Konoha team

Battle had given a toll to both sides. Sasuke was on his own after Karin traded sides, Suigetsu and Jugo still haven't returned from their battles, and Orochimaru is nowhere to be seen. The Leaf are healing each other with Naruto being the only one with chakra for battle at this time. Kakashi drained, Guy busy with help on healing process for Tenten. Yamato suppressing nine tails with help from Anko. Everyone that isn't busy in healing or suppression is heading to Naruto.

Feeling the chakra levels in himself he knew one more would do it for him. Sasuke raises his hands in the air as storm clouds form above he yells in frustration "Naruto!"

Naruto realized what would be happening soon. Quickly stiffening up facing his friend and rival he went into Sage mode. Frog eyes appear when he opens his eyes. The natural chakra flowed around him with his and the nine tails. He shouted out boldly "Sasuke!"

Thunder cracks.

Sasuke starts chidori raising it to the sky. Lightning flashes as he runs to Naruto.

Naruto creates the rasengan and also charges after him.

Chidori enlarges stretching out from Sasuke to the clouds.

Naruto shapes the resengan into a chakra based shurikan.

They meet with a clash with the sound of thunder.


Ebisu senses the enemies as he leads his team through the forest. The mission is to be assistance to the other groups, and to their distance from Sasuke and Naruto. With Konohamaru on the team it seemed to be a challenge even Ebisu would find difficult to keep him and Naruto separate.

"Are we there yet?" Udon whines feeling sore from the long journey. Ebisu knew this was a bad idea, but Hokage Tsunade insisted. With most teams busy with other missions and training they were left for backup.

"Not far at all" Konohamaru replies to his teammate with a positive sense.

"I hope we aren't too close... I hear Sasuke is... is dangerous" Udon hesitates being nervous.

"Relax guys we won't be battling" Ebisu calms down his team "we are going to be aiding the other teams with no fighting."

"Tell that to Konohamaru sensei he told us he was going to fight Sasuke" Moegi replies revealing Konohamaru's secret. Konohamaru moved further ahead.

Ebisu struggled dealing with him unlike Naruto who seemed to be a far better teacher. He shrugged and kept an eye on his star student.

Konohamaru stopped with his team meeting him at the edge of the forest as a loud thunder clash occurs. They were witnessing Naruto and Sasuke really go at it. From their view they saw both shinobi hitting chakra on chakra. Konohamaru grinned quickly creating a rasengan.

"Are you crazy Konohamaru it will never work" Moegi says noticing his rasengan.

"Konohamaru enough it's suicide to try" Ebisu grabs his shoulder. Konohamaru vanishes. "A clone!"

Konohamaru runs onto the battlefield with a rasengan in his hand ready to launch it at Sasuke. "Here I come Naruto!" He charges at them throwing the ball of chakra at point blank at Sasuke. A massive explosion occurs as the battlefield stands still.

"Konohamaru!" Ebisu screams worried.

"Naruto!" Kakashi yells too.

Sasuke wakes up feeling a great deal of pain as he lies on the ground. He sees a figure above him "Your here at last" he falls back to sleep.

Naruto walks out of it holding Konohamaru on his back. There is relief on the battlefield realizing both were alright. Naruto drops him down allowing him to run to his team. Looking at Kakashi "I barely knew it and created a clone to protect him momentarily" he shrugs.

"Konohamaru" Kakashi talking in his mind "a little of Naruto in him."

"Excuse me!" Orochimaru yells getting everyone's attention. Everyone turns to Orochimaru confused. "Now then this battle wasn't suppose to happen, but I was busy. Next time it will be only Naruto and Sasuke." He stares coldly at Konohamaru before vanishing with Sasuke.

"It's over" Naruto calmly says knowing it is time to head back home.

"Oh man we just got here" Konohamaru disappointed. Everyone moves on in silence as they begin their journey back home.


Konoha team 2

On the way back the groups lived in cabins created by Yamato allowing two groups per cabin. This is the story of what happened that night for team Kakashi and team Ebisu who are under one roof.

Kakashi is out cold after dinner. Ebisu keeps guard with Yamato for the night. Karin and Sai snuggled away together. Udon and Moegi play games in main room. Sakura is busy taking care of herself in the bathroom. As for Naruto and Konohamaru they are busy practicing their sexy no nursing techniques.

"Oh wow! Naruto what does Sakura look like?" Konohamaru says in his sexy no jutsu mode to Naruto who also is in his sexy no jutsu mode.

"No way!" Naruto says back "not before I teach you the futa addition."

Konohamaru scratched his head "what is fuma?"

"Futa!" Naruto corrects him before adding his cock to the transformation.

Konohamaru burst out laughing before he realized Naruto is serious "does Sakura have one too?"

"No, but all of the chicks do it. It adds pleasure like you have never felt before" Naruto adds "now you try."

Konohamaru makes the hand symbols Naruto showed him, and he quickly began feeling the growth of his cock while still retaining his female form. "This is great, but there are no chicks here."


