jack sucked her penis. When Jack finished, Jamie had him sit in a chair. Jamie sucked him off. When Jamie finished, he said, "Jack, if you'll excuse us, I have business to discuss with these two gentlemen. Please don't come back in until you see the door is open." Jack left the office.

Jamie turned his attention back to Jim and Harvey. "Let us be a little more informal, shall we? You can call me Jamie. I guess the two of you are a little stunned at my appearance, however not completely stunned. Something you must understand. Jack is a good man. He is a loving father with four young children. So you know up front. He doesn’t have sex with any of his children. He does not know he has sex with his students. As far as he knows, I am the only child he has ever done it with. He is sickened inside by the fact that he has desires for me.”

“Jack thinks he is really fucked up because he has to have me frequently. He doesn’t know that if I didn’t want him to do me and of course if I didn’t look like I do, he would never want to do anything to me. What I am saying is none of it is Jack’s fault. He isn’t responsible for any of it. He just does what I make him do. You would be no different. Jack has had sex with all of the kids in the school except little Jamie and a boy named Billy in room 20. You met her earlier.”

“She is the only person besides my parents that are immune to my hypnosis. Well, at least to my mass hypnosis. I can put her under pretty good when there are four or less in the room besides her and myself. She has no idea that I know she is awake and she has no idea that I am the one doing the hypnotizing. She thinks that Jack does the hypnosis as when ever Jack is in the room, I put a glaze over everyone's eyes for her benefit.”

“She is scared to death that Jack will do something with her. When ever Jack isn't there everyone looks normal and Jamie only sees me do it when no one is around. I didn’t do anything with her the first half of the school year. I just made her and Billy parade around the school in the nude to excite me. Now, she does it with me when ever I ask her to. She has done it all with most of the other students, including the girls, although none of them know she has and she just thinks it is something special to please me.”

“She would do it with Jack too, if I asked her to, but I know she really despises him, so I don't ask her to do him. Her being awake doesn't matter as she will do anything I ask her to do. Including killing anybody I were to tell her to kill. The point is you need to forget about trying to prosecute Jack as he only does what I tell him to. He has no control over his actions when I am around. He is no pervert and whenever I am not around, the other kids don’t interest him sexually at all.”

“He doesn’t ejaculate in his pants when he sees little Jamie in the nude, unlike two other people I have seen. You both know what I am saying as your underpants are soaking wet now and you are worried sick it will soak through and I will see it. Don't worry. I think you are really cute Jim, but for the time being I am satisfied. I will make a deal with you. If you will be truthful with me when you explain yourself, I will refrain from doing anything with you sexually.”

“If you lie to me, I am going to make you do all kinds of shit. Probably some of it with a few of the young kids in this school. A few girls and the rest boys. Maybe in front of the rest of them. Or if you find it repulsive having sex with young children, we can go to the high school, or perhaps you would prefer one of the dogs outside. I am sorry Harvey. You are simply not my cup of tea, but there is no reason that a few of the boys wouldn't find you to be their cup. Have I made myself clear?"

Jim said, "What makes you so sure you can do all of that. You're mighty cocky for a little girl." Jamie grinned. "I see. A demonstration is in order. Let me think for a minute. I have been telling the two of you what to do all along, but you don't seem to realize it. I need something to get your attention without getting too gross. Something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do that will get you to realize that I am and have been calling the shots all along.”

“Ah yes. Harvey. I want you to sit in the big chair. Jim. I want you to sit in Harvey's lap and give him a long sweet loving kiss. Harvey, you stick your tongue in Jim's mouth when he kisses you. Jim. I want you to suck on Harvey's tongue and rub the front of his pants until he gets aroused. Then I want you to fish his thing out and suck him off. Make sure you swallow it all. Harvey. I want you to let your friend suck you off. Put your hands behind his ears. Pull him up close and tell him how good it feels."

Harvey sat in the big chair. Jim sat in Harvey's lap. Jim kissed Harvey and rubbed his penis gently until it was a stiff boner. Jim fished it out and sucked hungrily on it as Harvey moaned about how wonderful it all was. When it was over, Jim sat there spitting as he tried to get the taste of his friends juice out of his mouth. Jamie said, "How about now?" Jim said, "I certainly read you loud and clear."

