This is a dream. It must be, I must be dreaming because this is too perfect, too damn good to be real. I glance over at the sleeping teenager and grin before turning out the light. It wasn't a dream, my life had taken a quick and strange turn, but it was all real.

Two weeks previous

I woke with a start, the alarm blaring near my head as I fumbled to turn it off. "Five AM comes awfully early." I mutter bitterly as I finally manage to silence the obnoxious alarm clock. I lay in bed for a minute and try to wake up more before I have to get up and get ready for work. After what seems like seconds my alarm starts up again and I finally pry myself from my bed. I turn the light on and stand in front of my mirror, examining my body and face. I smile and run my hands over my hips and stomach. I may not be the thinnest woman in town, but I am not the largest either. 23 with curves in all the right places and generous 36C breasts, I certainly am not lacking in admirers. I run my fingers through my shoulder length red hair and sigh to myself as I think about the long day ahead of me. "Better get a move on and get out the door.." I think to myself as I sigh again, grabbing a towel before heading to the shower.

I shower and dress quickly, choking down a small bit of toast before heading out of my apartment. That's when I saw her. Tall, lean, long blonde hair and a smile to die for. "Hi I'm Anne, you must be our new neighbor." Her voice was like honey, smooth and sweet. I realize I haven't said anything and blush, "yes sorry, I'm no good on the mornings.. I'm Lindsay, I live right here in 5B. I heard we had new tenants, I just didn't think you'd be here yet." She nods and motions towards the apartment across from mine, "yeah my dad and I figured the sooner we moved in the better.. Well it was nice meeting you Lindsay, but I better go unpack some boxes before the next load gets here." With that the perfectly gorgeous blonde unlocked the door to her apartment and left me standing there. I quickly started toward the elevator, my mind buzzing with questions. How old is Anne? Is her dad as good looking as she is? Did she notice me looking at her toned legs and little nipples poking against the fabric of her thin t-shirt? When will I see her again?

The rest of the day drug on slowly and I forgot about Anne in the stack of paperwork I had to file for Mr. Johansson. I liked my job as a secretary for one of the most well known lawyers in town, Mr. Johansson was a very fair boss, even if he did have a wandering eye when it came to female employees. The day was over before I could finish my paperwork, so I gathered my things and walked out to the parking lot. I pulled up in front of the building and saw a moving truck, immediately remembering Anne and her sexy smile from this morning. I got out of the car and spotted Anne walking out of the building with a man who could only be her dad. They had the same stunning smile, but he had dark brown hair flecked with grey and the brightest green eyes I had ever seen. I approached the new neighbors with a smile, "You must be Anne's father, we met this morning in the hall." I couldn't help but notice him look me up and down, but surely I imagined the little smile of.. What? Approval? "Hi, yes Anne told me she introduced herself this morning. I'm Peter." He held out his hand and I politely shook it. "I'm Lindsay, my apartment is directly across from yours." 'Stupid, of course he already knows that, you're the only other apartment on the floor..' He smiled and nodded, "Anne told me that, too. Look we're having a little get together this weekend to celebrate moving in. A few friends of mine and some of the other building tenants will be there, feel free to stop by and bring your boyfriend." I shifted slightly on the steps and glanced away, not wanting to look awkward but failing miserably. "I uh.. Don't have a boyfriend anymore.. We broke up just a month ago." I look up and see a small shimmer in Peter's eyes. "I'm sorry to hear that," 'no you're not.' I think to myself as Peter continues, "but you're still welcome to come. We'd love for you to be there, right Annie?" The teenager had been silent up until now, "ugh dad don't call me Annie, I'm 18 years old.. But yeah, we'd be excited for you to come Lindsay." I smiled and watched the younger girl speak, her soft lips moving delicately. "Okay I'll stop by for a few after work, thanks.. I should get going upstairs though, I have paperwork from the office to finish tonight. See you around, and again, nice meeting you both."

I suppose now would be as good a time as any to mention some things about me. I lost my virginity when I was sixteen, and from then on I had sex with quite a few men. I had fantasized about what it would be like to have sex with women ever since I hit puberty, but for whatever reason had never been with one until my senior year of high school. I seduced one of my teachers, and became her after school pet... But that's another story for another time. I'd describe myself as bisexual, and very very open to new things in the bedroom. I've been in a few threesomes in recent years, and even used a strap-on dildo on one of my ex-boyfriends.. I'm taller, just under six foot, with a thick build. My nice tits and perfect round ass have men (and women) drooling. Peter was no different..

Over the next few days I ran into Peter in the hall on my way to and from work. Always a gentleman, I quickly began to trust this single dad, even when his eyes wandered over my body.. The night before the small party at his place he knocked on my door after work. Having just got off I was changed into a tank top and short shorts to beat the heat. I considered putting on a bra before opening the door, but changed my mind when I heard Peter on the other side. "Lindsay it's just Pete, I just wanted to remind you about tomorrow.." I opened the door and his eyes grew to the size of saucers. "I told you I'd be there, do you think I'm going to flake?" I bounced up on my toes lightly, my perfect tits jiggling a little as I joked. Peter's eyes were glued to my chest as he answered, "no of course not, just wanted to remind you." He finally tore his eyes away and looked up at me. "Has anybody ever told you you're tits are magnificent?" I was taken aback by his forwardness, but smiled and managed to play along, "oh no, never." He grinned, knowing I was lying. "See you tomorrow, Lindsay."

