When the werewolf began attacking the village nothing seemed to stop it, not arrows or swords. I was a hunter and only twenty. I had just returned from serving two years with the king as an archer. My parents had died of sickness and I sat in the thick walled cottage listening to the wolf howling again as the sunset.

My eyes swept the room before stopping on a candle stick. I looked at the four and stood to cross the room. They were tarnished because no one had been here to keep them polished. They had been a gift to my parents from the duke for helping him when he needed it. I reached out and lifted one to feel the weight before turning to the fireplace.

Arrowheads were made of pot metal but they said silver could hurt a werewolf. It took an hour to melt and shape an arrowhead before I fitted it to an arrow. It had been quiet for awhile so I knew the wolf hunted. I dressed and grabbed my bow before hesitating and then leaving. I moved through the edge of the forest before looking out at the village.

I watched for several minute before seeing the shadows move. I slipped out and stalked after them as they sniffed and moved to a lone cottage. I heard the wolf growl before suddenly leaping and smash through a window. I ran forward as I nocked the arrow and looked into the cottage as a girl screamed.

The wolf had her arm as she screamed and struggled and I lifted my bow and aimed before firing. The wolf yelped and released the girl as it spun and staggered while growling. I watched helpless as I realized I didn’t have anything else to kill the monster. It fell and lay on the floor spasming and writhing around as it began to change.

When it stilled a stranger lay dead on the floor. I looked at the girl before breaking the rest of the glass and climbing into the room. I crossed and dropped my bow and grabbed a rag to cover the wound in her arm, “its dead.”

Trouble started the next day as the story was told and they found out the girl had been bitten. They whispered and talked about killing her. The girl was the one that came to me almost a month later, the day of the next full moon. I was getting ready to go hunting and had a full quiver of blunt tipped arrows for coneys or grouse.

Megan was hesitant and cleared her throat, “I want you to kill me.”

I glanced at her as I slung my empty pack on, “why?”

She looked away, “so I won’t become a monster.”

I looked down as I remembered the tales of people bitten turning into werewolves. I sighed, “walk with me.”

Walking through the forest with her just seemed so right. I killed a dozen grouse before we returned to the village and I sold all but two. Megan didn’t say anything as I led her back to my cottage. I looked at the large iron cage beside the cottage and had an idea. I made dinner and she barely ate before cleaning up.

I stood and went outside before dragging the cage in. It barely fit through the door but it did fit. I put it in the middle of the room and looked Megan. I crossed to her and undressed her without speaking. Seeing her body made me want her so bad but the moon would rise soon. I pulled her to the cage and struggled to pull the rusted door open before pushing her in.

That was a long night as the moon rose and Megan screamed before beginning to change. The wild beast in the cage wasn’t her and growled all night until the moon set. I had sat out of reach and watched as I tried to think of something and I did. The next day I let her out and put her in my bed as I started working.

My father had a wild mean bitch he had bred a few times. They had used a special stand to keep her from hurting the male. I made a metal box cube and looked at it before going to the smith to get chain. I used the silver candle sticks to coat the chain in several places. Megan was up when I finished and came into the house.

She wouldn’t look up, “kill me?”

I smiled as I went to make dinner, while she cleaned up after I pulled my contraption into the house. We still had a little time as I stripped her and moved the cage. I put her on her knees by the back of my stand and bent her over the bar. Now it was time for the chain, I had a silver coated chain collar that went around her neck.

I fastened it to four more chains from each corner of the front square. I put a silver chain around each wrist and secured it to the side posts. A silver chain went over her back and fastened to the bar on each side of her. Last was the silver coated chains that held her knees apart and secured to the side and bottom bars.

She stiffen a moment later and screamed before struggling. She couldn’t and even though there was a shifting she didn’t change. I sat back as she felt the chains and struggled. I looked at her cute butt and her pussy and undressed before kneeling behind her. I pushed into her and she screamed and tried to jerk away.

I held her hips as her extremely tight pussy grasped my cock and pulled back and began to fuck her with long slow thrusts. She kept struggling as I fucked her and every couple of minutes she would pause and shudder as her pussy squeezed. It wasn’t long before I shoved into her and held her as I began pumping and spewing cum.

The first time Megan jerked and I heard her whisper, “yes!”

