Wedding Day

The most talked about day in the village has arrived. Naruto would be getting to marry multiple partners. Of course it is an open marriage where they all are allowed to have intimate partners with others, but they shared a love to Naruto for more than sexual reasons.

The wedding ceremony is open to all of the leaf village. Friends and family were up in front. Naruto stood with Guy and Sai as the grooms to be married today. Guy would be wed to Shizune, Sai to Karin, and for Naruto his harem: Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Karin, and of lastly Sakura. There were to be other marriages, but timing for those relationships were not right.

Music is heard as the three grooms straighten up. Tsunade organizes her notes, just as the brides walk up to meet their soon to be husbands.

Tsunade Antoine everyone "welcome!" She turns to Naruto winking "your first Naruto." She goes through the words to seal this polygamy marriage. When all is said and done Naruto kisses all of his brides. A loud applause goes through the crowd. Tsunade follows up with the next two after the crowd settles down. When all greetings and thank yous were complete Tsunade spread a message to friends of the brides and grooms, as well as the brides and grooms to visit her place in private.

Guest list of names invited to her private meeting are:
Naruto, Sakura, Karin, Sai, Yamato, and Kakashi from team 7.
Ino, Choji, Shikamaru.
Tenten, Neji, Lee, and Guy.
Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Akamaru, and Kurenai.
Udon, Konohamaru, Moegi, and Ebisu.
Anko, Shizune, Hanabi, and Hiashi

Total 26 with 11 female shinobi, 15 male shinobi.

Tsunade stood in a large spacious room below the palace waiting for the first guest to appear. First came Choji and Shikamaru.

"The rest of the guest should be showing up soon" Tsunade tells them wearing a white robe shoving her breasts up in hopes to attract them.

"Should we get undressed?" Shikamaru asks her seeing the top of her tits sticking out.

"No! No not yet wait until I say so" Tsunade replies as Hiashi and his daughters walk in.

"We are early father" Hanabi tells her father squeezing his cock in his pants.

"Patience Hanabi" her father tells her in a low direct voice before turning to Tsunade "You were wonderful up there today."

"Thank you, Hiashi" Tsunade replies turning to Hinata "where is your husband and sister wives?"

Hinata cleared her voice "We all went our separate ways afterwards."

"Party will begin shortly, but before it does Hiashi would you come with me I need to talk to you about a upcoming mission to the land of rock" Tsunade says directly at Hiashi winking at him ever so slightly. Hiashi took the hint and followed her out leaving the young shinobi in the room.

A few minutes pass before Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru appear.

"I told you Kiba we should of followed Hinata" Shino states in a mellow voice.

"Sorry, Akamaru and I had to use the bathroom after drinking the punch" Kiba fires back.

"Where is Kurenai?" Hinata asks them.

"Oh, Tsunade called for her" Kiba says to her nonchalantly.

"ANBU a moment surrounded a few guests upstairs including Kurenai" Shino out smarting Kiba.

"Do you know who else?" Shikamaru asks them.

"Tried, but Kiba distracted me" Shino tells him as more guests appear behind them. Ino wildly makes out with Sai as Karin nuzzles his neck making everyone in the room uncomfortable. Choji coughs disrupting the three.

Ino looks behind "I'm sorry I thought this was an orgy?"

"It will be when all are here" Shikamaru tells her.

"Oh come now Ino the other two grooms aren't here yet?" Karin tells her rubbing Sai's chest. Ino takes the hint and moves to Choji and Shikamaru are standing to wait.

Door opens once more as everyone turns their attention to see whom it may be. Sakura and Moegi talk girl stuff as Konohamaru and Udon walk behind with boners showing in their pants.

Sakura stops and sees everyone still dressed and no Naruto "Naruto where did he go?" No one answered.

Tsunade walks behind the four "is everyone here?"

"Naruto" Sakura tells her without looking at Tsunade.

Shikamaru coughs just before Tsunade could yell then says "We are waiting for Team Guy as well."

"Right then I'll be back" Tsunade says as she walks away swearing about Naruto.

