Orgy part 2 of 3

Following an intense orgy the day before everyone is feeling raw and sore. ANBU came in for Tsunade to deal with some issues going on. With enough showers in the palace everyone grabbed a partner or two or three, and did their business. Soon after they all ate a breakfast buffet served by ANBU with Tsunade appearing in the middle of it. When all was said and done nearly half departed for other things they needed to do.

Guy and Lee started up some sort of competition leaving Neji to go after them. Hiashi had to meet with the elders, so Hanabi followed. Kurenai needed to deal with the baby. Hinata, Kiba, and Akamaru couldn't leave too much pressure from a few that were staying kept them, so Shino was forced to depart to help Kurenai. Shizune left after her husband Team Ebisu young and exhausted from the intensity yesterday held. Finally Yamato needed to recharge his chairs levels. Leaving 14 still ready for more action. 7 males and 7 females. All that remained agreed no sex until this afternoon. To do something in the meantime all agree to head for the hot spas.

Naruto, Sakura, Karin, Sai, and Kakashi from team 7.
Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Tenten, Hinata, Kiba, Akamaru, Anko, & Tsunade

Boys went one side, and the girls were on the other side of the fence.

Soaking in the hot water Kakashi the only adult on this side chaperoned the boys, in particular Naruto. Having the scenes to detect where and what he did was a good thing, but times like these he had no power of discipline. All he wanted to do is relax in the water and rejuvenate.

Nearby Choji and Shikamaru watch Naruto make a fool of himself. Looking in a hole he witnesses the girls shedding their clothes. A few feet near him Kiba whispers in Akamaru's ear. He walks over lifting his hind leg peeing on Naruto's leg. Naruto gasps as his peers laugh. Kakashi ignores the distraction.


On the other side of the fence none of the girls notice Naruto's frolics as they shed the remains of their clothing, and enjoy the hot springs.

"Ah, no boys, no Naruto, this is the life right Hinata?" Sakura says to her friend.

Hinata thinking the same thing as Sakura moves to face her. She slowly kisses her on the lips. Sakura feeling ambitious begins rubbing Hinata's pussy lips. Both their breasts pressed as they embrace.

Tsunade walks out with nothing more than a towel on gasping at the sight. Not wanting to be outdone drops her towel and steps into the hot water. Moving behind Anko who with the other girls was distracted by Sakura and Hinata lesbian session. Anko feels someone touching her shoulder. Turning around Tsunade French kisses her on the lips. Hugging her tightly their bodies press together as they squeeze each others asses. Both women hungry for each others bodies move their hands around each other getting the other hornier by the minute.

Karin squeezes her nipples as she rubs her pussy furiously taking in the lesbian embrace her polygamist sisters are expressing. Not noticing anyone else as she masturbates until it is too late.

Ino winks at Tenten as both notice how hot and desperate Karin is right now. Ino moves in front grabbing one of Karen's breasts and sucking on it. Flicking her nipple as it gets hard.

Karin moans only to be muted as Tenten behind her kisses her on the lips. Tongues dance in each others mouths. Tenten sticks a finger up her asshole sending a shiver up her spine. With the other hand she cups her polygamist sister other breasts squeezing her nipple with two fingers.

Ino drives a fist up Karen's pussy underwater. Karin stands there helpless as her body convulsed with orgasm after orgasm. Ino moves upward licking her skin until she reaches the neck. Sucking on her neck until a hickie is formed.

Sakura and Hinata take notice of the rest. Both move out of the water to continue their pleasure of each others bodies. Hinata lays down as her massive breasts move up and down anxious for what is about to happen. Sakura gets down on top of her in a sixty nine. Hinata licks her pussy as Sakura does the same.

Tsunade and Anko look to see the girls move on. Anko whispers in her ear something devious. Tsunade leaves the hot water to join Sakura and Hinata. Anko tells the three girls the plan, as they are all in agreement. The four quickly get out of the water to continue the fun. Tsunade lifts Sakura up French kissing her as Hinata notices the rest coming out of the water. Tsunade pulls away allowing Sakura to see the rest. Sakura gets down between Hinata's pussy and begins to eat her out with her ass directly at Tsunade. Tsunade spreads Sakura's legs as she gets under her to eat her pussy. Karin steps down behind her followed by Ankle, Tenten, and at the end of the lesbian train Ino.


In the afternoon all fourteen return to the room where the orgy began. All are already naked wanting to play some games.

Tsunade hands Anko a bowl before talking to the rest "you will each be putting your name in here for the challenge. We will be treating this to the chunin exams."

"Oh, man I hate written exams!" Naruto ticked that she reminded him of those tests.

"Only instead of combat it will be sexual" Tsunade smiles noticing Naruto's cock rise with joy. "We went through the first part yesterday. As you can all see we are left. As of now on the orgy will slowly go down until there is only one of us standing. Please put your names in and we will start." Everyone puts their names in to begin the second phase.

Anko pulls out the first names "we have Akamaru with Tenten."

