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Heaven on earth

Part 1,

Hello, my name is Clarise, I come from a French background, as my name suggests. My parents were both French, my mother from Paris and my father from Lyon. As a child I would constantly travel from where we lived, Thailand, to Paris to see my grandparents. My parents passed away a few years ago in a freak fire accident, they were in a rented beach hut on the coast when they forgot to turn off the gas, my father was a heavy smoker and after one match the hut exploded, instantly frying my parents.

I have got over their deaths and moved on with my live, after all I have child to look after. My little man Matthieu. My parents never really loved me the way they loved my siblings, maybe because i am a lesbian i dont know, they never really got on with my partner, Areva. we still live in Thailand but on the opposite coast to which my parents passed away. We are not very rich but we have a healthy lifestyle. Our little hut is concealed in the palm trees about 50 yards from the coast. Our hut has two bedrooms, I living area that can be extended out onto the beach and a little kitchen where we eat our food.

That's enough of into know lets crack on :p

Part 2

I was woken to the sound off a gentle wind flowing through the trees, rustling the palm leaves. The waves crashed and rolled over the sand, creating little drifts of sand that looked beautiful. The weather was never bad at this time of year, at 8:30 in the morning it was already 26 degrees. I threw away the clingy covers and slumbered over to the sink. I looked into the mirror and examined my body. I have an almost spot and wrinkle free face. I am not from Thailand but my skin colour has the same tone as the beautiful women of the area have.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of mangos. I opened the cupboard only to find we were out of milk. I left the house and walked around the back. I then kicked one of the trees and a few coconuts fell out of the leafy top. I walked back in and skillfully cut open the the coconuts with the large knives we have mounted on the wall. I pored the milk from the coconuts into four glasses and put them on the table. I then used a smaller knife to cut up the mangoes into smaller peices and placed the bowl in the middle of the table.

I quietly walked back into my room and lay down next to Areva. She snored softly and I lent in and smelt her beautiful smell. I twiddled her hair between my thingers and traced my index thinger around her collarbone. Her skin was so soft. Her skin tone was beautiful, a perfect Asian colour. She shivered when I drew my thonged down her spine, stopping just before the covers halfway down her back.

Areva wore a laces bra and panties, just like my own. I kissed her neck a few times, each time my lips touched her flesh she groaned. I stood up and walked around so I was facing her, I muttered in her ear "breakfast is ready sweetie", she slowly opened her eyes and pushed down the covers. From my angle you could see her smooth and delicate boobs as they jiggled when the covers where moved away. She stood up and pulled a robe on, she tossed another to me and we walked into the kitchen, hand in hand.

When we were first together we went to the hospital and had our eggs fertilised with semen that men had donated, that was how my son Matthieu was born and her son Akshay was born. When we reached the kitchen the boys were already eating the mango and drinking the coconut milk. We all took some mango and coconut milk and headed outside. We sun creamed up our boys before they ran off and played in the sand. Areva and I slid off out robes and took turns lathering each other up with the sun lotion. She lay on her back and I slowly applied it to her face, I massaged it into her neck and face before moving down to her chest. I squirted some of the cream on her cleavage before moving in with the hands, I slowly and therapeutically rubbed it in, first her upper neck and the the visible parts of her breasts.

She smiled at me as I rubbed her breasts through her bra. I followed by squirting the lotion on her stomach and rubbing it in, as I pulled away I cheekily, lifted the front of her panties and rubbed some of it on her sweet Asian pussy. She squealed and laughed as I did. When I had done her tanned legs I flipped her over and did her back. When that was done I focused on her ass, her soft cheeks beckoning for me. I massaged some on her but cheeks, they were too soft to be true, it was like a babies skin. I must have spent about 15 minutes feeling her sweet ass up, before I finally rolled her back over and handed her the cream.

I then fell on my back and closed my eyes as her small hands started caressing my body.

