Lindsay's escapades with her teenage neighbor continue
A continuation, for more back story please read the first part of this series, thanks.

Anne looked at me with hesitation in her eyes. I firmly rubbed my finger over her asshole, prodding the tip into her tight ring. She gasped and arched her back, pulling away before I can get much farther. "I really should go home before my dad notices I'm not there..." She says with a slight shake to her voice. "Oh little innocent Annie doesn't want her ass fingered? Is that it?" There was a slight mocking tone in my voice as I stood up and looked down at her laying awkwardly on my couch, her pussy juices still fresh on the cushion under her. "Lindsay, I can't. I've never had anything in my butt before! It'll hurt me." I look down at her and tilt my head, "I won't hurt you Anne, I promise. It'll feel good, and you'll be addicted to anal play. Now flip over and spread your cheeks, now." She lay there and shake her head, starting to speak but I cut her off, "Anne! Flip over! Now!!" She looks startled but starts to comply, rolling over onto her stomach on the couch. I get behind her and push her knees forward, propping her sweet little ass in the air. I smile, admiring the view as I start fingering her pussy, easily slipping two into her depths. She moans softly and starts rocking back and forth against my fingers. I slowly pull them out of her wet pussy and run my middle finger up over her tight little pucker, rubbing her cum into her ass as I slowly tease her hole. "I do believe I told you to spread your cheeks, slut." She moans quietly and slides her hands behind her, leaning on her shoulder as she pulls her shapely ass cheeks apart, showing off her fresh little asshole. I bite my lip and slide my fingers away, running them back into her pussy, "keep your cheeks spread, you little whore. Your asshole looks amazing like that.." She gasps and nods a little as I pump two then three fingers up her tight little cunt, her juices flowing down my wrist. I lean down close to her asshole and blow a stream of air over it, causing her to gasp loudly and squeeze her cheeks tight. I smile and slowly run my tongue from her pussy up to her asshole, taking my time to press against her tight pucker firmly. "Lindsay!! You didn't say anything about this!" I pull back and slide my fingers from her pussy, smacking her ass hard suddenly. Anne screamed, and I spanked her again. "If I want to lick your asshole, I'm going to you little slut. Now don't say another word, or I will spank you harder." With that I leaned back into her ass and shoved my tongue against her asshole, determined to pry it open. The teenager moaned into the couch and spread her cheeks more, pushing back slightly as I began lapping at her little starfish. The taste wasn't bad, and she was starting to like it. I pull away and quickly force two fingers into her ass, shoving them in all the way before she can object. She screams and pulls forward, but I shove with her, forcing my fingers in deeper. "Oh little Annie. You like this, don't you? Answer me, slut." Annie nods, and I start pumping her asshole with my slim fingers. "Tell me how much you like it." "Lindsay I -" "oh no, didn't I tell you not to speak?" I smacked the younger girl's ass hard several times, forcing screams and moans from her body. I pushed my fingers deep into her ass and slid my other hand under her body, pinching her clit and rubbing it smoothly. "Annie I want you to come over every day while your dad is gone or asleep, is that understood?" The teenager nodded, remembering her spankings. "Good girl, slut. I'm going to turn you into my own little fucktoy, and I don't care if you like it or not, you're going to eat my pussy when I want it, you're going to take my strap on in your pussy and asshole, and if I want to share you, I will. Understand?" Again Anne nodded, moaning loud and shaking as she approached orgasm. "Cum slut, cum all over my couch again.." With that Anne squirted her sweet juices down onto my couch, her asshole tensing around my fingers as I yanked them from her body and stood up, watching her cream. She collapsed on the couch and I threw her clothes at her. "Get dressed and get out, I have to get ready for work. Remember though, I'll see you tonight at your dad's party. Don't wear panties, I'm going to want easy access." With that I left the girl cumming on my couch and walked into my room, eager to get the day over with..

The rest of the day went by slowly. I couldn't get the teenage girl from across the hall out of my mind. 'I licked and fingered her ass, and she squirted girly cum onto my couch.. Beautiful.' I thought to myself, my mind wandering as I filed a stack of papers for Mr. Johansson, my boss. As the end of the day approached, I could hardly contain myself. I continuously looked at the clock until at long last, it was time to head home. I raced to my car and sped home, trying to keep my cool as I pulled up into my parking spot. I entered the building and quickly hurried up the stairs to my apartment, completely ignoring the too slow elevator. As soon as I got inside I stripped out of my clothes, dropping them as I walked to my room to change for Peter and Anne's party. Keeping in mind what I told Anne earlier, I put on a low cut top that accentuated my generous breasts, neglecting to put on a bra. Something I knew Anne (and Peter) was sure to notice. I slid my damp panties off and ran my fingers over my smooth hairless pussy before sliding on a short denim skirt that barely hit the middle of my thighs. I touched up my make up in the mirror and smiled to myself, delighted I'd get to play with Anne again in a matter of hours.