After that she just shuddered and growled. When I was done I didn’t pull out and began fucking her slimy pussy again. It grasped my cock as she shuddered and growled but I ignored her and continued to fuck her. When I stopped, cum ran down both legs and a small puddle was under her pussy on the floor.

I went to wash and sat behind her to keep caressing her until the moon set. She sagged and a minute later tried to turn her head. She smiled shyly, “that was... I didn’t change.”

I shook my head, “and I got to enjoy your charms.”

She grinned, “it was worth the trade.”

I went out to make sure the moon was down before releasing her. I helped her into the kitchen where I warmed up a pot of water and filled a wash tub. I knelt as she sat in the tub and washed her, taking a little extra time to finger and clean her pussy. After I was finished I dressed her and took her with me as I went hunting.

This time we came back with a dozen rabbits. I skinned and cleaned them before selling all but two. Megan cut them up and I watched as she made a stew. The moon would rise earlier and we had just finished eating before I let her go to the bathroom and she came out naked. She was calm as she got into position and I secured the chains.

I rubbed her pussy before I undressed and slowly slipped my cock into her. She shuddered and pushed back, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I began to fuck her and she began to shudder. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her with long thrusts as she spasmed and her pussy clenched, “aaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her and started to do it harder and press deeper. Megan jerked and struggled a minute later before howling, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

I thrust into her and held her hips as I began to spew and spurt. She shuddered and her pussy squeezed as I pumped my seed against her womb. When I was done I pulled out and she sighed before starting to shake as the moon rose. I kept rubbing and fingered her slimy pussy before pushing back into her.

I held her and began to fuck her as she struggled. I fucked her ten times before the moon set and I released her. She lay on the floor rubbing her pussy and smiled as she licked the cum off her fingers. I carried her to bed and slept for a few hours before waking her to go hunting. We met a stranger in the village when I was selling the rabbits.

He looked at Megan carefully before looking at me, “has she turned?”

I glanced around as others listened, “only once.”

He frowned, “once?”

I shrugged, “I coated chains with silver and lock her up before the moon rises. She hasn’t changed with the silver holding her.”

He looked into the distance, “silver kills...”

He looked at me, “you killed the one that bit her?”

I nodded and he looked at a quiet Megan, “if she does not bite a human by the time the full moon ends she will be free of the curse.”

He turned and looked at a girl by his wagon, “my Lilly...”

He looked around before gesturing, “may we go to your cottage?”

He led his horses and followed as we walked ahead. At the cottage he held his daughter’s hand while facing us, “I am a werewolf. I lock myself in a cage at night to keep from killing. I was bitten a year ago. We were following the one that bit me.”

He looked at his daughter as she looked at the ground and he finally held up her bandaged hand, “last night I bit Lilly.”

I looked at her and he shook his head before looking at me and pleading, “you can keep her from changing like this girl.”

I frowned as Megan shifted, “but...”

He looked away, “I am tired of fighting and what happened...”

He faced me, “I want to end it. The next full moon is less then a month away. I... will you help?”

I looked at Megan and she returned my look before smiling, “you helped me, I would say yes.”

I looked at the girl before nodding. The man’s name was Jacob and that night he brought his daughter to me before going to his wagon and the cage he locked himself into. Megan helped her undress and I locked her in the cage. I looked at Megan as I undressed her and put her on the stand and chained her.

She sighed, “breed me Edward, before the moon comes up.”

That was the first time she had asked me. I pushed my pants down as I knelt behind her and felt her warm pussy. I looked at Lilly as she sat watching and she grinned. I pushed into Megan and held her hips as I began to fuck her. I used long thrusts and she moaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

I didn’t try to make it last and fucked her firmly so I would cum before the moon rose. It was several minutes before I thrust into her and held her hips as I grunted and spewed cum. She jerked as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I pumped strong gushing spurts before stopping and slowly pulling out. Megan signed and then started shaking. I rubbed her butt and looked at Lilly who was staring with wide eyes. I smiled, “the moon is rising.”

She nodded and then tore her eyes off Megan to look at me, “will you breed me like that?”

I looked at her firm body and smiled, “yes.”

She grinned and leaned against the bars of the cage as I turned back to Megan. I rubbed and fingered her and she began to shudder and shake. It was awhile before I pushed back into her and started fucking her again as Lilly watched. She went to sleep after a couple of hours while I continued to use Megan.