Jim told Jamie everything he knew up to this point. "Of course, Jamie, we don't understand it all, but we are just dying to meet Marcy. I am hoping she will be kind enough to explain it all." Jamie interrupted him. "I can't promise my Mother will tell you anything. As far as your dying to meet her, that you may very well do. Since you were so honest and told me what is in your heart, I will try to put in a good word for you. Maybe Marcy will have mercy on you. It will help if I tell her about how cute I find you to be. It would be more helpful if she knew that I had already done it all with you, but a promise is a promise and as bad as I want you, I will not do anything with you.”

“She will probably kill you both anyway, but I will do my best to convince her that the two of you can be trusted to keep all of this to yourselves. We will see. Come with me please. I will take you to see Marcy." Jim spoke up, "Jamie, I have been told you are a she that is a he. It is somewhat confusing. You look like a sweet little girl, yet you have a penis the same as any boy your age and yet you also have a pussy as well. This is embarrassing to say, but when I saw your penis, I wanted to suck it really bad and then suddenly the feeling went away. Do you consider yourself to be a boy or a girl?"

Jamie smiled. "It makes no difference what I think I am. I am all girl. I look like a girl, other than this thing here." Jamie shook his little penis at the two men as he continued. "I am still a boy in some ways. I call myself a boy and I am called a he by my Daddy and by Marcy and of course my sisters, yet I think like a girl. Everyone else thinks I am a girl. Anything a young girl finds desirable, I like. I love to play with dolls. Sometimes my Daddy will play dolls with me. He doesn't like it, but he does it because I love it when he does.”

“He does anything I like because he loves me so. I like big hairy guys, although I still enjoy a smooth hairless boy from time to time as well. I will tell you up front that I love a dick and I want one all the time. I really want to do it with you, too, Jim I can just imagine slurping your juice from between your legs. Ahhhhhhhh well, promises must be kept. After all, I am a boy of my word. Marcy taught me and my Daddy to read minds like she does although we aren't as good at it as she is and Daddy is much better at it than I.”

“I read your mind and I know you didn't want to violate me because I am a child. I knew you would find that most disturbing. Also I found you felt the idea of sucking Harvey’s dick much more disgusting than he does sucking yours. Secretly he has always wondered what it would be like to do yours. As a matter of fact, if you were to ask him, he would suck it for you whenever you wanted him to.“

Harvey turned blood red with embarrassment, because he knew Jamie was right. He had always had a secret admiration for his friend. He wasn’t queer, because he had never had an interest in another man, but for some strange reason he had always wanted to hold Jim’s peter in his mouth. Jamie was still telling them what was going on.

“I only told you that so he won’t be tempted to tease you about your having sucked his. The fact is anyone that sees me wants me, so do not be embarrassed about having wanted me. One thing I want you to remember. Should you ever change your mind, I am yours for the asking. Your friend there would have no qualms with doing me. He really wants me some kind of bad, though I must say he certainly has a lot of will power to have resisted asking me for it. He must be quite a man and would most certainly make someone a good father.”

“I put a block on you and I simply do not desire to do him, but if it turns out that Marcy has to kill you both, I may let Harvey have me as a sort of parting gift. It will be the least I can do for him. I am hoping that you may change your mind and let me have you for the same reason. Because of my dick, I need a little pussy sometimes too. I particularly enjoy Marcy's. My sister Anna's is sweet as well. I really like it a lot too, but not as much as my Mom does."

Jim and Harvey were taken aback at this statement until they remembered Jamie was actually married to his Mom. They still didn't understand why Jamie felt it normal to have his sister nor did they understand why Marcy liked her other daughter's pussy.

Jim and Harvey were shocked. They were both wondering what they had gotten themselves into. They also realized they were in grave danger, yet there was nothing they could do to undo any of it now. When Harriet told them Jamie was a formidable adversary in her own right, they had wondered how she would be so. Now it was clear. Jamie was a very weak and small child, yet she commanded the situation.

They would do anything Jamie asked them to. She was simply that irresistible. Hell, Jim realized he would suck shit from the back of Jamie's ass had she wanted him to. They were pretty well at the mercy of an eleven year old girl. Well, one that looked eleven anyway. Soon they would be at the mercy of The Bastard Bitch. It was amazing. Oscar was right. Jamie makes him look like a hag. From the looks of Jamie, Harvey could only imagine how mesmerizing Marcy might be.

The three of them made their way to the beach and worked themselves up the beach to Jamie's home. When they entered the house, Anna and Serena were watching a movie. Serena was gently tantalizing Anna's clit. Of course both were nude as usual. Jamie bid Jim and Harvey to be seated as he went straight to his room and quickly undressed before reentering the room.

