I have been blind all my life and know when someone is pitying me. I have an older sister named Ashley and she is very protective. For most of my life I have been home schooled or gone to a private school. I had begged and pleaded until my mother had finally allowed me to go to public high school this year.

I knew what I was in for and didn’t care. I spoke nine languages, being blind seemed to help me listen and learn better. I did corporate translating in the evenings so even being blind I was making money. The first few days at school had been extremely hard, mostly just moving from class to class and dealing with bullies.

My sister was eighteen and in her last year. She was also popular so a lot of guys hung around her. We had the same lunch period and I would normally sit at the same table to eat. I heard a lot of stuff and pretended to ignore what was said. Most of it was whispers and pleas from guys for sex and then there was the taunts and teasing.

Of course sometimes the taunts were aimed at me and not seeing anything they were flashing or saying they were flashing helped. It was a month before my life changed. It was Friday, I walked slowly down the side of the hall with my cane sweeping ahead of me. I walked through the double doors into the busy and very noisy lunch room before heading straight across.

I ignored the jerks that commented or made jokes as I stopped at the table we always used. I sat on the end of a bench they always left clear for me and folded the cane before putting it away. I pulled out my lunch, two apples and a sandwich. I set everything on the table and pulled out the earpiece and my computer pad.

I heard girls talking and then a couple of guys when they showed up. Mostly they ignored me which was fine. I listened to my e-mail before starting to translate a document. I hesitated when I heard Allen asking Ashley if she was going to put out tonight during their date. She hissed, “how many times do I have to tell you not to talk about that!”

I tilted my head when he answered, “he’s blind. What the fuck does he know! He will probably never get laid like you said.”

I shook my head as I put everything away and opened my cane as I stood. Ashley was suddenly holding my arm, “he didn’t mean it Cole.”

I started walking, “yes he did. You don’t have to hide the fact that you are having sex. I may not see or hear it but I can smell you when you come home.”

She hissed, “I’m eighteen and can fuck if I want.”

I continued to walk, “and I’m blind and will never have sex? Go back to your friends.”

She let me go and I left and walked to the library. I only heard a few people as I found a chair and sat. I went back to translating the document before sending it off. After that I left and went to my next class and just waited for the bell. Normally my sister gave me a ride home but today I waited for the crowd to thin before heading for the front door.

I was on the sidewalk and heading down the street when I heard Callie. She called for me to wait so I stopped walking. She took my arm when she reached me and I stiffened until I realized it wasn’t to (help me). She took a breath as I swept the sidewalk and began to walk, “not with your boyfriend Callie?”

She didn’t speak at first and then, “sorry, no. We broke up and I’m between guys right now.”

Callie was sixteen like me but popular and one of my sister’s followers, “what can I do for you?”

She took a breath but I listen to the way her voice changed, “I thought we could hang out and do something...”

I slowed at a corner and listened before stepping down and walking across the street, “and fuck me?”

She was quiet, “well yeah.”

I felt the other curb and stepped up, “a pity fuck?”

She sighed, “yeah.”

I thought about it and slowed before stopping, “okay but take me to your house. We can use your bed so you will feel more comfortable.”

She giggled as she turned me and pulled, “we will have an audience. My little sister would watch.”

I shrugged as I let her lead me but started trying to remember where she was leading, “I won’t see her.”

Callie squeezed my arm, “okay.”

Four blocks later she led me into a house. I hesitated before putting my cane away as she guided me. I heard a girl’s voice, “Callie?”

She turned into a room and answered, “yeah?”

“What are you doing and who is that?”

Callie stopped me and I felt a bed as she let me go, “he is a friend and I’m going to fuck him.”

I set my pack down on the floor as I heard her stripping and began to undress. I was ready for her to laugh and say it was a joke or to make fun of me but she didn’t. She touched me and I felt her hand wrap around my cock, “damn you are big.”