Several minutes pass as everyone begins to get comfortable in the room. Some were giving back massages, others rubbing feet, and rest were laughing about jokes that they heard. All trying to relax and prepare for what was about to happen. Door opens once more with Tenten holding hands with Neji and Lee as they too join the after party.

Time passes once more with the sun beginning to hit high noon. Tsunade opens doors once more screaming "Naruto!" As she screams his name he appears behind her in his sexy no jutsu form.

"I'm here granny Tsunade" Naruto says before being hurled into the room.

She closed the doors behind her with everyone in full attention. "Everyone knows what is about to happen, so you might as well as take your clothes off as I make my speech" she tells them as they undress "I would like to congratulate our brides and grooms on their special day. This party is my gift to you. Before we begin may all of the brides and grooms step forward." Naruto and Sai with their brides step forward with their backs to the other guests all of which are naked. "Very good I wish all of you a long lasting marriage, and Naruto don't screw up!" They nod and smile knowing life would be good to them. "My final words. We begin when the adults walk in."

Door opens with Tsunade pulling her robe off revealing her flawless woman body. The adults walk in all naked and from the looks of it extremely horny.

"Now for my surprise!" Naruto yells creating 10 clones "Sexy no jutsu!." Enough female Naruto's to cover every female shinobi in the room.

"Naruto your clones are going to be well used when all is said and done" Tsunade tells him with a seductive grin as she kiss her Naruto clone shoving her tongue deep into her mouth.

The orgy begins.

Orgy part 1 of 3

The party goes through the afternoon with ANBU delivery food for the guests every couple of hours at a time. Sun sets with the full moon shining through the village. Nightfall has begun, but the party continues...

Heavy breathing, tightening of the loins, and a cringed face Shizune screams out another orgasm from her lover Guy who pounds his cock rapidly in her raw pussy. "Fuck me!" She yells in a room full of the aroma and flesh of sexual bliss only to be muted by others orgasms.

"In the ass! You dummy!" Ino says to Choji who is feeling exhausted from her yelling and others he fucked today.

"Sorry Ino" he replies fixing his mistake.

"That's better" Ino says moving her ass back and forth riding his rather large cock. She turns to see Shizune in a doggy style with Guy. Moving her arm she cups Shizune's breasts.

"Uh Ino... Oh Guy... fuck...Ino!" Shizune tumbling with her words feels Guy pull out of her and moves to where he has his cock in Ino's face. Ino obliges and starts sucking. Shizune shrugs too horny to care moves under to lick Guys ball sac as his shaft moves in and out of Ino's mouth.

Nearby Konohamaru fucks Tsunade in Asian cowgirl position. He enjoying playing with her breasts and being able to fuck her crouched in this position was his favorite. "I love your big breasts Hokage!" He yells as she bob's up and down on his cock.

"Oh yes uh huh... fuck yes play with my breasts grandson of the third!" Tsunade cock hungry moans in lust.

Behind her Tenten, Ebisu, and Yamato have their own fun. Tenten is in a sandwich fuck with Yamato in the back, and Ebisu in the front French kissing her. Two cock's pumping juices into her system as her own secretion flows out Tenten feels lightheaded with all the pleasure she received today.

"Ebisu are you finished with her?" Yamato asks feeling weak in the knees.

Ebisu stops kissing Tenten and asks her "finished?" She nods weakly. The two guys set her down and pull out. She heads to the nearest wall to settle down.

"Yamato" Ebisu points to Konohamaru and Tsunade "I'll do her ass this time."

Yamato stands above Konohamaru for Tsunade to give his cock a cleaning. Ebisu gets on his knees hugging her as he does her red ass.

Tsunade sucks once before looking up with Yamato telling her "Tenten asshole." Tsunade shrugs going back to sucking as she satisfies three cock's now.

On the other side of the room Hanabi has her breasts pressed to the window as Shikamaru fucks her from behind. "Oh harder Shikamaru harder!" She moans.

"You want harder how is this?" Shikamaru uses his shadows to twist her tits she moans louder handling her an orgasm.

"Thank you Shikamaru" Hanabi says sticking her finger in her pussy and sticking the mix of cum in her mouth.