Jamie introduced Anna and Serena to Jim and Harvey. Then he told them that Marcy and Kenny would be back within the hour. They left him a message at school that they would be shopping for tonight's supper. Of course Jamie didn't elaborate on exactly what that meant. Jim and Harvey were very curious about why there were two naked girls sitting on the couch. They realized Anna was one of Marcy's special daughter's, but this twelve year old, Serena, was not only nude, but appeared to be ever so slightly pregnant.

Maybe four months worth from what Jim could tell. She also had blue nipples. It was obvious someone was sucking the hell out of them. It was all kind of odd and some of it just didn’t add up. If these people were really the sexual perverts they were reported to be, why then didn’t the other girls have blue nipples? Why weren’t they pregnant?

Jim and Harvey had been sitting in the living room for close to an hour with Jamie steadily telling Jim about himself and occasionally reminding Jim how much he wants to do him, when Marcy and Kenny returned. Jim and Harvey were in shock. Marcy was without a doubt the prettiest girl they had ever seen. Their dicks got hard right off the bat as soon as they saw her. She also looked exactly like all three of the boys and Joe had said she did.

At least as much as they could see with her clothes on. Mister Smith on the other hand was an impressive sight. Harvey thought to himself, "Damn. His fucking arms are bigger than my God damn legs and longer too. They actually do hang down past his knees. And look at the size of those forearms. I would hate to have to tangle with him. That is one fearsome looking individual. I can see how he would frighten a twelve year old boy. Shit he scares the fuck out of me too."

Jim was shocked. He had seen these two before. He remembered the events at the emergency room. How beautiful the young girl had been. How as soon as he saw her little pussy, he wanted to cuddle her close and protect her. Not fuck her. That was weird. A beautiful girl like that that kept semen trickling from the tip of his thing and he had had no thoughts of sex with her what so ever. He never did see her while she was conscious. Well, she certainly was now.

All Jim had on his mind now when he looked at her was that he sure would like to have some of her. And the funny thing was she was fully dressed. Well, she was showing a lot of leg and chest with those short shorts and halter top, but she wasn’t showing any of her personal stuff. The guy had sacred the hell out of him then too. It was obvious at the time that if he did anything out of the way to that little girl, or if anything had happened to her, the dude would have killed him.

Jim had been worried sick when the girl had disappeared. He thought she might have been kidnapped and thought the big guy would do a slow kill on him when he found out. Fortunately, the huge bastard disappeared as well. Marcy looked at Jamie. "Well, Sugar Britches. I see you have company." Marcy said this like it was perfectly normal for two grown strangers to be sitting in front of three naked children. Especially when Serena was still playing with Anna's clit. "Please excuse me for a few minutes gentlemen. I have an urgent matter to attend to. Then I will be right with you. Anna, come with me. I need you." Anna headed to the bedroom and Marcy followed.

Kenny said, "Marcy won't be back in for about three hours. We all know why you are here, but I prefer to hear it come off of your lips, so lets pretend I don't know jack and you can explain it to me. Marcy will hear what we are saying, so she will already be up to speed when she returns. Jamie why don't we start with you. You can introduce these fine gentlemen and make a plea for their lives after telling me how you met them."

Jamie looked somewhat worried. He knew Kenny already knew everything he was about to say. Jamie also understood Kenny wanted it all said for two reasons. One. Jim and Harvey needed to be clear on what was taking place and of course could only know what was being said. Two. Kenny wanted to hear the inflexion in their voices as even though Kenny was very good at mind reading, he couldn’t pick up the passion of thought like Marcy could. Marcy not only knew what you were thinking, she knew how you felt as well.

It was also known to Jamie that even though Marcy could easily call the shots on anything, and it might appear she was due to the way Kenny treated her, the simple fact was Kenny did anything he decided to do, whenever he wanted to. Jamie didn’t understand the deal, but as powerful as Marcy is, it seemed, at least to Jamie, that somehow or another, Kenny got Marcy to do as he wanted.

What that meant was Kenny would decide the fate of Jim and Harvey and Jamie knew that as well. Jamie knew Kenny was ready to snap Jim's and Harvey's neck at any time, so what he said could make all the difference. Jamie ran over to Kenny kissing him on the lips. "Hi, Daddy. This is Doctor Jim Harris. And of course his colleague Doctor Harvey Roberts. They came by my school today to meet Marcy.”