She moved me to the bed and I laid down as she crawled over me. I heard her sister breathing beside the bed as I turned to feel Callie. I caressed her breasts and rubbed her nipples before shifting to suck on one. I heard her sigh and felt her shiver before I moved down her body and between her legs.

I could smell her slightly musky pussy as I began to feel. She shuddered as I rubbed her slit before licking through it. She groaned and spread her legs more as I kept licking her and pushed my tongue into her. She moaned and shuddered as she humped and I covered her clit and sucked while using my tongue and wiggling it back and forth.

She jerked and writhed around as she moaned louder, “oooohhhh!”

I heard her sister giggling as Callie held my face against her pussy. I kept licking and tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit. She began to struggle more and hump up a little harder. It was several minutes before she jerked and spasmed as she squirted and twisted while pushing my face away.

I lifted my head and moved up her body before I felt her hand guiding my cock and I pushed into her. She shook when my cock sank into her and her warm pussy tightened. She felt like the best thing in the world. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long deep strokes. She clutched me and lifted her hips to meet each thrust.

It wasn’t long before she wailed and bucked and thrashed while I continued to fuck her. I heard her sister laugh as Callie started to howl while she wet me and shuddered hard. Every other minute she would yell or scream while she struggled and her pussy would try to milk my cock. It was awhile before I needed to cum and buried my cock, “Callie? Birth control?”

Her sister laughed, “breed her.”

Callie clutched me and wrapped her legs around me as I tried to push deeper. My cock gushed a huge stream of sperm through her open cervix. She jerked and screamed as her pussy kept squeezing and milking the cum into her. I spewed and pumped and spurted until I stopped cumming.

I held her and gave her a kiss and she sighed as she relaxed on the bed, “want a girlfriend Cole?”

I pulled out and moved aside, “I thought...”

She laughed and I shuddered as I felt her wrap her hand around my slimy cock, “again?”

She straddled me and rubbed her pussy on my cock. I reached up as she rubbed her leaking pussy slit back and forth and cupped her breasts, “Callie?”

She giggled, “yes.”

I grinned as she lifted up, “I like it this way.”

Suddenly I felt her cummy pussy pushing down onto my cock as she sighed, “breed me.”

I clutched her and humped before pulling her down. I felt and caressed her before rolling until she was under me and sank into her deeper. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed, “Gently?”

I smiled as I humped and jabbed into her pussy while it kept squeezing. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly but with long thrusts. She kissed my shoulder as she humped and moaned and hugged me, “sssooo... gggooooodddd!”

I tried to kiss her and she caught my face and pulled it to her and kissed me passionately. I buried my cock against the back of her pussy before humping and pressing into her. When I pulled back to fuck her again her pussy was a lot slipperier. A few minutes and she was thrashing around and wailing.

Her pussy was constantly grasping and tightening as she thrust up and bucked. A few minutes and I was fucking her firmly with long deep strokes while she howled. She lifted and spread her leg as I kept burying my cock. I pushed all the way into her before spewing another load of cum.

Callie yelled as warm sperm was pumped through and into her womb, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I held her as she wiggled and squirmed and continued to flood her. When I stopped she laughed and pulled on me, “do me again.”

I fucked her until she was very slimy and I was tired. Callie climbed out of bed as I started to get dressed. A moment later Callie’s sister Nova was with us and I had to show them both the proper way to guide a blind person. We talked all the way home and Callie turned me at the door and kissed me.

I listened as she walked away before turning to go into the house. Ashley was in the other room as I started towards the hall and followed after me, “Cole?”

I kept going and turned in at my room as I folded my cane, “thank you for asking her to fuck me.”

She was silent as I pulled out my ear piece and computer pad. I sat and started to work and a minute later Ashley came in and hugged me, “I’m glad you got to experience sex.”

I smiled, “as good as it feels why don’t you let your boyfriend have it more?”

She hit my shoulder, “just like a guy. Give him a little pussy and he wants it all the time.”

I smiled as I continued to translate another document, “tell me you don’t enjoy it.”