When the moon set I released her and gave her a bath before carrying her to my bed with Lilly. I went to check Jacob and found him dead in his cage. He had stabbed himself with a silver dagger before the moon rose and died. I started digging his grave and when Megan and Lilly woke I had them help me wrap him and place him in the grave.

Lilly was sobbing by then and Megan led her away as I began burying her father. I went hunting when I was done I returned to find Megan and Lilly had managed to sell the wagon and horses. I fucked Megan on the stand again that night even though the full moon had passed. She didn’t changed and kept asking me to fuck her again as Lilly sat in the cage and giggled.

During the next few weeks I was tempted to fuck Lilly since Megan and her were coming to bed naked each night. The first night of the full moon I was very nervous. I had made a thin silver chain collar and put it on Megan after we ate dinner. I stripped her and caressed her as she smiled and kissed me before turning to climb into the cage.

I closed and locked the cage before turning to Lilly who smiled as she started undressing, “I have been waiting for this.”

When she was naked I bent her over the rear bar and fastened the collar. I secured her wrists before moving back and spreading her knees. I attached the chains and then put the one over and around her waist. I stood and undressed before kneeling and looking at Megan as I felt Lilly’s pussy and she smiled, “feels good?”

I looked at Lilly as she wiggled and slipped a finger into her, “you broke your maidenhead?”

She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed, “yes. Megan helped a week ago.”

I looked at Megan as she sat cross legged and she grinned, “she doesn’t need you to make her a bloody mess.”

I pulled my finger out as I turned and went to my knees. I slowly pushed into Lilly’s tight pussy as she groaned. I kept going until my cock was buried and all the way inside her. I sighed and caressed her hips, “you feel great Lilly.”

She tried to look back and smiled as her pussy squeezed. I began to fuck her and she shuddered and then the moon began to rise. She stiffened and jerked and then started struggling. I buried my cock and turned my head to look at Megan. She looked at a window and then back at me, “I feel the moon but nothing is happening.”

I held Lilly’s hips and started to fuck her with deep thrusts as I tried to cum. I was thrusting all the way into her as she kept trying to move and finally buried my throbbing cock. I began pumping cum against and into her womb and she wailed as her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock, “YES!”

I held her until I finished and pulled out to sit behind her. I looked at a smiling Megan as she rubbed her pussy, “I wish I could do you too.”

She shook her head, “Not unless the moon is down.”

I turned to finger fuck Lilly as she struggled. It was an hour before I moved and pushed back into her tight pussy again. I did her off and on until the moon set and then unlocked the cage before moving Lilly to the kitchen for a bath. Megan didn’t bother with clothes as she came to help me wash Lilly.

She was quiet as I washed her and Megan turned her head, “I didn’t change. Just keep fighting.”

Lilly smiled as she looked at me, “and fucking.”

I snorted and then laughed, “well this is your week to be bred. Next week you and Megan can take turns or I’ll do you together one after the other.”

Megan giggled and bent to kiss Lilly and whisper. They laughed together as I pulled Lilly up and started drying her. I was a little tired as we walked in the woods later and checked and set snares. We had a short nap at noon and returned to make a pot of stew for dinner as I tanned a dozen rabbit skins.

After we ate they cleaned up and Megan pulled me into the other room. She stripped me and I turned to see Lilly as she undressed. She smiled and came to press against me before stroking my cock. She turned and knelt to place herself on the stand and Megan helped me secure her. I turned Megan and kissed her before reluctantly gesturing to the cage.

She smiled and stripped while I watched and moved into the cage. I locked it and turned back to Lilly, “may I fuck you before the moon rises?”

She laughed, “yes.”

I rubbed her warm pussy before moving to my knees behind her and pushing in. She shuddered and groaned as I began to fuck her and a minute later I felt her spasming and her pussy squeezed. She was shaking and I glanced towards the window but the moon wasn’t coming up. I kept fucking her with long, deep thrusts and she wailed as she wet me.

I buried my cock a minute later to spurt and pump cum into her. She jerked as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I held her hips as her pussy grasped and milked my sperm into her. When I was done and pulled out I rubbed her slit, “thank you.”

Lilly giggled, “wait until the full moon...”

She stiffened and shuddered and I glanced out the window. I looked at Megan and she smiled, “I feel it.”