“I think Jim is a hunk. He is just so darling. I really want him to do me. He would feel so good inside me. He is the only man I ever met that was more concerned with my well being than having me for his pleasure. I am in love with him for that and because I find him to be very handsome and desirable. I am in love with him, Daddy, but I didn't get him to do it, because he was so concerned about what it might do to me psychologically if he did anything with me.”

“He was genuinely concerned about my well being. I still want him. I really like him a lot. I am hoping that someday he will be in love with me as well. I'd like to make him my older brother. He could sleep in my room with me. Please talk Marcy into not harming him. If Marcy decides to explain it all to them, she will kill them afterwards. I am hoping Jim will see that there is nothing bad about having a little fun with me once he understands our situation. Please don't let her kill him."

"Jamie, I understand your feelings, but what about Harvey? How do you feel about him?" Jamie started crying. "He wants to fuck me something awful, but it isn't his fault. He was able to resist the urge without me holding him off. That means he is a really good caring man. He is also Jim's best friend. Harvey doesn't turn me on in the least, but I still like him and I don't want anything to happen to him. I'll even do it with him if it will keep him alive too."

Kenny assured Jamie, "I'll talk with Marcy and do my best. However you must remember as gentle and caring as Marcy is, to save these two guys and that is if she even decides to try, she must satisfy the incantation that they don't have to be killed. That may take several months. It may turn out to be one of those deals where there is no choice. If it does, you must prepare yourself for it. If she decides they are worth salvaging, they will have to stay with us until Marcy figures out how to do it.”

“Even if the incantation says they must be eliminated, they are safe as long as they are here. I will try to convince her to go all out to think of something since I know how much they mean to you. We certainly don't want to put you through all that pain and hurt if we don't have to." Jim and Harvey were looking at one another like what the fuck have we gotten ourselves into. They both understood the importance not to interrupt or say anything until they were asked to. Though they were afraid for their lives, their thoughts were actually on what would become of Jason and Davey. If they are separated, they will be dead too. That was a terrible thought.

Kenny turned to Jim. "Why don't you tell me your story. Don't leave anything out. Any detail may prove to be crucial. I want to know how you found out about The Bastard Bitch, how you found out she is Marcy, and what led up to it all." Jim thought for a minute before speaking. He went into great detail explaining about all that had taken place with Jason and Davey. Kenny winced when he found Jason had cut his throat. Jim told all about Harriet and her boys. Telling what he found out about Marcy.

"You don't mind me calling her Marcy, do you? I just can't get used to calling her The Bastard Bitch." Kenny grinned. "No. I don't mind at all. I'll let you in on a little secret. I had trouble with calling her that myself." Jim continued until he spilled his guts on everything he knew. "Mister Smith. Of course I don't want to die, but my main concern here is nothing happens to the children. If we are not there to protect them, they are as good as dead. That would upset me something awful. If you should have to kill us, promise me they will be taken care of. They have already lost their Moms and if they lose us too, it will be very traumatic for them."

Kenny spoke up, "Yes. I can tell you are very concerned about Jason and Davey's well being. If you have to be eliminated, I assure you we will take the boys in with us. They will be well cared for. Davey will be a little more difficult to deal with when he grows into a man, but he is probably young enough right now that we should be able to train him on the necessity of keeping our situation a secret. If not, he will have to be eliminated then as well.”

“If that happens, I am sure Jamie will see to Jason's needs. Jason already knows, so he will be no problem. I think I have learned all I need to for now. I want the two of you to sit quietly until Marcy returns. You must understand there are things that take place here you will think are very strange. You may find some of it to be sick, but it all has to be done. Unfortunately, you will have to observe it all. Marcy may or may not explain it to you. Please do not say anything about any of it unless someone asks you how you feel. Come over here Jamie. I need you."

Jamie walked over to the couch, sitting next to Kenny. Kenny leaned over taking Jamie into his mouth. Jim looked at Harvey. Harvey seemed to be amazed at what he was seeing. It was also obvious that Harvey wished he could trade places with Kenny. Jim found the whole thing to be disgusting. No man should be doing that with a young boy. Three hours went by. Jim was thoroughly sick to his stomach. He had spent the whole three hours watching Kenny and Jamie take turns doing it all with each other.

Harvey was in a trance. His pants were wet in the front. Obviously he had been getting off on this. Of course Jim didn't hold Harvey at fault for his reaction to these events. Jim found it quite difficult to resist Jamie, himself. Hell, Jim found himself in somewhat the same situation Jason had admitted to during his dream. Jim realized Kenny was one good looking guy and he found he was thoroughly enjoying Kenny's form.