She sighed, “yeah I do.”

I kept working, “afraid mom or dad would say something or what people would think?”

She knelt beside me, “for being blind you have the knack to see things others don’t.”

I smiled, “perhaps you are not looking at the whole picture. Mom and dad wouldn’t say anything as long as they know you are being safe, you know birth control and protection from STDs.”

She shifted, “maybe.”

I shook my head, “not maybe. When you come home from your date take Allen to your room and fuck him. As for what people think, he is your boyfriend and if you put out for him no one would say anything. Now if you put out for all his friends they would talk.”

She giggled and hit my arm, “that might be fun but I wouldn’t.”

I gestured as I heard the front door, “mom is home and it sounds like she needs help.”

I heard mom sniff when she came to kiss me and whisper that I needed a shower. I slept soundly that night until my sister came home late. I heard her boyfriend as they went to her room and closed the door. It was several minutes before I heard her loud moans and wails. I slipped out of bed and moved to the door and stepped into the hall.

I heard dad a moment later and caught his arm, “don’t.”

He shifted, “Cole...”

I squeezed his arm, “Ashley needs to know you accept her as an adult and that means what she does with her boyfriend.”

He sighed, “but...”

I shook him, “she knows what she is doing. She uses birth control and she has the same urges and needs as you or mom.”

He chuckled before turning to head back to bed, “I think I will go see your mother.”

I let him go and listened before turning to go back to bed. I woke to my alarm and moved off the bed and went to shower and then get dressed. In the kitchen I made cereal and turned as I heard Ashley and her boyfriend, “Want breakfast?”


Ashley walked into the kitchen, “I thought he should...”

I reached out towards her face and touched her lips, “dad knows. You are old enough and an adult.”

She kissed my hand, “breakfast sounds good.”

I turned and poured more cereal into two bowls before adding milk, “It would be safer if you carry the bowls.”

I turned with mine and carefully moved to the table and sat in my chair. It was a few minutes before mom walked in and ran her fingers through my hair, “thanks for sending your father back to me.”

I grinned, “Ashley is louder but you sounded like you had more fun.”

Mom laughed and a moment later I heard my sister giggle. I finished eating and stood to carry the bowl to the sink and wash it. Everyone had learned not to try helping so when I finished I headed for the hall, “welcome to our home Allen.”

It was several hours before I was caught up on the translating. I sat back as I remembered yesterday and turned my head. I heard Callie and mom, I stood and hesitated before walking out and back to the kitchen. Mom kissed me when I walked in and I stopped to smile, “what was that for?”

Callie walked to me and kissed me, “I told her about us.”

I held her against me and mom rubbed my shoulder, “she said she is your girlfriend.”

I nodded, “I think so.”

I felt Callie and smiled, “want to see a movie?”

She shifted, “um...”

She hit my arm, “you can’t see.”

I let her go, “no but I can listen and it is dark in a theater and I could kiss and feel and...”

She laughed and shook me and mom giggled, “between you and your sister you will have your father attacking me like we were young again.”

I smiled, “If you enjoy sex as much as we do I would say attack him first.”

She laughed with Callie before kissing my cheek, “I’ll take you to the theater and go visit your father for a lunch quickie.”

I grinned, “okay.”

I reached for Callie and caught her hand, “give me a minute?”

She pressed against me, “can I see your room?”

I turned, “follow me.”

I went back to my room and sat to pull up the computer menu. I spoke Chinese to finish and save what I was working on and she whispered, “what did you say?”

I smiled as I put my computer to sleep and stood with my cane, “I speak nine languages. That was Chinese I was translating from English.”

She took my arm, “you have a nice big bed.”

I grinned as I turned and headed for the door, “it keeps me from falling out. Now if I had a girl in bed with me...”

She giggled as she took my hand, “I would be a cummy bitch when I fell asleep on you.”

The movie was actually fun, not that I could see it. When we came out I heard several girls from school. Callie shifted and I glanced at her, “its okay if you want to leave.”