The next morning I woke early and made myself pancakes. About to sit down to the table, I heard muttering outside my apartment. Curious about who the hell would be up and walking around at 4:30 I opened the door and was shocked at what I found. Anne was in the hall with a boy, his hand sliding around under her short denim skirt while she gasped and moaned quietly. I was too stunned to move, here was the gorgeous teenager from across the hall, who's father I have been flirting with since they moved in, being finger banged in the hallway. I gathered myself and cleared my throat. Anne's eyes snapped open and she pushed the boy away, "oh shit please don't tell my dad, I'm not supposed to see Rod anymore." At that point Rod looked up at me and glared, he turned to Anne and muttered something before he left her standing there. It was then an idea formed, one I was certainly going to test.. "Anne just come in here please, have some breakfast. Let's talk about this boy." Anne looked apprehensive, "You won't tell my dad?" I shook my head, "Honey at your age I was doing a lot worse than getting fingered outside my front door." She blushed, and I smiled. "Just come in here before your dad does hear this and comes unglued, okay?" She sighed and nodded, walking into my apartment.

We ate breakfast in the living room and talked about Rod. Why she couldn't see him, how far she had gone with him, if she liked him or wanted to make her dad mad.. She was an incredibly open girl, and even hinted at having fooled around with Rod and another girl. It was at that I decided to test the waters. "Wait, so did you.. You know, go down on a girl with him there?" She blushed deep red and nodded, looking at me. "Oh god, yes! You must think I'm some slut." I shook my head and giggled, "no I don't. Anne, I've eaten so much pussy and fucked my fair share of guys. Trust me, you're no slut, honey." With that I rubbed her arm understandingly, and moved closer to her on the couch. She glanced at me and looked a little confused, but then it clicked. She knew I was trying to make a move, and she opened her mouth to object. I leaned in and kissed her, pushing her arms down as she tried to move away. I gently placed my hands on her hips and continued the kiss, feeling her begin to kiss me back. I smiled to myself and pulled away slightly, biting her bottom lip as I straddled her lap. "Mm, Lindsay, I can't.." " shhh, Anne.. Yes you can. You know you want this right now, Rod left before you could cum.. Just let me, you won't regret it.." She moaned softly and I kissed her again, pushing my tongue in her mouth as she surrendered and slid her hands up my back. We kissed passionately and I rubbed my body against hers, sliding my hands under her shirt to feel her naked little Bcup titties. The moan that escaped her lips told me she had sensitive nipples and I grinned, pulling away from the kiss. "Take your shirt off, slut." The harsh word shocked Anne, but she obeyed, dropping her top off the back of the couch. "Mm good girl.. You have such nice little tits, slut. Perfectly pink nipples.." I slipped my tongue over her left tit and massaged her nipple slowly, sucking on it gently as I pinched and tugged lightly on her other. She moaned loudly and tried to push me away, but I slapped her hands away and continued working her sensitive little nipples. "Lindsay pleeease, I'm so wet.." I needed no further encouragement. I stood up and quickly discarded my T-shirt and panties, "take your skirt off, little Annie.." She obeyed, slipping her skirt down her hips and onto the floor, her tiny, perfectly shaved pussy glistening as she spread her legs wide. "Lindsay, I'm wet for you." She said as she drug two fingers down her tight cunt. I growled softly and kneeled down in front of this little vixen, pushing her hand away. I looked up at her and slowly stuck my tongue out, delaying contact with her slick pussy as long as I could. She moaned and pushed my head down firmly, forcing my tongue against her tight pussy. I lapped at her juices and sucked her little cunt lips into my mouth, desperately trying to drink all her honey. Anne moaned louder and ground her pussy into my face, my nose pressing on her clit with each thrust. I stabbed my tongue into her tight little fuckhole and pushed in and out as deep as I could, drinking all her sweet nectar as it flowed freely from her sweet depths. "Lindsaaaay, I'm going to squirt!" Music to my ears. I pick up the pace of the tongue fucking I'm giving her and slide my fingers over her clit, toying it and rubbing it quickly. I feel her pussy squeeze hard around my tongue as she screams out, orgasming hard into my mouth. When she said she was a squirter, she wasn't lying. My mouth is flooded with her girly cum, and I moan as it drips down my face and onto the couch. After what seems like an eternity her orgasm slows, and I pull my tongue from her tight cunt. Gasping and panting she collapses back onto the couch, legs spread lewdly around my shoulders, my face inches from her dripping pussy. "Lindsay, you're incredible. I didn't think you liked girls.." I giggled and ran a finger down her sopping slit, forcing a loud moan from her. "I've been dreaming of fucking you since I first saw you." I slowly push a finger into her slick pussy, making her groan softly. I continue to finger her lazily and sigh, "I guess you need to leave soon, hmm?" She nodded and looked down at me. "My pussy is still tingling from that orgasm, do you need to finger me?" I smiled and pulled my finger from her snatch, rubbing it down over her asshole. " I'm just lubing your ass up, now flip over slut. I'm not through with you.."

To be continued...

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