The thought entered his mind several times that it wouldn't be real difficult to slobber on Kenny' s penis for an hour or so. Now, Jim knows how Jason felt when he saw Kenny that night. It's a hard feeling to describe. Jim wants to do Kenny so bad he would go down on him right away if Kenny asked him to, but at the same time he finds the idea so repulsive it is all he can do to keep from throwing up just thinking about it..

Marcy walked back into the room. Kenny noticed everyone besides Marcy and himself had gone into a hypnotic stupor. Kenny figured quite correctly Marcy and he were getting ready to have a very serious discussion. "Daddy, I wanted to discuss with you, what needs to be done about this situation. Jamie will be heartbroken if I kill these two men. He is actually already in love with Jim. Were it not for Jim, I could let Harvey go. But I can't let Jim leave as the situation is at this time, because regardless of what Jim says, he is not willing to let the things that we must do to survive go with out trying to bring the authorities in on it.”

“I can deal with the law, but it may become a royal pain in the ass, depending on how many of them find out about it and actually start to believe that it is true. We could end up having to move around a bit more than we like for fifty odd years until everything calms down and the people involved start to thinking that maybe they are just chasing superstitions. Or perhaps I could make them think they killed me. That would be a lot more difficult and it would require sacrificing a young innocent girl. She would have to be beautiful and flawless. She would also have to look very similar to me.”

“I would have to slip her in at the right time allowing the police to kill her so they would realize that due to their ignorant superstitions, an innocent child was killed. I will of course have the girl's Mother show up at just the right time to make a martyr out of the little girl. The recoil of those events will cause them to give up any further notions of any Bastard Bitch. Unfortunately I am not willing to sacrifice any sweet young girl that way and we aren't going to be uprooted until you decide you are tired of this area. I like it here. Therefore, we will have to deal with the immediate problem. If I kill Jim, then Harvey must die as well, because though he will let our situation go, he would not do so with the death of his friend.”

“There are some other options. I can let them both go on a sort of bail. They get to go home to take care of Davey and Jason until we decide what must be done. The bond for the bail is nothing short of blackmail. I will get Jamie and Anna to sit in the living room. We will video tape them while Jim and Harvey gang rape them. Anna thinks they are kind of cute and wants a go with them anyway.”

“Jamie being forced to suck them and all the other horrible scenes will forgo any ideas that Jim has to say anything about our situation as he will want to protect Jason and Davey. Jamie of course won't have any problem going along with it all, as he wants to do it all with Jim any way and is willing to do anything to save the two of them. Anna is not averse to sucking a stranger's dick. She wants to please me and will gladly do anything I ask of her.”

“As added insurance, we will give the good doctors each a copy to watch so they can remember what Jason and Davey might have to go through should the conditions of the bail be broken. They will also be quite aware of the repercussions should the police obtain a copy of the tape showing them attacking and molesting a couple of sweet innocent kids. Especially when the children are no where to be found. That would be very difficult to explain.”

“The police would be certain they were killed to prevent their ratting out Jim and Harvey for molesting them. That should afford us enough time to decide what needs to be done. We could just keep them prisoner on Glory, but then we would have to either let Jamie think we killed them or we would have to let Jamie know about Glory and everything else that goes with it. None of that is a good thing at this point in time. Jamie is just not ready for all of that, although it may well end up that that is our best option."

Kenny listened enough to realize the true delicacy of the situation. The major concern here is Jamie. If the wrong decision is made, or even the right one too quickly, Jamie could be devastated. He could be harmed so psychologically he may never recover. That is not acceptable under any circumstances. "Marcy, why don't we set up the bail? It would be the best thing to do at this time." Marcy nodded. Immediately, Jamie came to. "Jamie, Darling. We have several options available for Jim and Harvey. We will present these options to you and then allow you to decide what to do for now."

Marcy went over all the options with of course the exception of Glory. Marcy knew of course what Jamie would choose as he wanted to protect Jim and Harvey, but wasn't willing to leave the friends he has here, nor was he willing to kill an innocent little girl. Jamie wasted no time volunteering to participate in making the tape. Marcy sent Serena into Jamie's room until they get finished.

Kenny set up the camera, while Jamie and Anna dressed in some modest clothes. Marcy seated the two of them innocently on the couch. She went over the routine with each of them of what their part in the film would be and what they were each expected to do. Next, Marcy put the thoughts into both Jim and Harvey's minds exactly what she wanted them to do. Kenny and Marcy went behind the camera and started taping.