I nodded as I sat and turned to look at Lilly’s leaking slit. I smiled before reaching out to finger and feel her before rubbing her clit. She shuddered and shifted and moaned as I kept playing and fingering her before finally turning as I went to my knees. I pushed into her and her pussy grasped my cock as she jerked.

I took my time as Megan talked to her and me while we fucked or while I felt her cummy slit. When the moon set Lilly sighed and relaxed, “I really love feeling you in me.”

Megan giggled as I let her out and turned to help Lilly, “I really love being inside you girls.”

They laughed as we stood Lilly and helped her into the kitchen. We washed her before I took them out to check bird snares. When we returned I cleaned the birds before taking them into the village. After I sold them and the girls did some shopping we went home. I stripped them inside the house and pulled them to bed.

I let Megan hold Lilly as we slept and I held her. I woke much later than I should and looked at the setting sun before quickly pulling the two girls up and after me. I was impatient as they used the bathroom and then I pulled them to the front room. I put Megan in the cage and started putting Lilly on the stand.

I had her neck and hands secure when the moon rose. She growled and shuddered as I moved around behind her. She struggled as I tried to secure her hips and then her legs. Megan stared as I sat back and finally looked around. I stood and went to bring water and food for Megan and carefully watched her as I put it through the bars.

I looked at Lilly before I knelt and felt her slit and slipped a finger into her tight clutching hole. She shuddered and I smiled as I kept it up. I looked at Megan, “I think tonight I will only breed her a couple of times.”

She grinned, “and do us tomorrow while we are sane?”

I nodded as I began to rub Lilly’s clit and shifted to push all the way into her. I held still as her pussy tightened and squeezed constantly. It was a few minutes before I pulled back to fuck her with a few long deep strokes. She jerked and shook while wetting me and a moan escaped. I buried my cock to feel her grasping pussy again.

It took over thirty minutes before I shoved into her and held her as I pumped thick spurts of cum. Lilly jerked as her slick pussy milked the cum into her. When I stopped I pulled out and went to eat and came back to sit behind her and finger her. She would spasm and jerk each time she came and as much as I wanted to fuck her I waited.

The sun was up before the moon set and I let Megan out. I turned and let Lilly loose and she stood slowly before looking down, “it was close and I almost...”

She whispered, “kill me.”

I lifted her face to make her look at me, “Megan has not changed and I am not done breeding you. When the full moon sets for the final time you will be free.”

She shifted, “but I could have bitten you.”

I held her bare hips and pulled her against me, “and I could have put a silver collar on you and put you in a cage.”

She blinked and I smiled, “this way you remain human and safe and I get to play with your pussy and fuck you.”

She smiled and then laughed as Megan hugged her, “okay take us to bed and fuck us again.”

I pulled them after me and back to the bedroom where I pushed them in and followed to lay between Megan’s spread legs. I kissed her and lifted to push into her before I started to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She shuddered and humped up while her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

Lilly pressed against us as I continued to fuck Megan and she began to shake and then jerk while her pussy contracted, “Edward!”

She clutched me as I buried my cock and began to hump, grind, jab and rub. She twisted and thrashed around as her pussy became slippery, “YES!”

I pulled back and fucked her hard and deep and she thrashed around and spasmed. Her pussy constantly tightened and kept squeezing as she wailed. I continued to fuck her with long firm strokes and finally buried my cock and kissed her while pumping gushing spurts of cum. She clutched me as her pussy tightened and clenched, “mmmm!”

When I was done I sighed and relaxed before grinning at Lilly and pulling out of Megan. Lilly lay back and spread her legs as she grinned and I stalked over her and between her legs. I pushed into her cummy pussy and began to fuck her with deep strokes, “I like breeding you this way better.”

Megan laughed as Lilly grinned and hugged me, “me too.”

Later that day I did make a thin silver chain collar for Lilly. We also hunted rabbits before returning to sleep. I woke early and woke the girls before leading them out and to the bathroom. When the full moon set for the final time I put both girls to bed and slept for almost a full day. Nothing happened when the next full moon rose.

Both Megan and Lilly felt it but they were in the cage and nothing happened. It has been two decades since that night. Both Megan and Lilly were pregnant from their time on the breeding stand. We live in a different village now, our cottage is much larger but we have one room with a cage. They both still wear their silver collars but they haven’t changed.
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