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Again, I warn readers that this particular story contains violent sex, forced upon very young girls. If this is not to your liking, leave now. Please remember, it’s only story. The only truth in the whole series is my name, Don. In part one, I coerced Kathy, a 13 year-old with unusually big tits into my truck, took her to my home and raped her in the asshole. From the internet, I retrieved a ton of information about her, her family, and some of her friends. It’s my plan to own her young, tight body forever… as my slave.

Part two

I left Kathy lying on the bed and went into the bathroom. My dick was sore from the tightness of her sphincter muscles. I cleaned myself, then took a washcloth to her, “Wipe yourself with this, Kathy, then get a shower. We have more to do before we get you home.”

She began cleaning her ass, looking at me, constantly. Finally she asked, “How did you know my name? I never told you.”

“I know a lot about you, little Miss Baines… and your sexy mom, Brenda, and your dad, Ed. I also know a lot about your friends, especially Sherry. Sherry is just as pretty as you are, maybe a little prettier. She doesn’t have the great set of titties, though. But, she has a big mouth. I don’t mean she talks too much, I mean a large, beautiful mouth… kinda like Julia Roberts has. It won’t be long before you will help me get her here, so I can fuck that nice big mouth of hers.”
Kathy sat there, staring with her mouth open.
“Your mouth is wide open, now,” my cock was reviving, “I think I’ll have a blow job. Get over here and get on your knees.”

I sat in the padded arm chair with my dick at half staff. Kathy knelt in front of me, tears in her eyes, and asked, “What… do I do?”

“It’s pretty easy, sweetie. Just suck my cock into your mouth, grab the base with your hand, and start in. Keep working your tongue around and bob your head up and down. Take all of it you can into your mouth. Jack your hand up and down, too. It shouldn’t take long to make me cum, if you work at it. Try not to scrape it with your teeth. One other thing, if you bite me, I’ll slice your tits off in fifty pieces, them I’ll cut your fucking throat.”

She raised her head, just long enough to ask, “Why…..?”
I leaned over and put my hand under her chin, tilted her head upwards and kissed her pretty little lips. Nothing like adding to the little bitch’s confusion. “One more thing… when I cum, you’ll swallow every Goddamn drop. Do you understand, darlin’?”

She was quite timid as my shaft was slowly drawn between her young lips. I still didn’t know if Kathy had ever seen a full grown man’s dick before today, but she fucking sure knew one now. Her small left hand grasped me low, just above my balls.
I coached her as to how tight her grip should be, and the speed of her head and hand movements. In less than a minute, my head was swimming, clouded with the most ecstatic feeling my body had ever experienced. For a few seconds, if she’d known it, I would have given that thirteen year-old every fucking thing I owned.

My hands pulled her head in, forcing my cock all the way to her tonsils. Cum blasted down her throat, stream after stream. Kathy tried to pull back enough to catch her breath, but I held her firm. When I finally emptied, I released her. She fell to the floor in convulsions, trying to throw up and catch her breath at the same time…… I’d have to be more careful next time.
When she regained her composure, I started working on Kathy’s mind. I still had nearly two hours…

“You do love your parents, don’t you, baby?” I felt like she would respond to my ideas better if I was sweet to her on occasion, “You wouldn’t want to see them get hurt now, would you?”

“No, please don’t do anything that might hurt mama and daddy.”

“Well, you just do as I say, so I won’t have to dial this other phone,” I said as I showed her an old flip-phone. “I’ve been watching your family for months. I was really thinking about forcing your mom, Katie, into being my sex slave.”


“Sure, why not? She’s only 33 and a pretty fucking hot little redhead.”

It was working. Kathy’s mouth was open so I told her to close it, or I’d stick my cock back in it.

“I know everything about you, your parents, your home, their cars, everything. I have bombs hidden in your house and in their cars. You’ll continue to do everything I tell you, or I’ll dial a number and “BOOM!! Your folks are DEAD MOTHER-FUCKERS!”

She jumped as I yelled but she quickly told me she’d do anything… now I was going to add to my harem.


Sherry Thomas was smaller than Kathy. She smiled at her friend as she crawled into my truck, “Hi! I’m so happy! Mom finally let me stay with you overnight! She said if it goes well, I can do it more this summer. Who’s this?”

“This is… Daddy?” She looked up with questioning eyes. I had never told her my name.

“No it’s not your daddy. Your daddy is Willie, silly,” the little girl giggled at her own words. Kathy turned back towards her and told her, “We’re his slaves, now. He’s going to fuck us in the mouth, our pussies and in our butt holes. If we don’t do everything he wants, he’ll kill our parents… us, too.”