Jim looked at Harvey. "Hey, Harvey. Why don't we take a look at these two cute little kids while their Mom and Dad aren't here?" Harvey nodded. "Sure, Jim. That little Anna bitch looks like she might have a tasty little snatch on her." Harvey walked over to the couch grabbing Anna by her arm. Harvey jerked the front of Anna's skirt up showing the front of her under pants as he said, "Hold still you little bitch, while I take a look and see what you've got for me there."

Harvey tore Anna's under pants off revealing her tiny hairless twat. Then he ripped off her shirt followed shortly by her flimsy bra. Anna screamed, "Leave me alone, you pervert." Anna bit him and ran to the bathroom locking herself in. Harvey immediately turned his attention to Jamie. Jamie made it look so convincing as he yelled and screamed. Kicking and hitting as the two men had their way with him.

Jamie made sure to position himself so his pussy never came into view of the camera. Jamie's tits were smartly hidden by the camera position as well. Jim put the bra he had removed from Anna on Jamie while his back was to the camera. Jim had to make the statement, "Lets put his sister's bra on him and pad it so it looks like he has tits. Be careful not to put too much padding in. I want him to look like a girl, but I don't want him to look too old."

Of course it was actually Serena’s bra. Anna has no need of a bra with that flat chest of hers. After fucking Jamie several times, Jim went to the bathroom door. "Anna. You little bitch. Bring your ass out here so we can do some shit to you. We promise we will make it hurt a lot. I want to shit in your little mouth and piss up your ass. Come on out. Make it easy on yourself. If I have to break down the door, I'm gonna beat the piss out of you."

Anna cried out, "You'll just have to break the door down. I'm not coming out there." Jim hollered through the door. "Okay. You don't have to come out. Stay where you are. Just unlock the door. If you don't, I'm gonna cut your brother's dick off. Balls and all. When I have them off, I'm gonna shove em up your ass while Jamie bleeds to death on the living room carpet."

Anna came out immediately. Once she did, Jim and Harvey had their way with her. Anna screamed in agony to make it look really good. Jim held her head while he slid his thing slowly in and out of her tiny little mouth. Anna made gurgling sounds as if she was gagging on Jim’s peter. Harvey proceeded to shove his meat violently up her sweet twat. When it was over, Jamie sat back down on the couch. "Yes. Yes. Yes....... Oh God, that was fantastic. I sure wish I could do that with Jim while he actually wanted to do it on his own. I love that dick of his. Please find a way to save him for me.” Jim and Harvey sat back in their respective chairs.

Marcy lifted the spell off of the two good doctors. "Gentlemen, Kenny and I haven't decided what to do with you at this time, so we are allowing you to go home until such a time as we have." Jim spoke up, "Just like that. We can go home?" Marcy grinned one of her mischievous grins.

"Well, not just like that. We have prepared sort of a conditions package for each of you to go over. I am sure you will agree to its terms. Basically it consists of an orientation tape and a letter of agreement. It doesn't have to be signed. Merely followed. Make very sure you read over the package thoroughly before you talk about anything you know about us to anyone else. It is pretty self explanatory. We will be in touch. Good day Gentlemen."

The next thing Jim and Harvey knew, they were standing on the beach. "Damn, Jim. We are in the world of shit, aren't we?" "Calm down, Harvey. Lets go back to the house and go over these packets to see if we are or not. As they walked along the beach, Jim looked at Harvey. “I’m sorry about what happened. I’m sorry I did it to you. Did you really secretly always want to do me?“ Harvey didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to say how he felt, because he thought Jim might not like him anymore if he did.

Yet he couldn’t outright lie to his best friend. Besides, with the situation as it is, he already knows now anyway. Harvey hung his head in embarrassment. “Yes, it’s true. I’ve always wanted you. I am actually in love with you and I really would do it with you at anytime. I know you don’t feel that way about me, but I can’t help the way I feel. Please don’t hate me for it.“ Jim didn’t say anything for a long while. They just walked along the beach in their own contemplation.

Finally, after ten minutes, Jim reached out taking Harvey’s hand. He held it gently. “Harvey. I like you a lot. Always have. I am not in love with you. I don’t understand how you could want to suck my dick, but I sucked your’s already. That is a fact. I didn’t like it, but it didn’t kill me. Lord knows, I didn’t want to, but the fact remains that I did. You even shot off in my mouth, for Christ’s sake.”