Left of them Shino and Neji do Hinata. Neji behind doing her in the ass as Shino gets his cock sucked. Shino has his back pressed to the window.

Feeling his loins tighten Neji grabs his cousins ass and shoots his cum in her ass "yeah! Fucking yeah! I love your ass Hinata!"

Hinata moans as she feels her cousin come in her ass. With her mouth sucking her teammates cock she couldn't scream. Her tits were rock hard, her pussy burning, her ass full, and her body building up with heat. She sucked hearing Shino moaning above her. She didn't let up until she had every drop of cum in his balls in her mouth.

"I'm coming! Hinata!" Shino screams shooting a load in her mouth. Hinata sucked and gulped it all down before licking up the remains. "Damn Hinata I'm drained" Shino replies to her.

"So am I" Neji replies withdrawing his cock out of her ass slowly.

"Me three" Shikamaru says to the two of them holding his limp cock in his hand.

"I'll help my sis clean up" Hanabi says getting down and taking her sisters head, so she could taste Shino's cum.

Hinata pulls away after a short kiss with her sister. "Sixty-nine sister?"

"you know it sis!"

The three boys rest watching the two sisters clean each other out. "Mother!!!" A loud scream on their right comes turning their attention to see what is going on.

Akamaru salivates as his cock is knotted up in Anko's pussy. "Oh fuck yes! I'd do a dog any day!" she says feeling the massive loads of cum going into her. Anko has her hips up so he could fuck on top of her.

"Where is Kiba?" Shikamaru asks staring at the point where Akamaru has his cock in her.

"Behind us doing Sakura doggy style" Shino says bluntly and literally. The three boys see Kiba in his dog transformation doing Sakura in doggy style.

"Kiba! Yeah! Yeah! Harder! Harder! Kiba!" Sakura chants experiencing sex with an animal.

"Unbelievable Kiba?" Neji smirks impressed by Kiba's stamina and canine experience.

Shikamaru shook his head looking at the room spotting another curious combo of Hiashi and Kakashi sandwiching Moegi. Hiashi doing her pussy as Kakashi does her ass. Moegi looked like she was ready to pass out due to over sex.

Shino spotted Lee pounding Kurenai's ass as she sucked off Sai. With Lee laying down on the floor as her ass faces Shino. Sai standing by her side as she sucks she also fondles his ball sac gently. Her other hand is fingerings his asshole.

Neji looked through the room seeing people fuck, switch positions, switch partners with others, but didn't see Naruto. "Where is Naruto?" Shikamaru and Shino looked also not seeing him or Karin, or even Udon.

"They have to be here" Shikamaru says before Shino points to them.

"Far corner other side of room in the shadows" Shino states pointing in that general direction.

Udon on top fucking Karin who is on top of female Naruto fucking his pussy. Naruto on his knees and elbows holding it in as Karin fucks him. His nipples hard as rock, his pussy aching, and his body screaming for an orgasm.

Karin felt the same way as Naruto feeling a cock in her pussy pushing her to scream for an orgasm, but unlike Naruto she has a cock fucking him, and it felt so warm pushing her piece of meat in a pussy. In her normal version she couldn't do this, but with a jutsu like this it made life far more liberating.

Udon stood driving his cock into Karin as he rubs his hands over her soft body. He doesn't have as much experience with sex as the other two much less everyone in the room, but he knew how to put one and one together. With the help of Naruto's harem recently he feels more confident with every female shinobi he does.

"I... I can't hold it any longer!" Naruto screams feeling an orgasm through out his body.

Udon hearing Naruto pumps it up feeling it too "I'm coming!"

"Not without me!" Karin screams driving her cock deep in to Naruto coming at the same time as Udon. She collapses on Naruto who loses all strength and falls flat on the floor. Udon exhausted falls on Karin before falling down to the floor by Naruto. "What a fuck!" Karin says breathing heavily.

"Tell us about it" Naruto and Udon say in unison. Karin kisses Naruto then turns and kisses Udon. She rolls between the two of them holding their cock's as they hold her cock together. Heading to their dreams ready to see what will come tomorrow.

To be continued...

Next Episodes Orgy Part 2 and 3

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