Sherry couldn’t believe her friend was talking dirty, “Kathy! You’ll be in so much trouble for talking like that… and quit kidding around,” I could hear a little worry in her voice, “I mean it.”

Kathy wrapped her arms around Sherry and began crying, “I’m not… sniff… kidding. He already had his dick in my butt and my mouth. I nearly died. We’ll never see our parents again.”

Sherry was still apprehensive and looked for the door handle. Not finding one, she picked up her backpack. I had no idea what might be in it, so I told her to drop it back on the floor. I was just pulling into my drive when I stopped and got out of the truck.

“Put it down, Sherry, quick! You have to do EVERYTHING he says, you have to!” Kathy’s warning was a few seconds too late. I jerked the passenger door open and grabbed the girl’s arm. I pulled her out and dropped her to the asphalt. Within seconds, her torn clothes were strewn on the drive and I was slapping the shit of her lithe naked body… face, stomach, legs, ass, anywhere I could get in a hit. I instructed Kathy to pick up her rags and get inside the house. She knew better than to hesitate and was out of sight in seconds.

When I dropped Sherry a second time, she lay still. I caught both of her hands in one of mine and dragged her to the front door, “I’m gonna turn you loose and you’re gonna walk into this house. You’ll go straight down the hall to the bathroom. You’ll piss and clean up, then you’ll go across the hall to the bedroom. Kathy will be there. Tell her to lube your pussy, she’ll know what I’m talking about.”

I pulled two hands full or hair into my fists and lifted her, screaming, into the air. I head butted her and explained, “Don’t fuck up, girl. I can kill you or your family in seconds… now, do what I told you.”

After a couple of stiff drinks, I walked to the bathroom and stripped my clothes off. I jacked my cock slowly as I made the few steps to cross the hall. Kathy and Sherry were side-by-side on my bed, holding each other. I could see that there was plenty of KY Warming Gel on both young cunts. Sherry’s was still hairless and she tried to hide it as I sidled up to her side of the bed. She was eyeing the instrument that would soon be inside her.

“Spread ‘em, girl. I’m going to fill that young, sweet pussy with all my cum. Who knows, I may even get you pregnant. Would you like that?”

She sniffed back a little drip of snot and shook her head, ‘no’. I raised my hand and brought it down on her stomach, hard. Air forced its way out of her and she lay gasping. “Wrong answer, girl. You belong to me and you will never say ‘no’ to me… understand?”

Sherry glanced at Kathy, who was nodding her head. When she looked back to me, she saw my hand was raised again, “YES!” It was hard for her to get the words out, she still hadn’t regained her breath, Yes, I’d like it if you get me pregnant, but I’m still pretty little.”

I crawled between her legs and slipped my stiffie up and down her little crack, “You might be little now, but you’re going to be much more grown up in a few minutes.”

The tube of lube was nearly empty, but there was enough to coat my dick. I pushed at her little opening and the head popped in, easily. She whimpered a little, but Kathy was trying to get her to be as co-operative as possible. I backed the end of my fuck tool out, then back in, several times. When it seemed she was accepting it, I jammed all the way in, ripping through her cherry and slamming her internal parts. Her eyes bulged out and her hands went to her mouth, stifling her scream. Kathy’s arms were around her, rocking her small body with a friend’s love.

I held myself still for three or four minutes, letting… no, forcing her to feel the fullness of a man’s cock inside her guts. Then….. I began sliding back and forth. The lube felt warm around my dick and I knew it had to be burning Sherry’s insides. But I didn’t give a shit. I was fucking a tiny, 13 year-old virgin, the second one today. I figured this third load of the day would be my last, until tomorrow. The tight cunt actually felt a little loose because of all the gel. I kept up slow strokes for five to seven minutes, then picked up the pace. Each thrust hit bottom in her young, small pussy. It was awesome…

Just as I began to feel my orgasm approaching, I detected a little reciprocal push, then another. “My God,” I thought, “The fucking little bitch is liking this. I’m gunna pound the shit outta her.”

I jerked her tiny waist to me and rammed my shaft in and out as hard as I could. It only took a couple of minutes before I blew my baby batter into Sherry Thomas, a little girl who isn’t even in the eighth grade, yet. Cum leaked back out, around my hammering cock. When I was spent, I fell onto her chest. That’s when I heard her whisper to Kathy, “Oh my God, Kathy, that hurt so good…”

I sent them to the shower and warned them that I had alarms all over the house, “Don’t even think about trying to get out. My dogs are trained to attack anything when they hear my alarms. I’ve done lots of fucking today and I need a nap. Once you get cleaned up, you can get some rest, too. You’re gunna be awake most of the night…”

To be continued… again.

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