Neither man said a word. They merely held hands as they walked along the beach. When they arrived home, Hellen, Jason and Davey met them at the door. It was all hugs and kisses. "Jason. I want you and Davey to go to your room. Do not come out until we tell you to. Hellen, please do the same. Harvey and I have some important business to attend to and we are not to be disturbed. Not even if the house is on fire. Do you understand?"

Jason nodded and he and Davey scurried off to their room. Hellen said, “I’ll just go keep the boy’s company.“ Jim and Harvey went to Jim’s office. They usually did all their serious thinking in Jim’s home office. It was more comfortable than Harvey’s. Harvey stared into Jim’s eyes. “Jim. Do you think you could learn to love me?“ Harvey’s hand slowly found itself to his friend’s crotch.

Jim stood still in the center of the room as Harvey unzipped his fly and pulled his penis loose from his underpants. Harvey’s lips slowly wrapped around his best friends penis in adorable admiration. Jim looked down at Harvey. Their eyes met. “Yes, Harvey. I believe I can.“ His hands reached out to guide Harvey’s face to go where it felt the best. Jim just stood and enjoyed. Harvey pulled gently at his friends penis with his lips. Jim could feel their warm moist feel gliding up and down his shaft. His thoughts were, “Damn. That feels so fucking good. I could get used to this. I know that at some time or the other, Harvey will be expecting me to reciprocate. I don‘t know if I can do him again.”

”Jim looked down as Harvey gobbled at his dick. He could hear slurping noises as Harvey slobbered all over the end of it. Shit, he was dribbling saliva onto the floor. Jim grabbed Harvey’s ears as he felt himself building up to a terrific explosion. Jim held it for a long time. He couldn’t quite get a grip on the idea of shooting off in his best friend’s mouth, even though Harvey had already done it in his. Jim thought about that. “Heck. It wasn‘t so bad. The taste didn‘t make me puke. I guess I could do it for him some more, if he‘s going to make me feel like this every time.” Jim couldn‘t stand it anymore.

His balls started jumping. Harvey placed his hands around Jim’s ass cheeks in eager anticipation of getting his friend’s special love juices in his mouth. Jim shuddered as he started squirting gob after gob into Harvey’s awaiting mouth. Harvey gulped it all down. Harvey looked up at his friend when it was all over. “Thanks, Jim. It was as good as I dreamed it would be.” Jim grinned. “Tell you what, Harvey. Wait until later tonight when the boys and Hellen are asleep and I’ll return the favor.”

Jim set up the tape player. He read the letter. "My good doctors. It breaks my heart to do this to you, but given the options available to me at this point, this is the best thing to do." When Jim finished reading the options, he asked Harvey. "What do you suppose one other option is available, but cannot be mentioned now means? I cannot fathom it being much worse than the others." With that said, Jim hit play.

When the tape ended, the two men sat in silence for a half hour. Neither could believe what they had just seen themselves do to those two children. Finally, Jim looked at Harvey. "Yes. We most certainly are in a world of shit. That tape not only made it look like it was our idea to molest those two kids, but it looked very much like we were enjoying it. I don't remember a Goddamned thing. I do know this. If we are going to protect Jason and Davey, no one must see this tape. We have no choice but to go along with the terms." Harvey just cupped his face in his hands as he said, "Fuck, I can't believe I would do something like that to a child. After doing that to her, there is no way Jamie will want to protect us. We're doomed."

A year went by. Helen moved in with Jim and Harvey to be with the boys more often. Jim and Harvey were making sweet love together in the privacy of their own room. Jim even gave in and takes it in the butt some now, even though it still embarrasses him some when he does. They rarely even thought about the situation with Marcy anymore. It was like they had started thinking maybe Marcy had decided to forget the whole thing.

The doorbell rang. Jason opened the door and was shocked to see who it was at the door. “My God. Jamie. I never expected to see you again. How are Marcy and Kenny?” Jamie frowned. “They are doing great. Jason, I need to talk with Jim and Harvey. Now. It is very important.” Jason went running into the other room. “Daddy, There is someone at the door to see you both.”

Jim and Harvey came into the room. Jim spoke up as soon as he saw Jamie. “Jason. I want you and Davey to go to your room. We will need some privacy. Please do not disturb us.” Jamie still had a sad face. Jim. Harvey. Tell your sister she will need to take care of the boys. You have some important business that can’t wait. Jim went to Hellen’s room. “Sis. Harvey and I have to leave for a while. It is very urgent. We do not know when we will return. Please take care of the boys for us.“

The three of them headed for the bungalow. When they arrived, Kenny and Marcy were sitting on the couch. Marcy spoke first. “Please be seated. You too Jamie.” When they were all sitting, Marcy continued. “Jim and Harvey, you both know why we sent for you. Please do not ask questions until I finish. First. Jamie. I have to tell you a few things we have been putting off telling you until we felt you were ready. I do not feel you are quite ready at this time, but the circumstances as they are at present, dictate we tell you now.”