Shower of water poured down her body. Drops fall down her breasts streaming to her stomach. Water soaked her cock as she rubs it gently to erection. Relief and satisfaction flowed through her body after an intense day she went through both physically and mentally. Snapping out of a trance recollecting what all happened she stopped masturbating. Turning off the water she walked out of the shower, and grabbed a towel to dry off. Finishing up she grabbed her robe, and walked out into the hallway.

She hears Udon and Moegi downstairs playing, hears Karin having sex with Sai, and at the end of the hall Naruto with Konohamaru. She walks down the hall passing Kakashi's room with the door closed, followed by Karin and Sai, then stopping at the door of Naruto's.

Sakura watches the two boys in their female forms. She grew horny seeing the scene. Grabbing her cock she rubs it. She places a hand in her robe caressing one of her breasts softly moaning. Then it happened she sees them add their cock's. She hears Konohamaru wish for a female shinobi. Opening the door noticing the boys looking at her walk in not angry. She disrobes and says "I'm ready for you two naughty boys."

Konohamaru jaw dropped by the sight of Sakura stark naked in front of him with a cock below "your... right N...Naruto it is popular."

Naruto shook back to reality turning from Sakura to Konohamaru replying "time for some fun." He turned back to Sakura "I am first."

Sakura walks over and French kisses him as their breasts press to each other. She tugs on his cock signalling that she needs to be fucked. Naruto pulls out and turns around bending to go into a doggy style revealing to Sakura his ass, pussy lips, and hard cock. Sakura inserts her cock in his pussy, while grabbing one of his breasts. She slowly thrust it in to allow Konohamaru to understand.

"Oh man that is so awesome!" Konohamaru says looking directly at the area where Sakura's is going into Naruto.

"Care to join in anytime Konohamaru" Naruto says breathing heavily as he holds onto the bed for support.

Konohamaru does just that moving behind Sakura cupping her large breasts as he inserts his cock into her pussy, and his breasts pressed to her back before asking Sakura "ready?"

Sakura turns her head slightly "it is all yours." Allowing him to get into rhythm with Naruto and herself they had become a unique threeway if anyone was watching.


There was of course someone watching at the doorway seeing Konohamaru's backside. Moegi left Udon a moment ago, because he had fallen asleep after a ton of traveling the last couple of days. Hearing noises on the second floor she decided to see what everyone was doing. One bedroom is closed and silent, following that she sees Karin and Sai making love (she didn't know either of them very well), after that she goes to the last room at the end of the hallway. She looks in at total memorization and curiosity seeing her teammate from behind fuck Sakura in his annoying and cute sexy version.

"Uh...harder Sakura harder! Fuck me!" Naruto moans loudly.

Moegi begins to feverishly play with her pussy as she watches.

Sakura feeling someone is watching decides to spice it up making the hand symbols for a clone. Sakura clone sees Moegi from the corner of her eye.

Moegi knows she's been caught, but she didn't understand the cock. She watches her go behind Konohamaru and begins fucking him.

"Oh! That is tight Konohamaru!" Sakura clone yells hoping to peak Moegi's interest and break Konohamaru's pussy virginity.

"So big! Sakura that is so good! Fuck me!" Konohamaru yells in pleasure enjoying the new sensations.

Moegi's pussy juices flow down her fingers and her legs. She needed to be fucked badly. Hanabi and her have had sex, but never has she had a cock in her. Opening the door all the way with no one stopping she undressed until she is her birthday suit. Walking around them seeing that they all were female with cock's.

"You want to know how don't you Moegi?" real Sakura asks her. Moegi nods bravely looking at her in the eyes. Sakura tells her the animal symbols to use and to hit her private area and also adds "you may want to age a little too." Moegi did it all that was told of her, and as the smoke diminished she looked as old as Sakura and had a cock being one of them a futa female shinobi.

"Now what?" She asks Sakura before Naruto stopped her.

Naruto seeing Moegi in futa mode decides to have some fun by adding three clones. One goes behind Sakura clone and the others sandwich Moegi. Front clone Naruto "fuck me..." Clone behind her says "...and I'll fuck you." She obeys inserting her cock in him as she feels a cock go in her pussy from behind.

"Oooh... this feels so good!" Moegi screams before Naruto French kisses her.

Pounding her cock in and out of Naruto and feeling Konohamaru pound his piece of meat in her Sakura feels ready to explode "I'm going to come!!!" She shoots her warm moist white cum into Naruto as well as soak Konohamaru's cock with juices dripping down to the floor. With Sakura coming her clone feels the same shooting her cum into Konohamaru as well as soak Naruto clones cock.

"It feels so warm inside me" Konohamaru replies to Sakura's orgasm "do I pull out?"

Sakura clone whispers in his ear "your orgasm hasn't come yet", and as she says those words she sticks her cock deeper in him.

With that push Konohamaru feels his loins tighten he screams releasing an orgasm "I love you Sakura!!!"

"That's it!" Sakura yells in satisfaction feeling his cum fire into her stomach. She releases her clone leaving the clone Naruto alone. "Time for a new position" She says puling out of Naruto and getting Konohamaru out of her.

"What do you propose?" Konohamaru asks her.