After what seemed like an eternity it was time to head across the hall. I knocked at the door and waited before peter opened it. I smiled and threw my arms around his neck, giving him a quick hug (and pressing my hard nipples against his chest) before stepping back. "Well that was enthusiastic, neighbor." He grinned and opened the door wider, I stepped into his place and spotted Anne on the deck in a tiny string bikini. I gulped, not expecting her to be practically naked yet. "So peter, thanks for inviting me. How many did you say were coming?" Pete looked at me and handed me a beer, which I happily took. " Oh um, well you and my buddy from work I think. Everyone else is busy this weekend. Sorry, I thought I had told you that. I smiled and shook my head, "no, you didn't. But that's great too, I'm just happy to be out of the house and not at work. Even if it is just across the hall." Pete nodded and opened a beer for himself. "I hear you on that one." We exchanged small talk until there was a knock at the door. Pete excused himself to answer and I took the opportunity to go out on the deck with Anne. "Hello my little slut." I whispered as I walked out, causing her to jump and her tits to jiggle slightly. I sat on the lounge chair next to her, my back blocking the view from inside the house. I quickly slipped two fingers in her bikini bottoms and into her pussy. "Oh god, Lindsay no.. Not here.." I smiled and continued, "where then? You're ass?" The teenager turned fire truck red and tried to close her legs around my hand. "Please, no. We can go to my room after my dad goes to bed." I tweaked her clit and pulled my hand away, "good, because you're going to make me cum on your face, then I'm going to use you as I see fit for the rest of the night. Got it?" The girl nodded, standing up. "Y-yes, I got it. Can I go change now?" I nodded and stood too. "Don't forget what I said, cunt." I walk behind her back into the apartment and smiled at Pete as he introduced me to his friend.

The rest of the night passed boringly, the only highlight being Anne in her impossibly tight skirt and blouse that showed off every curve of her tight body. Around ten I decided to head home. I cornered Anne at the door. "Change of plans, you little whore," I whispered as I opened the door. "Come over the second he passes out. Come straight to my bedroom, and please me. No words, nothing. And take your clothes off before you come over. I'll leave my door unlocked." With that I told Pete and his friend goodnight and walked across the hall, biting my lip as I got inside my door and stripped naked, again. I slide into my bed and start to finger my pussy, my wet lips parting slightly as I spread my legs wide, teasing myself while I waited for my fucktoy to come over.

I heard the front door open an hour later, I pulled my fingers away from my pussy and sucked on them. Anne walked in the room, completely naked. I smiled and sat up, hanging my legs off the bed as I spread them wide, motioning her over. "Eat my pussy good you little bitch. If you don't, you will be punished tonight.." She bit her lip and knelt in front of me, running a finger down my clit slowly. I moaned softly and laid back as the teenager started to lick my folds, her tongue sliding up one side of my wet lips and down the other, avoiding my dripping hole. I groaned and pushed my hips up a bit, telling her to eat me like she means it. With that the girl slides her warm tongue into my snatch, snaking it deeply into my pussy. I moan loudly and arch my back off the bed, feeling her fingers attacking my clit, sending me over the edge quickly. I push the back of her head down hard and scream, grinding her pretty face into my sopping cunt as I gush, not letting her up until my orgasm begins to subside. I release her head and she falls back, gasping as I sit up, grinning at her panting on the floor. Streaks of girly cum and makeup running down her face. "You've only done that once before?" I ask her. She nods, wiping her face a little on the back of her hands. "Don't wipe it off. You're going home like that in the morning. And you'll eat my pussy many more times before I let you go." She looks up at me, not sure if I'm serious. "Annie, you're mine now. I will fuck you when I want. You will eat me and fuck me when I want. Get used to it." The teenager sighed softly and whispered to me, "will you make me screw other people?" I smiled and looked at her, "would you like that?" Anne nodded and blushed a deep red. I laughed out loud and lay back on my bed, "oh you wanton slut. Come sit on my face right now. I will have a train of men lined up to fuck you tomorrow if you wanted it. But let's go slower for now. Come, sit on my face. I'll reward you this time, for being such an obedient slut girl for me.."

Pt. III coming soon ;) I'm very open to ideas for what to have the ladies (or others) explore, PM me if you have any ideas or critiques.

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