“I am only going to outline it for you at this time and over the next few years I will provide you with the details. Keep in mind it is all very complicated and you will probably experience a bit of confusion until you get filled in on the details and may still be a little confused even then. Normally none of this would be disclosed in front of strangers, but due to the situation, it will make no difference that Jim and Harvey hear it all. You already know we will live forever. What I have neglected to tell you is I am a sorceress. Not unlike what you call a witch today.”

“I am from another time. I was born in the year four hundred forty. My name was Endora. I died at one hundred ten years of age. Before that happened, I gave my husband a potion that enabled me to get pregnant with myself. I was born again in the year four hundred seventy. The potion made me like I am now. I will never change. My name was The Bastard Bitch. When I bonded with your Daddy, I became Marcy. I am still Endora, The Bastard Bitch, and Marcy.

My first set of parents were my mother Lania and my father, Redjfeldt the Magician. They were not humans. They came to the Earth from the planet Vexuar. They traveled here in a spaceship my Daddy made. It is very fast. Fast enough to achieve time travel. That same ship is underneath this house at this very moment.”

“Jamie, Your Daddy and I made a decision, with the approval of the incantation of course. I know you have no idea what the incantation is at this point, but I think it better you digest a little of this at a time. The only way to do that is to feed it to you the same way. We have arrived at a solution that will make it unnecessary to eliminate your friends.” Jim and Harvey both heaved huge sighs of relief.

“Jim. You, Harvey, Jason, and Davey are going to spend the rest of your lives on board that spaceship. Her name is Glory. Don’t worry, it will not be like a jail. Your quarters will be quite comfortable. We will go over the dos and don’ts when we take you on board. Jamie. You are not going to see the ship at this time. Your Daddy won’t see it either. Don’t argue. There are very important reasons for this decision. The most important is to keep you from being killed. I am sorry I can’t explain that at this time. Just trust me on the fact it would be very dangerous for you to be on her at this time. Relax, within a year, I will take you out to see her. I’ll even take you for a spin. Jim. Harvey. Do either of you have any questions?”

Jim said, “Yes. I have a couple. That is if you don’t mind answering them. How often will you be checking on us? I mean, will we be alone there for long periods of time. Will we be allowed to see the outdoors from time to time? One last question. My sister, Hellen lives with us. She is very attached to the boys. I am very close to her as well. What about her. How will we see her?”

Marcy simply said, “Bring her along. Don’t bring anything with you other than the clothes on your back. You will find you won’t have a need for any of it anyway. You have a week to get your affairs in order. I suggest you give everything you own to a good friend or to your favorite charity. You will never see any of it again after the week. I want the five of you here exactly one week from now at three PM.” Jim and Harvey left.


Jim was sitting across from his sister. “Sis. I have to talk to you about something very important. Harvey, the boys and I are leaving in a week. We will never be back. It is unavoidable. I can’t tell you where we are going without it becoming a necessity that you go with us. Here is the way it will work. You can stay here at the house. In which case everything we own will be yours.”

“In that case you will never see any of us again. Or you can elect to join us. In which case everything that we all own will go to our cousin Betty. You will never see her again. As I said, I can’t tell you where we are going. Only that we will be quite well taken care of and very comfortable.“ Hellen sat dumfounded for several minutes. “Why do you have to leave?“ Jim scratched his head. “It’s either leave or be killed. I am afraid it’s just that simple.“

“Can’t we go to the police? Surely they can protect us and take care of these hooligans before they can get to us.“ Jim sighed. “Hellen. I only wish it were that simple. I assure you the police will be of no use. These hooligans are serious people. They can’t be fucked with. They are the ones that made Davey and Jason the way they are now.”

“That in itself should tell you something. It’s either go or stay as far as you are concerned. Remember, if you go, once you do, you stay.“ Hellen thought about it for awhile. Then she said, “I can’t live without you and the boys. I’ll go. Now, tell me what the fuck is really going on.“ Jim told her the whole story. Hellen sat in sheer shock for nearly an hour. A week later all five of them were onboard Glory.

To be continued……………………………….........................

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