Special 3 Naruto vs. Tsunade 

Naruto returned from the wedding orgy with a clean fresh apartment and peace from his wives. A day of recovering Naruto doesn't feel the urge he used to for sex, but knows he must do one more act to finish it up. He hears a knock at his door. Walking forward in nothing but a white towel on his head from a shower that he had. He opens the door to see Tsunade. 

Tsunade searches his body from head to toe and knew she has on her hands a young naked man. Her sexual urges never seemed to die after years of experience she built up stamina to withstand it. 

"Good day Tsunade" Naruto cheerfully says to her. 

Tsunade looked both ways suspicious someone wasn't following her. Leaving the palace it seemed she was being followed all the way over. "Ready to get it on boy" she says sternly with a wink. Naruto nods allowing her in to his apartment. 

She heads over to his table to sit down. He follows her example and sits across from her taking his towel off his head as he does so. "Naruto, these past few days have been intense" she says starting conversation. Naruto nods in agreement to her statement. She continues "The moment I saw Sakura come in my office with a forbidden jutsu I knew this day would happen."

"You knew you would be in my apartment having sex with only me!?" Naruto says sceptic and shocked by her words.

"I did indeed know. My intuition never failed me once" as she talks she begins to disrobe in front of him. 

"What is your intuition saying now?" He replies curiously. 

Tsunade removes her clothes entirely revealing a full naked women's body "what do you think?"

Naruto rushes around behind her to massage her shoulders and neck his cock fully at attention as he does so. Teasing her with little kisses on the neck. She moans softly rubbing her large breasts in circles as she gets herself in the mood. 

Rubbing her bare shoulders got him in the mood. The fast and furious sex Sakura and Ino always enjoyed were fine, but doing it slowly with Tsunade, Hinata, or Tenten preferred made him enjoy life. Karin is built similar to him she can adjust depending on the partner(s). 

Tsunade feeling in the right mindset decides to kick it up. Getting off the chair she moves to face him. Kissing him deeply. Sliding her tongue in his mouth enjoying the feeling of dominance. She rubs her hands all over his young muscular back as she enjoys his touch as well.

Twirly his tongue around hers allowing for the time being her dominant role. He moves his hands down her back until they reach her ass cheeks. Her breasts squeeze into his chest feeling her warm skin on his. 

She pulls away with their tongues separating she tells him "fuck me Naruto to your hearts content!" Naruto shoves his cock into her moist pussy as she holds on to him for support. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Naruto!!!" 

"It is in" Naruto says before he feels her mouth once again smash into his lips. Both holding each others ass cheeks as they fuck standing up.

"Oh! It feels so fucking hot! Naruto I love your cock!" Tsunade screams feeling her pussy stretched and filled with his hard piece of meat. 

"I want to suck on your titties!" Naruto shouts before devouring one of her nipples in his mouth.

Tsunade leaned her head back screaming "suck them Naruto! Fuck me harder!" He moved to the other nipple once he got the one hard. "I'm so horny I need to create clones!" Tsunade behind his back made three clones of herself. 

One moved behind Naruto and whispered in his ear "three of us are ready to fuck." Naruto quickly makes three clones as well. 

One clone couple goes into a sixty nine on the floor, another anal fucking, and the last one Tsunade fucks on top of him on the bed. 

"Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!! Me!!! Naruto!!!" Tsunade clone riding on top screams as the bed bounces off the floor. 

Tsunade doing it from the asshole screams as his cock shoves into her "mother of fucking pearls! That is the spot!" 

Naruto feels his cock burning in her pussy, his knees weakening, and his mind full of sexual moments going on in this room. Looking past her he sees darkness in the window knowing it has been 6 - 7 hours of continuous fucking and pleasure. Learning from Karin how to hold it in for long periods, but it is getting to the point where he has to release soon.

Tsunade from years of training holding in her orgasm, but here she is feeling tightness in the groins. Not just her, but her clones and Naruto. She could no longer hold it in. 

"I'm going to come!" All moan at the same time as they hit their orgasms. Clones disappear as Tsunade pulls him out falling back onto the bed, as Naruto falls onto the chair both exhausted.

"Shower time" Naruto slowly says. Tsunade nods getting up. She pulls him up as they hold each other walking to the shower. 

Once in with water falling onto both of them energy came back to them. 


On top of the roof Anko sits there with a dripping pussy, and a river streaming down the roof of her cum. During the orgy when she fucked Naruto she has had her mind set on fucking him. With the two below in the shower she could recover and restore her energy with a medic chakra ball. Tomorrow morning she would walk in and fuck him. For now she needed a sweet treat for her stomach. 


Naruto opens the door hearing a noise, but senses nothing more than a strong scent of female juices. Tsunade lure him in for another round of sex. 


Door closes Anko vanishes from the roof extremely horny. 


"Do I have a treat for you Naruto" Tsunade seductively says luring him to the bed. 

"Oh?" He says back holding his erect cock "I'm up for another round or three."

Removing the towel from her privates reveals a rather large cock. Naruto takes the hint and turns into his female self with his still around. Night adventures have begun. 


Next morning Naruto wakes up snuggled with Tsunade in his arms. His mind rewinds to how many times he fucked her and vice versa. His body ached as he moved slightly knowing this would be what his life was going to be like the rest of his days. He grinned loving every moment from here on out. 

Tsunade awakes feeling the same as Naruto soreness that wasn't likely to go away. She sees him grinning, and she does the same before kissing softly. Her mind flooded with vivid memories of last night made it all better. 

"Who won the contest?" He asks whispering to her. Both laugh knowing it no longer mattered they would be doing this for years to come. 

Couple of painful hours later Tsunade leaves saying farewell "I have a mission for you, but I think I will wait until after your honeymoon with your wives, Naruto."

"Glad to hear of it." Naruto says boldly waving goodbye to her.

As he closes the door a knock occurs. Opening it up he see Anko. Without a word he knew he was going to have another day of fucking. Anko steps in, and Naruto closes the door once more. 

"Naruto!!!" Is the first word Anko screams in a day she will never forget. 



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