Tenten got on the floor spread her legs as Akamaru got on top positioning his cock in her pussy. "Oh, fuck he is huge!!!" Her pussy is stretched further than ever before as she gets fucked by a dog. Akamaru pounds it in her as his mouth drools on her breasts.

"Go Akamaru take her down!" Kiba shouts.

Tenten feeling ready to give in as his knot is touching her pussy lips "Yes, come in me! I'm going to die!"

Akamaru pushed his cock further as his knot went in and load after load goes in her.

"I give in" Tenten lays there motionless as cum oozes out of her. Akamaru pulls out walking a few steps up sticking his cock in her face. She instantly sucks it in lust of what this dog did to her.

"Next up" Anko says "Karin and Choji."

"Hello big boy!" Karin says seductively.

Choji hearing big gets angered "what did you say!"

"Your cock" Karin replies staring at his huge piece of meat licking her lips.

Choji moves into the center with her. They go right at French kissing shoving each others tongues into the others mouth. Karin makes the first move by grabbing his cock and jacking him off. Choji feeling her moves one hand on her ass as the other fingers her pussy. Karin moans feeling the heat of sex build up in her. Quickly responding she uses her other hand to play with his ball. This made Choji squirm with his knees growing weak. He pulls away and says to her "enough play, fuck now!" The crowd went wild hearing those words.

Karin had no choice with everyone wanting to see them fuck. Obediently getting on the ground she spread her legs in front of him "I'm ready" speaking seductively.

He gets into missionary position as she moans even louder. "I'm going to make you come before I do!"

Karin hearing that knew she has the power and control over her orgasms. Letting him pound his cock in her she remained patient as she breathed heavily.

"Fuck! Come will you!" Choji screams pounding his loaded cock into her.

"Is that all you have big boy, fuck me like a man!" Karin yells at him.

"No one calls me big!!!" Choji went into high gear fucking her pussy to the hilt. His balls slap her skin, his ass squeezes tightly inward, and his loins tighten as he unleashes a full load of fresh cum into her pussy.

Karin waves her hand over her mouth bored not feeling an orgasm come to her. Choji on top of her looks exhausted. She takes his cock out of her before responding "the dog does better than you." Choji looking disappointed walks away defeated.

"On to the next round we will have..." Anko stops as Tsunade whispers in her ear before talking again "we will speed this up by having two couples" she pulls out the first two names "Naruto and I will be first...followed by Sai and Tsunade."

"Alright! Time to fuck!" Naruto yells excitedly jumping into the center with the other three.

Tsunade got on her knees sucking on Sai's cock at great speed moving her tongue around it. Sai makes one moan as he shoots his load of cum in her mouth.

"Damn, Sai you stood no chance" Naruto sees him leave the center as quickly as he entered. As for his partner Anko she stares in disbelief by the blinding speed the Hokage has. Making his move he goes behind her sticking his cock up her ass.

"How'd you know that is my favorite hole, Naruto?" She replies mysteriously naughty.

Naruto took the young adult approach by saying "lucky guess?" He wraps his arms around her body feeling her succulent breasts.

"Oh Naruto fuck me" Anko moans in pleasure as his cock goes deeper into her anal hole.

He kisses her neck softly as he thrusts his cock in her. She moans only thinking how long she has been wanting to do this with him. Ever since her mission that Tsunade ordered she has been desiring his body. This moment is exactly how she dreamt it. She moved her hands subconsciously down to her pussy rubbing it gently. The slow rocking Naruto gave to her added to the fire within her. Her body burned within as a tightness in her loins came. She knew she was going to lose, but having Naruto fuck her made it worth it all.

"I'd love to fuck you again real soon" Naruto whispers in her ear.

Anko yells giving out with a real orgasm "Yes!!! Oh Naruto!!! Yes!!!"

Naruto pulls out, but before he left she kissed him on the lips then walked away.

Anko grabbed the bowl once more "now for the rest of you..." Kakashi and Hinata followed by Kiba and Ino, and lastly Shikamaru and Sakura.

The winners were dealt with as the losers left the games.

Akamaru, Karin, Tsunade, Naruto, Hinata, Kiba, and Sakura stood hungry for more as darkness appeared in the sky.

To be continued...

Orgy part 3 of 3 

Morning sun went through the sleepy room disturbing no one. After last nights orgy of the seven none had much energy remaining. Two days ago the wedding occurred with Shizune with Guy, Sai with Karin, and Naruto with his harem all marrying on a glorious day. Tsunade called for a orgy and since then they haven't had much use to the rest of the world around them. 

Sakura stirred waking up with Naruto's morning wood staring at her in the face. She recollected how it all started with Sai giving her a book. Being able to make a cock, fuck anyone in all three holes, and now she was finishing an orgy with Naruto her husband in an open polygamist marriage. She begins to lick his shaft hungry for some more of his seed. She twirls her tongue around his head as he begins to stir. Wanting to wake him up she gives a blowjob. Naruto opens his eyes. 

Upon waking up he sees pink hair below him taking care of him. Looking to his right Hinata lays covered up by the bed sheets. Sitting up he strokes Sakura's hair viewing the room around him. Karin is on the other side of Hinata cuddled up next to her. On his left Tsunade sleeps at the edge of the bed peacefully dreaming. On the floor at the end of the bed Akamaru and Kiba rest together. "Morning Sakura" he says petting her hair. 