She squeezed my hand, “I don’t think so but I am hungry.”

I pulled my cell to call mom to find out if she could come get us. As soon as I climbed into the back of the car I could smell sex. I grinned as Callie squeezed in beside me, “it smells like you had more than a quickie.”

Mom laughed, “your father fucked me three times in a row.”

Callie giggled and I laughed before finding her hand, “are you hungry now?”

We stopped for food on the way home and ate in the kitchen while Callie told mom about the movie. After we were done she grabbed my hand, “I’m horny Cole.”

Mom laughed as I let her guide me to my room and closed the door after we walked in. I heard her undressing as I moved to my dresser and stripped. I put everything on the dresser before walking to the bed. I laid down and reached out and she caught my hand and pulled it straight to her pussy, “feel how wet I am.”

I shifted over her and lifted to feel her position my cock. I pushed and forced my cock into her tight hole before I buried it. I pulled back as I settled and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. She was lifting her hips and meeting each stroke as her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing.

She pulled my face down and kissed me passionately. I continued to fuck her as she humped and began to wiggle and then thrash around. I began to fuck her a little harder as her pussy became slick and she wailed while shuddering, “aaaahhhh!”

She rubbed my back as I kept fucking her and suddenly clutched me as she bucked while her pussy constantly tightened and grasped my cock, “YES!”

I fucked her long hard and deep as I tried to cum. She wiggled and squirmed and thrashed around while clinging to me and yelling. It was several minutes before I buried my cock and held her while gushing cum. She screamed and spasmed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “yyyeeeessss!”

She kept shaking even after I was done and finally pulled out. I turned to lay back and she straddled me and laid on me to give me a kiss. She sat up and lifted and a moment later slowly impaled her cummy pussy, “once more?”

I grinned as I reached up to feel her breasts. She wiggled and began rubbing her pussy on me and it wasn’t long before I heard her panting. She bounced and rocked while her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. She twisted and rolled her hips and began to wail again. I grinned as I thrust up while kneading her breasts.

She spasmed while her pussy tightened and clench, “fffuuuccckkkk... mmmeee!”

I pulled her down as she became erratic and she yanked and pulled as she rolled over. I went with her and ended on top and started to fuck her again. I used long, hard and deep strokes and she kept thrusting up and yelling. It was awhile before I shoved into her and held her as I spewed and pumped spurts of cum.

She arched her back and spasmed as she screamed, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled out when I stopped cumming and laid beside her while she panted. I felt and caressed her body and she giggled, “keep doing that and we will start over again.”

I smiled, “I’m blind Callie and touch is my sight but if you want to have sex again...”

She laughed and rolled onto me and straddled me, “when you touch me my pussy tingles. I think we are going to fuck a lot.”

I rubbed her back and my hands slipped lower to her butt and she wiggled and humped, “once more?”

I grinned, “from behind.”

She grabbed one hand as she moved off me and I turned to follow. She let go as I felt her hip and moved behind her. I felt her cummy pussy as I guided my cock and then I was pushing into her. She pushed back as my cock sank deeper and a moan escaped. I held her hips and started to fuck her with deep strokes and she continued to push back.

It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and jerking while her pussy constantly squeezed. She wailed into the bed as I kept fucking her and began to use firm strokes. Several minutes later she was howling and beating the bed, “yyyeeessss!”

A little later and she was spasming and convulsing, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

When I finally buried my cock and pushed she was screaming while her pussy milked my cock, “COLE!”

I held her as I began pumping more spurts of cum and she continued to shudder and jerk. When I was done I pushed her down and went with her and kissed her bare shoulder. I pulled out of her grasping pussy and laid beside her, “Want to spend the night or...”

She laughed and turned to snuggle against me and put her head on my shoulder. Callie stayed with me through the rest of highschool and then she asked me to marry her. We bought a small house on the edge of the city with a small office so I could continue to work while she went to college. Of course she was pregnant by then.
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