Naruto turns to her understanding where she is going. He releases all his clones freeing Moegi.

"Hey! I was enjoying those two" Moegi furious that Naruto removed his clones. Sakura whispers in her ear something devilishly wicked as the boys wait to see what happens.

Sakura looks at the boys and says "we dare you two boys to give us head." Naruto without a single word gets down on his knees and starts sucking on Sakura's cock. Moegi looks sternly at Konohamaru with no more than a peep he obeys and gives her a blowjob too. Sakura turns to Moegi "is this worth it or what?"

"You know it" Moegi replies grabbing Sakura head and moving in to kiss her on the lips.

Before the two girls could get comfortable the boys will be boys. Naruto inserts two fingers into Sakura's pussy sending a jolt thru her body. "Oh, yeah that hits the spot" Sakura says in a mellow voice.

"What did" Moegi says before she realizes the boys are fingering their pussies. As the girls enjoy double satisfaction the boys feverishly finger their own pussies. Sakura French kisses Moegi once more not holding back this time as they reach their orgasms together. Both their pussies burning as if they were wild fires, and their cock's shooting cum into the boys vacuum mouths.

Konohamaru pulled out licking the remaining cum juices from Moegi's cock saying "it is sweet!"

Naruto pulls out with a seductive loud pop replying "let's switch!"

Moegi stops them lifting Naruto up as Sakura does the same with Konohamaru. Turning to Sakura she winks before turning to the boys "let's lose the cocks boys." All four remove the cock's all looking like four sexy female nude shinobi.

"I say we get on the floor and eat each others pussy!" Konohamaru speaks loudly. Sakura grabs him and kisses him slowly dropping to the floor. Moegi and Naruto do the same as they continue the fun through the night.


A few days later in the village Kakashi and Shizune are walking around preparing for the weddings that were just around the corner.

"How is Guy dealing with it?" Kakashi asks her imaging his rival acting.

"If it wasn't for Neji demanding practice he would be treating as if I was a princess" Shizune replies blushing a little.

Wanting to move the subject Kakashi asks "what else is on your list?"

Shizune leaves her dream world looking at her list "I got my dress, rice, bells, and oh... I need to ask Sakura about a medicine that one of the doctors wanted."

"I'm sure knowing her she is at Naruto's" Kakashi says "she has the same sexual urges as Tsunade."

"I don't know how Hinata deals with it?" Shizune says back with the two laughing knowing Naruto.


A few blocks away Udon and Moegi leave Naruto's apartment sexually drained. With Ino closing the door behind them making love to Konohamaru.

"Naruto needs a bigger place what do you think Udon?" Moegi asks him straightening her hair out.

"That was awesome!" Udon completely ignoring her after his first visit in Naruto's harlem.

Moegi feels defeated knowing it would be a couple of times before he was level headed now that he broke his virginity. She stopped reaching the last step hearing Kakashi sensei talking to Shizune who were right around the corner. Quickly she kisses Udon moving him in the shadows as she hears the two go up. Once the coast was clear she stopped

"Wow can you do that again!" Udon feeling light headed. Moegi ignores him as they leave the area.


Kakashi and Shizune don't notice Moegi and Udon as they walk up. Kakashi knocks on the door as they hear the sexual motions behind the door.

Door opens with huge breasts staring right at them. A fully naked Hinata stands in front of them with Karin behind her vigorously rubbing her pussy and nibbling on her ear. "May I help you two?" She asks them moaning softly.

Kakashi slowly moves his hand to her breasts before Shizune stops him. She asks Hinata for Sakura. Hinata moves allowing them to enter the harlem. Kakashi in total awe as Tenten walks up to him allowing to fondle with her breasts. Shizune heads to the bathroom hearing Sakura screaming after experiencing an orgasm from Naruto.

Once she passes Konohamaru and Ino fucking she stands at the doorway of the bathroom seeing them in the shower. She opens the shower door with Sakura's ass facing her. Fighting her urges in joining in she gets there attention.

"I thought you were with Guy?" Naruto confused by her presence.

"I'm hear wanting the medicine I asked Sakura to make" she replies without going sex mad and tearing her clothes off.

"I finished it..." Sakura says her "one moment" as Naruto shoves his cock a few more times before she has another orgasm. Sakura pulls him out and moves out grabbing a towel to dry off. She goes into her bag to find the bottle. Giving it to Shizune Naruto walks out of the shower making Shizune very uncomfortable.

"Oh Shizune I need you with the wedding plans as well" she asks staring at Sakura's naked body.

"Sure give me a moment to dress" Sakura replies then turning to Naruto "sorry to leave you hanging, but I have work."

Naruto kisses her before leaving them to join Ino and Konohamaru.

A few minutes later Sakura leaves with Shizune grabbing Kakashi.

"Time for some girl shopping" Sakura says to Shizune then looks at Kakashi "what to do with him?"

"Kakashi, Ebisu is in need of some files" Shizune tells him.

Kakashi defeated sulking away obeying the command as the girls head to the market.


Next Episode: Wedding and Orgy Part 1

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