I must have zoned out because when I woke up the kids were sleeping at my ankles and Areva was washing in the sea. In our hut there is no room for a shower or bath so we wash in the sea. Areva had her back to me so I stealthily got up and ran towards the sea. No one ever comes to our area so we pretty much go skinny dipping all the time. I undressed as I ran and dived into the water. It was so cool and refreshing, it enveloped me and sent shivers of pleasure through me when the currents brushed my hardening nipples. Areva turned around as I grabbed her ankle and pulled her under. She screamed as she submerged. I let go and she shot out of the water like a dolphin.

She turned around and smiled at me, "you really scared me then, I didn't know it was you" she exclaimed. We then had a splashing war that lasted for hours, when we got tired we waddled out of the water and picked up our clothes. I linked arms with her and we walked back into the house, leaving the boys outside napping. I then grabbed the mounted knife and cut open two coconuts. We then walked to our room and lay in each overs arms as we slurped on the sweet coconut milk. When I finished I lobbed the casing out if the window and faced my partner, who had also finished.

I moved in and pecked her on the lips, she the grabbed my head and thrust our bodies together. Her hands resting on my thighs as we engulfed our lips and tongues together. We kissed passionately for about ten minutes before breaking our lips seal. She lay on her back and traced her fingers around her breasts. I slowly pulled them away and did the same with mine. I placed the palms of my hands on her breasts and massaged them gently, rubbing her hard nipples with my thumb. It felt glorious. She was writhing in pleasure. I gently placed my mouth over her breast and licked the fleshy part. Tracing shapes with my tongue, she squeaked and forced her nipple in my mouth. I started to suck like a little child wanting milk. She squirmed under my mouth, moaning out loud as she did.

When my cheeks became tired I let go of her soaked nipple and moved down again, making a beeline for he shaven, Asian pussy. She was absolutely soaked down there. The sheets were soggy and it trickled down her inner thigh. I put my tongue on her ankle and slowly moved up, licking up the escaping juices. She tasted beautiful, like cherries and mangoes put in a blender. I lapped it up like there was no tomorrow. I then did exactly the same on the over leg.

When her legs were as dry as they were gonna get I focused on her lovely pussy. I put my hand over the wet hole and held it there, tantalisingly close to inserting a thinger, she moaned even louder this time. Then I moved up my body so my hand was on her clit and my mouth was over her pulsating fuck hole. She then started to beg for me to start rubbing and sucking. I pretended to not hear her which then forced her to scream it. I had completely forgotten about the boys during our session.

I sudenly inserted my tongue in her and ferociously rubbed her clit. She screamed and shouted out loud. Her pussy was contracting aroundy tongue, forcing her juices into my mouth. I slopped and slurped on her juices that were rapidly filling my mouth. She tasted like heaven, like you favourite taste. Areva had the rare ability to squirt. So when I felt her whole body shaking I pulled out and flipped her body over. She knew what I was gonna do and stood up on all fours and spread her legs. I went on my back and slides under her pussy. I then selected 2 thingers and put them in my mouth. I then took them out and inserted them into her sweet, dribbling pussy. I put them all the way in and then slowly pulled them out before rapidly punching them back in. She screamed and moaned at the same time. This went on for about a minute before he pussy started clenching again. I lifted my head so I was directly underneather her shaven and soaked pussy. I then put a third finger in and finger fucked her like a jack hammer. She screamed and then let loose. Her juices squirted out around my fingers, with such force they were forced out. The juices then exploded all over my face, drenching my face, body and the entire bedroom. Her juices kept on coming, litters upon litters off heaven. She eventually stopped and collapsed. Her moist pussy engulfing my face. I licked for all life and completely drained her of energy, as I pulled her off my it was only then did I notice my two 9 year old sons looking through the door.

Thanks for reading, if you did enjoy it please leave a comment and if not, why not. All critisim will be cherished, thank you.

Ohh, and one last thing, in my next story, depending if this gets good reviews, should I involve the little boys in the sexual side? :)

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