Sakura listener head up and says casually to him "morning Naruto." She goes back to sucking him off.

Karin hears odd noises as she stirs. She thought of how cruel Sasuke was and how sweet Naruto is. She was indeed glad she could have him anytime she wanted. Opening her eyes she sees Hinata his first wife, and she would be his fifth not to complain she did have Sai as well. Having some fun she slips her hand down her sister in marriages pussy, and begins to rub it gently. 

Akamaru and Kiba smelt sex and knew something was amiss. Keeping their eyes shut as they use their senses to determine what is going on. 

Hinata dreams broke feeling her body squirm. Opening her eyes she sees Karin. Karin smiles back. Hinata looks to see Sakura giving head to Naruto. Going back to Karin she moves a hand into her friends pussy as she shares a kiss with her. 

Tsunade couldn't believe her luck no ANBU, no Shizune, or Kakashi waking her up. Instead it was the noises and smells of sex waking her up. No one is touching her though. Not wanting to miss out on the fun she turns to see the young adults having some morning fun. "Kiba, Akamaru sex now" she orders knowing they are fully awake. 

Kiba and Akamaru get up on to the bed to obey her commands. Tsunade removes the sheets as she gets into a side position. Akamaru fucks her in front as Kiba does her ass. " dogs are indeed the best at sex, but can you handle me" Tsunade says getting into rhythm with the two of them. Kiba kisses her neck and shoulder gently adding pleasure. Akamaru pants and licks her breasts with his wild tongue. 

Sakura moves her body so Naruto could eat her out as well. Both loudly moan hungry for each others juices. Karin stepping it up starts fisting Hinata. Hinata does the same as they make out and feel each others bodies. The bed is strong enough for an orgy like this. Six people and a dog in lust this morning. 

Tsunade feels Akamaru's knot touching her "that better be the best beast or else I'll win!" Tsunade stretches her pussy lips allowing it to enter her body. Load after load of heavy canine hot sticky cum flows into her body "is that the best you can do. I've had twenty guys shoot there load in me before I came!" Akamaru pulls away disappointed. 

"Damn, I'm going to lose to the Hokage!" Kiba screams as he shoots his load in her ass. 

"Best get packing boy!" Tsunade shouts in disappointment that a dog didn't get her off.

Sakura unable to suck cock with her body aching for an orgasm, so she sits up allowing Naruto to get her off. Naruto knew her g-spot as good as anyone else. He took full advantage of that fact. Licking and sucking on it until she came. "Naruto!!!" she yells giving herself up for him. 

"One more couple to go" Tsunade says calmly looking over Naruto to see Hinata and Karin going at it. 

"Trib will you" Naruto tells them as Sakura gets off to leave the room. 

The two lesbians hear him and get out of the covers revealing soaked pussies and sheets. They wrap their legs around each other grinding pussy on pussy. Hugging each other for support as they continuously kiss. Neither willing to give into each others urge to give in. 

"Naruto we may have to get it on if they don't finish soon" Tsunade tells him. He nods staring at the two nymphomaniac lesbians grind it out. 

Tsunade getting antsy slowly moves to Naruto. Hungry for his cock she slid her hand to it as he is distracted by his wives actions. With her hand wrapped, but not touching it a load scream occurs. She looks up to see the two breaking apart screaming as their orgasms occur together. She is frozen in shock by the scene in front of her. 

"Wow! That was incredible!" Naruto praises them for the performance. Both his wives lay down with their legs crossed exhausted from a session. 

"I'm done" Hinata slowly words out worn out.

"Me too" Karin also breathes out in total exhaustion. 

Tsunade snapping out of it shakes her head, but leaves her hand around Naruto's cock. She informs the three what happens next "a tie in your state knocks out both of you leaving Naruto and I."

"Thank goodness" Hinata replies "I have had enough sex these past three days to last me a month."

"Couldn't of said any better" Karin "right now I feel the need to sleep." She closes her eyes for future dreams of the future. Hinata nods to her husband and the Hokage before also going to sleep.

"No sex here" Naruto shrugs knowing morning session is over. His stomach roars "time for food instead."

"Your place tomorrow Naruto we finish it" Tsunade says to him.

Naruto turns to her with a huge grin "it is a deal granny Tsunade."

The two grab their clothes to leave and head separate ways. Food, rest, and a sense of normalcy is needed before they finish it. 


Next day in the late afternoon Naruto closes his door suspiously making sure no one is around. 

Behind him Tsunade wearing only a robe tugs at the towel wrapped around Naruto's waist. Both were soaked from a shower session. "Ready for round five Naruto" she says in a low voice. 

Naruto closes the door behind him as the next sound heard is Tsunade screaming something undecipherable. 


Above on the roof Anko motionless as she waits for more.



Stayed tuned for the special to see what happens in Naruto's apartment, and every round of the session. Also will add the list of every single episode of Naruto the Number One Sexiest Knucklehead afterwards

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